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New Moral Order™

The Expected Cataclysm


The planet is in danger and human society faces an existential peril – a clear and present danger to its very survival. You’ve been told that the threat is carbon, and due to society’s use of fossil fuels to power its technological advancement into the modern age. That is the Carbon Climate Change Con (CCCC) and it is a blatant lie.

We not only know it is a lie but we now know the exact reason why it was manufactured by the globalist ‘Club of Rome’ in the 1960s – to help cover-up and take advantage of something the CIA discovered at the North Pole in 1948, and then immediately decided to conceal from the public at any cost.

It is time to wake up and forget about ‘climate change’. This is CLIMATE SHIFT!

Climate Shift - The Expected Cataclysm. The cover-up of the coming Micronova solar cycle, magnetic pole shift and potential planetary crust displacement, and the invention of the Carbon Climate Change Con (CCCC) to take advantage of the deception #ClimateShift



• Inversion of the Truth

• Climate Change Denial

• The Two Necessary Elements of the ‘Carbon Climate Change Con’

• Charles Hapgood. Deep State Agent of Disinformation

• Einstein’s Belief in the Pole Shift Hypothesis

• The Pentagon’s Decision to Hide the Discovery

• Crust Displacement. The Latest Science

• Hapgood’s ‘Accidental’ Death

• ‘Ghost Poles’. The Planet’s Secondary Magnetic Poles

• ‘Climate Shift’ vs ‘Climate Change’. What’s Really Behind the Carbon Con?

• As the Pole Shift Unfolds, is the Climate Actually Altering or Not?

• A Timeline of Known Global Cataclysms and Near Extinction Events

New Moral Order™

Inversion of the Truth

The luciferian doctrine – to which the controllers of globalism adhere – demands a form of sorcery known as ‘inversion’. In simple terms, it is founded on the notion that by producing or promoting the polar opposite of what is found in nature, that element as a whole – within the material duality – will be ‘cancelled out’, ultimately leading to the undoing of ‘God’s creation’ and the destruction of the material realm as a whole.

At the human level, the luciferians and satanists believe that by performing the same ‘inversion rituals’ in regards to those things that are favoured by human society, and in particular those things which are good and naturally beneficial for humanity, then ‘normal’ human society will also be undone, allowing un-divine entities and negative spiritual (metaphysical) influences to run amok through humankind and throughout the world.

Although numerous religions philosophise about amalgamating material and worldly opposites to gain spiritual enlightenment – particularly when it comes to the masculine and feminine aspects of the human condition – it is only those religions that harbour social-satanic (spiritually and socially negative or inappropriate) principles and ritualistic behaviours that take inversion to a societal level of absurdity and menace. In today’s world, the most notable of these institutional cults is that of ‘globalist luciferianism’, which ritualises its satanic symbols, sigils and pagan god worship within its multinational, political and media logos, names and advertising.

This imposed ‘equalisation’ of human duality by the luciferian globalists is manifested in numerous ways. For example, transgenderism is simply a ritualistic re-invoking of their androgynous hermaphroditic deities and pagan customs, such as the Roman goddess Diana (Greek: Artemis), and the ritualistic castration of eunuchs to manifest that androgynous form as a ‘living ceremony’, dating back to at least the 2nd millennium BC in Sumer with the goddess (demon) Ishtar.

Such antihuman and antidivine pagan practices and negative belief systems are the pastime and passion of both spiritual fools and social-psychopaths, and are as diverse as evil itself, as they are inherently the result of ‘astro-theological whispering’ over the centuries. This results in an endless array of spiritually pointless but materially perilous actions and agendas, fuelled by both an ignorance of the divine and of negative metaphysical forces and entities, which pray on religiously naive individual.

Melinda Gates wearing the inverted Christian cross of satanism.
Chelsea Clinton wearing the inverted Christian cross of satanism.

Melinda Gates and Chelsea Clinton wearing the classic inverted Christian cross of satanism.

This inversion of nature for the purpose of social-sorcery, is also very obvious in the form of the lies and deceptions that are constantly spoon-fed to the people by controlled governments and media; by the corrupted institutions of science and history; and of course, by the pseudo academic institutions, universities and schools that shamelessly indoctrinate children and young adults with severely outdated theories, veiled occultic ideologies or just outright lies.

Keeping the people disinformed for the purpose of control is not the whole story. Getting them to act against their natural, divinely moral human condition, in ways that result in the self-destruction of the individual and of civilised society, is the real aim of the globalist luciferian regime.

You should be in no doubt that the politics of the 21st century is wholly driven by religious beliefs, just as the politics of the 20th century and every century before it was driven by the same. This hidden hand of esoteric and mystery religious ideology is sometimes apparent, but more often than not is concealed behind a bogus secular screen of pseudo-rational propaganda.

So when you see a globalist politician calling for the oxymoronic agenda of ‘positive discrimination’, in order to advance the cause of ‘social equity’, or an invasion by the globalists’ military-arm, NATO, in order to bring about a peaceful world, you are witnessing more than just political idiocy; you are witnessing a subversive pagan ceremony of inversion of the truth and a reversal of the natural order.

New Moral Order™

Climate Change Denial

A perfect example of satanic inversion is the accusation of ‘climate change denial’ as a slur against those who dare to question CO2’s effect on the global climate; the Carbon Climate Change Con (CCCC). Anyone who has applied critical thinking and logic to the term ‘climate change denier’ will immediately realise that it is a 180º inversion of reality.

Does the climate change or doesn’t it? Someone who believes that the climate doesn’t change is quite obviously a ‘climate change denier’, just as someone who understands that the climate does indeed change is not a denier of that reality.

As someone who has fully researched the changing climate over the last 100,000 years, I would declare that I absolutely do understand that the climate does indeed persistently change, and I therefore obviously cannot be a ‘climate change denier’.

