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New Moral Order™

Where Globalist Billionaires Go to Hide


In order to cheat, steal or even murder your way to the top of the power pyramid of Toxic Wealth, and perhaps more importantly, to keep a dynastic family at that level through ongoing generations, there is a necessity to be amoral, that is to say, to be completely lacking in any genuine and meaningful empathy for others, and unconcerned with any authentic moral values of principles.

As the globalist/socialist/communist philosophy states, “the death of a single person is a tragedy, whereas the death of a million is just a statistic.” Of course, this collectivist perspective regards that “single person” as the psychopathic self, because it is only the satanic philosophy of the psychopath, who only cares about his own prosperity and survival, that would ever regard any group as simply a collective of numbers – “a statistic” – as the collectivist fanatic or technocratic globalist does.

The normal, moral human being regards a million people as just that, a million thinking, feeling individuals. Statistical analysis of society and collectivist dehumanisation of society are for the satanic communist or the naive socialist, whereas constructing social policy based in the knowledge of the divine importance of each and every individual as always being superlative to the group, is for all those with a truly moral perspective on the world.

In understanding that the engineered social structure was manufactured by psychopaths, thereby giving psychopaths the social advantage and in turn raising only psychopaths and Proxy Psychopaths to the top of the economic ladder, it is easier to understand why billionaires – and the trillionaires who you are not even supposed to know exist – act in the totally self-absorbed and antihuman way that they do.

Having this comprehension that the billionaires that you see attempting to charm the masses with their altruistic promises, or “saving humanity” through their charitable foundations, are in fact psychopaths parading as humanitarians, allows you to more clearly realise that such toxically wealthy people are always lying; always conspiring; and always up to no good.

So with that in mind, here’s a rundown of what we know – beyond all reasonable doubt – about what those with Toxic Wealth are doing to save themselves and their offspring from a global cataclysm and/or major social catastrophe.


• ‘In the Know’. What Billionaires are Doing in
Preparation for the Pole Shift

• Deep Underground Private Homes (DUPHs)

• Megayachts

• Submarine Yachts

• Undersea Homes

• Floating Habitats

• Satellite Hotels

• Why They Want You Kept in the Dark

• Why the Truth is So Important, Whatever Comes From It

• #ClimateShift

New Moral Order™

‘In the Know’.
What Billionaires are Doing in
Preparation for the Pole Shift

Considering the unequivocal fact that a magnetic pole shift is actually underway right now, and the overwhelming evidence that it is likely to result in a planetary cataclysm, why is this topic the only one never mentioned at all in articles regarding potential global disasters or threats to humanity?

It’s very notable absence from mainstream media is just about the best indication that it is indeed something of genuine concern, because only those issues that are regarded as ‘legitimate’ by the control system, as well as being considered to potentially cause global panic or to undermine the economic world order if they are made public, are ever classified and censored to such a level of secrecy that is being witnessed in regard to the ‘Climate Shift’.

Perhaps we have just a few years or perhaps we have a couple of hundred years at the very most, but we almost certainly have no more time than that when it comes to the next Micronova cycle event, involving a potential and perhaps almost certain displacement of the planet’s crust. Even a a very minor Micronova cycle event will be devastating for human society and quite possibly an existential threat to humankind.

This may well be the first time that you have encountered this scientific reality. One of the main globalist tactics for control is to keep the people’s minds distracted from the truly important information and issues, by bombarding the populace with disinformation and pointless news stories, and to keep them occupied with base animalistic level interests – consumer trash, spectator sports, drugs, gambling, sex, and of course, the odd manufactured war, arranged scamdemic, or orchestrated social justice issue.

Artwork: ‘World Stage’ by Bob Moran []

Everything spoon-fed to the public by the control system and performed by the puppet politicans is orchestrated to distract you from the genuine concerns and the real information that is simultaneously concealed behind the political stage and the social screen.

However, the higher you claw your way up the power pyramid, the more you will be told about what is really going on in the world. Not everyone is in the loop, even at the higher levels of the greasy pole, but the more psychopathic traits you display, the more you will be trusted and welcomed into the higher levels of ‘irregular’ freemasonry; into the most deviant inner circles of the satanic central banking fraternity; and into the more influential globalist round table groups and private events.

