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Personal Acquisition Limits

#EndToxicWealth #MyWealthCap

The changes you want to see in society must start within you. Lead in a way that others might reasonably follow.

A central change that society requires as soon as possible is the elimination of all Toxic Wealth. New Moral Order™ proposes the universal wealth cap for any individual to be Fifty Million Max™. At the political policy level, that sum is both reasonable and achievable, but for the more conscious individuals amongst us, and those who have not succumbed to the mental disorder of Smaug Syndrome, far less than $50 million dollars is required, in order to experience a financially secure and fulfilling life. This is where Personal Acquisition Limits enter the discussion.

Don't be a muppet about money.

Your P.A.L.
A Personal Commitment for Life

A Personal Acquisition Limit (PAL) involves the individual making a public commitment to limit his or her income and assets – for life. Making an open statement on the wealth limits that you have set for yourself is not only the best way of positively altering your mindset in regards to money, but it also serves to project a positive economic message to others, and ultimately to society as a whole.

Your own personal PAL pledge obviously doesn’t need to be as public as the one I am making below. Pledging to family and friends is all that is needed, in order to establish a reasonable life commitment to cap your expenditure and assets.

Anybody who is conscious enough to make a PAL pledge in the first place is going to be the kind of individual who wishes to to be seen by others as someone who does not go back on their word. PAL is only for the strong minded and big hearted. Giving up on such a pledge would indicate a weak mind and a fickle heart, which is not something that most people would want their nearest and dearest to consider them having.

Empower yourself by breaking your addiction to the ideology of Toxic Wealth.

Escape the ‘Billionaire Brainwashing’ Agenda

Those who do decide to set their own Personal Acquisition Limits can expect to be rewarded with a new sense of balance, purpose and meaning in their life.

Take a moment to consider how the gatekeepers of Toxic Wealth have been continuously brainwashing you and every member of the general public into idolising those who have extreme, toxic amounts of wealth, and to crave acquiring such wealth for yourself.

How many people play the lottery? How many follow people on social media simply because they are famous for their wealth, or are promoting things that normal people simply cannot afford? How many people admire celebrities because they look good in the free luxury fashion that they are constantly given, or love members of a monarchy because of the pageants and ceremonial spectacles that are relentlessly spoon-feed by them?

Once you wake up to the reality that such things are all systematically manufactured, in order to produce a well-calculated addiction to extreme wealth within the populace, then you begin to understand not only the importance of eliminating the Toxic Wealth that allows such agendas to be imposed on humanity, but also, and perhaps even more importantly, the necessity for you to make a visible display of your own awareness of that programming, and your capacity as a sovereign individual to counteract it. Establishing your own lifelong Personal Acquisition Limit does just that.

Once you take the conscious step to controlling your own mind, in regards to wealth expectancy and aspirations, you thoughts then naturally free themselves from some very negative attachments, such as envy, desire and need for unattainable wealth. You may not even consciously have noticed that these negative feelings are present, but they have been there all along within your subconscious, and have been having a negative effect on your mind and your body since childhood. That is how addiction works.

The imperceptible feeling of loss each week that you discover that you haven’t won the lottery accumulates over the years, and so does the habitual need to experience that loss, because it is intrinsically connected in your subconscious to the thrill of buying the ticket each week. As far as the mind is concerned, the capacity for an extreme wealth addict to give up their lottery ticket for life is really no different than the capacity for a heroin addict to give up their injections. The lottery company and the drug dealer are both relying on the same addictive pathways in the brain.

In the simple task of establishing Personal Acquisition Limits for what you may annually earn, and the total amount you may accumulate in savings and assets, you immediately reconstruct those mental pathways, thereby disrupting and ultimately breaking the negative addictions to extreme wealth that have been programmed into you by those who need you to protect their own accumulation of Toxic Wealth.

When you follow the money, you will come to understand that all these social ‘norms’, such as the lottery (gambling), celebrity culture, movies and the music industry, fashion, public pageantry, are all invented and controlled by those with Toxic Wealth – the billionaires who are promoted to you, and the trillionaires who are hidden from you and are not even supposed to exist.

It’s no use complaining about the inequality of wealth in society if you’re still playing the lottery or happily gossiping about the lifestyle of a billionaire or celebrity puppet of the billionaire set. You must first realise the part you yourself play in sustaining their control over the system that guarantees such poverty will continue to exist. Only by eradicating extreme wealth – Toxic Wealth – will society be changed for the better, and the millions of children that starve to death every year will finally become victims of the past. That essential change starts with you.

Your individuality is your power

P.A.L. Elements

There are two Personal Acquisition Limits:

  • Maximum Annual Retained Income (MARI).
  • Maximum Acquisition of Property & Investments (MAPI).