However, those who promote or support the globalist Club of Rome’s “sustainable development” and “net zero” agenda, which aims to extinguish all of humanity’s carbon fuel use, either avoid ever mentioning the reality of the constantly changing climate, or appear to be totally ignorant of that clear reality, thereby firmly establishing that they are themselves, in fact, the only ‘climate change deniers’ in the room.

Yes, that’s right, the only true ‘climate change deniers’ in society are actually those who have been brainwashed by the globalist propaganda into believing that everyone else is one, but they are not. This is a ‘satanic inversion’ ritual at its very best.

Al Gore - Former Vice President of the United States, globalist, major climate change alarmist, and Chairman and Co-Founder (with former Goldman Sachs Managing Director and close friend David W. Blood) of the green technology investment company 'Generation Investment Group', which pays him $2 million a month, by 2023 was worth $32 billion and had already netted him over $300 million from the Carbon Climate Change Con (CCCC).


“People need to stop financing denial of climate change.”


Former Vice President of the United States, globalist, major climate change alarmist, and Chairman and Co-Founder (with former Goldman Sachs Managing Director and close friend David W. Blood) of the green technology investment company ‘Generation Investment Group’, which pays him $2 million a month, and by 2023 was worth $32 billion and had already netted him over $300 million from the Carbon Climate Change Con (CCCC).

New Moral Order™

The Two Necessary Elements of the ‘Carbon Climate Change Con’

There are two essential factors in sustaining the Carbon Climate Change Con (CCCC).

The first is to relentlessly and overly promote only historically recent and current fluctuations in the climate. For instance, any discerning thinker will notice that mainstream media now constantly reports on weather events, which 30 years ago would have been regarded by the same broadcasters as simply being extreme but normal occurrences. This is because the controlled media has been ordered to ‘sell’ extreme weather to its viewers, just like they sell them washing powder.

The second way in which the globalists are brainwashing the public into believing in carbon related climate change is to conceal or trivialise the clear evidence and understanding that the global climate has always constantly fluctuated, gradually for most of the time, but also at times very dramatically. Rather than sharing this scientific reality, the controlled media, corrupted governments and fraudulent institutions of science, systematically conceal it from the people because it not only conflicts with their carbon climate change narrative, it unequivocally obliterates it.

CHART - Historic 10,000 year cycles of genuine climate change.

CHART – Historic 10,000 year cycles of genuine climate change.

Concealed behind this second element of the globalists’ climate change hoax lies something that is actually far more important and potentially perilous to humankind than any nightmare scenario that the Club of Rome has invented, in regards to their bogus thesis regarding carbon’s effect on the climate.

The Carbon Climate Change Con (CCCC) serves not only the purpose of laying the globalist path towards the first global poll tax (carbon tax), but also – and perhaps more importantly from the globalists’ perspective – it hides a climatic reality that if widely known, would not only serve to derail the carbon hoax, but would likely force the entire globalist gravy train off its greasy tracks.

New Moral Order™

Charles Hapgood.
Deep State Agent of Disinformation

Like many agents of globalism, Charles Hapgood (1904-1982) was a liberal academic; an American college professor. He had worked extensively with Albert Einstein on Earth Crustal Displacement theory, and Hapgood’s book ‘The Earth’s Shifting Crust’ (1958) contained a foreword by Einstein, published after Einstein’s death.

Prior to Hapgood being promoted as a college professor with a wacky theory, he was an agent for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during the Second World War, a deep state agency based on MI-6 and developed with British assistance. OSS functions included the use of propaganda, subversion, and post-war planning.

This was a pivotal time in regards to the reality of political conspiracy. During the war, the US government had allowed itself to become reliant on the assistance of the American mafia, particularly in New York. The war also served as the perfect opportunity for the globalists to infiltrate governments on both sides of the conflict via their major control of freemasonic lodges and organised crime outfits such as the jewish mafia and the Italian mafia.

As the OSS dissolved in 1945, its secretive roles were taken on by the Central Intelligence Group (CIG) in 1946, which then became the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in 1947. President Truman had sanctioned the creation of the CIA as simply an ‘overseas intelligence gathering and analysis’ agency. However, the globalists and their freemasonic and mafia connections had fully appreciated the deep state’s influence over the US government via the OSS, and had other more domestic and unregulated plans for ‘the company’ (their pet name for the CIA).

From the outset, the CIA operated as a rogue agency, and it wasn’t long before Truman regretted his decision to bring it into being. Presidents Dwight Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy agreed, with both of them making speeches about the dangers of the ‘deep state’, with Eisenhower coining the phrase “the military-industrial-complex” and Kennedy referring to “a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence.” Eisenhower resigned and Kennedy was subsequently assassinated.

We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.

The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes.”

President Dwight 'Ike' Eisenhower

34th president of the United States from 1953 to 1961, 5-Star General of the US Army, and Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force in Europe during World War 2. He coined the phrase 'military-industrial-complex' in his warning to the American people and to the world of its great threat to society.

It’s important to have this basic understanding of the backdrop to a period in US history – the 20 years following World War 2 – in which the republic of the USA was fully transformed into a puppet government under the complete covert control of the globalist deep state – with the CIA at its core. Globalist-infiltrated British Intelligence had originally pioneered mass brainwashing techniques and mind control through the institutions of the Tavistock Institute and the BBC. It then instigated the OSS, which in turn became the CIA.

Following the war, the CIA then secretly enlisted thousands of nazi scientists via ‘Operation Paperclip’ and ‘the Ratline’ to continue the social conditioning and brain programming experiments that had begun in Britain, which they continue to do today with their corporate assets such as Google, mainstream media, Hollywood and Big Pharma. Back in the 1950s, established agents such as Charles Hapgood were used in the same way as certain Hollywood actors, social media talking heads, news readers and politicians in the pay of the CIA (referred to as CIA ‘assets’) are used today to disinform and deceive the general public.

