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The Overpopulation Myth


Manufactured and promoted by globalism’s non-democratic round table group ‘The Club of Rome’, in order to project more fear around their invention of the CO2 climate change con, and to socially engineer public support for their depopulation agenda.


• ‘Population Control’ – The Reality Behind the Lies

• How Much Room Do We Really Have?

• Natural Individual Diversity vs The Manufacture Collective

• The Purposeful Overcrowding of the Globalist Megacities

• Globalist Puppets & Dupes

• Orchestrated Mass Migration

• It’s Now Time for the Truly Moral to Wake Up

The NWO's Overpopulation Hoax. "In 1972 the Club of Rome published THE ALARMIST "Limits to Growth" document, warning of worldwide overpopulation, the need for sustainable development. This was the beginning of the slow process of SOCIAL ENGINEERING AND PROGRAMMING PEOPLE to accept that the planet is struggling to sustain life." Honourable Ann Bressington Independent MLC of South Australia, speaking at the Adelaide Convention Centre, 2013

New Moral Order™

‘Population Control’
The Reality Behind the Lies

The globalists tell you that human population growth is not sustainable, but what they actually mean is that their control over 8 billion people is not sustainable.

As the human population has grown, and peer-to-peer communication between individuals on a global scale has increased to undermine the collective imprisonment of the mind by the corrupted State, those who control the politicians, the institutions, and the media from behind the scenes, have come to realise that their ability to deceive the people on every subject and control society through faux-democracy, debt enslavement, and orchestrated wars is under severe threat.

An increased sharing of previously concealed information, and an increased exposure of the historic lies that have been persistently spoon-fed to the people by the corrupted establishment, is bound to continue, as more and more people communicate with each other outside of the boundaries of the mainstream propaganda framework, which can so easily brainwash and stranglehold a smaller populace.

The globalists only solution is to drastically reduce the human population.

Key members of the globalist machine have previously proposed an urgent reduction of the populace by up to 95%, from the current 8 billion down to as little as 500 million, or even less.

Henry Kissinger


“Depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World.”


Top level globalist operative and geopolitical advisor, Propaganda Due (P2) freemason, former U.S. Secretary of State & National Security Advisor.

New Moral Order™

How Much Room Do We Really Have?

The truth is refreshing.

The entire human population of the world fits into the State of Texas, with each person standing on 87m² of land.

World population: 8 Billion
Texas area: 268,820 miles².

This gives a population density of about 29,760 people per mile².
1 mile² = 2,589,988 m².
Therefore, Texas would provide 87m² of land per person.

If everyone lived in two-story 87m² apartments, this would leave 50% of Texas available for gardens, roads, parks, shops, public services etc.

If everyone lived in four-story 87m² apartments, this would leave 75% of Texas available for gardens, roads, parks, shops, public services etc.

 The rest of the planet would be totally empty of humans.
This is the reality of so-called ‘overpopulation’.
In global terms, it simply doesn’t exist.

Of course, Texas is just used an example to clearly illustrate the actual reality of land occupation by 8 billion human beings, and to utterly prove the globalists’ false ‘overpopulation’ narrative.

The Great Overpopulation Hoax. Every person on Earth can fit into Texas, even if there was only ground level housing, everyone would have 87 square metres.

New Moral Order™

Natural Individual Diversity
The Manufactured Collective

How many people would want to live in a Texas desert? Well, the fact is that some certainly would because we know that many currently do – by choice.

The wonderful thing about the planet earth is that its own diversity matches the diversity of the human character. In each nation and in each locality, there is an environment to suit every human personality. For some that will be a busy city and for others it will be a wilderness. The planet is easily big enough for each and every one of those expressive and infinitely diverse human personalities.

Every human being is subtly different, and this diversity in the populace is what the globalists want to destroy. Their tactic is to pigeon-hole everyone into manufactured social groups [collectivism] that are set against each other, thereby destroying the human reality of Individualism and ‘true’ diversity, which only exists within the individual – of which there are currently 8 billion examples – and does not actually exist within any collective group.

Diversity is never collective. That is an obvious oxymoron. It is a constructed lie of globalism; of communism; of socialism; of liberalism.

The more you follow that agenda of deception, the more you lose your individuality; your personality; your humanity.

This globalist agenda to destroy individual diversity through collectivism can only be achieved through the concentration of the populace into controlled urban zones.