Maximum Annual Retained Income (MARI)
This is the maximum amount of post-tax personal income used within any future year.
Your MARI is income from any revenue source whatsoever, including salary or earnings, dividends, investment payouts, capital gains, gifts, winnings, profits, interest etc.
Included in your MARI is the income (after income taxes) that you spend, and use to pay utilities, and for food, living, entertainment, vacations, travel etc.
It also includes any investments, or payments made to a pension, trust fund, foundation, charity, gifting etc.
The one expenditure excluded from your MARI are payments made to your home investment. Therefore, any mortgage or investment payments (improvements, repairs) made towards either your main property or a single vacation property that you own are subtracted from your post-tax earnings when calculating your MARI. For those who do not yet own their own home, your rental payments are included instead.

Example of MARI Pledge: 3x average annual salary (USA).

Maximum Acquisition of Property & Investments (MAPI)
This is the maximum total value of all your property and investments, including buildings and land, stocks and shares, electronic or other currency, bank deposits and savings (including received loans), other financial credits and investments, trust funds and money held in trust, foundations, money or interest owed to you, precious metals, antiques, art and collectibles, and any other valuables, equity, holdings or possessions that may be considered of any value whatsoever.

Example of MAPI Pledge: 100x average annual salary (USA).

What Should Be Done with
Any Surplus Income or Assets?

All surplus money should be permanently given away to a charitable cause, without expectation of any personal future material return or reward from that gifting.

However, there is an inherent issue with charitable giving. Much of what is now regarded as charitable giving, is in reality, entangled in a web of less than charitable, corporate and political agendas. For instance, the pharmaceutical industry controls all large so-called ‘health’ charities. There is therefore a big difference between giving to a cancer research charity and giving to a frontline hospice where the money can be seen to go directly to those in need. Many charities are already purposefully established by billionaires, simply in order to ‘charity-wash’ their Toxic Wealth, or to support an advantageous political agenda, so it is essential to set a simple ground rule for P.A.L. that is difficult to abuse and should be acceptable to everyone.

Therefore, any P.A.L. surplus should be given away to only independent frontline charities that directly care for either humans or our animal friends. The smaller and more local the charity the better. No multinational charities. The charity’s modus operandi must be ‘hands-on’, directly helping those in need, and must not operate at the lobbying or governmental level – no NGOs!

Good examples of charity types are local charities that care for: the homeless; abused and injured animals; the terminally ill; the physically or mentally disabled; and those suffering from drug abuse. Quite honestly, if someone cannot find a small local charity that they would support, related to the above categories, then they are clearly not the sort of person that would be interested in P.A.L.

No qualifying stipulations such as these are totally free from abuse, but I hope that you can see that if everyone were to give to only these types of charity, there would be an immediate improvement in our society. In some larger charities, more than 90% of the money they receive is spent on administration and on steel and glass offices. That in itself should be enough to shift your charitable giving towards only small frontline charities!

It’s Important to Tell Others
About Your Altruism

For transparency, your P.A.L. charitable giving should be made as public as possible. By setting this standard, it leaves no uncertainty as to where the surplus money may have gone. It also allows those who have subscribed to P.A.L. to promote their altruism, as they should rightly do, without any feeling of egotism about their generosity.

It is important to remember that anyone who pledges to P.A.L. and then finds themselves in a position of needing to give away surplus income, is by default, a morally better individual, in financial terms, then those who are not up to the challenge, and so why shouldn’t they publicly be praised for such moral leadership?

Promote Your P.A.L. Pledge to your Social Media

Post something like the following to your social media. Place in your profile or pin it to the top to give it more visibility.

My Personal Acquisition Limits are:
My MARI (post tax income): 2x average annual salary (UK).
My MAPI (total assets): 100x average annual salary (UK).

#EndToxicWealth #MyWealthCap

Find out more at:
Personal Acquisition Limits (PAL)
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My Own Maximum Limits
For Life!

My Maximum Annual Retained Income (MARI) pledge: 2x average annual salary (UK).

My Maximum Acquisition of Property & Investments (MAPI) pledge: 100x average annual salary (UK).

Your Pal is a Guide, Not An Absolute Limit

Shape your Personal Acquisition Limit to fit your own personal goals and circumstances. Your PAL is only as rigid as you require it to be, in order to improve your own sovereign life experience. What matters is your intention to throw off the shackles of absurd materialist doctrine that limit your own human potential. By not setting your own personal economic standards, you remain an economic slave to those who manipulate their Toxic Wealth for the purpose of controlling you and controlling society at large.

Let’s say you set your Savings & Assets (MAPI) Limit at $5 million in total. Imagine the house you could live in, the vacation home you could purchase, and the lifestyle you could have with that asset and wealth pool. I’m not going to say it’s enough for you, or that anyone who would like more than that has a problem, because I don’t think that’s the case, but for most people, in most locations, that’s a truly exceptional amount of money, and for many truly conscious thinkers, it would be far more than they would believe they required, in order to live a very secure and lavish life.

