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Definition of the words “Anunnakism” and “Anunnakist”

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Anunnakism is the ideology of the Anunnakist. Anunnakism involves a belief in the Anunnaki as a distinct race or species that is different from homo sapiens sapiens, or in other words, the present general human populace. Anunnakists believe in the racial supremacist notion that the Anunnaki bloodline is racially superior to the human race and that supposed bloodline descendants of the Anunnaki so-called ‘gods’ of old have a ‘divine’ right to rule over the human species and earth.

An Anunnakist may be someone who believes that they are a bloodline descendent of the Anunnaki, or they may simply be someone who believes in deifying the Anunnaki race, either in regards to only the Anunnaki of old, or in regards to their supposed descendants too.

Historically, Anunnakists have kept their ideological beliefs and institutions secret, but since the early part of the 20th century, their beliefs and modus operandi have been ever more exposed by researchers and authors who have dedicated their lives to uncovering the ‘hidden hand’ of the Anunnakism, largely giving rise to the current truthseeker movement.

Anunnakism directly relates to the supremacist ideology of monarchy and aristocracy, which date back to the pre-history empire of Atlantis and the dictator kings that arose after the global cataclysms that eventually destroyed the main Atlantean capital and islands in the North Atlantic ocean around 12,000 years ago. All monarchic and aristocratic dictatorships and ideologies since that time have been founded on a claim to either be a descendent of the Anunnaki so-called ‘gods’ or to represent them and their ‘right to rule’.

In modern times, Anunnakism and Anunnakists have been represented by a plethora of different institutions and titles, such as ‘the Illuminati’, ‘the New World Order’ or ‘NWO’, ‘the Committee of 300’, ‘the brotherhood of the snake/serpent’ etc, as well as being central to all the dynastic monarchies and aristocratic families that still exist, whether in the public eye or known only to their family members who meet in secret.

Anunnakism may relate to religious, political or social practices.

Religiously – Anunnakism is covertly promoted in the public sphere through classical Egyptian, Greek, Roman and other pagan ‘gods’ and mythology, with these so-called ‘gods’ being an amalgamation of the Anunnaki dictator kings of ancient and pre-history and the demons with which the Anunnaki and their priests cultivated a metaphysical relationship through ritual and blood sacrifice. Egypt, Babylon, Delphi and Rome are the main four pillars on which the Anunnaki religion presently refers to in relation to present religious rites and rituals. All the main religions of the world are based in part or completely on the ancient worship of the Anunnaki dictator kings and their demonic counterparts.

Politically – the central control of money, the economy, global finance and consumerism act as the Anunnakists‘ negative spirit of the modern age, by which to ‘possess’ and thereby control the human populace. Anunnakism regards the people’s conditioned love of money as a form of worship to the supposed Anunnaki bloodline families and to their demonic counterparts. Throughout western nations, political buildings are strewn with Anunnakist symbology of Egyptian, Babylonian, Greek and Roman ‘gods’ and architecture, which are all dog whistles to the worshipping of the Anunnaki dictator kings and the partner demons.

The arrangement and orchestration of wars that kill millions is a quite obvious sacrificial ritual to the Anunnaki ‘gods’, and this is blatantly spelled out through the flagrant use of the word “sacrificed” on war memorials and grave stones in reference to those who have been ritually murdered over the centuries in this way.

Socially – media, Hollywood and the music industry are all Anunnakist rituals of sorcery. The name Hollywood refers to the pagan druid’s magic wand that was made of wood from the holly tree and which would cast a spell over the people. The terms “Hollywood idol” and “movie star” directly refer to ancient pagan rituals, astro-theology, and blood sacrifice to the Anunnaki ‘gods’.

The main Anunnakist sigil is the 5-pointed star or pentagram, although there are many others. The 5-pointed star can be seen in most national flags of nations (and religions) that are under the control of the Anunnakists, and it is the primary symbol used in the rituals of Hollywood and the music industry by their puppet ‘stars’.

New Moral Order™


Definition of the term “Bullseye Politics”




Bullseye Politics is politics that cuts to the chase, by only focusing on the primary causes of social problems and political issues.

Bullseye Politics is politics for the people, just as off-target politics is politics manufactured only for the benefit of the banksters (the central banks), the transnational corporations, and those who accumulate and hoard toxic wealth.

A Bullseye Politician will always discuss and promote the real political solutions that target the very heart of society’s problems, whilst ignoring – and encouraging others to ignore – those issues that are orchestrated, amplified and promoted by controlled politicians and media, and which are designed to distract the people from the bigger, real social issues, and the big solutions required to fix them.

Bullseye Politics often targets economic issues – simply because money oils the wheels of so many gravy trains of corruption, anti-humanism and social destruction.

However, instead of purposefully wrapping up economics in complicated terminology, as the controlled economists and politicians do, Bullseye Politics states the problems and solutions relating to economic and other issues in a straightforward way, which everyone can understand, and which everyone would eagerly vote for, given the opportunity to do so.

