Changing the World One Heart at a Time

“All you need in life is kindness, humility, confidence and a smile.”

“Esther’s incredible popularity and rise to fame is down to a core need in people to express their “universal” compassion. Your natural desire to show kindness to a human, a dog, a pig, or a spider demonstrates an advanced form of human nature within you. Those who are placed in to positions of power in society, and who control the governments, the media, the business and the entertainment industries, tend to have far less of this advanced human instinct within their characters. In essence, they are more primitive human beings. They are not less valid as individuals, but they are more primitive. Ignore the establishment & the mainstream. They exist only to make you doubt yourself. Trust your own consciousness above all, and never doubt your empathy and compassion for all sentient life. It is your direct connection to the universal; to the natural order of things; to All. If the word makes you feel comforted, then it is your direct connection to God. A universally compassionate order is the destined future for all human society. That is what is meant by the phrase “the meek shall inherit the Earth.” It is simply an understanding of how society always moves towards a more civilised state, over time. If human politicians, monarchs, billionaires and bankers, who are the manufacturers of all wars, debt and misery for all species of animal including their own, and who kill hundreds of billions of sentient individuals every year for profit and power, can be given the status of people, then Esther is at least a person too, and in truth, much more besides. People like Esther are perfect role models for human children and adults alike. Humans of the 21st century, who promote or advance any system that creates or condones violence or suffering in any form, are certainly not.” JACK

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RT @FarmSanctuary: "I can't bear to think of animals suffering, yet across Europe, hundreds of millions of farm animals are confined in cages on factory farms." [email protected]
@Macgyyver @MarkConnollyCBC @CBCradiotara Maybe add a third strap that goes up the back from the pouch to the neck, so it does slip off the tail? We use elastic waistband material so it’s thick and super stretchy. It’s never tight or restrictive.
@Macgyyver @MarkConnollyCBC @CBCradiotara We like to call it an “accident prevention device”. It has a little strap around the neck, then it goes underneath to a little pouch, with an elastic strap that goes around the tail. His tail makes it easy, the same design may be tough for a ducks little tail....1/2
RT @ArleneDickinson: Your opinion matters and it counts. Healthy debate of differing opinions builds tolerance, opens minds and let’s everyone learn. We don’t need to yell at each other and name call. We all just need to listen harder to why we each feel as we do.

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RT @dodo: “Gus is very skilled at the gentle catch and release!”
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