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Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth. - #FiftyMillionMax

You don’t need to change anything you are doing to support this ‘policy for humanity’. Simply make it a part of your frequent conversations with others, and remember to totally ignore any negative argument against it. Just keep pushing the positive narrative. All arguments against such a policy as Fifty Million Max, or against Toxic Wealth, will be manufactured, as you would expect, in order to stop a policy that removes the Parasitic Elite’s immoral control over humanity, from ever gaining mainstream political air-time. Just ignore the nay-sayers, and continue to promote its universal merits, until the policy becomes reality.

There are now so many brainwashed people, systematically dumbed down by everything from fluoride to microwave radiation, that you must expect there will be a good deal of apathy and general negativity towards this universally problem-solving policy. Such reticence makes no sense, but that is nothing new when it comes to the opinions and thought processes of the programmed masses. On the flip side, there are now enough people who are as awake as you are, that it is now very easy to cut through the fake narrative and to bring about real change. Once you have a clear and simple idea that everyone can get behind, and you relentlessly promote it, the control system really has no chance.

Fifty Million Max makes moral sense; it makes democratic sense; and it makes social sense. Just keep promoting it, and keep thinking of the rewards, for you, for your children, and for the whole of society and the planet.

As you are hopefully aware, the faux-democracy that currently exists is a total sham, but the idea of democracy itself is as authentic as it always has been. It is the political power of the people over the Parasitic Elite. That has always been the understanding, and yet the reality has always been exactly the opposite. It is not that democracy has failed, but that it has always been utterly corrupted and warped by the Parasitic Elite, to become something far less than the democratic vision that exists within people’s minds.

It is time for that subversion of democracy to change. If the majority of people in a nation, or in the world, declare that they want a Fifty Million Max rule applied to THEIR society, then it must and will take place. Anyone that dares to stand in the way of such real democracy must be fully and lawfully held to account by the new society.

I predict that virtually no politician will support the idea, and most will simply try to ignore it completely. That is because they are completely bought and paid for by the banking and corporate system that actually runs society (not democracy) and controls them like a puppet on a string. Fifty Million Max will actually ‘cut the top of the pyramid’ and that is where the politicians strings hang from, and from where their promised pay-offs and social rewards for their service to their puppet masters descend. The important question to force all politicians to answer, is not whether they think the Fifty Million Max policy is achievable, because every one of them will falsely state that it is not. Instead, simply get them to state in writing whether they think it is a good idea?

Any politician that says that they are fine with a system that permits thousands of people to hoard trillions of dollars while billions of children die annually from starvation, must be removed from our new political paradigm. There is absolutely no place for such blatant economic ignorance and political stupidity within the true version of democracy that we must now all forge into existence.

It is time for politicians to have to prove their moral authenticity and social intelligence to the people who they are supposed to represent. It is the big issues that matter now – only the biggest of issues – and politicians must be forced to transparently discuss those issues on a daily basis, and directly with the people.

If a politician supports the ideology of Toxic Wealth, it is because his career relies on Toxic Wealth for its existence. The Parasitic Elite must directly control the vast majority of politicians, in order to guarantee that such wonderful ideas as Fifty Million Max never even get discussed at the national or international level of politics.

Perhaps it might be expected that some politicians who openly support big business capitalism, or who are ‘born to the manor’, may support Toxic Wealth because it is their ideological belief to do so. Such an ideology is akin to believing in the rule of kings, along with the subordination and persecution of those who are not divinely chosen to rule by the gods – the general populace of humanity. The views of such outdated ideologues must be exposed, in order to see more clearly exactly why the real battle is between the people and the Parasitic Elite.

However, if your political representative pays lip-service to the principles of helping the worst off in society, or the fundamental principle of democracy by which the people control the society, then they should be able to clearly give their reasons as to why they believe that people that hoard billions, and who are thereby able to directly manipulate society and undermine democracy – should be allowed to continue to do so within today’s society?

Fifty Million Max™
It’s time to make everyone wealthy!

Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth. - #FiftyMillionMax

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Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth