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This page provides essential information on RSS feeds and how to use them, and a list of the best RSS readers as recommended by New Moral Order™.

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RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication.

Some other names for an RSS Reader are RSS Client, RSS App, News Reader and News Aggregator.

RSS allows you to keep track of posts, news headlines, audio, video etc using an aggregator, which will automatically check the RSS feed for new content and allow posts to be automatically passed to your RSS app on your device, desktop or browser. 


• How to Use an RSS Reader

• The Importance of RSS to Internet Freedom

• Get the ‘Right’ RSS Reader

• Open-Source is Better

• Fluent Reader – #1 RSS Reader

• NewsBlur

• Feedbin

• Vore

• Vivaldi

• Other Browser RSS Reader Options

• Inoreader (not recommended)

• Feedly (not recommended)

• A Few More Options

• Never Use Google

New Moral Order™

How to Use an RSS Reader

Simply copy (right click) the URL of any RSS symbol or link, and paste into your RSS reader’s ‘Add feed’ or ‘RSS URL’ box. You can enter and store as many RSS links as your RSS Reader allows.

All good websites should feature an RSS symbol. Contact those that don’t and ask them to provide one. The main RSS symbol shown on a website, usually in the top bar, footer, or both, should provide you with a feed to all their published posts or other relevant content.

Websites that are ahead of the times, such as New Moral Order™, provide post ‘sub category’ RSS feeds that allow you to either only choose the sub categories you want to receive feeds from, or to feed all the sub categories into your RSS reader in an organised way for easy reading, as most good RSS readers provide categorised grouping of your feeds.

Check out the New Moral Order™ Post Sub Categories RSS Links page.

New Moral Order™

The Importance of RSS
to Internet Freedom

RSS is a fundamental element of the Internet, because it allows uncensored peer-to-peer communication between the journalist/commentator/website and the reader, viewer or listener.

If you believe in Internet freedom as far as receiving independent views and news is concerned, and you want to ‘future proof’ your capacity to receive that information, at a time when the bad guys are doing everything they can to censor news, information and knowledge, and to misinform and disinform you, then getting yourself linked up to RSS for you daily news and information is not only advisable – it’s critically essential!

Make the change today. By utilising RSS feeds, a proven and trusted technology, you are actually putting yourself well ahead of the curve. Take it from us, as the globalists increase their censorship and shadow-banning on their controlled social media and search engine platforms, everyone is going to be talking about and adopting RSS.

New Moral Order™

Get the ‘Right’ RSS Reader

Any good RSS Reader should provide you with the ability to receive any RSS link whatsoever – without any restriction of censorship.

As you might expect from globalist controlled media, which is now starting to crumble beyond repair and be replaced by truly independent journalists, some of the more mainstream news app RSS readers systematically aim to manipulate, restrict and censor the information and posts that you can receive, by shadow-banning certain websites, or pushing you towards only news sites that provide the MSM perspective and establishment propaganda.

At New Moral Order™, we have researched the best RSS readers currently available from the perspective of non-censorship, privacy, usability, features and style. The most popular RSS reader is probably not the best, and we’ll show you why that’s the case. We give you the negative as well as the positive on those RSS readers that fall short.

The following is certainly not a definitive list because the Internet landscape is constantly evolving, and new RSS readers are always coming on to the market.This is particularly the case as ever more people begin to know about RSS and it becomes ever more popular.

However, this list does give you the best information to get properly up and running now with an RSS reader that does the job, whatever your specific preferences might be.

Whichever RSS reader you decide to use, the main rule is that if it censors any feed, or if the app is constantly pushing you towards MSM results, then that’s a pretty useless RSS Reader – so move on!

New Moral Order™

Open-Source is Better

Open source or open-source software and programs are almost always better for the following reasons:

State-of-the-Art & World-Class Software
Many software developers turn to open source products as an outlet for their ideas and creativity, otherwise confined by the rigid rules of their corporate employers. By developing open-source software, they have the freedom to experiment and create world-class and state-of-the-art software.

Reliable & Bug Free
Open-source software is developed mostly by very talented experts in their field who aim to create high-quality programs. Following this initial creation of the software, it’s worked on by dozens or even hundreds of people, ensuring a continual monitoring for the presence of bugs. When found, these defects are fixed within the shortest amount of time. Large companies tend to far slower in responding to such problems.

Future Proof
Open-source programs are created to work with almost any type of computer because they are developed to be accessible to anyone. upgrade your software and even hardware often. Therefore, you can lengthen the life of your old hardware, you can mix and match your software, and create a unique IT infrastructure that best suits your needs.

Custom Modification
If you need some extra functionality, you can modify open-source software yourself if your technically proficient or hire someone who can do it for you.

Better Value for Money, or Free
Open-source software is either free or cheaper than the equivalent corporate version because you are not paying for corporate-level multinational profits.

Changing Society with Your Choices
It is no secret (well not anymore) that all multinationals and large corporations are owned and controlled by the very same few people, via their asset-management companies, notably BlackRock, Vanguard Group, State Street, Berkshire Hathaway, Fidelity Investments and Capital Group.

Every penny that you don’t spend with a multinational, and particularly an Internet-based multinational, is a step away from tyranny, and a step towards social freedom. Those few families who own more than 80% of the world’s trade via the above corporations never have your interests in mind – only their own.

By supporting them, you are supporting all the wrongdoing in society. By actively not dealing with them, you are diminishing their power over you, and over society as a whole. The choice is a very simple one – you just have to make it.

Not Open-Source? What Are They Hiding?
Of course, not every program that isn’t open-source is hiding something nefarious in its code, but it is certainly true to say that if a 3-letter agency or other sinister institution wanted to use a publicly used app or program to illegally or illicitly steal personal data, as just one example of a potential threat, then you can almost guarantee that it wouldn’t be open-source for quite obvious reasons.

 So, the rational conclusion is that if you want to avoid being spied on, having your data stolen, or otherwise messed with by the CIA, the NSA, GCHQ, the Mossad, or any other surveillance-state agency, black project or corporate criminal operation, then by default, choosing open-source software programs is obviously the better choice every time.

Are there any Negatives to Open-Source Software Programs?
Unlike the mainstream propaganda machine, New Moral Order™ aims to give you all the information and then let you decide. So surely there must be negatives to open-source too, aren’t there?

Vulnerable to Hackers?
Due to the fact that many people have access to the source code it is sometimes assumed that this makes open-source programs more vulnerable to malicious users. On the surface, this may seem logical, but there are two very good reasons why this should not be a concern.

Firstly, One of the reasons why larger companies are adopting an open-source approach (think Mozilla Firefox and the Android operating system) is because white-hat hackers will actually highlight the holes in security that the corporate staff have missed.

Also, those who design open-source programs are fully aware of this potential issue, and any decent open-source software will take reasonable safeguards against such things, with some going the extra mile to make sure that the program they have designed is not only better for security than the competing open-source software, but better than the corporate competition too.

Just check out the ‘strict content security policies’ enforced by our number 1 recommended RSS reader ‘Fluent Reader’ below to give you an idea of how – just as when shopping for any Internet program – simply doing a little research and making a sensible choice is always the best guard against such things.

Secondly, don’t be fooled into believing that corporations guarantee your security with their programs. It may be the case that their code is initially available to less people, but the rewards for accessing it are generally much larger, and that is why hackers target, and very often eventually do access, corporate designed software.

To give you an idea, here’s a list of ‘Data Breaches That Have Happened in 2022 and 2023 So Far‘ (updated) as reported by For anyone who blindly trusts big name brands with their online security, this makes for very interesting reading! Remember, this is just a list of successful hacks that have been admitted to – perhaps just the very tip of the iceberg.

 Then consider how the surveillance state is likely to go about data mining all that personal information it needs. The easiest way is to twist the arms of their corporate partners and then fake a hacking attack. This is perhaps the most likely explanation for the majority of large corporate data breaches.

 Is Open-Source User-Friendly?
It may have been the case many years ago that open-source software was designed by geeks for geeks, but not anymore. It is easy to spot open-source programs that are geared mainly to cater to the tech-savvy developer who wants to endlessly modify without any need for a stylish or user-friendly interface. There will always be a market for those programs, but if that’s not what you are looking for, by simply reading reviews such as this one, you will always find something that is equal or better than the corporate alternatives for style and ease of use.

As far as customer support is concerned, there is actually an argument that an open-source software community will give you better service than a large corporation. If you read the End User License Agreements of any corporate software, you’ll see that companies normally disclaim all liabilities and that the responsibility for the product falls on you, the user.

The bottomline is that pound-for-pound open-source programs offer some great benefits with very little, or no disadvantages. With something like an RSS reader, those advantages, particularly in regards to privacy and censorship issues, make the open-source option all the more relevant and attractive.

New Moral Order™

Fluent Reader – #1

Our Top Recommended RSS Reader


Platforms: iOS & Android apps + Windows & macOS desktop apps.

Open-Source: Yes.

Cost: Free

In Brief: Beautiful, privacy-focused, open-source, free.


Privacy Assured: All your data stays with you. All cookies cleared upon exit. XSS blocked in an isolated context. No personal information collected, ever. Behavior tracking limited. Strict Content Security Policy enforced. Proxy support with PAC.

• Import existing RSS from an OPML file and read locally, and stay in sync with Inoreader, Feedbin etc.

• Create groups and folders.

• Move between computers with full data backups.

• Search in both titles and full contents of articles. Mark articles as starred, hidden, or unread and filter as they arrive with custom rules.

• Built-in full text tailored article view, or configure to load full content with Mercury Parser, load webpage in the app, or open externally by default.

• Four display modes plus light, grey, and dark themes.

Fluent Reader article website view.

Fluent Reader’s in-app ‘Load Website’ view – simply click the globe icon in the app.

NMO™ recommends Fluent Reader as the all-round top choice for an RSS reader because it not only has the best policy and robust features to ensure your privacy, but it also ticks all the other important boxes in the RSS reader wishlist.

In the current landscape of soft dictatorship being implemented by the globalists both in society and online, privacy should always be your number one priority when choosing any Internet tool.

Surveillance-state business fronts such as Google and their covert military partners will stop at nothing to spy on your online activity and get hold of your data. It is the understanding of many Internet experts that the majority of data mining hacking is sponsored by such non-democratic bodies of dark state social control. That is why it is so important to deal with privacy conscious independent companies and designers in regards to apps and tools that you use for online browsing and for business.

Fluent Reader is also open-source and this provides the user with that extra element of confidence when it comes to it being future-proof against state censorship.

With all its plus factors in respect to privacy and security, you might expect Fluent Reader to be lacking in style, but the exact opposite is true. It’s one of the most styling RSS readers out there.

Fluent Reader has lots of theme, folder, import and sync options, and a very sleek display of your RSS feeds, and with a standard headline and summary view plus an excellent in-app ‘Website View’ option so you can see the article exactly how it appears online, this really is the RSS reader to beat.

New Moral Order™


Another great Open-Source option


Platforms: iOS & Android apps + web interface.

Open-Source: Yes.

Cost: Free up to 64 feeds and only five stories from each at a time. Premium account only $36 per year for full access to all the features and unlimited feeds.

In Brief: A old-school RSS reader with a user-friendly layout.


• Open source – see the code on Github.

• Subscribe to newsletters.

• Integrate with IFTTT, track story changes for article updates.

• Clean 3-column interface – double-click on article to see full story ‘website view’.

• Set up a self-hosted version of Newsblur on your own server.

New Moral Order™


Clean style and usability


Platforms: iOS & Android apps + web interface.

Open-Source: Yes.

Cost: 30-day free trial period, then $5 per month.

In Brief: Customizable stylish user interface. Forces full stories from summary RSS feeds.


• Clean and simple RSS with a stylish user interface customized via themes with Hoefler & Co. typefaces.

• Pulls in your newsletters and lets you read full stories even from RSS feeds that don’t offer them.

New Moral Order™


Minimal, web-based & always free


Platforms: Browser only @

Open-Source: Yes.

Cost: “Always free for anyone to use.”

In Brief: As simple as an RSS reader gets: headline, days since post and link to website.


• As the developer Jes says… will never be turned into a vehicle for profit. is a minimal, no-bullshit web-based rss/atom feed reader. is a love letter to the rss world – long live syndication!!!

• A minimalist, no-nonsense RSS reader, that may just be the perfect back-up RSS to go to if suddenly nothing else seems to work.

• As simple as an RSS reader can get – shows the headline, how many days ago it was published, and the original site. Vore doesn’t include a reader and clicking it takes you to the original page.

• Simply go to, go to ‘Login’, register with a username and password, and add your feed. Done!

New Moral Order™


Best browser RSS reader

Overview & Download:

Feed Reader FAQs:

Platforms: Vivaldi browser only.

Open-Source: Yes.

Cost: Comes free with Vivaldi browser.

In Brief: Algorithm-free, feeds items like mail, privacy-focused.


• An algorithm-free feed reader built in your Vivaldi browser – often cited as the web’s best browser – which feeds items look like mail. You can mark them as ‘Read’ like mail.

• A private news feed based on your interests, not what you do online.

• When browsing, click the icon in the address field, click to see a preview, and click the Subscribe button to add to your feeds.

• No-cookie URL privacy-focused YouTube videos, displayed inline rather than linking to the video.

• Supports podcast subscriptions.

New Moral Order™

Other Browser RSS
Reader Options


Want My RSS by Mikhail Vyrtsev


CHROME BROWSER RSS Subscription Extension

… designed by Google : (
NOT RECOMMENDED due to privacy and censorship concerns.


New Moral Order™


Good feature options, but…


Platforms: iOS & Android apps + web interface.