Charles Hapgood’s task of deception was to take the ‘pole shift’ theory and insert a single bogus factor within it, which ultimately set-up the entire theory to be scientifically debunked. This tactic is a textbook disinformation ploy. If you invest in a theory and then discover that an essential element of that theory simply cannot be true, it not only destroys the entire theory in your mind, but also encourages you to mistrust any similar theories in the future.

New Moral Order™

Einstein’s Belief in
the Pole Shift Hypothesis

For obvious reasons, Albert Einstein’s interest in researching ‘pole shift’ science is always underplayed. The truth is that Einstein was convinced by the general theory, which he extensively researched, but had a number of questions regarding the specifics that remained unanswered – until recently.

Einstein died in 1955, three years before Hapgood’s book was published. This meant that the books contents at print were neither read nor sanctioned by Einstein, yet the inclusion of his forward in the book falsely suggests to the reader that he had approved the published version. Indeed, the book could have completely opposed Einstein’s own thoughts regarding the pole shift and we wouldn’t know.

Albert Einstein 1879-1955 - Legendary theoretical physicist, developed the theory of relativity and contributed to the development of the theory of quantum mechanics, greatly manipulated by his globalist handlers, but had a tendency to think independently and to speak his own mind, such as in his belief in a cyclical planetary pole shift, and becoming spiritual/religious in his final years.


“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

Albert Einstein knew that a cyclic magnetic pole shift occurred but was frustrated in not knowing what triggered the subsequent displacement of the planet’s crust. He wrote the forward for the book ‘The Earth’s Shifting Crust’ (1958).


Legendary theoretical physicist, developed the theory of relativity and contributed to the development of the theory of quantum mechanics. He was greatly manipulated by his globalist handlers, but had a tendency to think independently and to speak his own mind, such as in his belief in a cyclical pole shift, and becoming spiritual/religious in his final years.

What we do know is that Einstein distanced himself from Hapgood after he calculated that an accumulation of ice at the poles was not enough to ever cause crust displacement, a theory originally proposed by Hugh Auchincloss Brown (1879-1975) and adopted by Hapgood. As far as we know, Einstein was still convinced about the poles shifting and that crust displacement was a potential result that had happened in the past, but he had simply concluded that Brown’s and Hapgood’s explanation as to how it occurred was wrong.

With what we now know about the reality of the recurring magnetic pole shift, and its relationship to crust displacement, it seems that Einstein’s dismissal of the heavy ice cap explanation was well-founded. Furthermore, with all the accumulated knowledge that has been compiled in the 70 years since Einstein researched the matter, we can not only be far more accurate about the causes of the magnetic pole shift and a potential resulting crust displacement, but more importantly, we can definitively confirm that it is very real, and that the next one is very probably just around the corner!

New Moral Order™

The Pentagon’s Decision
to Hide The Discovery

Major Maynard E White, Commander of the 46th/72nd Recon Squadron, led the Arctic survey ‘Project Nanook’ in 1946-48, which is detailed in the book ‘World in Peril’ written by his son Ken White and published in 1994. Major White told his son, Ken, about secret Pentagon meetings that took place in 1948, immediately following his Arctic mission, which had uncovered firm evidence of cyclical magnetic pole shifts.

To their credit, it appears that the scientists involved all wanted to inform the public about this existential threat to humanity, but those in charge at the CIA headquarters clearly had a different perspective.

It was at this time that Charles Hapgood, as well being an active agent for the CIA, was teaching at Springfield College (1947–1952). ‘Coincidentally’, or perhaps conveniently, this is the exact time at which Hapgood happens to have adopted a major interest in geological changes in the historical record connected to major planetary catastrophes.

As wikipedia states, “While at Springfield College, a student’s question about the Lost Continent of Mu prompted a class project to investigate the lost continent of Atlantis, leading Hapgood to investigate possible ways that massive earth changes could occur and exposing him to the literature of Hugh Auchincloss Brown.”

Wikipedia’s coverage of Hapgood largely confirms that such controlled sources of public information are still to this day using him as a deep state fall guy to debunk the general hypothesis of the magnetic pole shift.

So we know that the scientists at the Pentagon accepted that the science was accurate, and that the pole shift was a real and present danger, and we know that the CIA asset – Charles Hapgood – appears to have been tasked with initiating the public disinformation around that science at exactly the same time, but what exactly was the deep state plan to conceal what can only be described as the most existential threat to humanity yet discovered by any government?

Major Maynard E White, Commander of the 46th/72nd Recon Squadron, led the official US Arctic survey 'Project Nanook' in 1946-48, which found firm evidence of a cyclical pole shift and led to the CIA cover-up and disinformation campaign of the subject from 1948 until the present day.


During a scientific meeting at the Pentagon, it was discussed how the flip phenomenon would cause a “cooling effect”, followed by a bilateral “contraction” of the earth and the formation of another “ring of mountain ranges around the planet”. Counting the existing chains of mountain ranges of this type on land and within the oceans, they concluded that at least five major polar “flips” had occurred in fairly recent geologic history.

From ‘World in Peril’, page 194 by Ken White, the son of Major White.


Major Maynard E White, Commander of the 46th/72nd Recon Squadron, led the official US Arctic survey ‘Project Nanook’ in 1946-48, which found firm evidence of a cyclical pole shift and led to the CIA cover-up and disinformation campaign of the subject from 1948 until the present day.

In the decade between the Pentagon meeting and the publication of Hapgood’s book, the CIA appears to have made the longterm decision to completely and utterly conceal the evidence of a forthcoming pole shift, and the likelihood of an associated displacement of the earth’s crust, leading in turn to a potential extinction event.

In ‘The Earth’s Shifting Crust’ (1958) – the CIA publication used to misinform the public – Hapgood proposed that a 40º magnetic shift occurred around every 5000 years, displacing the crust, and repositioning the poles each time to new random positions around the globe. This did not reflect Major White’s top secret scientific findings that were discussed at the 1948 Pentagon meeting.

