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List of Words, Terms & Acronyms
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Definition of the term “The Satanic Left”




The Satanic Left refers to the left-wing of politics that originated in the French parliament following the W.O.R.M.‘s violent revolution to replace France’s monarchy with its own satanic globalist agents, and expanded into the ‘broad anti-church’ of atheistic-secularism that comprises one side of today’s two-party political control system. This faux-democracy now comprises of The Satanic Six™ alongside Social Destruction Movements and its non-democratic institutional allies of globalism such the UN, the WEF, the WHO, the CFR, NATO, Davos, Bilderberg, the G7, G8, G20 etc.

New Moral Order™


Definition of the term “The Satanic Six” or “The Satanic 6”




The Satanic Six refers to the six inter-connected political ideologies of The Satanic Left: communism, globalism, liberalism, marxism, socialism, zionism [alphabetically ordered].

Common traits of all The Satanic Six are:
• The inversion of social norms.
• The promotion of Social Psychopathy in society.
• A general acquiescence towards social satanism within all areas of society.
• A pathological attachment to, and reliance on, political disinformation and lies.
• Secrecy as an ideological political policy.
• The use of mind control, social conditioning and social engineering – as the replacement to democracy – as the real means of acquiring public support, or the perception of public support.
• The use of deviant and child sexual blackmail as the main way of controlling key politicians (allied and opposing, domestic and foreign), the judiciary, the police, the media, and anyone in a position of social power or influence.
• Adherence to the the plan for a single global government, religion and military – full spectrum global control over humanity via a one-world dictatorship.
• Advancement of technocratic State and corporate control over all aspects of society.
• The destruction of small and independent businesses in favour of State and multinational monopoly control over all manufacturing and trade.
• The subsidising of multinationals out of taxpayers money, whilst increasing taxes for independent, small business owners.
• The promotion of employment only within large multinationals, and never small businesses, and a support of unions, which wholly rely on multinational big business to continue to exist.
• Destruction of the sovereign Nation State.
• A blind, unquestioning support for the Central Banking System and its private control of national economies and money creation.
• The relentless advancement of science over any moral or public concerns.
• The relentless advancement of military technology over any moral or public concerns.
• The use of targeted guilt and virtue signalling, as a means to advance political objectives.
• Advancing secularism to replace traditional religious traditions.
• The diminishing of individual rights in favour of the rights of the State.
• The undermining of sovereign Human Rights through the promotion and advancement of collectivist civil rights.
• The atomising of society – breaking down natural human trust and social alliances, turning the people against each other, and making them feel alone, in fear, and helpless, for the purpose of control.
• An aim to reduce and ultimately eradicate individual ownership of all personal property and savings.
• Idol worship of those who possess the most social power and wealth.
• Centrally and globally controlled and funded by those with Toxic Wealth.
• Adherence to the ‘Ordo Ab Chao’ (order out of chaos) doctrine as the method of reshaping society – manufacturing disasters, mass violence, global crisis ideologies, and social chaos, in order to destroy the existing norms and staus quo and make way for a new authoritarian order.
• A religious, ideological or hierarchical connection to Anunnakism.

You are conditioned to perceive The Satanic Six as individually operating political ideologies, each with their own organic evolutionary story, but nothing could be further from the truth. None are grass-roots; they are all ‘astroturf institutions’, funded by the toxic wealth of the parasitic class, in order to control the politics and the people (both the establishment and the controlled opposition to it).

All of their stories began with the same interconnected socially-psychopathic philosophers, freemasonic sponsors, criminal connections, and socially satanic belief system at the core of all their respective ideologies. They don’t call it the “left-hand path” for nothing.

New Moral Order™


Definition of the term “Smaug Syndrome”





Smaug is a character from J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’. He is a dragon (reptilian creature) that has relentlessly hoarded gold and jewels inside a mountain lair that already contained the mined riches of the dwarves. He expelled the dwarves from their home and by doing so stole their wealth. He then simply sat and slept on his ill-gotten gains, his only task being to kill anyone who threatened his extreme and supreme wealth status.

In Tolkien’s mind, Smaug represented the ‘parasitic class’ who control central banking and the corporate world of multinational monopolies.

The term Smaug Syndrome perfectly describes the ‘rich sick’ dynasties that infest human society as a parasitic force who use their toxic wealth to employ organised psychopathy against humanity.

New Moral Order™


Definition of the term “Social Destruction Movement (SDM)”




Social Destruction Movements (SDMs) are a more honest and accurate term for ‘social justice movements’, which are all systematically constructed and financed by institutions and agents of globalism, for the key purpose of destroying the nation state from within.