Open-Source: No.

Cost: Free with ads. Pro account is $10 a month for extra features and more feeds.

In Brief: Does not allow sign up with alias email + other red flags for privacy concerns.


Add podcasts.

• Add Telegram channels.

• However, there are some serious privacy concerns:

– Inoreader does not allow sign up with an ‘alias email’ – at least not with the one I use, which is a major and accepted email service provider. This is always a huge red flag when trying to sign up to a website or app.

Internet savvy people use email aliases all the time, in order to keep their subscriptions and memberships well organised, and to avoid spam emails. When all kinds of online services, Apple etc, and even banks are totally fine with alias emails, you have to ask serious questions about a website or app that doesn’t allow you to sign up with one. Inoreader is worth avoiding simply due to this big ‘no no’. Bad job!

– Inoreader searches and monitors all your feeds for any mention of an entered keyword or phrase and then creates a feed of just those articles.

– Can store an archive of all your subscriptions permanently!

– Keeps track of which items you’ve read, so you only see the unread items when you come back, even when you login on different devices.

The above functions of Inoreader raise suspicion about its potential connections to the surveillance-state. It is particularly interesting that Inoreader specifically advertises its Telegram social media RSS feature.

Telegram is known to be closely monitored by the surveillance-state due to its use by those who are fighting against Internet censorship, promoting freedom of speech, and sharing facts that are otherwise concealed from the people by mainstream media and the corrupted institutions of the establishment.

Putting 2 and 2 together in regards to privacy and ‘deep state’ data mining of personal information and tracking of personal Internet browsing, Inoreader might just be the very worst choice of RSS reader of anyone who gets their news and information from Telegram.

When the above is considered in broad terms, perhaps it is no surprise that Inoreader is not open-source, and therefore its code cannot be inspected by those who may have concerns about any potential ‘concealed’ activities of the program.

Due to the importance we place on your privacy, security and on Internet freedom, New Moral Order™ cannot recommend Inoreader as a sensible choice of  RSS reader.

New Moral Order™


Most popular RSS reader, but…


Platforms: iOS & Android apps + web interface.

Open-Source: No.

Cost: Free up to 100 feeds with ads. Pro subscription is $8 a month for extra features.

In Brief: Unworkable desktop app, attrocious customer service, significant privacy concerns.


• As well as ad-free reading, Pro subscription provides features like notes and save to Evernote.

• Many users have stated that the degree of customization can be overwhelming for first-time users.

• On trialling the Mac OS desktop app (Beta), I found it to be very glitchy and virtually unusable.

• The unsubscribe from email link also did not work.

• From my account page, the contact support link simply connected to the account upgrade page with no ability to contact support at all, so needed to do a search online to find Feedly’s support email – care[at] – in order to request to be unsubscribed from their email list. As yet, I have no idea whether my request was heeded because no response has ever been received to me email.

• Currently the most popular RSS Reader and recommended by mainstream tech media probably because it has over-complied with globalist demands since 2013 when it annoyed so many by forcing users to use Google+ authentication, unbelievably announced less than 24 hours before actually taking place. With many users unable to export their feeds, it was immediately rolled back on the same day, but users are now limited to either Google+ or OAuth login.

For this rather too obvious connection to Google, we clearly cannot recommend Feedly to you due to to its over-compliance with Google’s anti-privacy agenda.

This cozy relationship with the world’s top Internet surveillance and censorship company (co-founded by the CIA) definitely makes Feedly one to avoid if you want to future-proof your access to online information and news, keep your browsing history and news reading from possibly being stored on a deep state database, and decide what you want to read yourself rather than having some AI bot and corporate/political algorithm deciding for you!

New Moral Order™

A Few More Options

The above is certainly not a definitive list and we may have well have missed the RSS reader that is perfect for you. After all, the best ever reader that blows everything else out of the water may be launched next week or next year – who knows?

The important thing is to always choose what you use after a reasonable amount of discernment and critical thought. Just like everything in life, no choice you make is perfect, but some choices are just plain dumb. Hopefully, this page has given you just a little more idea of what to be cautious about when choosing a program that can so easily manipulate your browsing – and therefore your capacity to learn – and can steal what should be your private information.

None of the thoughts and considerations written here can either guarantee that the RSS readers we think you might want to avoid are up to anything dodgy, or that you’re completely OK with any of the readers we recommend. All we can do is highlight what is known about from the past, and make intelligent assumptions about where that may lead to in the future.

Above all, New Moral Order™ wants to promote the use of RSS as the future of online news and information retrieval.

