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The Eradication of Toxic Wealth


Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth. - #FiftyMillionMax

The myth of ‘Robin Hood’ holds such traction in the human psyche, because the society in which the fictional character lived, was one in which there was essentially no middle class of which to speak. Those who were robbed were the Parasitic Elite of that time.

Robin Hood didn’t target those who were simply ‘comfortable’, like the tavern owner or the miller. He targeted only the ill-gotten gains of those with toxic wealth. That is why people naturally warm to him so much.

That Toxic Wealth that Robin Hood returned to society was being used by the Parasitic Elite Norman ‘nobles’ to maintain the very system, which directly caused the peasants to starve. The story is no different today.

Not many people vote to save the five million children who starve to death every year or to make homelessness and poverty a thing of the past, and so the politicians can say that they have no mandate to solve such things. Their banking and corporate puppet masters care even less.

The poor of the first world may no longer be starving to death, but that is only because your taxes and stolen wealth are being used to create wars, urban violence, and slavery in far-off countries, rather than on your own doorstep.

Globalism has made sure that the tyranny continues, but you have been conditioned to see the murder, torture, enslavement, or even starvation of a person in Africa or the Middle East as far less important than the murder, torture, enslavement, or starvation of someone who lives in your own country. You have been programmed to see such distant crimes as just another news segment. Perhaps it makes you sad, but only until the next sports, movie, or consumer programming distraction comes along.

That fact is that the feudal system still exists, but in today’s world, it is on a global scale, and so the moral principles of ‘Robin Hood’ apply now more than they ever have done. The only difference between what Robin Hood did and what I propose, is that if 50% of people decide that it should be done, it can no longer be seen as just a bunch of outlaws taking the law into their own hands. Instead, it is the democratic majority creating new laws that remove the tyrannical power of the true outlaws in society.

If democracy is on our side, who can legitimately stand against a policy that caps human wealth at Fifty Million Max, for the objective of bringing about a truly civilised and uncorrupted society. Certainly nobody with any moral fibre or mental discernment. Only corrupted crooks and other wholly amoral people could ever openly oppose such an advancement of society.

Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth. - #FiftyMillionMax
Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth