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New Moral Order™


Reversing the agenda that degrades humanity with ugly art, architecture and addiction.



What is the Bring Back Beauty™ Movement

Bring Back Beauty™ is a political and social movement, of the people, by the people, for the people, which seeks to reverse the systematic agenda to undermine nations and humanity through the promotion of ugliness in society.

Bring Back Beauty™ aims to return beauty back into the public sphere and restore it to human thinking.

Bring Back Beauty™
“Reversing the agenda that degrades humanity with ugly art, architecture and addiction.”

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The Agenda to Destroy the Human Spirit

There are many tactics that have been implemented under the political ideology of globalism over the last hundred years, which all aim to undermine the form and fabric of society. The deconstruction and ultimate destruction of traditional values and national customs is a default stratagem of the primary globalist doctrine of ‘ordo ab chao’ (order out of chaos).

A central element of the ordo ab chao agenda is the aim to destroy the human spirit, and thereby destroy the social continuity that underpins each Nation State, which is naturally sustained by the vitality of its people.

The human spirit is destroyed by systematically replacing well-being with sickness; confidence with despair; and beauty with what is ugly to the eyes, ears and other senses.

This has been gradually implemented over decades and generations, although the panicked globalists have had to speed up there agenda of late, leading to far more people realising that their own national traditions and culture are being purposefully degraded and destroyed by ignoble transnational interests.

There has been a persistent agenda in this regard since the beginning of the 20th century, such as in the manipulation and reinvention of cultural norms and social standards, from their traditional embracing of beauty to their modern gross and grotesque counterfeit substitutes:

• Modern Art – ‘Faecal Art’ …

Art is perhaps the best example of the very gradual and deliberate ‘uglification’ of our society. It took the negative conditioning of generations of people to be able to display something like Tracey Emin’s ‘My Bed’ (her unkempt bed and bedroom objects) in the Tate Gallery, London, and to have it shortlisted for the Turner Prize. Nobody who is conscious in thought believes that such a thing could ever be a ‘natural’ progression of human artistry.

Such ‘faecal art’ as splashing paint on a canvas and facilitating its sale for tens of millions, does not happen without considerable organisation at the highest levels. It is all simply an agenda, it is a clown show, and the ringmasters are laughing at you if you allow yourself to fall for such obvious deception and mockery. #BringBackBeauty

• Modern Architecture – Utilitarian (Communist) Housing Blocks and Buildings …

The modern city scape of grey tower blocks and treeless streets of cracking concrete that arrived in western cities after World War 2 is a core part of the agenda to degrade society. Architects employed to rebuild housing and offices from the 1950s onwards were indoctrinated by the marxist ideology of ‘utilitarian’ construction, which had been trialled in the USSR ever since the globalist-funded and orchestrated counter-revolution of 1917.

This agenda had indeed proved highly successful in communist Russia, by de-humanising the populace into a nameless collective, and thereby making them more controllable under the globalists’ Soviet State social engineering experiment.

While globalist (liberal) politicians have always tended to live and work in architecturally traditional buildings that exemplify forms of historical beauty, they have consistently promoted ugly and depressing utilitarian rabbit-hutch housing to the poor, and are now funding large-scale construction of such depressive ‘apartment cages’ for the general populace, in what are being called ’15-minute cities’ or more aptly known as ‘prison cities’.

If people wish to be live freely, happily and healthily, humanity urgently needs to reclaim a society that serves the people, not the controllers. Going forward, society must find the wherewith-all to only build beautiful homes with gardens, on streets lined with trees. If we want to live in a beautiful society, we must build it that way. It really is that simple. #BringBackBeauty

• A Lack of Self-Respect in Regards to Body Image …

A person who looks in the mirror and hates what they see, begins to not only hate themselves, but to also hate others, and ultimately society as a whole. This self-hatred and hatred for others can be hidden deep inside or can manifest into self-harm and/or violence against anyone and everyone. An undervaluation of the self always leads to an undervaluation of the world around, or in other words, a lack of self-respect leads to a parallel lack of respect for society at large.