Corralling everyone into the megacities and clearing all rural areas of humanity (apart from members of the globalist club) is an agenda that began with their creation of UNESCO, originally headed by Julian Huxley, the brother of globalist operative Aldous Huxley, who wrote the dystopian novel ‘Brave New World’.

 Everything in international politics is connected to a globalist agenda, and the core agenda is to achieve what is called full-spectrum dominance over human society and the planet. The ‘overpopulation myth’ is so obviously a required tactic in the globalists objective to depopulate the human population to a number that they can control.

A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude. To make them love it is the task assigned, in present-day totalitarian states, to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors and schoolteachers…. The greatest triumphs of propaganda have been accomplished, not by doing something, but by refraining from doing. Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth.

Julian Huxley

First Director of UNESCO, globalist agent, President of the British Eugenics Society 1959-1962, brother of Aldous Huxley (author of 'Brave New World').

New Moral Order™

The Purposeful Overcrowding
of the Globalist Megacities

The globalists fear population growth because they simply cannot control it. Every apparent concern about human population levels at the global level, is fictitious.

Yes, there are genuine overcrowding health concerns at the urban ‘megacity’ level, but these are because of a lack of sanitation, drug use, and poverty – all of which have been purposefully orchestrated by the globalists in their attempt to destroy nation states from within, which is an essential step for them to attain global control.

You have been told that these social problems occur simply because of random political incompetence. That is a lie. They occur because they have been designed to occur. Globalist political agents covertly operate within all nation states and regional communities, tasked with undermining national infrastructure and public services.

Yes, incompetence plays a role, but only because those in-charge of recruitment are funnelling the most incompetent people into positions of public power, knowing that they will do a lousy job. At the same time, these agents of duplicity are hindering those who really do care about public services from ever gaining positions of control over those services and over public policy as a whole.

The globalists invention of ‘positive discrimination’ has played a very large part in this planned dismantling of public services and the systematic destruction of the fabric of social cohesion. The current collapse of economies is not organic; it is orchestrated.

“[In the US] about 75% of the population lives in large cities. The goal is to move everyone out of rural areas into the large cities, and to destroy representative government, and to move into government by elected boards and commissions.

Here in the EU, you’ve already moved to that position, where it’s an erasure of jurisdictional boundaries; an erasure of national boundaries, and that is the goal.

Rosa Koire

Rosa Koire - 1956-2021, humanitarian, Agenda 21 whistleblower hero, Director of The Post Sustainability Institute, author of 'Behind the Green Mask, UN Agenda 21'.

Overcrowded train station. The globalist's megacities are purposefully overcrowded, but the reality is that every single human being on earth can live comfortably within the US State of Texas.

The globalist’s megacities are purposefully overcrowded, but the reality is that every single human being on earth can live comfortably within the US State of Texas.

New Moral Order™

Globalist Puppets & Dupes

Globalist bad actors, such as celebrities, movie stars, musicians and social media influencers, are tasked with promoting drug abuse, sexual perversion, violence, antisocial behaviour, immorality, and a rejection of divine individual spirituality, in order to assist in the breakdown of civilised values and social stability.

If this concealed, globalist infiltration of society was eradicated, by a peaceful, populist revolution to decentralise politics and society, city life would normalise very quickly, and even the most overcrowded cities would become a 24/7 joy to live in.

These megacities are rapidly becoming hell-holes only because of this systematic undermining of all nation States by globalist infiltrators. Images of overcrowded streets full of depressed people are always used in the controlled media’s attempts to convince people that there is a human overpopulation issue.

However, outside of these megacities – which are essentially human containment camps for control and depopulation – the earth is a truly massive expanse of wilderness. Taking ownership of this planet from the globalists is now imperative.

You must begin to realise that those who are telling you that the world is overpopulated with human beings and that you are the problem, are all puppets and dupes taking orders from those who are the real problem – the globalist cabal of visible billionaires and concealed trillionaires.

The United Nation’s goal is to reduce population selectively by encouraging abortion, forced sterilization, and control human reproduction, and regards two-thirds of the human population as excess baggage.
Jacques Cousteau, November 1991

“It’s terrible to have to say this. World population must be stabilized and to do that we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. This is so horrible to contemplate that we shouldn’t even say it.”
Jacques Cousteau, November 1994

Jacques Cousteau, 1910-1997

Former French naval officer, ocean explorer, co-inventor of the Aqua-Lung, UNESCO Courier, advocate for globalist policies.