However, in 1963, Chan Thomas published his book ‘The Adam and Eve Story’, which unlike Hapgood, proposed of a 90º shift that occurred in less than a day, with the poles then returning to their earlier polar positions at the next pole shift event – know as a ‘magnetic pole excursion’.

This version of events was immediately classified by the CIA. This is because the one crucial disinformation element of Hapgood’s book, which the CIA needed to debunk the entire theory, was that any crust displacement was of a ‘roaming’ nature, with the geographic poles remaining at their new random relocation each time. Subsequent core samples would then prove Hapgood’s crust displacement theory to be scientifically impossible.

However, if the magnetic poles and the crust subsequently returned in a day or two to their original location at each solar cycle event – as Chan Thomas proposed – then core samples from millions of years ago would ‘misleadingly’ indicate that the crust had never moved at all. The ruse that the CIA were relying on with Hapgood’s theory was that the crust displacement randomly repositioned itself during each cycle.

This is not to say that Chan Thomas or anyone else who has proposed a specific theory regarding the magnetic pole shift and associated crust displacement has perfectly explained the phenomenon. There are countless unknown factors and possibilities attached to the general hypothesis, but when you remove the CIA’s purposeful disinformation and the fact that they themselves knew it was a very real event, and add to that the overwhelming new cosmological, anthropological and geological evidence that all confirms the general science established at the 1948 Pentagon meeting, then the one question that really needs to be repeatedly asked is “why aren’t the people of the world being informed about this? Now!”

The Mechanics of a Polar Flip (90º pole excursion). Page 193, World in Peril. The Origin, Mission & Scientific Findings of the 46th/72nd Reconnaissance Squadron - Ken White (1994).

The Mechanics of a Polar Flip (90º pole excursion). Page 193, ‘World in Peril (1994) – The Origin, Mission & Scientific Findings of the 46th/72nd Reconnaissance Squadron’ by Ken White, son of Major Maynard White.

Since the time they classified Chan Thomas’s book (later republished as a redacted, sanitised version), the CIA and their partners in crime have made sure that every official and journalistic discussion concerning the pole shift issue, refers back to Charles Hapgood’s theory, and not to theories such as that of Chan Thomas, which fall inline with the official US findings of Major Maynard White. That’s because not one of the studies that successfully debunks Hapgood’s theory is able to disprove Chan Thomas’s proposition that the magnetic poles shift to 90º from their current location – probably to exactly the same secondary position each time – and then returns to their original position.

This flip-flopping, round-trip of the earth’s magnetic poles is referred to as a “pole excursion”, “geomagnetic excursion” or “excursion event”.

New Moral Order™

Crust Displacement.
The Latest Science

It’s important to understand that – no thanks to the corrupted institution of ‘scientism’ – the available research in this field is mostly either purposefully disinforming, or is based on a scientific understanding of plate tectonics that completely dismisses any notion of total crust displacement brought on by a magnetic pole excursion. However, there still are enough independent ‘real’ scientists who refuse to be bound by the systematic control system of corrupted academic institutions and the funded grant system to be able to gain true knowledge about the world we live in.

One of the biggest leaps forward in science in recent years is the comprehension that we live in an ‘electric universe’, or to be more precise, an ‘electro-magnetic universe’. Everything is energy, and that energy creates and controls all the physical matter – the physical world that mainstream science falsely teaches people is all that they should believe exists.

The scientific truth is that energy is primarily important in terms of reality, whereas matter is always secondary to its fundamental creator – energy. In other words, if you do not understand the relevance and superlative nature of the metaphysical, then you cannot expect to understand the true nature of what appears as physical. Just as spiritual existence of the individual always supersedes his or her secular existence, metaphysics always supersedes materialism.

“The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.”

[Invisible energy creates and controls all physical matter  – the metaphysical realm supersedes the material world.]

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein 1879-1955 - Legendary theoretical physicist, developed the theory of relativity and contributed to the development of the theory of quantum mechanics, greatly manipulated by his globalist handlers, but had a tendency to think independently and to speak his own mind, such as in his belief in a cyclical planetary pole shift, and becoming spiritual/religious in his final years.

A good example of this ‘inversion of science’, whereby the reductionist science of ‘materialism’ is falsely placed above the metaphysical reality, is the disinformation spoon-fed to the general public that the brain creates thought, whereas it is more truthful to say that thought, or consciousness, actually creates the brain, and the body, and the universe. The brain is just an antennae, whereas your thoughts have no physical boundaries. By creating such boundaries within scientific dogma, the control system aims to manifest ‘the idea of boundaries’ within your thinking. You must refuse to allow such imposed limitation on your thoughts. Always remain open-minded and free thinking.

In regards to our solar system, our galaxy, and the entire cosmos, everything is intricately connected through variants of electro-magnetic energy. Beyond this level of energy is the resonance of conscious frequency, but let’s keep this at the electro-magnetic level for the purpose of understanding the relationship between magnetic pole shifts and crust displacement.

The earth’s crust floats on magma, but importantly, it is held in place by a layer just below it that is highly viscous or ‘gooey’, which acts like an adhesive that fixes the crust to the earth’s rotation. However, it is now thought that the syrupy nature of this layer is due to the effect upon it by the planet’s magnetic field. The problem comes when the Earth’s magnetic field weakens to such an extent that this ‘fixing layer’ becomes far more fluid in nature, to such an extent that the crust is no longer held in place.

To put this into perspective, due to the oncoming magnetic pole excursion, the planet’s magnetic field has already been recorded to have weakened considerably, as the magnetic poles have accelerated their excursion over the last 150 years or so, from their original pole positions towards their secondary locations.

