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List of Words, Terms & Acronyms
Under the Letters M / N / O / P

New Moral Order™


Definition of the term “Moral Eugenics”




Moral Eugenics refers to compassionate and ethical ways in which humanity may be able to gradually eliminate the psychopath from public office, positions of social power, and ultimately from society as a whole.

In this context, a psychopath may be more accurately defined as a social psychopathSocial psychopathy is the real-world definition of psychopathy. A social psychopath lacks all innate empathy.

Society is systematically controlled and managed by social psychopaths and their sociopathic partners in crime, aka the proxy psychopath. This model of psychopathic political and social control is called organised psychopathy.

99% of endemic and serious violence and crime can be attributed to the infiltration into positions of political and social power and influence by this most severe of mental disorders. A psychopath free society begins with all social psychopaths being removed from public office and political posts.

Moral Eugenics is founded on the principles that every individual has a right to exist but not every individual has a right to access and influence every element of human society, and that in terms of prohibiting or restricting procreation, eugenics can only ever be considered to be moral if it is completely publicly transparent, and exists only with the fully informed consent of any individual involved.

Genetic engineering is never acceptable, but moral conditioning, public awareness of the problem, and compassionate but unreserved restriction of freedom by criminal offenders are the practical and civilised solution to this most serious, relevant and topical of problems that society faces.

If the proper measures are put in place, it is reasonable to foresee a time in the very near future when practically no social psychopaths are born and no proxy psychopaths of any note are present within society. Such a future golden age of peace and harmony in the world will only be possible if people begin to demand that social psychopaths are removed from all positions of political and social power. No time is too soon to initiate this most necessary change.

New Moral Order™


Definition of the term “National Usury”




National Usury is a private central bank’s fleecing of a national economy and its people’s wealth through the illicit practice of charging interest on the creation of a nation’s money or on its borrowing of money.

‘National debt’ is the interest paid on the creation of a nation’s money by private (central) banks, plus compound interest charged, and any subsequent borrowing required to cover missed payments, or to respond to wars, economic collapses or other national or global challenges, most of which have been cited as having been orchestrated by “those who hold the purse strings”. All wars are bankers wars.

In the history of democracy, the people have never once voted for private banks to profit from the creation of a nation’s money, but that did not stop this ‘thievery at source’ becoming the economic standard throughout the world.

The reason for this is because key politicians throughout history have been repeatedly and consistently bribed or blackmailed by those who control the private central banking system, in order to establish privately owned central banks in each and every nation.

These private banks are purposefully named in such a way as to fool the public into assuming that they are owned and controlled by the nation (the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve etc). These privately owned and managed institutions totally control each nation’s money creation, and then in turn, the level of interest due on that money (interest rates) to be paid by the nation’s people to the private banksters.

National Usury is essentially the fleecing of a national economy, and thereby the fleecing of its peoples’ wealth.

Many famous politicians and statesmen have been assassinated, or had assassination attempts made against them, simply because they stood for and with the people, against the establishment of a private central bank and against National Usury in their own country, or because they took steps to close a private central bank or to bring to end the National Usury that had already been established by earlier corrupted politicians.

Some notable examples include:

• Julius Caesar
• King Charles I
• Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte
• British Prime Minister Spencer Perceval
• US President Andrew Jackson
• US President Abraham Lincoln
• US President James A. Garfield
• Emperor Nicholas II of Russia
• US President JF Kennedy

Nations that have refused to install a private central banking system and the National Usury it imposes on a nation’s people have become the target of military invasion or revolution, orchestrated and funded by the banksters.

Perhaps the most major examples are:

• The English Civil War (1642-1651)
• The American Civil War (1642-51)
• The 1812 War between Britain and America
• The Napoleonic Wars (1799-1815)
• The Russian Revolution and counter-revolution (1916-17)
• The Second World War (1939-45)

all of which can be proven to have two things in common, one side had rejected and/or closed down a private central banking system prior to the conflict, and the central (international) banksters had promoted and actively funded each war. Once again, we are reminded of the well-versed phrase “all wars are bankers wars”.

To further illustrate the systematic use of military forces (under private central bank control or influence) to invade and destroy nations that oppose the private central banking system being imposed upon them, the following is a list of the only 7 countries in the world in the year 2000, which refused to accept a private central bank and its system of National Usury:

• Afghanistan
• Iraq
• Sudan
• Libya
• Cuba
• North Korea
• Iran

Then came 9/11, and subsequently the only major war in the ensuing years, which resulted in the invasion and destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan. Surprise, surprise, both these countries immediately had a private central bank installed.