Alongside the historical institutions of monarchy and religion, nation states are the third geopolitical obstacle to the globalists’ ultimate goal of a global dictatorship. In order to achieve one-world-government, globalism must either destroy or parasitically infest and totally dominate each of these three traditional forms of social governance that comprise The Political Triad.

This destruction of the nation state is performed through the systematic manufacturing of political and social disorder and division, and the dismantling of existing social structures and norms via these Social Destruction Movements.

SDMs are deployed in order to undermine and destroy all traditional, natural and normal elements of culture that are proven to underpin or sustain the cohesion of existing forms of The Political Triad. The more fear, confusion, uncertainty and despair that Social Destruction Movements are able to manifest within a populace, the easier it becomes to replace or eliminate existing cultural standards, norms and authorities.

The ultimate aim of the SDM is to manufacture a cultural vacuum that will allow for a total remoulding of all independent human and social identities and groups into a single population mass under the complete control of a nondemocratic global State.

SDMs are never grassroots movements, although their globalist funders hope that they are viewed as such by those whose cultures and ways off existence they are seeking to undermine and destroy.

The key markers of SDMs are:
• Their use of engineered public protest;
• Their focus on the necessity for only a ‘global’ solution to the problem.
• Their antagonistic opposition to social norms;
• An unnaturally relentless aim to affect urgent social change;
• Their links to occultic symbology and ritual;
• Their use of those who regard themselves as social outsiders and the disaffected;
• Their use of Fifth Column Globalists within academia, the media and politics;
• Their use of communist and marxist revolutionary tactics;
• Their funding by globalist billionaires;
• The support of globalist multinationals for their activities and objectives.

New Moral Order™


Definition of the term “Social Psychopathy” & “Social Psychopath”




Social Psychopathy is the real-world definition of psychopathy. A Social Psychopath lacks all innate empathy.

The Social Psychopath, aka ‘true psychopath’, more accurately defines this most serious of mental disorders (than the generic word ‘psychopath’), as quite simply being a person who totally lacks all empathy, which in turn, automatically or generally, results in the formation of the numerous other traits that psychologists may attribute to the more generalised condition of ‘psychopathy’.

All other traits that are associated with the psychopath by traditional theories of psycho-analysis, are in fact, just secondary symptoms of this central cause of non-empathy, or at least require that central cause to exist in association with the secondary symptom, in order for a psychopathic personality to manifest itself.

This absolute lacking of an ability to experience empathy is innate within the Social Psychopath, meaning that it cannot be normalised. In other words, a Social Psychopath is psychopathic for life because he or she will never genuinely feel empathy, although they may become consummate experts at pretending to do so.

Many sociopaths, aka Proxy Psychopaths, can also exhibit a total lack of empathy. The difference between the proxy psychopath and the Social Psychopath is that – unlike the innately psychopathic Social Psychopath – the proxy psychopath is able to recover a true sense of empathy, and thereby also those positive social emotions that demand an underlying capability of empathy in order to be present, such as compassion, and cognitive thought (the natural ability in humans to experience the emotions that another individual is feeling, without having to personally experience them, aka to empathise). The Social Psychopath is able to mimic – through conditioning – this basic social standard, but is not able to be driven towards it be any innate sense or comprehension of morality. Therefore, the sociopath may be deemed to be ‘immoral’ but the Social Psychopath is ‘amoral’.

Social Psychopaths, who amount to around 1% to 3% of the general population, are likely to be highly dangerous to others unless they are positively conditioned during childhood, through being adequately programmed with moral standards. However, such positive social conditioning, alongside a total prohibition of any Social Psychopath holding any positions of power within society, may provide a social framework in which the Social Psychopath is not considered to necessarily be a clear and present danger to other individuals and to society as a whole.

It is more than fair to say that all wars and crimes against humanity, throughout history, have been at the hands of either Social Psychopaths, or sociopaths under their command. Once social policies are put in place to prevent the the Social Psychopath holding any position of political, economic or social power, 99% of all major social issues will see an immediate and dramatic decline, and people will suddenly realise who the one true enemy has been all along.

New Moral Order™


Definition of the term “social satanism” or “social-satanism”




Social satanism defines the universal reality of the ‘immutable negative force’ that presents itself within the material realm, and the multitude of ways in which it manifests itself within human society.

The 3 core objectives of social satanism, which ultimately lead to a separation of society and humanity from the divine spirit, are:
• The immoralisation of society (making society more immoral, degenerate and animalistic).
• The debeautification of society (making society ugly and gross).
• The artificialising of society (disconnecting society from nature and the natural order).