It is within these shady ‘leather armchair’ clubs and dark corridors of unregulated and inappropriate power that you are most likely to be told about the real issues, such as cyclical magnetic pole shifts, along with such esoteric topics as the reality of an historic Atlantis and the Anunnaki so-called ‘gods’ of old, who such people still worship and often fantasise about them being their bloodline ancestors.

An issue within such a room full of psychopaths is that none of them trust each other. In the psychopath’s warped worldview, everyone is trying to cheat everyone else, so the main rule is that you simply have to cheat everyone else first.

Although powerful psychopaths conspire every day of every week to achieve greater global control over the good people of humanity, they also regularly double-cross each other, which serves to make sure that only the absolutely most amoral, deceptive individuals get to the very top of the social power pyramid.

Michael Douglas as corporate psychopath Gordon Gekko in Wall Street (Twentieth Century Fox).

Michael Douglas as corporate psychopath Gordon Gekko in Wall Street (Twentieth Century Fox)

At the top levels of the financial, political and social power pyramids, being a psychopath is not the exeption but the absolute rule.

Of course, secrecy and deception are not only key to their conspiracies over humanity, but also key to their individual survival within their own psychopathic circles. Non-disclosure contracts are passed around like candy. For this reason, anything you read about in regards to what billionaires are actually up to – and this also applies to the military-industrial-complex and secret services too – is guaranteed to be a very outdated version of what they are actually doing behind closed doors.

The first thing to appreciate is that any published reasons given by billionaires for their longterm security and ‘prepping’ will be false, and particularly in regards to any ‘top secret’ information of which they have been made aware. By keeping the general public and their fellow billionaires in the dark as much as possible, they aim to stay ‘ahead of the game’.

For example, if a billionaire is told in confidence that their deep state contacts have confirmed that in the case of a pole shift, the safest place on earth will be New Zealand, then he is going to make sure that he gets to purchase the best piece of land on which to build his ‘billionaire bunker’ home before a thousand other billionaires get in on the act and the price of the land multiplies ten-fold.

If this information was publicly available and the reality of the pole shift was openly admitted by the scientific community and the authorities, then the price of New Zealand land may multiply by 100 or 1000 times its current value. Indeed, the people of New Zealand may well close the borders to all incomers, no matter how much money they possessed.

New Zealand is used as a hypothetical example, but it is interesting that it is currently regarded as the top ‘apocalypse sanctuary’ by billionaires.

So what are the world’s biggest hoarders of wealth purchasing and constructing, which strongly suggests their awareness of – and preparations for – the coming pole shift?

New Moral Order™

Deep Underground
Private Homes (DUPHs)

This is a New Moral Order™ term for something that is currently not being discussed, but should be. Deep Underground Private Homes or ‘DUPHs’ are “the private equivalent of Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs)”. We are not talking here about a couple of basement levels built below a Belgravia or Chelsea mansion in London, but something far more secretive at a military-grade level of security and construction.

For almost a century, deep state operators have been secretly boring out underground government safe houses, war rooms, operational command centres, military bases, and even small cities inline with the ‘parallel society’ agenda, and in preparation for potential threats and disasters under the mostly bogus guise of ‘national security’.

Just as ‘black projects’ have always been able to utilise public money and machinery for non-audited activities, so too have those who pull the strings of the deep state also been able to commandeer the same equipment for their own personal construction projects.

Former nuclear bunker built in 2008 under the granite bedrock of Stockholm is now an impenetrable data center complex with waterfalls & greenhouses [Courtesy of Albert France-Lanord Architects].

[Image courtesy of Albert France-Lanord Architects]

A former nuclear bunker built in 2008 under the granite bedrock of Stockholm is now an impenetrable data center complex with waterfalls & greenhouses. Resembling the lair of a villain from a James Bond movie, this type of underground construction is now easily within the budget and capability of many billionaires.