This left only 5 countries in the world by 2003 that refused to accept a private central banking system:

• Sudan
• Libya
• Cuba
• North Korea
• Iran

Following this, the Sudanese Civil War was orchestrated, in order to ultimately impose ‘the Comprehensive Peace Agreement’ (2005), which established private central banking control and National Usury on Sudan.

Then in 2011, the bankster-controlled forces of NATO invaded Libya, facilitating the assassination of its populist leader Muammar Gaddafi, who had been planning to establish Africa as the first continent to completely free itself from private central banking control.

Following NATO’s invasion, the ‘Central Bank of Libya’ was installed, which immediately started charging the Libyan people National Usury interest on their own money from day one.

This meant that by 2011, there were just 3 remaining countries in the world that refused to accept a private central banking system and National Usury:

• Cuba
• North Korea
• Iran

Is it any wonder that central banking-controlled politicians and media have relentlessly attempted to start wars with Iran and North Korea since 2011.

Indeed, the only major western politician who appears to have gone off-script in regards to considering war against these nations to be a necessity is Donald Trump, who has made it abundantly clear that he is no fan of orchestrated wars and no fan of any globally-controlled business or economic system.

Is it starting to make sense? Yes, all wars are indeed bankers wars.

Once you know about National Usury and begin to understand the extreme economic destruction that it imposes on every nation that it infects, and you learn about the millions of people who have died in countless wars and revolutions that were orchestrated and funded by the central banksters, you realise that not only must National Usury be utterly eliminated, but that a monumental financial debt is owed to the people of every nation who have been forced to pay for many decades or even centuries, through their taxes, for interest rates and a national debt that have been entirely manufactured out of thin air.

However, before the people can go after the historic money that has been stolen from them, they must first – peacefully, lawfully and democratically – take control of their own money creation, and close down all the private central banks. This is imperative and cannot be sidelined.

The impetus is already with this movement. President Javier Milei of Argentina, elected in 2023, pledged to shut down the Central Bank of Argentina, but as a single politician, he is extremely vulnerable to political pressure, personal intimidation, or worse.

As with all the problems that face society, politicians can only implement ground-breaking policies if there is a constant and increasing public pressure to do so. It is the people who have the capacity to end National Usury, and only the people.

After reading this, you must make a commitment to talk about ending National Usury with everyone you know, and you must demand that your political representatives support that paradigm shifting economic change without reservation.

The people of every nation need direct control over the creation of their nation’s money, with absolutely no interest rates payable.

• Every nation must create its own money, interest-free.
• The people must have full share ownership of their nation’s money.
• All national debts to private central banks must be eliminated.
• All interest on money creation ever paid to private banks must be repaid to the taxpayer in full.

The choice is a simple one. Your nation must destroy National Usury before National Usury destroys your nation. #NationalUsury

New Moral Order™


Definition of the term “Organised Psychopathy”




Organised Psychopathy is the systematic and highly criminal control of human society by social psychopaths, who innately conspire to seek unlimited power and wealth, and refers to the social psychopathic nature (lacking any empathy) of those who globally control all major institutions of politics, economics, law, the military, the media, and society as a whole, in a highly systematic and criminal manner.

Organised Psychopathy relates to the term ‘organised crime’, in so much as Organised Psychopathy lies at the very core of all organised criminal behaviour, whether it is regarded as illegal, or as in the case of State sponsored wars and mass medical experimentation, it is legitimised via corrupt corporations and corrupted governments.

Organised Psychopathy organises itself in very much the same way as organised criminal gangs that operate on the nationally and internationally, because these institutions of crime are all direct subsidiaries of Organised Psychopathy, which is the overarching ideology that controls them, and which has always controlled them.

Organised Psychopathy comprises of those individuals who are subject to the mental disorder – and spiritual disorder – of social psychopathy, a term which accurately characterises all those who hold any positions of real financial or political power within society. These individuals possess no discernible empathy for others, although they often pretend that they do, in superficial and melodramatic ways. It is Organised Psychopathy and the social psychopath, which drive, manage and sustain all the serious negative problems that threaten human society and humanity as a whole.