Those who truly respect themselves, naturally reflect this respect in the image and actions they project outwards towards the world.

It is very important to understand that a perception of beauty within the body-image of the self is not the same as the notion of the body-beautiful. A person who is generally accepted to be good-looking can ruin their natural beauty through a lack of self-respect, whereas a person who may be troubled by a physical disability can project beauty that diminishes or negates that impairment. Disadvantage is always a perspective.

Such self-respect of body image, or rather a lack of it, involves uncleanliness, laziness and lethargy, body mutilation and defacement, low-frequency clothing, and general antisocial behaviour.

As the saying goes, “cleanliness is close to godliness”. This is because a connection with the divine automatically leads to a self-respect of the physical vehicle (the body) that projects the soul (the divine) on earth. In contrast, nihilism and a rejection of the soul’s eternal communion with the divine leads to the disrespecting of the natural body.

This can manifest as a general lack of cleanliness; copious drug and alcohol use; fast and processed food addiction (obesity); willingly providing the body to others for their entertainment (voluntary prostitution); or the extreme disfigurement of the body in markings or mutilation (tattoos, cutting, piercing, branding, self-harm).

These forms of bodily disrespect of the natural self have all been extraordinarily and systematically promoted and glorified over the last 50 years – particularly to the young – through media, movies, social satanism, the corporate Internet, and multinational consumerism.

This manifestation of mass bodily nihilism serves to provide ever greater control over society for those who are instigating this agenda because a populace without dignity and self-worth is a people without self-confidence, resolution and spirit, and thereby a nation that can easily be destroyed from within. #BringBackBeauty

• Pornography & Sexual Deviance …

Replacing family values and the notion of ‘love making’ with someone you care for and respect, with selfish personal sexual fulfilment without boundaries, affection, or any moral oversight, is quite incredibly now considered to be the social norm by many younger people.

The term ‘making love’ used to refer to the general displaying of romantic feelings through physical expression and not necessarilly the act of intercourse. Hollywood stealthily changed the meaning of the term to define only acts of a sexual nature. The next step was to gradually replace it completely with the term ‘having sex’. When you step back and listen to the two side-by-side, it is clear that the term ‘making love’ emits a positive energy, whereas the term ‘having sex’ is neutral at best but more often than not refers to the sexually ugly and gross.

Although the amoral individual – the social psychopath, lacking all empathy – has engaged in the most heinous sexual depravity throughout history, it is only since the globalist agenda to completely immoralise human society, for the purpose of control and global dictatorship via the destruction of the nation state, that sexual depravity, perversion, and deviance, have been at all tolerated within the broader public space. The situation has subsequently traversed far beyond that critical boundary line.

People have been systematically programmed to become desensitised to sexual depravity to the point at which there are actually people in public office who are permitted to actively condone the act of having sex with children without facing any criminal charges. It is easy to see that when such amoral, antisocial and antihuman sexual deviance is accepted at the international governmental level, almost every other kind of sexual perversity and depravity is also suddenly on the table.

The dramatic rise in sexual depravity, deviance and perversity over the last century is not because the majority of the human populace are naturally immoral, antisocial or uncivilised, but because they have been successfully socially conditioned to accept an unnatural worldview, by the controlled media and the puppet politicians who have been installed to push such negative agendas into society and onto the people.

Furthermore, a voice is given only to those who wish to promote such perversity for their own gratification, whereas those who wish to speak on behalf of society; on behalf of humanity; and on behalf of the children, are persistently and aggressively silenced.