When you consider the numerous whistleblowers who have over the decades leaked to us information about the sheer number and scale of DUMBs that have been constructed across the world, and connect that with what we already know about commercial underground boring capacity and commercial subterranean projects, which have been constructing facilities as much 2km deep since the 1960s, it’s more than likely that anything you can imagine being constructed underground already has been built, and much more besides.

It’s also worth noting that deep underground many existing anciently constructed and natural tunnel systems and caverns are known to exist but are either off limits or kept entirely secret from the general public. Simply boring down to these caverns, and connecting them, would be the logical time and money saving solution, which has probably been employed in many of the bigger covert military and private projects.

Crossover XRE tunnel boring machines (TBM) made by US tunnelling equipment specialist Robbins has a 13.7m diameter and is able to bore through rock at almost 30 metres per day.

The Crossover XRE tunnel boring machines (TBM) made by US tunnelling equipment specialist Robbins has a 13.7m diameter and is able to bore through rock at almost 30 metres per day.

An educated guess would be that to date, only those with the right connections and almost unlimited funds would have built their own DUPHs, perhaps using military-industrial-complex construction contracts as a cover for digging under mountains and in isolated locations, in countries where such billionaires have already purchased great swathes of land through their so-called ‘charitable’ foundations.

The usual suspects such as the House of Rothschild, and the Rockefeller, Clinton, and Gates Foundations, are probably on that list, along with globalist bigwigs such as the Bush family, and perhaps globalist frontmen like Musk and Bezos too. If you want to have a best guess at where DUPHs are being built, just keep an eye out for projects that such billionaires and trillionaires are involved in that involve huge underground construction.

New Moral Order™


The recent and growing billionaire’s obsession with owning the largest megayacht (a yacht more than 60m long) makes total sense when you consider all the implications of the coming pole shift.

This obsession with mega yachts really began with the Russian oligarchs, and it is probably no coincidence that above any other nation in the world, it is Russia that has proven itself to be the world-leader in bringing forth the most open-minded and groundbreaking scientists of modern times, particularly in the fields of consciousness, frequency, and last but certainly not least, catastrophism and pole shift science.

Indeed, ‘the’ leading light in cyclical earth cataclysms was Immanuel Velikovsky, a Jewish Russian-American, who is certainly one of the top 5 censored scientists of the 20th century.

With such a positive national heritage regarding the scientific understanding of a coming extinction event cataclysm, is it any wonder that those with the best sources of scientific information about such real global threats along with the billions to deal with it wouldn’t purchase the most straightforward and available safety precaution when potentially facing a repeat of the biblical flood? The phrase, “we need a bigger boat!” immediately springs to mind.

143m Sailing Yacht A completed in 2017 for Russian businessman Andrey Melnichenko has 8 decks with the world's tallest carbon masts at 100m high that hold 3,747m² of sail.

The 143m ‘Sailing Yacht A’, designed by Philippe Starck and completed in 2017 for Russian businessman Andrey Melnichenko has 8 decks with the world’s tallest carbon masts at 100m high that hold 3,747m² of sail.

It really doesn’t matter which pole shift theorist you listen too, it won’t be long before the topic of tsunamis comes up. That’s because with any displacement of the Earth’s crust, a displacement of the water that rests upon it is sure to follow.

The real problem with tsunamis – banks of water travelling in one direction through the ocean – is not when they are in the middle of the sea, but when they come into contact with rising land (the continental shelf). Just like a normal wave approaching a beach, as the ocean becomes more shallow, the tsunami ‘crests’ and ultimately breaks into a chaotic mass, destroying everything in its wake.

However, if a tsunami goes under you when you are miles out to sea, you probably won’t even realise it’s there, because your boat will rise and fall over a very elongated wave.

Of course, when we are talking about tsunamis that may be a mile high or more when they hit land fall, it is mostly just speculation as to what it may or may not look like, even in the heart of the deepest ocean, but as far as the chances of surviving any size of tsunami are concerned, being in a 150m mega yacht in the middle of the Atlantic or Pacific ocean still gives you a pretty good chance of completely avoiding the problem.

New Moral Order™

Submarine Yachts

Taking the mega yacht solution to a whole new level is the idea of submarine yachts, although it is now more than just a concept.