Again, you may not be aware of either ‘magnetic North’ being in a different place from where it was just a few years ago, or that the magnetic field of the planet is progressively diminishing in strength, but that is because the mainstream media and the scientific establishment have been ordered not to promote these facts to the general public. Nevertheless, these are the scientific realities of our time, and you should not only be fully aware of them yourself, but you should also be urgently educating others to this very important reality.

Movement of the North Pole from 1945 - 1994. Page 196, World in Peril. The Origin, Mission & Scientific Findings of the 46th:72nd Reconnaissance Squadron - Ken White (1994).

Movement of the North Pole from 1945 – 1994. Page 196, World in Peril. The Origin, Mission & Scientific Findings of the 46th:72nd Reconnaissance Squadron – Ken White (1994).

In all likelihood, the altering nature of the ‘fixing layer’ of the planet is a gradual process that directly parallels the reducing strength of the Earth’s magnetic field. If this is the case, and the current reduction of the magnetic field is currently at, let’s say, 15% reduction from its normal strength, then we might assume that the viscosity of the magma layer that holds the crust in place is also 15% less syrupy than it was just a couple of hundred years ago.

This would explain the recent increasing activity of the volcanoes under the Antarctic and the release of flammable gases under the oceans that has recently given us images of the sea on fire. Such an ongoing shifting and reduction in the magnetic field strength would also explain the rise in the apparent confusion and beaching of whales, dolphins and porpoises, which all rely on the Earth’s magnetic markers for geolocation and migratory guidance. Again, all such news is trivialised, misinformed or totally censored by the controlled media.

It is proposed that at some point in the pole excursion, the shift speeds up considerably, resulting in what Chan Thomas – and all the ancient texts – record as a sudden and cataclysmic event, as the magnetic poles move rapidly to their secondary positions, and the ‘fixing layer’ becomes temporarily highly fluid in nature, thereby allowing the Earth’s crust to move freely on its magma ball.

It is impossible to calculate what exactly happens in regards to the mechanisms of the ‘inner Earth’ in relation to a temporary absence of the ‘fixing layer’, but we can surmise that any temporary ‘unfixing’ of the crust is going to result in something that lies between a slight slowing down of the planetary spin to a complete ceasing of its spin altogether.

Either way, the world’s oceans and seas will retain their momentum and continue to move in the direction of spin, thereby transforming into unimaginably high tsunamis, probably travelling West to East, but because there are so many potential factors at play, nothing is really that predictable.

In order to get a true sense of what may potentially occur, you need to go back to the ancient records, falsely labelled as myths, which all confirm the exact same thing – it’s never a walk in the park, and when it’s bad, it’s potentially an extinction level event for large parts of the planet.

New Moral Order™

Hapgood’s ‘Accidental’ Death

Incidentally, Charles Hapgood, the CIA stooge who was used to falsely describe the pole shift theory so it could be easily debunked, was killed in 1982 at the age of 78 when a car hit him in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

Just a tragic accident? Maybe, but it did happen to get rid of any potential problems for the CIA, in regards to Hapgood perhaps deciding to suddenly clear his conscience as he entered his final years.

His misleading pole shift theory is still cited today in Hollywood movies and by mainstream media, and almost always followed by a statement declaring that his theory has been scientifically proven to be false. On the other hand, Chan Thomas and Major White’s official Pentagon findings are never mentioned. I wonder why?

New Moral Order™

‘Ghost Poles’.
The Planet’s Secondary Magnetic Poles

Of great significance, the expected new pole positions following the oncoming shift are predicted to be on the Bermuda triangle, and on the other side of the planet just south of Tokyo, on the Dragon’s triangle (aka the Devil’s Sea). This would all perfectly tie in with Thomas’s theory of a cyclical 90º shift, which then returns each time to its original location.

If you think of these somewhat legendary areas of sea as the alternate ‘twin poles’ to the current pole positions in the Arctic and Antarctic, this might explain why these two areas of the globe are well known for so many paranormal experiences and sightings.

For centuries and perhaps thousands of years, people have been mystified by the electro-magnetic anomalies and sudden disappearances of ships and aircraft from within these two triangular areas of ocean, which are located almost directly opposite each other on the globe. The discovery that they are in fact the earth’s ‘secondary magnetic poles’ would provide the perfect explanation as to why such mysterious happenings persistently occur within these locations.

The Bermuda Triangle - the expected final destination of the current shifting of the magnetic North pole.

The Bermuda Triangle – the expected final destination of the current shifting of the magnetic South pole.

These ‘ghost poles’ would appear to be retaining energetic ‘pole memory’ throughout the periods when the poles are in their current or ‘primary’ locations. Those who have researched ‘ley lines’ (the earth’s magnetic grid lines) will know that areas that emit high levels of electro-magnetism tend to be locations that are more likely to produce paranormal anomalies and allow for portals to open to alternate dimensional realms.

Research has shown that the most if not all ancient pyramids and structures, many dating back tens of thousands of years (before the ‘official’ human history was supposed to have begun), were systematically built on these ‘energy lines’ or on their crossing positions of higher electro-magnetic power.

The general populace are purposefully conditioned to consider such metaphysical and energetic events, as those that regularly occur in areas such as the Bermuda Triangle, as somewhat fantastical or absurd, but of course, military and deep state projects have been actively studying such locations since the middle of the last century.

While the public are programmed to think of existence in only materialistic terms, those who control society from behind the scenes understand full-well that the visible world is a very small percentage of our reality, and that unseen forces and entities play a very large role, and a mostly negative one, in the affairs of humans.

The Dragon's Triangle - the expected final destination of the current shifting of the magnetic South pole.

The Dragon’s Triangle – the expected final destination of the current shifting of the magnetic North pole.

The fact that the imminent pole shift appears to be heading towards two points that have both displayed extreme magnetic and energetic anomalies throughout recorded history is just too analogous to be considered as mere coincidence.