The answer ultimately rests with those who are conscious enough of the simple difference between the terms ‘making love’ and ‘having sex’, standing up and educating the children, the general public, and the politicians, as to what, in regards to sex, is naturally and eternally understood to be wholly immoral and thereby unacceptable to promote. What consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes is one thing, but what society promotes to the populace is something completely different. We must begin with protecting the children, without compromise, and work backwards from there towards more civilised sexual standards. #BringBackBeauty 

• Violent Exploitation, Slasher & Horror Movies …

The main agenda of Hollywood – casting an immoralising, antisocial spell over the populace – is crystal clear to every truly conscious observer. Many are now even aware of the satanic, pagan sub-text, in regards to such things as the name Hollywood itself, having been derived from the Celtic druids’ spell casting wand that was made from the branch wood of the holly tree.

Hollywood’s true clandestine purpose was to generally degrade American, British and Western society by gradually introducing more and more immoral (and ultimately amoral) characters, plots, images, and spoken words onto the silver (or in reality ‘black’) screen.

When the people refused to engage in any more war in America and Europe, the military violence and killing continued to be imposed on them via the movies and television. War was glorified, and the horrors of war were promoted as an entertaining experience. The important things was to keep the populace engaged in the idea of war and fully accepting the glorification of violence for the purpose of entertainment. Those who established and ran Hollywood have been more successful in this objective than they could have ever imagined they would be.

A century into Hollywood’s violence agenda sees an endless stream of extreme and constant killing, maiming, blood and suffering being spoon-fed to children as much as it is peddled to adults. Most parents have now forsaken their natural civilised role of prohibiting their children from being indoctrinated towards extreme violence by external influences, because they have been fully programmed to accept brutal and barbaric movies made for children as ‘normal’ entertainment for kids. This demonstrates the true spell casting capacity of Hollywood in being able to negatively condition even those parents who consciously aim to raise their children to become decent, peaceful human beings.

Do you allow your children to watch and admire violent movie characters simply because they are mis-titled as ‘superheroes’? Do you permit your kids to accept the words and notion of ‘horror’ and ‘evil’ without actually considering what these words and ideas are doing to their mind? Think of what these words actually mean and what society attaches to them, and to those who are drawn to them.

Lastly, look at your movie collection, movie wishlist or streaming movie options. How many of those movies feature a gun, weapon, or violent character on the cover? How many of those movie titles refer to violence? How many bullets do you hear being fired in a movie you are watching? How many references to evil, the devil, satan, demons or witchcraft is a movie promoting to you and your family? Once you begin to ask yourself these questions, you will wonder why you have never asked them before. #BringBackBeauty

• Witchcraft, satanism and Occultism …

The subversion of Christianity is central to the control system’s objective to destroy the human spirit. This is because, in its original form, Christianity is unique compared to all the major religions of the world. When you discard the false additions that were attached on to true 1st century Christianity by the Roman-jewish bible, and return to only the core philosophical teachings of Jesus, you gain a real comprehension of the true power of human goodness, which those who lack a genuine connection to the divine simply cannot stand, nor understand.

In the eyes of the social psychopathic globalist or luciferian freemason, these core moral teachings of Jesus, which underpin authentic Christian values, are simply abhorrent, because ‘satanism’ – as a generic title for the influence of malign metaphysical entities and forces on people and society – feeds on the negative energy within people and society that Jesus aimed to eliminate from within those who listened to and learned from him.

Once you strip away the jewish Old Testament and the Roman-jewish propaganda from the New Testament, you are left with the only major religion that does not sanction or sanctify violence, war, prejudice, racism, persecution, subjugation, retribution, and inequality of opportunity in some way, shape or form. Indeed, it emphatically and constantly opposes all such negative and antisocial human traits. If every child was raised to abide by these moral teachings of Jesus, society would be as close to a utopian ideal as it could ever hope to be.

This is why those who possess (or are possessed by) the non-empathic personality of the social psychopath regard Christianity as their true adversary. It is not Catholicism or any of the other parodies of first century Christianity that they despise, but the core essence of Christianity alone – the Jesus element of the religion, which is in truth, actually a divinely guided philosophy of how to live in a civilised manner, and not a religion in its standardised, institutional sense.