The Migaloo M7 is the world’s largest private submarine yacht and is priced at $2.3 billion. It is 283m long x 32m wide with a maximum speed of 32 knots on the surface and 21 knots underwater. It has 22,600 sq. feet of private living quarters, 10,764 sq. feet reception areas and 4,300 sq. feet of guest accommodation, with a 36-seat dining room, swimming pools, movie theatres, bars and a helipad.

The Migaloo Submarine Yacht Range.

The full range of Migaloo submarines with the world’s largest private submarine yacht – The Migaloo M7 – shown at the bottom. The $2.3 billion M7 is 283m long and features nearly 40,000 sq. feet of living space, swimming pools, movie theatres, bars and a helipad.

Ever since deep state whistleblowers began exposing Admiral Bird’s US navy fleet’s encounter and defeat by UFOs in the Antarctic in 1947 – the infamous ‘Operation High Jump’, rumours have circulated around the existence of tunnel systems under the ocean that lead to underground facilities. The nazi’s ‘New Swabia’ underground base in Antarctica was apparently first accessed by nazi submarines via an undersea tunnel system. It is almost a certainty that since that time, the US deep state and other covert military institutions have also been constructing bases under the sea, or underground bases accessible via undersea tunnel systems.

We must also thereby assume that nearly a century on from that early technological era, the level of construction and technology now employed beneath the oceans, seas and lakes of the world has advanced at the same rate as everything else.

We must also presume that where the military-industrial-complex goes, the puppet billionaires of globalism and other criminal institutions are sure to follow closely behind.

If billionaires and trillionaires are now being offered ‘off the shelf’ 300m long submarine yachts, they are guaranteed to have already started constructing, or perhaps already completed, building their undersea bases in which to park their submarine transport.

New Moral Order™

Undersea Homes

The idea of undersea homes will seem bizarre to most people, simply because they have not been programmed by the media to consider it as a feasible reality. Those who think critically will realise that the oceans are not under the control of any one nation, and therefore are ‘up for grabs’. The sea floor is essentially virgin territory, with many advantages in a time of crisis. It is certain that if the military-industrial-complex has been colonising the sea bed for as long as it likely has been, then those with Toxic Wealth won’t have been far behind.

The fact that we have been constantly told that humans know more about the moon than we do about what is under the ocean simply does not ring true. However, it does sound like classic disinformation, and points to the likelihood that those in charge of that narrative simply want people to believe that the oceans remain unexplored and unexploited by humankind. Indeed, the idea that the seas are an uncharted dark void is the perfect cover for large scale undersea construction. It is an educated assumption that there has probably been as much, if not more, stolen public funds spent on exploration and colonisation below the oceans, seas and lakes, than has been spend on building underground cities or secretly exploring space.

The first telegraph line to span the Atlantic ocean was completed in 1858. That’s nearly 170 years ago! The first military submarine fleet was in operation in the Russo-Japanese War in 1905. That’s 120 years ago!

Submarine 'Lioness' of the Fleet of the Imperial Russian Navy 1901-1914.

Submarine ‘Lioness’ of the Fleet of the Imperial Russian Navy 1901-1914. When you consider the fact that the military and related institutions were exploring beneath the oceans well over a century ago in submarines such as the one above, and ventured into space over half a century ago, do you really believe that in a time when they are discussing the dangers of AI, that under sea exploration and colonisation has not advanced at the same rate?

If you now consider that the first ever portable computer was sold in 1981, compared to just 40 years later, when we are living in an almost science fiction world, even at the consumer level, it isn’t hard to realise that almost all of what the military and deep state have really been up to over the last century has been kept completely hidden from the people. This is just so wrong on so many levels, and must now be entirely exposed. Thankfully, the truthtellers are finally beginning to wake up the masses to the endless number of deceptions that they have been spoon-fed to them by establishment sources for so many decades.

Lastly, on the subject of undersea civilisations, it needs to be mentioned that there have been countless sightings over the years of UFOs exiting and entering lakes and oceans, with many of the most detailed reports on record coming from both official and whistleblower testimonies from navy personal and government officials, particularly US navy personnel.