New Moral Order™

Orchestrated Mass Migration

The current planned collapsing of First World Nation State economies, prior to the globalist IMF’s intended total takeover of those economies, has at its core the ‘Orchestrated Migration’ agenda.

The mass migration or ‘soft invasion’ that is currently bleeding dry the treasuries of the USA, Britain and European nation states, is a globalist plan that has been in the making for nearly a century, and has been fully operative since the beginning of the 21st century.

Such systematically organised mass migration imposed on specifically targeted countries is not only an unprecedented threat to national security, but also serves the globalist purpose of making indigenous residents of First World Nation States falsely believe that there are suddenly too many people for society to handle, thus supporting the bogus ‘Carbon Climate Change Con’ (CCCC).

The reality is that there are certainly far too many economic migrants for any targeted country to handle, but just like every other globalist narrative, the problem is purposefully manufactured, whilst the reality is very different.

The only overpopulation that actually exists is the overpopulation that the globalists have imposed in the past on urban zones for their multinational business development, and that they are currently imposing on Europe, North America, Australia etc, via their Orchestrated Migration agenda, in order to collapse the economies of those nations inline with their plan to for a non-democratic, totalitarian one-world-government.

Everything we are looking at now, is destined to collapse our economies, because this is a corporatocracy; it’s a totalitarian State being developed right now, all over the world, and what major corporations want in this fascist development is to be able to have full movement of workers without borders or boundaries; be able to move their goods through without regulations; and to reduce wages, and so this is the goal, so this is what you find with ‘social equity’ – that’s the code for ‘social equity’.

Social equity’ is about impoverishing large proportions of the population, and bringing down the developed nations… all you have to do is look at austerity measures; restrictions on transfers of wealth; additional restrictions on land use; and ability to produce and use your energy, your water, your industry. All of this is happening in developed nations. So when you have your infrastructure attacked like that, it’s going to have a tremendous effect on your ability to prosper.”

Rosa Koire (1956-2021)

Humanitarian, Agenda 21 whistleblower hero, Director of The Post Sustainability Institute, author of 'Behind the Green Mask, UN Agenda 21'.

Learn the real truth
about the migration disaster
at the page…
‘Orchestrated Mass Migration’

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Multinationals get cheap labour.
The Labour Party gets cheap votes.
Voters get cheap takeaways.”


New Moral Order™

New Moral Order™

It’s Now Time
for the Truly Moral
to Wake Up

You are not a fool for believing what the puppets and dupes of globalism say because you have been conditioned from birth to blindly follow the establishment narrative, and not to question everything, as you must now begin to do.

You are indeed a fool if you continue to blindly believe in the establishment once you have been informed – as you are here, and by millions of others who are currently waking up to the reality – that it is all a lie.

Learn not to trust anybody who does not openly question the establishment’s narrative, because the establishment has been utterly infiltrated and corrupted by globalism and its antisocial and anti-human agendas.

All the necessary information, previously concealed from the public, has now been exposed. You no longer have the excuse of ignorance. Almost everything you hear from celebrities, politicians, and so-called experts, in every social field, is scripted.

If you want to know the truth, the real truth about the world you live in, learn to un-believe everything you think you know, and start again from scratch by only learning from those who the establishment tells you that you must not listen to.

If someone is censored, or they are discussing a subject that is censored, that is a good indication that it may contain valuable information that the control system does not want you to know about.

Be peaceful.
Be lawful.
Be democratic.

but whatever you do, stop believing those who are bribed, blackmailed or duped by the institutions of globalism, and start listening to those who are seeking the truth for the good of all humanity. Above all, listen to your own intuition.

Stop simply believing and start finding out.

Ted Turner, founder of CNN, Club of Rome member, founder of the United Nations Foundation, depopulation fanatic, and major UN donor.


“A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.


Founder of CNN, Club of Rome member, founder of the United Nations Foundation, depopulation fanatic, and major UN donor.

New Moral Order™

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World events do not occur by accident. They are made to happen, whether it is to do with national issues or commerce; and most of them are staged and managed by those who hold the purse strings.

Denis Healey

Former UK Secretary of State for Defence, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, and perhaps most importantly, a Bilderberg Founder and Steering Committee Member for 30 years.