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List of Words, Terms & Acronyms
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Definition of the term “Organised Psychopathy”




Organised Psychopathy refers to the truly psychopathic nature of those who globally control all the institutions of politics, economics and society as a whole, in a highly systematic and criminal manner.

Organised Psychopathy relates to the term ‘organised crime’, in so much as Organised Psychopathy lies at the very core of all organised crime, whether regarded as illegal or legitimised by corrupted corporations and governments.

Organised Psychopathy organises itself in very much the same way as organised criminal groups, such as the American jewish mafia, Italian mafia and the drug cartels do, because these institutions of crime are all direct subsidiaries of Organised Psychopathy, which is the overarching ideology and institution that controls them, and has always controlled them.

Organised Psychopathy exists due to those with the mental disorder – and spiritual disorder – of Social Psychopathy [see definition], a term which accurately characterises all those who hold any positions of real financial or political power within society, and it is Organised Psychopathy and the Social Psychopath, which drive, manage and sustain all the serious negative problems that face human society.

Organised Psychopathy is the concealed institutional force that controls all those who foster, manufacture and orchestrate all wars, all major and organised crime, all political assassinations, all economic recessions and depressions, all addictive drugs (both legal and illegal), all violent revolutions, all police States and dictatorships, all secret societies, all religious institutions, all multinationals, all media control, all false flags, all social chaos, and all divisions between systematically tribalised groups of people.

New Moral Order™


Definition of the word “Philopolitics”, “Philopolitical” and “Philopolitician”





Philopolitics is the art of transparently and candidly discussing politics and society in a truly philosophical manner, through the unlimited questioning and debating of any and all subjects and ideologies, from the general to the fundamental, and from the hypothetical to the exceptionable.

The scholar or student of philopolitics is known as a philopolitician.

Nothing is off-the-table within a philopolitical discussion, and the abomination of censorship is regarded by the philopolitician as a dogma that manifests only within the most primitive minds, institutions and societies.

The main arenas in which philopolitics take place are through general or organised discourse, journalism and media casting.

The key objectives of a philopolitical discussion, publication or cast are to foster open-mindedness and critical thought within the participants; to discover truths otherwise hidden; and to improve society for each and every individual.

New Moral Order™


Definition of the term “The Political Triad”




The Political Triad are the historical institutions of monarchy, religion, and the nation state. These three institutions of centralised social power are the main geopolitical obstacles to the globalists’ ultimate goal of a worldwide dictatorship.

In order to achieve a one-world government with full-spectrum dominance, globalism must either destroy, or at least parasitically infest to a degree of absolute dominance, each of these three traditional forms of social governance that comprise The Political Triad.

Since the 18th century, a systematic undermining of monarchy, religion and the nation state has been undertaken by the hidden hand of those who hold the reins of Organised Psychopathy. Monarchic dynasties, religious institutions and governments have all either been destroyed or infiltrated to such a degree that by the end of the 20th century, all major institutions of political and social power, in essence, were being managed by globalist aligned agencies, such as the central banksters, the jesuits, Globalist Non-Democratic Organisations (GNOs), and the black secret service agencies of the cabal.

The reality of globalism, behind the cynical charade of terms like “social justice” and “social equality” is the objective to destroy the existing Political Triad, only to replace it with a single global dictatorship – a new Political Triad, comprising:

• A globalist monarchy consisting of those monarchic dynasties that have aligned with the globalist cause along with certain modern dynasties that possess Toxic Wealth.
• A globalist religion that is rooted in a materialist, pagan and socially-psychopathic luciferian/satanic belief system, but amalgamated with the transhumanist ideology of AI, all managed under the now globalist-controlled Vatican.
• A globalist dictatorship, operating as an authoritarian council, whose members will be drawn from each arm of the psychopathic octopus of globalism.

New Moral Order™


Definition of the term “Proxy Psychopath”





Proxy psychopaths or proxy-psychopaths are people who are not innately psychopathic or social-psychopathic, but who act identically to social-psychopaths, displaying no empathy or virtually no empathy towards others in regards to their general actions and behaviour.

Proxy psychopaths (also referred to as surrogate psychopaths or surrogate-psychopaths) are essentially social-psychopaths by nurture rather than by nature, having been de-empathised by a violent or traumatic environment, generally during childhood. Many, if not most ‘generational social-psychopaths‘ – who are raised in violent or highly abusive surroundings, or by toxically wealthy dynastic families that teach that empathy towards others is a weakness and that the pursuit of power and money is always paramount – are in fact more likely to be proxy psychopaths rather than full-blown traditional psychopaths or social-psychopaths.

Due to the proxy-psychopaths learned negative behaviour, it is possible – unlike the innately psychopathic individual – to rehabilitate them to a natural human state of empathy, although in most cases this will be extremely difficult because of the addictive nature of extreme narcissism and self-absorption, and due to the non-empathic circles that the social-psychopath is likely to frequent, and which will continue to play an influential role.

New Moral Order™


Full List of Words, Terms & Acronyms

An overview list of the words, terms and acronyms created by Quartz & New Moral Order™

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A / B / C / D

Anunnakism, Anunnakist
Carbon Climate Change Con (CCCC)
Deep Underground Private Homes (DUPHs)
Destructive Dominance Disorder (DDD)

E / F / G / H

Earth Mind, The
Faux Democracy or Faux-Democracy
Globalism Zero™, Globalism Zeroist
Globalist Non-Democratic Organisations (NGOs)

I / J / K / L


M / N / O / P

Organised Psychopathy or Organized Psychopathy
Political Triad, The
Proxy Psychopath or Proxy-Psychopath

Q / R / S / T

Satanic Left, The
Satanic Six or Satanic 6, The
Smaug Syndrome
Social Destruction Movement (SDM)
Social Satanism or Social-Satanism
Social Psychopath or Social-Psychopath
Surrogate Psychopath or Surrogate-Psychopath
Toxic Wealth

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