The metaphysical was once referred to as myth, magic and sorcery. In truth, these all essentially refer to the same thing, despite the metaphysical now being accepted as a scientific reality, while myth, magic and sorcery are scorned as fantastical or childish beliefs.

Those who deny that witchcraft, satanic possession and occultic rituals of evil exist and produce results within the material realm, are really no more conscious than those who might once have not accepted that radio waves or radiation existed. It is the same type of hive-mind ignorance that may be collectively referred to as ‘metaphysical denial’.

Just as “the greatest trick the devil ever played was to get people to belief he didn’t exist”, the greatest trick the satanists have played on society is getting the general public to believe that the metaphysical has no place within the rational, ‘real’ world (despite it being discussed in scientific literature).

Modern satanism, occultic paganism and witchcraft are all closely aligned to cultural marxism, communism and nihilism. A central tenet that they all share is “do as you will”.

Destroying the civilised social order – which all human beings who possess empathy naturally foster – is a core objective of all negative, antisocial ideologies, such as the various political incarnations of authoritarian statism. The only real difference between satanism and communism (Marx having openly been a satanist prior to his political writings) is that satanism is very open about it being instructed by negative metaphysical entities and forces, whereas communism and its political counterparts actively attempt to diminish or shroud their occultic connections and their leadership’s communication with, and allegiance to, such negative entities.

The parasitic class are obsessed with promoting their demonic deities (aka ‘gods’) and their perverse pagan practices via movies, the music industry, TV, the Internet, in books, on clothing, via pagan holidays such as halloween, but particularly and most disturbingly to children and teenagers, who are far more susceptible to having their minds permanently ‘fractured’ by trauma and negative input than the minds of adults.

The trend for all black clothing is no coincidence. The trend for body mutilation and sigil defacement (tattoos) is no coincidence. The trend for the pentagram (five-pointed star) and the seal of Solomon (six-pointed star) is no coincidence. All these things are central to negative spiritual rituals, practices and customs, in direct opposition to spiritual and energetic beauty and goodness.

Contrary to the control system’s disinformation term “the satanic panic”, which was deployed in an attempt to discredit the authentic exposure of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) in the 1980s and early 1990s, it is in fact, fair to say that the satanic conspiracy is just about as real as it gets.

Yes, satanists do currently run the world, but they certainly don’t rule it. The pendulum is now thankfully beginning to swing back towards morality and with it will come a new, beautiful society that is founded in goodness, not evil. #BringBackBeauty 

• Fast Food and Processed Food …

Not so long ago, everyone bought their food from a market. Each item of food was an ingredient that would then be combined and cooked at home. Then came the globalist conglomerates that combined those ingredients in a factory, added preservatives, colouring, and flavour enhancers, and sold these concoctions as individual food items. A food product was no longer a single ingredient bought by the shopper. A food product had become a combination of food items and chemicals. Price and profit supplanted quality and questions over health, and so it was the cheapest suppliers who prospered, while those who produced the highest quality, organic produce fell by the wayside.

Not only had food become ugly and tasteless, which was why it needed artificial colouring and flavour enhancers, but the food’s ugliness then naturally transferred over to the consumer. People started to get illnesses that had never before been prevalent in society.

Then came the fast food businesses. By deep frying the processed food in cancer-fuelling cereal crop oils (lanoleic acid) such as corn oil, rapeseed oil and sunflower oil, unhealthy processed food could be super-charged into fast-killer food. Not only was it ugly on the inside in regards to its lack of vital vitamins and minerals, but these cheapest meat and potato supplies used by fast food chains were also ugly on the outside. So they coated everything with beige chemical-flour concoctions, with even more colouring and flavour enhancers, in order to hide the imperfections and low quality of the raw product.