Whether these are extraterrestrial or subterrestrial beings, or reverse engineered craft under the control of the deep state is not certain – probably a mixture of all three – but what we can be sure of is that there is definitely a highly advanced civilisation of some sort that is either residing in facilities under the water or is using underwater tunnels to access underground facilities deep within the earth.

New Moral Order™

Floating Habitats

For many years, floating homes have been heralded as one solution to housing populations in areas that allow for such types of living accommodation. At the normal domestic level, on rivers and estuaries, there are some obvious advantages to a home that rises with the level of the water and can be moved from one location to another.

In essence, a straightforward boat can be a floating home, but without the requirement for intricate manoeuvring a true floating home can be more affordably luxurious than a conventional one built on land.

However, when it comes to a home built at sea, it needs to be a great deal larger, just to cope with the potential waves that could sink it. This is obviously not a problem for those who have inexhaustible amounts of money to throw at such a construction project.

When considering the most extreme ocean worthy ‘floating home’ or ‘floating habitat’, it is best to think of an ‘oil rig’ or ‘oil platform’. The average price to construct an oil rig is around $650 but this obviously includes all the drilling technology. The basic structure is likely to be a fraction of that price. This is comparable to the cost of a large mega yacht, which is now a standard purchase for many billionaires.

Kokomo Island by Migaloo Submarines (2015).

Kokomo Island designed by Migaloo Submarines for sale from 2015, is propelled by by 8 Azipods and includes a helipad, 4 VIP suites, 6 guest suites, swimming pools, a spa deck, a garden deck, beach deck, club deck, maintenance decks and an owner’s penthouse suite.

At the entertaining end of the market is the 117m x 78m Kokomo Ailand, a self-propelled floating island designed by Migaloo Submarines back in 2015.

At the top of the structure, 80m above sea level is the ‘Owner’s Penthouse’ with two elevators, beach club and gym. Below that is the ‘Jungle Deck’ with waterfall, cocktail bars, palm trees and vertical gardens. Below that comes the ‘Spa Deck’ with a gym, massage and beauty salons; the ‘Garden Deck’ for outdoor, dining, strolling and relaxing; the ‘Beach Deck’ with pool, bar, barbecue and in-pool elevator down to the ‘Beach Club’ and the ‘VIP Deck’ with infinity pools and viewing balconies. Below all that are 4 VIP suites, 6 guest suites, an underwater dining saloon, several crew decks and maintenance decks.

Of course, this billionaire’s night club on water comes with the ubiquitous Helipad perched on the side of the structure. Kokomo Ailand is powered by 8 Azipods allowing speeds up to 8 knots. 4 tender bays accommodate boats and small subs and beach clubs for arriving guests.

When viewing Kokomo Ailand, it is not difficult to see how this design for a floating palace of entertainment could easily be adapted into a survival habitat for an event such as the oncoming pole shift.

Considering this luxury floating habitat was already publicly available back in 2015, it is reasonable to assume that such ocean structures are now going to exist in private ownership. It’s really just a question of how many, and how substantial they might be.

New Moral Order™

Satellite Hotels

Let’s give this a little critical thought, shall we? If you know that there is a magnetic pole shift underway, and that a displacement of the earth’s crust is likely to follow, then you know that nowhere on the planet is absolutely guaranteed to be safe. Even in the middle of the ocean or deep underground, the potential risks associated with such a cataclysmic event may be significantly lessoned but certainly not negated entirely. So what’s the absolute safest place to be when the proverbial hits the fan? Off the earth completely of course.

Your first thought may be to buy a big plane, and although this is essential in getting you to your apocalypse sanctuary in the quickest time, it’s not going to be a sanctuary in itself, because planes need fuel, and nobody knows just how long the worst of the cataclysm will last. It’s no good being in the safety of the skies if you have nowhere to land and are running out of fuel.

There is certainly something to be said for air balloons, and the recent renewed interest in their potential uses may indeed be a cover for the possibility of housing them as a back up escape plan. However, they are a little slow and cumbersome, and the likely issue of mega hurricane level winds emerging from the pole shift probably rules them out completely.