In ten years time, $5 million will be worth less because of inflation. Inflation is manufactured by central banks, and it has long been known that without central banks and the manipulation of the economy by those who control them, inflation simply wouldn’t exist to any perceptible degree, but until we deal with that specific issue (eradicating the central banks) you should understand that your PAL isn’t going to remain static.

Furthermore, if you move from, let’s say, Patagonia to New York, then your PAL must obviously reflect that change. A person setting them self a limit of $200,000 in one part of the world may find they require $2 million for exactly the same living standards in a different part of the world.

Think of your PAL as a ballpark statement to the world about how you regard your lack of greed. You shouldn’t be calculating on paper each year whether you have exceeded your PAL or not. That’s not what this is about. If you go slightly over your PAL expenditure one year, then you may go under it another year. It is not a tax form, it is there to give you a benefit to your life, not be a chore.

I would suggest that the limits should be flexible up to around 20%, alongside the caveats of inflation and geographical alterations, as mentioned above. Put it this way, if you set your total acquisition limit at $5 million, and you subsequently find yourself living in a big house in Beverley Hills with a super yacht and a Bugatti, you have clearly failed in your P.A.L. commitment.

Having said that, there will be instances when an individual initially commits to unrealistic maximum limits – for whatever reason – and therefore might decide to re-adjust those limits ONCE. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone deserves to be given a second chance – particularly when it comes to decisions about themselves. The trick is to not be over ambitious in the first place. By kind to yourself, which includes your imagined future self.

Unlike control-focused, totalitarian ideologies such as communism, P.A.L. is not about forcing poverty on you or anyone else. It is about making every single person wealthy. It creates a new social reality, in which poverty has no place, and neither does Toxic Wealth. As in every social problem, eradicating the extremes is all we need to do. The solutions are always so simple, and that is why the puppet politicians and the media are tasked with distracting you from those solutions.

Like every other project, policy and principle created by New Moral Order™, P.A.L. is designed to make you happier and more balanced in your mind, your life more fulfilling and purposeful, and society more fair and peaceful. Always retain those ambitions throughout the journey of your life experience.

Stop chasing money. Work less and live more!

Work Less, Live More

Remember, Personal Acquisition Limits are not about extremes or hardship, as is nothing promoted by New Moral Order™. It is simply about reasonable and balanced monetary usage, free of addiction and brainwashing by the consumer system of control.

Always be reasonable in your actions towards others, just as you should be reasonable in your actions towards yourself. Wanting every millionaire to become a pauper, simply because you are angry at society or envious of the comforts they enjoy, is neither productive for you, nor for society. You must instead focus on making every single person in society attain the lifestyle of a millionaire.

That major and essential social evolution begins with you disengaging from the idea that unlimited wealth, or the hoarding of unlimited assets, is at all rational or socially acceptable in the 21st century.

That aim does not come through demonising the middle class. It only comes through limiting truly ‘excessive’ wealth. If you target the millionaire for destruction, but ignore the trillionaire, then you and your political ideology are clearly fraudulent. In changing society, we must always begin with eliminating the extremes.

That is why those who hoard Toxic Wealth always target the core of society – the middle class. They wish to divert your attention away from the real culprits, and instead focus it on the sector that they regard as the biggest threat to their continued existence. By doing so, they protect their ill-gotten gains, and they thereby also protect their control over society and over you. You must do the opposite to what they want you to do. You must target only those with Toxic Wealth – those with the money to corrupt society.

Limitation Empowerment is partly about your own empowerment, and partly about empowering society.

P.A.L. acts as a message to your subconscious mind, empowering you to become liberated from the central control apparatus of the bogus economic system.

P.A.L. also acts as a message to the subconscious mind of human society itself, empowering the people to become liberated from that same system of control.

When millions of individuals begin to make reasonable life-long commitments to their acquisition and use of money, a spotlight is automatically shone on those who are most unreasonable in their own acquisition and use of money – those with Toxic Wealth; the billionaires and trillionaires.


Are you conscious enough to de-program yourself from financial enslavement, and to help to evolve society to the next level?

If so, then make a public commitment to materially limit your income accumulation of wealth for life.

Beat your addiction.
Empower yourself.
Become the person you were born to be.


You can be assured that true prosperity and happiness will soon follow.

Free Yourself from the System’s Spell

You are born into a framework that automatically labels you as property and makes you into a slave to be owned by the institution. That is all just a system of belief that persists only because you continue to believe in the credibility of the system.

In reality, you are only a slave to your own thoughts, you are only owned by your own beliefs, and you are only the property of your own actions.

Once you consciously and consistently make your thoughts, your beliefs and your habits your own – then you are truly free.

Until then, you remain a slave on the inside, no matter what you portray yourself to the outside world.

New Moral Order™

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