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VAIDS Definition

What is VAIDS?


VAIDS is an acronym, which stands for ‘Vaccine Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome’.

VAIDS is reminiscent of the word AIDS because AIDS is an acronym of ‘Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome’. This does not mean that VAIDS is medically identical to AIDS in all respects.

Although VAIDS has the same ultimate effect that AIDS has on the individual – chronic immunodeficiency, VAIDS defines a broader spectrum of potential causes, originating from a vaccine, or any injection that is promoted as a vaccine.

In essence, any severe immunodeficiency that is the result of a vaccine, or other injection that is being promoted as a vaccine, may be described as VAIDS. Therefore, any single ingredient, or combination of ingredients, within a vaccine, which leads to immunodeficiency, maybe determined to be the cause of VAIDS.

Furthermore, immunodeficiency that is elevated in its effect on the individual by an external factor, such as a microwave frequency, but which requires an injection of some contributing factor (promoted as a vaccine), in order for that immunodeficiency to be triggered, also falls under the definition of VAIDS.

The word in relation to this definition was first used by Quartz in an NMO™ article on 23rd November 2012 entitled The ‘VAIDS’ PANDEMIC (Vaccine Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome), detailing the various pieces of evidence that logically points to a worrying conclusion – that the COVID vaccine rollout is going to inevitably result in an unprecedented immune system failure of a significant proportion of the human race.