Manifestations of social satanism within society include:
• The inversion of natural morality.
• The inversion of all time-honoured social norms.
• The inversion of reality.
• The denial of objective truth and promotion of subjective truth (no truth at all).
• Total secrecy for society’s controllers and a total absence of privacy for the controlled.
• The glorification of murder and bloodshed.
• Broadcasting of violence, horror, terror and other trauma-inducing sights, sounds and sensations.
• The promotion of grotesque, deformed and unaesthetic art.
• The promotion of tuneless, inharmonious and bland music.
• The promotion of animalistic cultures over more civilised human cultures.
• The promotion of satanic symbols, sigils, and demonic (pagan) gods and goddesses.
• The broadcasting and presentation of satanic/pagan rituals, festivals and spells.
• The promotion of so-called ‘magician entertainers’ who partner with demonic entities to conjure ‘impossible’ acts of sorcery.
• The promotion of satanists in popular culture and youth culture.
• The promotion of satanic personalities, imagery, words and symbols within the music industry, the book industry, the film industry and the fashion industry.
• The erection of satanic/pagan statues, architecture and symbolism in and around public and political buildings.
• Timetabling major political and social events to occur specifically on core satanic sacrificial dates in the calendar, such as May 1st, October 31st etc.
• The normalisation of prostitution and the cover-up of female and child abduction, sex-slavery and sex trafficking on an unprecedented scale.
• The sexualisation of children and the destruction of childhood innocence.
• The promotion of sexualised children to encourage pedophilia.
• The progressive normalisation of any and all sexual deviances and perversions.
• The derision of, and opposition to, the Jesus egregore, which predominantly emanates peace, compassion, love and positive energy into human society.
• The demonisation of the divine sovereign individual and promotion of the hive-mind society via collectivist ideologies.
• The destruction of the spiritual feminine through the destruction of the material female/woman.
• The destruction of the spiritual masculine through the destruction of the material male/man.

Most younger people, due to their socially satanic programming from birth, will consider many if not most of the above list to be fairly ‘normal’, rather than so obviously satanic (spiritually and socially negative) in every imaginable way. Even many of those who consider themselves to be spiritually or socially positive in their worldview are likely to have never really considered the above as being blatantly satanic, even though these things are now staring at them from every direction in today’s socially satanic society.

People have been falsely conditioned to believe that satanism within the modern world is nothing other than a Christian delusion, and this level of disinformation is very much akin to the CIA’s promotion to its mainstream media assets of the term ‘conspiracy theory’ in the 1960s, which was invented in order to ridicule and denounce any genuine conspiracy that threatened to expose the CIA’s (globalist deep State’s) illegal black projects. Indeed, in its modern guise, satanism is explicably partnered in many ways to both black projects of secret service agencies and to the very core of globalist ideology.

Even mainstream materialist science (scientism) has now been forced to accept the reality of metaphysical dimensions and realms, which it has been resisting since quantum physics first became an established science at the start of the 20th century. We exist in a tiny fraction of the light spectrum, which is itself a tiny fraction of the universal spectrum. It took Einstein years to admit to the quantum physicists that he was wrong for stating that the metaphysical couldn’t affect the physical in unexplainable ways. Don’t make the same mistake as Einstein. He called it ‘spooky science’ but although he couldn’t explain it, he eventually came to understood that it was very real. The reality of the spiritual realms had a great effect on Einstein, and in the last two years of life he turned to God.

Within those realms there are negative entities and forces, which feed on the low frequency and negative energy that human beings (and animals) produce when they are in fear, in physical pain, in mental anguish, depressed, shameful, violent, and highly sexualised. This is why many religions that still harbour pagan beliefs, sacrifice animals to their ‘god’ or ‘gods’. Only negative entities require their worshippers to murder innocent animals, in order that they can feed off their dying fear and anguish. That is the reality, whether you like it or not. Once you have researched and accepted this reality, much about the world that once seemed nonsensical will begin to make total sense.

Satanists, in collaboration with their metaphysical masters and allied spirits, have existed for thousands of years and continue to plague society in the modern age. They will relentlessly deceive you into believing that satanism doesn’t exist, or is simply a benign cultural activity. That’s what liars do. They lie.

Social-satanism relates to the true understanding of satanism, which is an alliance with negative or deceivingly positive metaphysical entities and forces, and connected in varying degrees with Anunnakism, luciferianism, wicca, theosophy, marxism, nazism, atheism, all pagan religions, voodoo, spiritualism, certain shamanism, and the negative (dark) side of all major religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Opposing social-satanism does not require you to be spiritually enlightened or religious in any way. It simply requires you to be a good person. Any good person will naturally oppose most, and be extremely wary of the rest, of the above list of social agendas. Now that you are aware of social-satanism, you no longer have the excuse of ignorance. You simply have the decision to make of exactly when to begin actively opposing its evil advance over human society.

New Moral Order™


Definition of the word “Speciescide”




Speciescide is the deliberate and systematic extermination of a species or sub-species of humanoid or animal group.