No, the only place that could be considered as almost 100% safe in the event of a magnetic pole shift and crust displacement would be in space, or simply in orbit.

Does Elon Musk's Space X project have a hidden objective?

Does Elon Musk’s Space X project have a hidden objective?

Those who just readily absorb what they see on the news, rather than critically questioning it, will automatically assume that there is no alternative aim or ulterior motive behind Elon Musk’s Space X project, the Blue Origin project of Jeff Bezoz, or Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic project.

However, if we review these projects from the perspective of the pole shift, a completely different story emerges. Why would three of the wealthiest frontmen of globalism all suddenly decide to funnel vast amounts of money into projects that are realistically just aiming to design and construct a workable method of ferrying very wealthy people into the upper atmosphere?

Think about it. Nothing in their projects suggests actual ‘space travel’ but everything points to simply producing a shuttle service to the stratosphere, at the orbiting level of satellites. To the truly rational observer, it is blatantly obvious that none of these billionaires are aspiring to go into deep space, or even to the moon, but are simply looking to build some type of ‘Satellite Hotel’, in which a select number of toxically wealthy people can find temporary sanctuary in the event of a pole shift or other potentially existential planetary threat, such as a large meteor or comet impact.

Not only does this look to be the case, but from a psychopathic perspective, it makes complete sense too. How many psychopathic and narcissistic billionaires would just love to find shelter in a luxury hotel complex orbiting the planet, whilst having a ringside seat to witness the ensuing cataclysm as it unfolds down below?

Elon Musk recently said that he would regard anything other than the launch site blowing up to be a success. This appears to indicate that time is of the essence and that the only plan is to keep throwing money at the project until it succeeds. Doesn’t this also perfectly fit with the educated assumption that Elon Musk and others like him are fully aware of the oncoming pole shift, and that they know that they need to find a suitable refuge from it, as soon as possible?

New Moral Order™

Why They Want You
Kept in the Dark

As the billionaires who are wise to the science scurry around making plans for their own security and survival, the last thing they want is for the reality of a cyclical pole shift to be acknowledged by institutions of the establishment, and worse still, to be admitted to the people of the world that it is a cataclysmic event that is likely to occur again very soon.

If the truth does emerge into the public space, as we all must make sure that it does, the guilty parties will declare in all their bogus innocence that they were simply acting in the best interests of humanity because they didn’t want people to panic.

What they won’t point out is that they have no problem at all with humanity panicking once it is too late for society as a whole to do anything about it. Just like the CIA at the emergency pole shift meeting they had at the Pentagon back in 1948, their cynical excuse for not relaying their findings and grave concerns to the general public masks their real ulterior and highly selfish motives for concealing the facts.

Don't Panic!

The globalists said that their excuse for not informing you about the pole shift they knew about as far back as 1948 was because they didn’t want you to panic. So, how do you feel about that caring decision now that it’s lost you and society as a whole 80 years of prepping time?

Yes, many people would naturally panic at first, but just as in every time throughout history that the populace have been stunned by an unexpected revelation, the panic begins to subside and the ingenious nature of humankind replaces it, finding solutions and then implementing them.

If the world had been told the truth back in 1948, as the scientists present at the emergency Pentagon meeting requested, then we would have already had over 75 years to focus our full attention on the problem. Indeed, if you’re looking for something to bring the people of the world together in a common cause, surely there is none better.

No, the over-arching reasons why this information was concealed, and is still being concealed from the people, is firstly because the globalists would have lost their subversive control over the populace almost immediately if their capacity for distracting and disarming the people with political side-shows and constructed social problems was no longer of any comparative importance.

Secondly, because those individuals at the top of the power pyramid who control information, in order to gain political, financial and social advantage, wanted to continue to fleece the people of all their money and to make sure that they and their offspring secured their own safety without the problem of billions of other people wanting to do the same. In other words, they not only wanted to be at the head of the queue, they wanted to be the only ones in it.

