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Definitions of New Words & Phrases
Created By Quartz & NMO™

When you look around you, do you see a Brave New World or a Grave New World?

What everyone can agree on is that this time around, you were both blessed and cursed with living in “interesting” times.

A problem I have found with living in such a brand new social reality is that existing words and phrases simply aren’t enough to properly explain what is actually going on.

For this reason, I started to create new words and phrases to describe not only the dystopia that some are striving to bring about, but also the utopia that is destined to prevail.

This page has been created as a reference to those words and phrases that you will come across within the NMO™ website, and predictably, across the wider world, as these words and phrases are adopted by others.

There are already hundreds of entries, which will take some time to populate onto the page. From that point forward, new definitions will be added as new words or phrases are created.

New Moral Order™


Definition of the word “Grazors”



Grazors stands for ‘Graphene Hydroxide Razors’ or ‘Graphene Hydroxide Razor Blades’, and was first mentioned in an ‘Info Image’ post entitled ‘GRAZERS: Graphene Hydroxide Razor Blades’ published on 02 December 2021.

In late 2021, Dr. Andreas Noack, a leading specialist in activated carbon applications and nanoscale graphene, reported that the Graphene Oxide, which had been discovered to be in the Pfizer vaccine by a number of scientists – most notably, the University of Almeria in Spain, which reported finding Graphene Oxide in Pfizer’s Comirnaty™ vaccine and issued a report on 28 June 2021 – was in fact Graphene Hydroxide, or was additionally Graphene Hydroxide.

According to Dr. Noack’s expert knowledge on the subject, Graphene Hydroxide is non-biodegradable, and therefore does not naturally decompose in the body. It also forms as molecules that are one atom thick and thereby razor sharp at the nanoscale.

According to Dr. Noack, these Graphene Hydroxide molecules, when injected into a vein (via a vaccination shot) act as internal nanoscale razor blades, slicing up the walls of veins, arteries and organs, thereby leading to massive haemorrhaging, and ultimately death.

Dr. Noack hypothesised that the reason that so many sports people were suddenly collapsing, was because their blood was flowing faster, and therefore the ‘Grazors’ were also flowing faster around the body, causing sudden increased damage.

Dr. Noack livestreamed his report about Graphene Hydroxide being in the vaccines on 23 November 2021. Immediately after the livestream, according to his wife Anna, the Zoom debate with doctors became very heated. Following that debate, there was suddenly a power surge and outage in their house, and Dr Noack starting shaking, and then collapsed with a very abnormal type of seizure. Many have speculated, including his wife, that this was some kind of targeted ‘energy attack’. Over the next two days, Dr. Noack repeatedly experienced the same peculiar symptoms, as though his body was being externally attacked by an invisible force. He was then rushed to hospital where he died on the 26 November 2021. RIP.

Until fully and independently investigated, the issue of Graphene Hydroxide Razor Blades ‘Grazors’ potentially being in the vaccines must be exposed as a topic of serious concern. Dr. Noack’s ‘convenient’ death under very mysterious circumstances must logically be regarded as assassination, until such an investigation has taken place that proves otherwise. The information that such an expert was exposing would potentially destroy Pfizer and the entire COVID-19 vaccine rollout, but if confirmed, could also potentially save millions or even billions of lives. Fortunately, the video in which Dr Noack exposes what he had discovered, along with video of his wife’s testimonies of the ‘assassination’ have now been well distributed, and so there is no opportunity to put the toothpaste back in the tube.

New Moral Order™


Definition of the word “VAIDS”



VAIDS is an acronym, which stands for ‘Vaccine Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome’.

VAIDS is reminiscent of the word AIDS because AIDS is an acronym of ‘Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome’. This does not mean that VAIDS is medically identical to AIDS in all respects.

Although VAIDS has the same ultimate effect that AIDS has on the individual – chronic immunodeficiency, VAIDS defines a broader spectrum of potential causes, originating from a vaccine, or any injection that is promoted as a vaccine.

In essence, any severe immunodeficiency that is the result of a vaccine, or other injection that is being promoted as a vaccine, may be described as VAIDS. Therefore, any single ingredient, or combination of ingredients, within a vaccine, which leads to immunodeficiency, maybe determined to be the cause of VAIDS.

Furthermore, immunodeficiency that is elevated in its effect on the individual by an external factor, such as a microwave frequency, but which requires an injection of some contributing factor (promoted as a vaccine), in order for that immunodeficiency to be triggered, also falls under the definition of VAIDS.

The word in relation to this definition was first used by Quartz in an NMO™ article on 23rd November 2012 entitled “The VAIDS PANDEMIC”, detailing the various pieces of evidence that logically points to a worrying conclusion – that the COVID vaccine rollout is going to inevitably result in an unprecedented immune system failure of a significant proportion of the human race.