Once you understand the key underlying causes of all society’s economic and social woes, which are all very easy to comprehend once you have been informed of them, you will suddenly realise why Bullseye Politics is so very relevant to each and every person on the planet. Unless these core issues are dealt with, once and for all, every other political and social issue is virtually irrelevant, because those central manipulative factors control everything else.

Perhaps the best current example of Bullseye Politics is the Fifty Million Max™ policy, which will cap every person’s wealth at a maximum of $50 million, whilst returning all toxic wealth (gross hoarding of extreme money and assets) back to society, and to the people it has been stolen from over the centuries.

Fifty Million Max™ is one of the three key policies of the New Moral Army™. These ‘bullseye policies’ are destined to create the paradigm-shift to a truly civilised society, for which so many people are presently crying out. Find out more about these three game-changing policies and become a part of the solution by joining the New Moral Army™ at

Capping extreme wealth, and returning the excess to the society from which it was illicitly taken, is a political policy that everyone – no matter how little a person understands economics – does not only understand, but can get ridiculously excited about. No social policy in history has ever promised to uplift humankind so obviously and dramatically. It’s simply a game-changer above all other game-changers. That is exactly why all politicians and mainstream media are ordered never to discuss it as a potential policy, and that’s why you have probably never even considered it in your own mind. Now is the time to do just that.

Not only will such a toxic wealth capping policy almost immediately eliminate all major political and social corruption, but it will also make society itself rich to the level of becoming a veritable utopia, almost overnight. Everyone will be released from the threat of poverty, homelessness and starvation. They will become problems of the past.

The only thing stopping the Fifty Million Max™ policy being implemented, is that off-target politicians are either too brainwashed (or maybe just too corrupted) to consider this simple, democratic, lawful and moral economic change, which will make everyone middle-class, and to openly discuss and promote this most obvious solution to all of society’s problems.

If your political representative doesn’t have a Bullseye Politics approach to the issues you are currently facing, they are simply playing the game – a game that is rigged. You need new, uncorrupted politicians who understand the game and are on your side. You need Bullseye Politicians!

New Moral Order™

Carbon Climate Change Con

Definition of the acronym “CCCC”




CCCC is an acronym for the Carbon Climate Change Con, an invention of globalism’s Club of Rome round table group in the late 1960s. The agenda conceals a number of hidden globalist objectives, detailed on, including: the aim to impose on society the first global poll tax (a worldwide carbon tax); a forced shift to a 100% globalist-controlled new energy grid system that permits no independent use of energy by any individual, and uses public funds to transition the economy from carbon fuels to ‘grid-energy’ and under the complete ownership of globalist multinationals; and the cover-up of a far more significant but very real climate catastrophe – the Climate Shift, which is fast approaching and is highly unpredictable in its severity and potential impact on humankind.

New Moral Order™


Definition of the words “Chivalrism” and “Chivalrist”




Chivalrism defines the established natural and innate masculine desire to serve, protect and defend the feminine, the aged, and the presently (in person and subjectively) vulnerable within human society.

A Chivalrist is someone who thinks and behaves in line with the principles of Chivalrism.

Chivalrism draws upon, but is not equivalent to, the medieval principles of ‘chivalry’. It might be said that Chivalrism is chivalry without the violence, attitude and ego.

Chivalrism is founded in the eternal principle that the masculine element within the material universe must aim to be in service to the feminine aspect if it is to be good; godly; divine. In this regard, the ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ must be seen more in terms of a ‘yin – yang’ perspective, rather than in terms of a simplistic ‘male – female’ perspective.

Much of the practices of Chivalrism may be seen within the 19th and 20th century English principles of civilised behaviour, which served to advance the earlier principles of chivalry into the modern age.

Chivalrism further defines those English ‘manners’ into the 21st century.

As stated, although Chivalrism should be viewed from a masculine-feminine viewpoint rather than a male-female one, the eternal and historically substantiated role of the human man defending the woman and child cannot be ignored or underestimated in defining Chivalrism.

Even the most anti-male and anti-human media institutions still promote the vulnerability of women and children in situations such as war and disaster, as well as being more likely to be victims of society, while equally promoting the capacity of men to resolve such circumstances. This illustrates the clear and enduring reality that resolving adversity and hardship at the immediate (on hand) social level is the general command of the masculine aspect within human society.

Chivalrism should in no way be regarded in connection to the constructed credo of ‘toxic masculinity’, as it is, in fact, the antithesis of ‘toxic masculinity’, ‘toxic femininity’ and ‘toxic genderism’.

Chivalrism is rooted in a respect for everyone as a sovereign individual who must take responsibility for their own actions and shortcomings, and is founded in the principle of serving others, in a wholly peaceful, humble and considerate manner.