Organised Psychopathy is the concealed institutional force that controls all those who foster, manufacture and orchestrate all wars, all major and organised crime, all political assassinations, all economic recessions and depressions, all addictive drugs (both legal and illegal), all violent revolutions, all police States and dictatorships, all secret societies, all organised religious institutions, all multinationals, all mainstream media, all false flag operations, all social chaos, and all divisions that are constantly manufactured between groups of people who are purposefully tribalised for the purpose of social control (the divide and rule stratagem).

In order to create a positive society, in which wars, violence and criminality are eradicated, the social psychopath must be prohibited from occupying any position of political, economic, religious or social power. Through modern scientific testing and analysis, this is very easily done, and will serve to immediately bring to an end the blight of Organised Psychopathy, along with all the misery and suffering that it propagates.

New Moral Order™


Definition of the word “Philopolitics”, “Philopolitical” and “Philopolitician”





Philopolitics is the art of transparently and candidly discussing politics and society in a truly philosophical manner, through the unlimited questioning and debating of any and all subjects and ideologies, from the general to the fundamental, and from the hypothetical to the exceptionable.

The scholar or student of Philopolitics is known as a Philopolitician.

Nothing is off-the-table within a Philopolitical discussion, and the abomination of censorship is regarded by the Philopolitician as a dogma that manifests only within the most regressive minds and primitive institutions within society. Indeed, those subjects, which are regarded by the troglodyte censors of the world as being prohibited, are thereby regarded by the Philopolitician as being the most important to research, consider and discuss.

The main arenas in which Philopolitics take place are via general public discourse, journalism and media casting.

The key objectives of Philopolitics is to foster open-mindedness and critical thought within the participants, the listener or the reader, and to discover truths otherwise hidden, and through doing so, to improve society for each and every individual.

New Moral Order™


Definition of the term “The Political Triad”




The Political Triad are the historical institutions of monarchy, religion, and the nation state. These three institutions of centralised social power are the main geopolitical obstacles to the globalists’ ultimate goal of a worldwide dictatorship.

In order to achieve a one-world government with full-spectrum dominance, globalism must either destroy, or at least parasitically infest to a degree of absolute dominance, each of these three traditional forms of social governance that comprise The Political Triad.

Since the 18th century, a systematic undermining of monarchy, religion and the nation state has been undertaken by the hidden hand of those who hold the reins of Organised Psychopathy. Monarchic dynasties, religious institutions and governments have all either been destroyed or infiltrated to such a degree that by the end of the 20th century, all major institutions of political and social power, in essence, were being managed by globalist aligned agencies, such as the central banksters, the jesuits, Globalist Non-Democratic Organisations (GNOs), and the black secret service agencies of the cabal.

The reality of globalism, behind the cynical charade of terms like “social justice” and “social equality” is the objective to destroy the existing Political Triad, only to replace it with a single global dictatorship – a new Political Triad, comprising:

• A globalist monarchy consisting of those monarchic dynasties that have aligned with the globalist cause along with certain modern dynasties that possess Toxic Wealth.
• A globalist religion that is rooted in a materialist, pagan and socially-psychopathic luciferian/satanic belief system, but amalgamated with the transhumanist ideology of AI, all managed under the now globalist-controlled Vatican.
• A globalist dictatorship, operating as an authoritarian council, whose members will be drawn from each arm of the psychopathic octopus of globalism.

New Moral Order™


Definition of the words “Postglobalism” and “Postglobalist”




Postglobalism refers to the approaching era in which society will be free of the antihuman and antisocial agendas of globalism and from corrupted globalist politics and politicians.

A Postglobalist politician or organisation actively seeks to implement political and social policies, which either serve to eliminate globalism’s infiltration and undermining of the Nation State and its suppression of democracy, or that help create a new political system and social framework, which replaces those that currently serve only globalism and those with toxic wealth.

Prohibiting anyone with connections to globalist dynasties, institutions, round table groups and Globalist Non-Democratic Orgnaisations (GNOs) from gaining any position within national, regional or local government or within public office, is an example of a policy that you may expect of any genuine Postglobalist.

The coming world of Postglobalism will most likely comprise of a rich and culturally diverse array of nation states, which act in competitive and peaceful concert with one another, providing a clear comparison between alternative cultures and policies.

