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New Moral Order™

The Globalist Agendas


“Politics – it’s all about the agendas. If you don’t see the agenda, the agenda will ultimately see to you!”

New Moral Order™

The Reality of Modern Politics

There are two levels of politics – the stage show you witness, and the orchestration of that spectacle, hidden from general view behind the scenery that surrounds the ‘political stage’.

In order to understand who and what controls the actors and fools that call themselves politicians, you must first accept the reality that you are indeed watching a scripted show, which is performed, not for your benefit or the benefit of your fellow man, but solely for the benefit of those who pull the strings of the puppet-politicians.

Politics has always been a game of sorts, but the politics of the last 300 years, and particularly the politics of the last century, is a whole different ball game from that which previously controlled society. In order to achieve power, the players of modern politics have increasingly relied on the veiled ‘manipulation’ of the mind, rather than on the forceful control of the body.

Behind every ‘performed’ problem, proposed solution, or policy that is peddled by the puppet-politicians, is a concealed agenda. These agendas are the ‘real’ politics, which only the awakened political analyst really comprehends, whereas the faux-politics that the general public are spoon-fed via the political stage is simply a ‘Trojan horse’, used to transport the hidden agenda into the framework of society.

World events do not occur by accident. They are made to happen, whether it is to do with national issues or commerce; and most of them are staged and managed by those who hold the purse strings.

Denis Healey

Former UK Secretary of State for Defence, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, and perhaps most importantly, a Bilderberg Founder and Steering Committee Member for 30 years.

If you wish to truly understand politics, even at the most basic level, the first thing to recognise is that the political ‘left’ and ‘right’ only exist as two sides of the very same coin – the coin of control. The key players on both sides of the political aisle are simply players (actors) on the political stage, and thereby take instructions from their script writers and directors. The producers of the play and the owners of the theatre always remain deep in the shadows.

The essential reality in today’s politics, is that the ‘left’ and ‘right’ presented to the audience in Act 1 of the play (the 20th century) are no longer relevant in Act 2 (the 21st century). The new reality is the Nation vs Globalism. In other words, it is the culturally definable individual who relates to his or her national norms vs the transnational cabal who wish to destroy all those norms and enforce non-democratic global control over the entire human race.

This globalist league of psychopaths and sociopaths almost completely control every aspect of what was once called ‘left-wing’ politics. This is because collectivism is a central political requirement for social conditioning and social engineering, aka mass mind control. Until very recently, the globalists had also gained control of around 80% of ‘right-wing’ politics too.

However, the awakening of an influential minority of political experts to the reality described above, gradually brought about the exposure of these globalist agendas, and in turn – particularly since the worldwide communication provided by the Internet – the enlightening of enough of the populace to ultimately bring about the successes of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. These populist victories were simply the people’s democratic response to the globalists’ now very blatant attempts to destroy the Nation State, which is absolutely essential to their plan of imposing a non-democratic technocracy (totalitarian rule under a one-world government) upon all of human society.

What is described above is the most basic explanation of what is currently taking place. It is politics 101. Even if you just take this information on board, and learn nothing more, you are already steps ahead of the general public, and even most mainstream talking heads and political commentators, who should be expected to understand politics, but in reality know only that which they have been programmed to know, by the same institutions that deceive the general populace.

If you are reading this, the chances are that you are hungry for real knowledge; for the hidden truth. New Moral Order™ exists to bring you the reality in all things by opening your mind. NMO’s purpose is to provide you with the tools to become a leader and teacher of those who do not yet have the same capacity as you to break free from the mass brainwashing.

So long as you keep asking the questions, you are the answer!

New Moral Order™

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