In regards to the human race, speciescide may refer to the calculated aim to eradicate a particular race or races within the human family, such as the European race, the African race, the Asian race, or a perceived subset of such racial aggregations, such as the Japanese race, the Australian Aborigine race, or the Native Indigenous Northern European Race (NINER).

Whereas genocide may refer to the targeted annihilation of any national, racial, political or cultural group, speciescide specifically targets race, in both cultural and genetic terms, seeking to eradicate both the social and material existence of the targeted human group.

Speciescide may also refer to the more esoteric notion of an extermination of the homo sapiens sapiens race (humankind) by an interloping parasitic humanoid sub-species that is present on Earth, such as a remnant of the Anunnaki species, referred to by by Anunnakists and their pagan counterparts as ‘the ancient gods’; the gods and goddesses referred to in classical and pagan theology and myth.

In regards to the targeted groups societal presence and influence, mass disinformation and indoctrination are employed, and in regards to the groups material existence, genetic bioweaponry in the form of pharmaceuticals, ‘therapeutic’ injections, aerosol geoengineering, microwave and millimeter wave radiation, and commercial (consumer) poisoning are the likely preferred methods of speciescide extermination within a 21st century setting.

New Moral Order™


Definition of the term “Surrogate Psychopath”




[Please see PROXY PSYCHOPATH for definition.]

New Moral Order™


Definition of the term “Toxic Wealth”





Toxic Wealth is extreme wealth at the level of a mental illness.

Other terms related to Toxic Wealth are Destructive Dominance Disorder (DDD), Smaug Syndrome and Dynastic Dementia.

Toxic Wealth is the level at which money becomes socially toxic. When somebody has so much money that they are able to purchase politics, that is unquestionably a ‘toxic’ problem for society.

Not only is Toxic Wealth the direct cause of over 95% of the problems that exist in society – political corruption; wars and armed conflicts; State and Dark State terrorism; organised crime and the global narcotics trade; orchestrated economic recessions and depression; planned food scarcity; multinational destruction of independent trade and small businesses; orchestrated immigration; the systematic destruction of the Nation State; stolen technology, hidden back-engineered alien tech & free (overunity) energy; and the targeted poisoning of humanity with legalised drugs, geoengineering and processed food – to name just a few – it is also a totally illegitimate acquisition of money and assets by a parasitic and socially psychopathic class. Above a certain level of wealth, all wealth is intrinsically connected to criminality.

To a large or absolute degree, currently, or at some point in the past, all Toxic Wealth was acquired through organised criminal means, and therefore by default, all subsequent ensuing revenue from that wealth is logically deemed to be proceeds of crimes against society and/or humanity, and dishonestly obtained, either tacitly or explicitly.

When Toxic Wealth is finally criminalised by society, humanity will at last be able to breath a sigh of relief, without the continual fear of those with absurd hoardings of wealth using the populace as nothing more than pawns in their insane game to persistently acquire ever more power and control over society, over humanity, and over the world.

To discover how the elimination of all Toxic Wealth can very easily be achieved – peacefully, lawfully, and democratically – check out and help promote the Fifty Million Max™ Project, which will bring an end to Toxic Wealth once and for all, and in doing so, will make society as close to a utopia as is reasonably possible, and each and every individual wealthy and prosperous.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to achieve wealth or with being wealthy, and society must promote the entrepreneurial spirit. However, there is everything wrong with being toxically wealthy just as there is everything wrong with being poor.

It is Toxic Wealth, and the social psychopath that hoards it, which manifests all of the poverty in society. Once you wake up to the reality that only those with Toxic Wealth are the actual enemy, and that the middle class, the working class, the underclass, and the starving millions are all on the same side – only then will there be positive change in the world, and that change will happen almost overnight.

New Moral Order™


Full List of Words, Terms & Acronyms

An overview list of the words, terms and acronyms created by Quartz & New Moral Order™

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A / B / C / D

Anunnakism, Anunnakist
Carbon Climate Change Con (CCCC)
Deep Underground Private Homes (DUPHs)
Destructive Dominance Disorder (DDD)

E / F / G / H

Earth Mind, The
Faux Democracy or Faux-Democracy
Globalism Zero™, Globalism Zeroist
Globalist Non-Democratic Organisations (NGOs)

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M / N / O / P

Organised Psychopathy or Organized Psychopathy
Political Triad, The
Proxy Psychopath or Proxy-Psychopath

Q / R / S / T

Satanic Left, The
Satanic Six or Satanic 6, The
Smaug Syndrome
Social Destruction Movement (SDM)
Social Satanism or Social-Satanism
Social Psychopath or Social-Psychopath
Surrogate Psychopath or Surrogate-Psychopath
Toxic Wealth

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