What are the chances of a classified US military study detailing a cyclical magnetic pole shift occurring every few thousand years, and a further classified hypothesis that perfectly ties in with those scientific findings, aligning with the latest scientific data that expects the final locations of the pole shift we are now actually witnessing in real time to be exactly on the two locations that are historically infamous for possessing extreme magnetic anomalies?

Add to this the latest research by independent historians that fully reveals the cyclical cataclysms that every ancient culture going back tens of thousands of years and all across the planet have repeatedly warned us about, and which all now are shown to align with the calculated pole shift dates throughout history, and I hope that you can see that there is absolutely no chance whatsoever that all these things could ever possibly be just coincidental.

No, the cyclical shift of the earth’s magnetic poles is a very real occurrence, and those who control society from behind the scenes know this only too well.

Movement of the magnetic North Pole from 1900 - 2020.

Movement of the magnetic North Pole from 1900 – 2020, illustrating it’s heading towards its final destination of the Dragon’s Triangle off the coast of Japan.

New Moral Order™

‘Climate Shift’ vs ‘Climate Change’.
What’s Really Behind the Carbon Con?

Let’s start with a basic political understanding of the CIA. Those instrumental in its creation and its subsequent control were all globalist agents and puppets of the world’s wealthiest dynastic families.

The CIA portrays itself as a national security agency, but in reality it has always served globalism and its transnational business operations, not the USA. You simply need to look at the ‘black budget’ of many tens of trillions of dollars that has gone missing from public funds over the years – as officially verified by globalists politicians such as Donald Rumsfeld (the day before 9/11) – to know that the people of America (and the world) have been constantly fleeced by three-letter-agencies such as the CIA ever since their formation following WW2.

The ‘insider trading’ of information is now somewhat out in the open, in regards to the data mining of everyone’s personal information via deep state-funded globalist front companies such as Microsoft, Google and Twitter, but just as important to comprehend is that certain information about the world that is purposefully concealed from the general public is, however, always relayed or leaked to members of the globalist hierarchy. This is initially done through freemasonic lines of communication, but ultimately via globalist meet-ups at Bilderberg, Davos, Bohemian Grove etc, and then through the billionaire grapevine.

This ‘insider trading’ gives an obvious financial, political and social power advantage to those who are privy to such ‘secret’ information, along with the syphoned public funds that often come with that classified information, such as the trillions that Rumsfeld admitted were disappearing into thin air from the Pentagon and Defence budgets.

“The technology revolution has transformed organizations across the private sector but not ours, not fully, not yet. We are, as they say, tangled in our anchor chain.

Our financial systems are decades old, according to some estimates we cannot track 2.3 trillion dollars in transactions, cannot share information from floor to floor in this building because it’s stored on dozens of different technological systems that are inaccessible or incompatible.”

[Donald Rumsfeld, admitting to $2.3 trillion vanishing into Pentagon black projects, (conveniently) on the day before the 9 11 twin towers event immediately and forever made the story vanish from the public’s awareness.]

Donald Runsfeld

US Secretary of Defense 1975-1977 and 2001-2006, famous for falsely claiming that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction in order to facilitate the invasion of Iraq, and disclosing that the Pentagon "cannot track $2.3 trillion" of its budget. Henry Kissinger once described Rumsfeld as "the most ruthless man" he knew.

When we consider the timeline of the CIA’s pole shift cover-up, there are two significant dates – the publication of Charles Hapgood’s misinformation book ‘The Earth’s Shifting Crust’ in 1958, and the publication of ‘The Adam and Eve Story’ by Chan Thomas in 1963, which tallied with what the CIA already knew about the poles shifting, and was therefore immediately ‘classified’ and withdrawn from publication.

If the globalist’s Carbon Climate Change Con (CCCC) was in anyway related to the pole shift cover-up, then we would expect the globalists’ ‘modern ecology’ movement and the ‘global warming’ agenda (as the climate change agenda was initially termed) to have been launched at around the same time, promoting a formulated false narrative of human activity being the cause for an upcoming global catastrophe, and yes, that’s exactly what we do see.

The book that has been most cited by ecologists as spring-boarding the modern ecology movement is ‘Silent Spring’ by Rachel Carson. That book was published towards the end of 1962 (just beating ‘The Adam and Eve Story’ to the bookstore). It is certainly possible that this book was rushed to print and heavily promoted, simply in order to overshadow Chan Thomas’s far more significant environmental revelations about a known cataclysmic event that humans could do absolutely nothing to stop.

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson (1962) front cover.
The Adam & Eve Story by Chan Thomas, original 3rd Edition copy (1965)

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson was swiftly published and released in 1962, perhaps to beat The Adam & Eve Story by Chan Thomas to the bookstores, which was originally published in 1963 (3rd edition 1965 copy pictured).

Silent Spring was closely followed in 1964 with the globalist journal BioScience publishing a series of articles in a special edition heralding ‘ecosystem ecology’ as “THE science of the environment”.

In 1968, the arch-globalist round table group ‘The Club of Rome’ was founded by communist-industrialist Aurelio Peccei at the Renaissance Villa Farnesina in Rome (now based in globalist Switzerland). The Club of Rome is a non-democratic institution of intellectuals and business leaders that dictates to the UN and nation states what it believes to be the most pressing global issues that face mankind.

It just so happens that any solution that the Club of Rome ever proposes always perfectly advances globalist objectives as well as always hugely benefiting multinationals, central banks and billionaires, whilst at the same time always financially penalising the middle class and weakening the nation state.

The Club of Rome is credited with inventing the climate change/global warming agenda.

Then is 1971, UNESCO launched a research program called ‘Man and Biosphere’, and in 1972, the United Nations held the first international ‘Conference on the Human Environment’ in Stockholm, coining the communistic phrase, “Think Globally, Act Locally”, in relation to humanity’s supposed harmful effect on the climate. In the same year, the infamous ‘Limits to Growth’ report was published by the Club of Rome.