Receiving your news and information via RSS is like getting your food directly from the farmer, whereas using a mainstream news app or social media is like getting your food from the supermarket or the mall. One will make you healthy, and the other will ultimately make you sick.

Anyway, here’s a link to a few more open-source RSS reader options…

A Good List of Open Source RSS Readers

Website Link: AlternativeTo

Open-Source: Yes to all.

Mac, Windows, Linux, self-hosted, online, Android, iPhone & more…

New Moral Order™

RSS Feed Finders

For when a website doesn’t supply an RSS symbol or URL

If you find your RSS reader doesn’t manage to retrieve the RSS feed for a website, you can look try to find it yourself. There are a few RSS Finder websites (see below) that can attempt to do this for you, but you can also do it yourself. Here are the general rules of RSS Feeds…

WordPress Website RSS Feeds

Over 40% of all websites are built using WordPress.

For any WordPress site simply add /feed to the end of the URL. It almost always works. For example, the main RSS feed for New Moral Order™ is

Some Blog Site RSS Feeds:

For Tumblr, add /rss to the end of the URL…

For Blogger, add feeds/posts/default to the end of the URL…

For Medium, add /feed/ before the publication’s name…
[ becomes]

For YouTube, it’s channel page URLs double as RSS feeds.

If you see an RSS symbol anywhere on a website or individual webpage and you want to save it, simply right click the icon and paste somewhere for reference or simply enter that into your RSS reader to retrieve the feed.

If you can’t find an RSS symbol and it’s not a website on one of the platforms listed above, try typing the website or webpage URL and RSS, into a search engine to find the RSS feed e.g. “ RSS”.

Alternatively, try adding /feed or /rss to the web address, e.g. or to get the feed.


RSS Finders that attempt to provide an RSS feed URL for websites that don’t show one.

Get RSS Feed: (sign-up required):

Search the Webpage Source Code for the RSS Feed

Right-click an empty space on the website page, then click ‘View Page Source’ or similar wording depending on your browser.

Now search the code by pressing Ctrl+F (Windows, Linux) or command+F (Mac). Start by searching for ‘rss’. If searching for ‘rss’ doesn’t work, try a search for ‘atom’ instead. Look for an RSS URL in the code, then copy and paste it into your RSS reader.

However, don’t try testing this on the website. For obvious reasons, due to the fact that we promote RSS so much throughout the website, searching for ‘RSS’ in the source code could take you quite a while.

Thankfully, NMO™ not only provides lots of relevant RSS symbols throughout the site, but also lists all of our individual post category RSS feeds on the following page…

This list will expand as further post categories are created, and will also include future podcast and other planned media RSS feeds in the near future.

New Moral Order™

Never Use Google

A universal rule for all Internet use

Always Remember – Never use Google

Lastly, Google Reader is another RRS Reader, but NMO™ does not advise that you ever use ANY Google services. Remember, Google censors, spies on your browsing, and has endless historical links to the CIA, NSA, GCHQ and other corrupted institutions of the control system establishment.

There are always alternatives to Google, so if you are genuine about rejecting the systems of control that manipulate you, and if you do not want every element of your existence to be data-mined by State-sponsored criminals, then aim to remove Google from your life – completely.

You can begin by using Brave, Presearch, Start Page or other alternative and ‘safe’ browsers that never track your Internet searching, giving you the total privacy you always deserve, as well as providing you with REAL search results, rather than results pushed to you by AI, based on all your previous searches.

After all, other than religious fundamentalists, political ideologues and members of cults, who wants to see, read or hear just an echo chamber of their own past beliefs when searching for new knowledge? If you don’t want that, then why would you ever even consider using Google to search for something.

Perhaps worse still, if you are using someone else’s computer, or a computer owned by an institution, you will be spoon-fed their ideology in your searches. This is how Google controls people’s minds through their searching. When you hear most people’s opinions, because most people still use Google, you are simply hearing the opinions that Google has manufactured for them, not their own.

Google also directly manipulates your search results to promote only globalist political policies, propaganda and social conditioning. A Wall Street Journal investigation found that Google manipulated search algorithms.

Essentially, Google was prioritising multinationals over small business, removing autocomplete results that involved anti-globalist topics like immigration and important facts about abortion that may turn people against it when they realised what is really involved in killing a child in the womb.

Google was even completely blacklisting some websites – most probably because they were simply succeeding in exposing the lies of those who Google are ordered to protect. Nobody doubts that this kind of social engineering and censorship by Google is not getting worse by the year.

The same kinds of manipulation and control over users applies to any AI or SMART devices from all the usual suspects of multinational hegemony. For your and your family’s private safety and security, and for the good of humankind, remove them all from your life, your lifestyle and your property.