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  • do not accept that optimal natural immunity is superior to vaccination and pharmaceuticals;
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  • regard mainstream news and mainstream media as anything other than scripted propaganda;
  • are under the gross misconception that legislation, regulations, or rules, can ever supersede Common Law under any circumstance;
  • do not understand that the political ideally of globalism [WEF, Bilderberg, Davos, central banking, multinational hegemony over trade and industry; transnational status of the billionaires etc] has as its main objective, the destruction of the nation State, in order to bring about the formation of a single global non-democratic government, and that ‘globalist politicians’ are deceptively working to undermine the nations and the people who they claim to represent;
  • refuse to believe, belittle, or dismiss in any way, the testimonies of countless children, woman and men who have stated on the record that they suffered and witnessed various elements of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), including kidnap, trafficking, slavery, torture, the forced breeding of sacrificial babies, sacrificial abortions, sacrificial murder of children, and cannibalism of the victims, by satanists and pedophiles, which include billionaires, members of the aristocracy, corporate CEO’s, media executives, freemasons, judges, police officers and high level politicians, including heads of State;
  • are not aware that undemocratic forces have been systematically compromising and blackmailing politicians, celebrities, and people in positions of social power throughout the course of modern democracy, in order to utterly control their political activity and decisions, by recording and filming their involvement in criminal and unacceptable activities – usually sexual in nature – including sexual activity with teenage (under-age) boys and girls, pedophilia (raping of young children), and Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) – witnessing or taking part in the rape, torture, murder, blood drinking, and cannibalism of SRA and sacrificial victims.



Those who are truly conscious understand and accept the need to be challenged on any belief, position of faith, or comprehension. The primitive and closed mind simply cannot handle such challenges. The dumbed down person’s comfort and security relies on the illusions that they have been programmed to believe. All religions and ideologies are cults. Are you prepared to escape yours?

Being challenged in the way you think is fundamental to your growth as a human being and as a spiritual being.

The institutions of politics, religion, and society want to utterly control you because they are fundamentally psychopathic in nature. Any entity that does not possess a soul is dead. This is the meaning of the word ‘corporation’. It derives from the word ‘corpse’ and represents a non-living legal alternative to a living human being who possesses a soul. The corporation has been illegitimately given the same legal rights as a human being, but acts within society without any empathy whatsoever, just as a psychopath acts with a permanent absence of empathy.

The State that attempts to rule over you is a corporation. The religion that corrupts your spiritual reality is a corporation. The central banks that fleece you through planned recessions and debt enslavement are corporations. The multinationals that systematically destroy your national economy and your small independent businesses and trade are corporations. The foundations of billionaires that undermine your culture, in order to bring about their New World Order of a single, undemocratic, global government are corporations.

They are all dead entities, without a single ounce of empathy or compassion, seeking only ever greater power, wealth and control, exactly as a psychopath does. This is why you live in a society plagued by war, violence, greed, poverty, and sickness.

The social system that has been controlled by soulless entities – the psychopath and the corporation – is about to come to a crashing end. A new society, run by humanity, for humanity, is now fast emerging. That new society is being created by all the conscious free-thinkers who are currently being de-platformed, cancelled, and demonised by the psychopathic parasitic elite and their globalist institutions.

The only real question is just how long this transition to a moral, peaceful and abundant society will take to construct, and how much death and suffering will occur before humanity completely replaces psychopathy in the governance of society.

Those who have been socially conditioned to only think with a collectivist, hive-mentality are the real problem. They have been systematically programmed to protect the psychopathically operated status quo. The sooner that enough of those who have been brainwashed by the institutions can be de-programmed, the sooner the fear, the misery and the chaos within the world will come to an abrupt end.

New Moral Order™ seeks to challenge the ideologies you cherish; the people you believe in; and the world-view you rely on. New Moral Order™ wants you to be free, but most of all, New Moral Order™ wants your mind to be free, because your natural, eternal state of being is as a sovereign individual within a universal singularity. You are an eternal expression of Self within the All. Without a free mind, your reality will always be a prison.

The institutions simply cannot control those who understand this reality of human existence. They can only control those who surrender their innate and unalienable sovereign individuality, and consent – or are manipulated – to remain as ‘a child of the state’; ‘a child of religion’; or ‘a child of ideology’ rather than a free-thinking individual of humankind.

Many will continue to live out this entire lifetime as unconsciously programmed human beings. They are simply not ready for the level of awakening that is being discussed here. Indeed, they may be many worldly lifetimes away from such a level of conscious, critical, and open-minded thinking.

It is for this reason that New Moral Order™ gives fair warning to any website visitor via the ‘ADVISORY NOTICE AND LEGAL DISCLAIMER’.

Just as it is right to give warnings of violence or nudity in respect to protecting the minds of children, it is also the case that the most extreme ‘children of the state, religion or ideology’ – those who are so very easily and deeply brainwashed by the social mind control of collectivism – may need to be similarly warned, in regards to the level at which the reader or viewer is challenged by New Moral Order™ to question his or her beliefs and perspectives on absolutely anything and everything.

Society is never improved by the those who think like children. Children seek entertainment until they are told what to do next. is created for the grown-up mind; the adult thinker. Society is only ever changed for the better by those conscious individuals who think openly, and with discernment about the world around them. If that is how you see yourself, or that is how you are beginning to see yourself, then is for you.

It is time to take back your society from the psychopathic interlopers. It is time for a New Moral Order™.


Peacefully • Lawfully • Democratically

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