Again, the ugly contents of the fast food, from the lanoleic acid fats to the corn syrup sugars, were bound to take a huge toll on the health, physique and attractiveness of the consumer. Some people can be said to be beautiful inside and out. Such a phrase can almost never be applied to the longterm consumer of ultra-processed and fast foods. #BringBackBeauty

• Addiction Consumerism Producing a Landscape of Plastic Rubbish …

Walk down practically any urban main street in the third world and you will see a cascade of plastic rubbish lining both sides of the road. This is not the overall fault of the consumer, although a few antisocial consumers are certainly at personal fault for dropping 99% of litter.

The real blame can only ever be laid at the factory door of the multinationals. These ‘profit over people’ corporations, all of which are owned and controlled by members of the parasitic class, produce 100% of the plastic, which unlike CO2, is a genuine threat to life on earth. Indeed, one of the calculated reasons for the bogus demonisation of carbon by the globalist Club of Rome and its allied institutions, is to distract the people’s attention away from the many real environmental concerns, which have had little attention paid to them since the ‘sustainable development’ and ‘green energy’ scams were put into high gear.

No, it is not the consumer who is to blame, but that is exactly who the globalist deceivers will constantly accuse of being the problem, because it is always the people who must pay for the dystopian agendas they wish to place upon society.

The consumer doesn’t produce any plastic, and neither do small, independent businesses. Only big business makes plastic and makes products from plastic. All those companies are either owned by or contracted by globalist-controlled multinational corporations, which are ultimately responsible for all the pollution on the planet, without exception.

When you walk down a street littered with plastic, have no doubt whatsoever in your mind, that the consumer is not to blame. The consumer may be an idiot, many are just that, but if I own all the guns in the world, and I decide to sell guns to any idiot, does the blame – and the solution – lie with the idiots who want to buy the guns, or do they rest with the profiteer who makes and sells all the guns and only cares about profit?

The answer is obvious, and applies to most of the problems that we currently face as a society. The blame always rests at the top of the pyramid, never in its lower layers. Furthermore, it is those at the top of the pyramid, and only those at the top, who must now pay in full to make everything right.

The ugly landscape of plastic that blights our 21st century society is the most visible form of addiction consumerism, but all consumerism relies on habituating a proportion of the populace to keep buying ever more useless rubbish, all varnished with a thin veneer of fake beauty so as to attract the habituated consumer.

Whether it is the fast-fashion that begins its life in a sweatshop and ends it on a clothes mountain, or the diamond ring that begins its life in a slave mine in central Africa and ends it in a pawn shop following a divorce. It is all coated with a temporary allure, in order to produce an addictive response in the minds of the general public. In reality, it is just as ugly when it’s bought by a shopper from a store as it is when it’s finally discarded on the side of a road.

It’s all a confidence trick, and the addicted consumer is no more to blame for the plastics and the sweatshops, as the heroin addict is to blame for the murders by international drugs gangs. The blame must always be placed at the very top of the pyramid scheme, as well as the justice and the penalties, which must also be targeted at the controllers within the social hierarchy, and not those who are controlled. #BringBackBeauty

• Low Frequency Music – Tuneless with Degenerate Lyrics …

It began in the 1950s with ‘modern jazz’, which used musical instruments in a discordant manner, purposefully producing an inharmonious imbalance within the music. This style of jazz was falsely promoted as somewhat high-brow, but was in fact no different from the agenda that had manufactured ‘modern art’. It was designed to lay the ground for an ongoing degeneration of music, which over subsequent decades would see a gradual but clear shift from music that lifted the soul to music that blackened it.

Since the mid-20th century, each new generation has been socially conditioned to have a slightly lower appreciation for musical harmony and beauty, and to be more inclined towards listening to unmelodious and often jarring tunes that are actually not tuneful at all.

When you view the appearance and behaviour of those who have been significantly brainwashed by the ‘modern music’ agenda, there is a very obvious parallel between the negative, inappropriate and antisocial nature of the listener and the negativity of the music itself.

This antisocial negativity plays itself out in mental disorders, such as depression, aggression, sadism, self-harm, despair, suicidal tendencies, and general social-satanic conduct.

