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New Moral Order™

Glossary & Definitions Index

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New Moral Order™

Definitions of New Words & Phrases

A dictionary of new vocabulary for a new society.

When you look around you, do you see a Brave New World or a Grave New World?

What everyone can agree on is that in this lifetime, you have been either blessed or cursed with living in very “interesting” times.

A problem I have found with living in such a brand new social reality is that existing words and phrases simply aren’t enough to properly explain what is actually going on.

For this reason, I believe new words and phrases are necessary to describe not only the dystopia that the bad guys are striving to impose on humanity, but also the utopia that is destined to prevail when enough of the people awaken to what’s really going on.

This page has been created as a reference for those words and phrases created and coined by NMO™, which you will come across within the New Moral Order™ website, and elsewhere, as these words and phrases are adopted by others.

There are already hundreds of words, which will take some time to populate onto the page. Ongoing, definitions will be added as new words and phrases are created.

New Moral Order™


Summary List of Words, Terms & Acronyms.

An overview list of the words, terms and acronyms created by Quartz & New Moral Order™.

Click on the relevant letter and word page links to see their full definitions.

A / B / C / D

Anunnakism, Anunnakist
Bullseye Politics
Carbon Climate Change Con (CCCC)
Chivalrism, Chivalrist
Deep Underground Private Homes (DUPHs)
Destructive Dominance Disorder (DDD)

E / F / G / H

Earth Mind, The
Faux Democracy or Faux-Democracy
Fifth Column Globalism, Fifth Column Globalist
Funnel-Up Economics
Globalism Zero™, Globalism Zeroist
Globalist Non-Democratic Organisations (GNOs)

I / J / K / L


M / N / O / P

Moral Eugenics
National Usury
Organised Psychopathy or Organized Psychopathy
Political Triad, The
Postglobalism, Postglobalist
Proxy Psychopath or Proxy-Psychopath

Q / R / S / T

Satanic Left, The
Satanic Six or Satanic 6, The
Smaug Syndrome
Social Destruction Movement (SDM)
Social Psychopathy, Social Psychopath
Social Satanism or Social-Satanism
Surrogate Psychopath or Surrogate-Psychopath
The Law Doctrine
The Stone Ceiling
Toxic Wealth

U / V / W / X / Y / Z