New Moral Order™

Why the Truth is So Important,
Whatever Comes From It

Francis Bacon, perhaps the first globalist of the modern age – in the guise of his pseudonym frontman ‘Shakespeare’ – wrote, “What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”

The level and breadth of deception that has been imposed on the people by the deep state over the last century is truly staggering. Only those who have engaged in an almost occupational degree of truth searching have any real idea of just how deep the rabbit hole goes and just how far the tentacles of the disinformation octopus span.

Indeed, it is more honesty than hyperbole to say that everything you have been taught by the establishment is a lie. It may be a partial lie or it may be a complete lie, but it is a lie.

The real problem the establishment has now is that when an individual comes to understand that the ‘trusted’ institutions have utterly deceived him over one important subject, then he begins to realise that this may be the case with every other topic, and further investigation then confirms it.

The tangled web of deception that has been woven by the establishment has repeatedly placed one lie on top of another, and so on, just to keep the disinformation house of cards from collapsing. Regardless, it has now started to implode and its collapse is accelerating with each new revelation that is exposed.

When such a web of lies exists, there is only one solution and only one possible conclusion – it must ultimately unravel in its entirety, and the sooner the better. The only future for a prosperous humanity is a future in which personal privacy is respected, but governmental transparency is made to be uncompromising in its clarity.

The unveiling of this great deception, and the many more besides, will be difficult for many people to accept, but accept it they will, and accept it they must, and from it will arise a new and far better human society, which is founded on absolute truth and honesty, and free of corruption, manipulation, and clandestine control.

New Moral Order™


In parallel to the deception regarding the cyclical pole shift that is underway is the deception regarding the Carbon Climate Change Con (CCCC). It should hopefully now be clear to you that the Club of Rome’s invention of CO2 climate change ties in perfectly with the pole shift cover-up.

At the same time as promoting the reality of the cyclical pole shift and the approaching potential cataclysm associated with it, we must denounce the deception of the globalist’s ‘climate change’ agenda, which aims to enforce the first ever global poll tax – carbon taxing on each and every human being. Is it perhaps a sick joke or an ominous synchronicity that an agenda designed to hide the truth about the ‘pole’ shift is seeking to implement a global ‘poll’ tax?

The climate change agenda also assists the globalists in their objective of confiscating all private property from everyone other than themesleves, and the implementation of a global dictatorship to replace nation states and the rule of democracy.

Carbon taxing - the first ever global 'poll tax'.

Image Credit: Luisa Rivera, Yale E360.

The globalists are on the rob, and the first ever global ‘poll tax’ – a carbon tax on every man, woman and child on the planet – is one of their key objectives.

The solar cycles discussed above do indeed affect the climate in ways that are generally mild and localised but at times are catastrophic and global in their influence on the planet. If we are approaching a major 12,000 year cycle, which all the data and evidence indicates is the case, then we should expect some very unusual and extreme climatic and geological events to begin to take place.

We may already be experiencing these with the magnetic poles having already significantly shifted and rapidly depleting in strength. Have no doubt in your mind that the globalists will use any resulting climatic effects to their advantage by claiming that they are due to CO2, whereas nothing could be further from the truth.

In order to ‘shift’ the climate narrative from false to truthful, New Moral Order™ has coined the term ‘Climate Shift’ to replace ‘climate change’ as the phrase that should be on everyone’s lips.

Please promote the term ‘Climate Shift’ and the hashtag #ClimateShift, as well as this information page and any related pages (see links at the bottom of the page) regarding the Carbon Climate Change Con (CCCC), and the New Moral Order™ website as a whole, in order to help people awaken to the real existential threat that is facing them, and if not them, then most certainly their children, or their children’s children. Whatever time we still do have, we certainly do not have all the time in the world.

New Moral Order™ will be supplementing this page with further information on exactly what humanity needs to do, in order to provide the most amount of people with the greatest chance of survival as we approach this next Micronova cycle event.

One thing is for sure. Humanity easily has enough great minds within it to deal with this threat. Our greatest enemy is not the solar cycles. Our greatest enemy is the total corruption of our political system by the globalists and their war on the human populace. If we can overcome that truly monstrous threat, then we can overcome anything that the universe throws at us.

New Moral Order™

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