Someone who listens to what we might call ‘dark music’ can be witnessed to wear dark clothing, follow dark philosophies and ideologies, and to generally have dark thoughts.

In contrast to this, someone who listens to uplifting, harmonious music will tend to wear lighter clothing, have a generally moral worldview, and will have a good deal of uplifting thoughts. This is no coincidence – it is logically expected. Just as “you are what you eat” in regards to your bodily health, “you are what you listen to and watch” in regards to your mental health.

You might be told that you don’t like modern music simply because you are getting older, but once you understand that these are systematic agendas, and not natural progressions of society, you will quickly come to realise that you actually hate modern music because you are quite simply getting wiser. #BringBackBeauty

• Immature Language – Poor Grammar, Slang, Swearing …

Whether it is a news reporter, a celebrity or a politician, you have probably noticed that since the turn of the 21st century, a depreciation of language is being vigorously promoted through all forms of media.

As with every other anti-beauty agenda, the gradual decline has no end destination, because the objective is the total destruction of all social norms; a total destruction of the social order; and a total destruction of society as we know it. It always goes back to the ‘ordo ab chao’ (order out of chaos) tactic of those who wish to create a ‘New World Order’, and thereby must first get rid of the old one.

For a number of reasons, English became the bridging language of the social order that we know today. For this reason alone, those who wish to destroy the existing order, so as to replace it with a nationless global dictatorship, must therefore target the English language in the same way that they have targeted every other social norm.

Multinationals, mainstream media and social media, Hollywood, and the music industry, are all under direct control of those who impose these agendas on society. These heavyweight tools of globalist propaganda are relentlessly promoting an increasingly degraded version of English to nations throughout the world, and particularly to the young.

Non-English cultural groups – who have been taught to speak improper English to varying degrees of inferiority – are promoted over those individuals who are well-spoken, with the usual bogus excuse of supporting ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’. In reality, these buzzwords are just veiling terms that are promoted to conceal the systematic eradication of national cultures.

This epidemic of mock-English is a ‘genuine’ example of actual cultural appropriation.

You certainly don’t need to have perfect diction or grammar to speak with beauty, but it should be obvious to anyone with ears to hear, that a person speaking with terrible diction or grammar is more aptly described as having an ugly voice than having one that is beautiful. The same can certainly be said for swearing. A person who swears all the time is projecting ugliness, whereas someone who rarely or never swears is held in far higher respect by most people.

To many, language may be regarded as something that is not that important, but the reality is that our human society is wholly built upon it, and without it we would still be living like the most primitive of animals. That should surely tell us something. #BringBackBeauty


Cutting the Head off the Rotting Fish

It doesn’t matter whether you regard the eradication of beauty and morality in society and its replacement with what is ugly and degenerate, as a political agenda, a psychopathic agenda, or a satanic agenda. What is undeniable is that it is taking place. Only a fool or ‘the fallen’ can fail to see that.

However, simply perceiving the agendas is no longer enough. Politicians do not care what you think unless you put your thoughts into action. The problem we face is that most politicians in any real positions of power have already been wholly compromised by those who follow the globalist agenda to ‘Build Back Better’, rather than a movement of the people to Bring Back Beauty™.

In order to reclaim democracy, which will allow the people to be politically represented by genuine public servants, rather than by puppet politicians, we must eliminate the toxic wealth that has funded such antisocial and antihuman agendas.

The universal destruction of beauty, goodness and morality are unquestionably evil objectives, and the wise have always understand that “the love of money is the root of all evil”.

Those who possess toxic wealth are the overarching enemy of a civilised society. The solution to the political corruption, and the way to bring about an end to the agendas that have made society so very ugly, is to eliminate all toxic wealth, once and for all.

The first step in regards to this solution to all of society’s major issues, is to cap everyone’s personal wealth at $50 million, globally [#FiftyMillionMax]. Once that has been done, all the beauty will return.

Bring Back Beauty™
Reversing the agenda that degrades humanity with ugly art, architecture and addiction.

New Moral Order™