The people of the world will be able to analyse, compare, and openly debate the comparative strengths and weaknesses of each democratically controlled Nation State, and in turn may adopt those policies and principles that are deemed to have succeeded in serving their people, and reject those that are deemed to have failed in that purpose. This will be possible under a Postglobalist framework due to the absence of the manipulative hidden hand of globalism that presently acts to remove the people’s capacity to decide their own peaceful destiny.

Having been freed from the orchestrated poverty, violence, antagonistic tribal divisions, bankers wars, and from the corrupting toxic wealth of their globalist past, national, regional and local governing authorities will become beholden to a true version of democracy, and to the eternally rational and straightforward governance of Natural Law and Common Law (Sovereign Human Rights), rather than the purposefully convoluted and ponderous system of legislation that systematically serves only to disempower the people in favour of the parasitic globalist class though their puppet politicians and legal lackeys.

Within the Postglobalist society, small and independent businesses will replace multinationals, providing a rich diversity of locally and nationally produced and manufactured goods, offering not only a more robust oversight and accountability of the product makeup and the moral standards relating to their production, but will also provide a concentrated level of national and local security to the people, particularly in reference to food, energy and other essentials, in contrast to the current multinational system that poses a clear and present danger to both local and national security.

In the approaching evolved era of Postglobalism, natural health will replace transhumanism, genetic engineering (modern eugenics research), and pharmaceutical experimentation of drugs and procedures on humanity. Nutritional experts will replace pharmacists, and all doctors will naturally be required to take and abide by the hypocratic oath, thereby always placing the patient first. Conditioning children from birth to exercise daily and to adopt a healthy diet that is free from processed food and fast food will reduce the need for 99% of all current ‘health’ services. The current globalist system of multinational and Big Pharma monopolies does exactly the opposite to this.

Postglobalism is coming. The only question is how many more millions will suffer at the hands of the globalists and under the scourge of toxic wealth before enough of the people realise that they have been taken for a ride and stop being distracted by the small issues, but instead collaborate behind the real solutions to all of society’s overriding problems.

New Moral Order™


Definition of the term “Proxy Psychopath”





Proxy psychopaths or proxy-psychopaths are people who are not innately psychopathic or social-psychopathic, but who act identically to social-psychopaths, displaying no empathy or virtually no empathy towards others in regards to their general actions and behaviour.

Proxy psychopaths (also referred to as surrogate psychopaths or surrogate-psychopaths) are essentially social-psychopaths by nurture rather than by nature, having been de-empathised by a violent or traumatic environment, generally during childhood. Many, if not most ‘generational social-psychopaths‘ – who are raised in violent or highly abusive surroundings, or by toxically wealthy dynastic families that teach that empathy towards others is a weakness and that the pursuit of power and money is always paramount – are in fact more likely to be proxy psychopaths rather than full-blown traditional psychopaths or social-psychopaths.

Due to the proxy-psychopaths learned negative behaviour, it is possible – unlike the innately psychopathic individual – to rehabilitate them to a natural human state of empathy, although in most cases this will be extremely difficult because of the addictive nature of extreme narcissism and self-absorption, and due to the non-empathic circles that the social-psychopath is likely to frequent, and which will continue to play an influential role.

New Moral Order™


Full List of Words, Terms & Acronyms

An overview list of the words, terms and acronyms created by Quartz & New Moral Order™.

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A / B / C / D

Anunnakism, Anunnakist
Bullseye Politics
Carbon Climate Change Con (CCCC)
Chivalrism, Chivalrist
Deep Underground Private Homes (DUPHs)
Destructive Dominance Disorder (DDD)

E / F / G / H

Earth Mind, The
Faux Democracy or Faux-Democracy
Fifth Column Globalism, Fifth Column Globalist
Funnel-Up Economics
Globalism Zero™, Globalism Zeroist
Globalist Non-Democratic Organisations (GNOs)

I / J / K / L


M / N / O / P

Moral Eugenics
National Usury
Organised Psychopathy or Organized Psychopathy
Political Triad, The
Postglobalism, Postglobalist
Proxy Psychopath or Proxy-Psychopath

Q / R / S / T

Satanic Left, The
Satanic Six or Satanic 6, The
Smaug Syndrome
Social Destruction Movement (SDM)
Social Psychopathy, Social Psychopath
Social Satanism or Social-Satanism
Surrogate Psychopath or Surrogate-Psychopath
The Law Doctrine
The Stone Ceiling
Toxic Wealth

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