Limits to Growth - report to the Club of Rome [book cover] 1972 (2)
Limits to Growth - report to the Club of Rome [book cover] 1972 (3)

Two versions of the globalist Club of Rome’s alarmist 1972 report ‘Limits to Growth’, which helped kick start the invention of the manmade global warming hoax and the sustainable development and net zero agendas, designed to destroy all first world nation state economies and remove individual rights and democracy from society.

What is abundantly clear is that in the 15 years directly preceding the publication of ‘Silent Spring’ – a book that portrays an existential threat to humanity and the planet due to human activity, and which marked the start of the globalist’s climate change agenda – the CIA was fully aware that an upcoming existential threat to humanity was, in fact, due solely to cosmic influences that were cyclical and totally beyond the control of humans.

From 1947, when Major White’s Arctic research data first told them of the coming cataclysm, the CIA – and soon after their globalist controllers too – would have known that unusual and dramatic changes in climate may soon begin to occur, followed by largely unpredictable but certainly cataclysmic global events, which posed a very real and present existential threat to the whole of humanity.

It wasn’t ‘climate change’ that was coming down the line, but “CLIMATE SHIFT’, a far bigger danger that humanity could do nothing whatsoever to stop, but which the globalist billionaires began to plan for, not to save humanity, but to save only themselves.

New Moral Order™

As the Pole Shift Unfolds,
is the Climate Actually
Altering or Not?

There is nothing to connect the majority of weather events, promoted on mainstream media as being somehow unusual, with the upcoming pole shift. Extreme weather events are a normal occurrence, and are currently promoted, simply in order to assist the bogus ‘carbon climate change’ narrative.

However, it is important to understand that as well as there being major cyclical events such as the magnetic pole shift that occurs roughly every 12,000 years, and which invariably results in the crust displacement of the planet, there are also smaller ‘solar cycles’ that can still have a major effect on the earth’s climate. Those solar cycles – scientifically established but not advertised to the general public – which effect the planet in major and minor ways, are as follows:

12,000 years – Micronova cycle
6000 years – Heinrich-Bond cycle
3000 years – Megaflare cycle
2000 years – Hallstatt cycle
400 years – Grand Minimum cycle
200 years – Superflare cycle
11 years – Sunspot cycle

Solar events such as the 400 year ‘Grand Minimum cycle’ go a long way to explaining historic alterations in our climate when we look back into our recent history. The last Grand Minimum – the ‘Maunder Minimum’ – took place from 1645 to 1715, and was known as the ‘Little Ice Age’. During that time it was not uncommon for the River Thames to freeze over for up to two months each year, and regular London ‘frost fairs’ were held on the frozen river from around 1600 to as late as 1814.

A Frost Fair on the Thames at Temple Stairs (1684).

A Frost Fair on the Thames at Temple Stairs, London (1684).
The last 400 year ‘Grand Minimum’ solar cycle is known as the ‘Maunder Minimum’ and took place from 1645 to 1715, creating significant ‘real climate change’. It was known as the ‘Little Ice Age’. The climate is constantly changing. We can no longer have ‘frost fairs’ on the River Thames in London, not because of any change in the carbon level, but simply because the solar cycle has altered. This is the actual reality of climate change, not the agenda-fuelled propaganda.

The short 11 year ‘Sunspot cycle’ is also significant but on a far lesser climatic scale. Very few people are aware that the sun’s magnetic poles are constantly shifting.

Did you know that the north and south poles of the sun flip every eleven years?

This perpetual flipping of the sun’s magnetic poles gives us the 11 year ‘Sunspot cycle’, which has a constant affect on our weather and our planet.

What seems unacceptable when you really think about it, is that in an age in which we are supposed to be living in a ‘scientific’ society, such a critical and fascinating piece of information is not taught to every child in school.

That is because schools have been turned into institutions of indoctrination, not real teaching. The wise phrase “question everything” has now been replaced with the joke phrase “settled science”. If children knew such things about the the sun and the ‘electric universe’ from an early age, they would begin to question everything that the bogus and outdated institutions of scientism spoon-feed to them for the rest of their lives.

11 year Sunspot Cycles - NASA.

11 year Sunspot cycles graph (NASA) that result from the sun’s North and South poles flipping every 11 years, and give rise to changing weather patterns and other electro-magnetic effects on our planet.

What is known as the ‘solar minimum’ within that Sunspot cycle, is when the sun’s magnetic poles are farthest away from the sun’s equator. Therefore, the magnetic lines of force are penetrating the sun near the equator at this ‘solar minimum’.

The ‘solar maximum’ occurs as the poles begin to ‘flip’ and rotate towards the equator, and therefore the magnetic lines of force move to high latitudes. This increases the number of sunspots in those areas and increases the sun’s magnetic activity.

This ‘sunspot cycle’ last 11 years, which means that the sun’s north and south poles revert back to where they were every 22 years.

Solar maximums tend to produce the biggest coronal mass ejections (CMEs), which effect planet Earth in various ways. Mainstream institutions like to downplay the effects of the sun’s CMEs on our planet, particularly when it comes to climate, but they don’t mind admitting that CMEs can damage electrical apparatus, and worse.

The Carrington Event 1859, The largest recorded space weather event of modern times.

The Carrington Event of 1859 was the largest recorded 11 year Sunspot cycle event of modern times. Its coronal mass ejection (CME) caused electrical destruction to telegraph lines and systems, electrocuting telegraph operators and setting fire to papers.

The largest recorded space weather event of modern times produced by the 11 year solar Sunspot cycle was the Carrington Event, which occurred in September 1859. It is considered to have been up to ten times larger than anything experienced since the 1960s.

The solar flare was so strong that the British astronomer Richard Carrington actually observed it with his naked eye. In fact, the sky was so bright that people got out of bed to go to work before they discovered it was still the middle of the night, and even birds began to sing their morning chorus.