At a fundamental level, the Chivalrist follows the old adage that “manners maketh man”. Holding a door open (with a smile) for anyone, and not just a woman, an elderly person, a disabled person, or a child, shows manners. A society that is losing such manners, is a society in decline, and a society without such manners, is an uncivilised one.

Chivalrism sustains the civility of the individual within society, and in doing so maintains the civilisation of society itself.

If the masculine (not simply the man) always seeks to serve the feminine (not simply the woman) within society, then society will become ever more peaceful; more refined; and more prosperous.

Once the masculine seeks to control the feminine within society, it will become ever more violent; more corrupted; and more impoverished.

New Moral Order™


Definition of the term “Co-contemplation”



Co-contemplation is the modern interpretation that encapsulates all forms of group intention, mass meditation, or prayer. Co-contemplation regards any method of transforming the physical environment through conscious means is not only equally valid in scientific terms, but also should be equally promoted and encouraged, for the sake of social cohesion and global peace.

The term co-contemplation was first used in this context in the New Moral Order™ project Co-contemplations for World Peace.

Previous peace-creating assemblies since 1973 utilised the practice of transcendental meditation to bring about peace in the world, and achieved significant recorded reductions in war, crime etc, as well equally significant rises in the stock market and other barometers of social prosperity.

NMO’s Co-contemplations for World Peace expanded this course of action in three major ways.

Firstly, Co-contemplations removed the sole focus away from transcendental meditation to include any form of intention, whether based in religious practice or simply adopting the individual’s personal way of communicating their intention of peace to the global consciousness, aka the Earth Mind (see definition).

Secondly, Co-contemplations were scheduled twice daily to provide 730 sessions per year, in which someone could be involved.

Lastly, the Co-contemplations were liberated from their ‘conference’ format, generally based in a single location, to instead embrace the global Internet age, thereby allowing anyone who has access to the time to participate in Co-contemplations wherever they were in the world.

Find out more at the Co-contemplations for World Peace page.

New Moral Order™


Definition of the term “Deep Underground Private Homes (DUPHs)”




Deep Underground Private Homes or DUPHs are the private equivalent of Deep Underground Military Bases, otherwise referred to as DUMBs. DUPHs are military-grade level security and construction personal dwellings that are generally highly secretive in regards to their existence and location.

Since at least the beginning of the 20th century, clandestine operators on behalf of the State, the military and the deep state have been secretly boring out underground government safe houses, war rooms, operational command centres, military bases, and even small cities, known as DUMBs, in order to create a secret ‘parallel society’, as well as in preparation for potential global catastrophes under the guise of ‘national security’.

Just as ‘black projects’ have always been able to utilise public money and machinery for non-audited activities, so too have those who pull the strings of the deep state also been able to commandeer the same equipment for their own personal construction projects, known as Deep Underground Private Homes or DUPHs.

New Moral Order™


Definition of the term “Destructive Dominance Disorder (DDD)”




Destructive Dominance Disorder (DDD) is a mental disorder related to Social Psychopathy (see definition), which drives the afflicted individual to dominate individuals in large numbers, and therefore by default, to dominate human society.

There are no limits to the ways in which the individual who suffers from DDD will attain this unbounded domination over people and over the planet, and so the destruction that results from this mental disorder is generally sever and widespread, often leading to the suffering of millions or even billions. The only rule of the Destructive Dominance Disorder afflicted individual is to not be caught.

Examples of DDD are most readily observed in those individuals who hold global positions of political power that are not founded on a democratic process (they are not elected by the people), but are instead attained via Toxic Wealth (see definition) or through an ancestral family bloodline, such as in the case of monarchy, or by assignment through one of the secret societies of the ‘parasitic class’.

New Moral Order™


Full List of Words, Terms & Acronyms

An overview list of the words, terms and acronyms created by Quartz & New Moral Order™.

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Anunnakism, Anunnakist
Bullseye Politics
Carbon Climate Change Con (CCCC)
Chivalrism, Chivalrist
Deep Underground Private Homes (DUPHs)
Destructive Dominance Disorder (DDD)

E / F / G / H

Earth Mind, The
Faux Democracy or Faux-Democracy
Fifth Column Globalism, Fifth Column Globalist
Funnel-Up Economics
Globalism Zero™, Globalism Zeroist
Globalist Non-Democratic Organisations (GNOs)

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M / N / O / P

Moral Eugenics
National Usury
Organised Psychopathy or Organized Psychopathy
Political Triad, The
Postglobalism, Postglobalist
Proxy Psychopath or Proxy-Psychopath

Q / R / S / T

Satanic Left, The
Satanic Six or Satanic 6, The
Smaug Syndrome
Social Destruction Movement (SDM)
Social Psychopathy, Social Psychopath
Social Satanism or Social-Satanism
Surrogate Psychopath or Surrogate-Psychopath
The Law Doctrine
The Stone Ceiling
Toxic Wealth

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