The monstrous Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) that followed caused monumental electrical destruction to telegraph lines and systems, electrocuting telegraph operators and setting fire to papers. The aurora borealis, normally limited to polar regions, was observed as far South as Hawaii and the Caribbean.

The Defence Committee Tenth Report to the UK Parliament (2012) - 'Developing Threats: Electro-Magnetic Pulses (EMP): Nature of the Threat - Space Weather'.

The Defence Committee Tenth Report to the UK Parliament (2012)
‘Developing Threats: Electro-Magnetic Pulses (EMP): Nature of the Threat – Space Weather’.

The Defence Committee Tenth Report to the UK Parliament (2012) – ‘Developing Threats: Electro-Magnetic Pulses (EMP): Nature of the Threat – Space Weather‘ makes it abundantly clear that the UK government takes the potential damage to electrical structures an society from the 11 year Sunspot cycle very seriously, stating that:

“The risks posed by space weather are known and significant… a severe event could potentially have serious impacts upon UK infrastructure and society more widely. It is essential that this hazard is sufficiently recognised and addressed by the Government and relevant civil bodies… events vary in intensity, and the potential impact of a severe event could be devastating.”

The report goes on to to say that, “In March 1989 a large CME [Coronal Mass Ejection] caused the Canadian province of Quebec’s power grid to collapse within 90 seconds, after stabilising equipment failed to cope with the effects of the geomagnetic storm. Around six million people were subsequently without power for nine hours. The same storm caused a transformer to fail in New Jersey and various other effects across the North American grid. It is also thought to have been the cause of damage to two transformers in the UK. The adverse effects of extreme space weather on modern technology are therefore well documented.”

It is important to recognise that this report by the UK’s Defence Committee and other government and official reports regarding CME related EMPs only discuss the potential damage caused by the minor 11 year Sunspot cycle, the least powerful of all the solar cyclical events. We are currently approaching the most powerful solar cycle so far discovered, the 12,000 year Micronova cycle event.

The electromagnetic pulse… is one of a small number of threats that can hold our society at risk of catastrophic consequences.

Electrical power is necessary to support other critical infrastructures, including supply and distribution of water, food, fuel, communications, transport, financial transactions, emergency services, government services, and all other infrastructures supporting the national economy and welfare. Should significant parts of the electrical power infrastructure be lost for any substantial period of time, the Commission believes that the consequences are likely to be catastrophic, and many people may ultimately die for lack of the basic elements necessary to sustain life in dense urban and suburban communities.”

'Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse Attack'

US Govt. Critical National Infrastructures Report, April 2008

The full effects of solar cycle events on the earth’s climate and temperature are up for debate, simply because mainstream science doesn’t yet know enough (or doesn’t want to know enough) about the links between solar activity and climate fluctuations, not least because any officially confirmed dramatic effects on the planet’s climate due to solar activity would obviously undermine and potentially destroy the whole ‘carbon climate change’ narrative.

However, even mainstream institutions such as NASA are prepared to accept that at the peak of an 11 year Sunspot cycle, about 0.1% more solar energy reaches the Earth, which in turn can increase global average temperatures by as much as 0.1℃.

So here’s the real issue that all of human society needs to fully comprehend.

If we know that the 11 year Sunspot cycle can produce a rise in temperature of 0.1ºC, and we know that the 400 year Grand Minimum cycle can produce the ‘Little Ice Age’ 350-400 years ago (the ‘Maunder Minimum’), then what kind of climatic changes should we expect from the larger 2000 year Hallstatt cycle, the even larger 3000 year Megaflare cycle, the huge 6000 year Heinrich-Bond cycle, and perhaps most importantly, because we are approaching the really ‘big one’ now, the 12,000 year Micronova cycle!

There follows a list of known global catastrophies, cataclysms and near extinction events that have happened in our near history, all of which have occurred on the 6000 year Heinrich-Bond cycles or the 12,000 year Micronova cycles. However other historic catastrophes might well also be explained by slightly less powerful cycles such as the 3000 year Megaflare cycle or the 2000 year Hallstatt cycle.

Also note, that the most recent archeological and anthropomorphic research firmly establishes that a high level of human or humanoid civilisation existed through all of the following time period that experienced these cataclysmic events.

New Moral Order™

A Timeline of Known Global Cataclysms
and Near Extinction Events

Excursion underway
Micronova cycle

6000 years ago
Noah/Sumerian event
Heinrich-Bond cycle

12,000 years ago
Younger Drias
Micronova cycle

18,000 years ago
Hilina Pali (H1)
Heinrich-Bond cycle

24,000 years ago
Lake Mungo (H2)
Micronova cycle

30,000 years ago
Unnamed (H3)
Heinrich-Bond cycle

36,000 years ago
Mono Lake (H3a)
Micronova cycle

42,000 years ago
Unnamed (H4)
Heinrich-Bond cycle

48,000 years ago
Laschamp (H5)
Micronova cycle

(H*) = Heinrich event. The Heinrich-Bond cycle works the ice-sheets every 6000 years and leads to both cold-related and warm-related ‘Heinrich events’.

New Moral Order™

Where Globalist Billionaires Go to Hide

Over 70 years ago, the globalists saw the scientific evidence for an imminent magnetic pole shift that could potentially result in an extinction level event. They’re certainly not the sort of people to put the welfare of humanity before their own prosperity, so what exactly have they been doing to secure their own safety in the event of a cataclysmic episode in the very near future.

 While the globalists have been telling you to believe that everyone just needs to pay more money over to them and they will save the world from carbon, their billionaire club has been furiously digging, constructing and buying in the knowledge that you can’t stop the sun’s cycles, no matter how much you pay in carbon taxes, but you can use that money to possibly save yourself! 


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Denis Healey

Former UK Secretary of State for Defence, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, and perhaps most importantly, a Bilderberg Founder and Steering Committee Member for 30 years.