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New Moral Order™

A Daily Focusing of Consciousness.
Bringing About World Peace
Through Intention, Meditation & Prayer

#TotalPeace #ThinkPeace

New Moral Order™ celebrates Gandhi’s wise words,
“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

“Those who believe that change comes through external factors are led like sheep, whereas those who know that change comes from within lead like shepherds.”

 NMO’s twice daily Co-Contemplations for Peace are founded on the proven scientific reality of peace creation through focused mass consciousness.

You have the power to consciously change your world and the world around you, because consciousness creates all things in the material universe, as quantum and metaphysical science accepts, but which the primitive ideology and doctrine of hard-materialism continues to deny, through its indoctrination via schools, universities and the establishment’s propaganda institutions of scientism.

Co-creation through focused mass consciousness is politically and socially ignored because its absence in the public narrative serves the control system, and in particular, the military-industrial-complex that demands violence and war from its political and media partners, in order to persistently increase its profits and power.

New Moral Order™ intends to overcome this ignorance of true science, and at the same time consciously remove violence from our society and from the world through helping you and others who have the same desire as you for world peace, to directly raise the frequency experienced by humankind, through focused intention with meditation, prayer or simply contemplation of thought.

Join in as often or as occasionally as you like, up to twice daily as 12 noon and 12 midnight GMT.

Peace by with you. 

New Moral Order™

12 Noon & 12 Midnight GMT

Greenwich Mean Time GMT

Co-contemplation sessions take place twice each day.

Once at 12 noon GMT and once at 12 midnight GMT.

Each session lasts for 5 minutes.

New Moral Order™


Convert Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) to the time in your part of the world at

New Moral Order™

A Worldwide Focusing of Minds



Mass Meditations for Peace now have a fifty year history, beginning in 1973. The bottom line is that they work, and – according to the scientifically recorded data – have been proven to do so. It is now time to turbo charge this human capacity to bring about global peace to a level that no opposition can resist.

A key failure of peace-creating assemblies to date has been their limiting reference to ‘transcendental meditation’ as the conduit for creating peace through conscious intent. The power to transform physical existence via the metaphysical is a key component of the human condition, and should not be constrained within a term that relates only to an Indian-centric religious method of enacting such transformations. At the time of the first peace assemblies, Indian mysticism was extremely fashionable, as it still is, but we mustn’t ever let such a frivolous thing as fashion limit our knowledge or actions.

A parallel to eastern meditation is prayer. Prayer is simply a western version of transcendental meditation. New Moral Order™ does not regard meditation as superior in its effect to prayer, or vice versa, and more importantly, all religious – and indeed non-religious – comprehensions of the superlative nature of the metaphysical over the physical must be given equal regard. When we talk about world peace, the idea of not including those who wish to pray for it, alongside those who wish to transcendentally meditate for it, is so obviously counter-productive and absurd.

NMO’s “Daily Co-Contemplations for Peace” take the peace-creation groups of the last half century to an entirely new level. We are no longer talking about a few thousand people, at most, coming together in a single place, in order to practice transcendental meditation for peace. Instead, we are potentially taking about millions of people consciously unifying in their positive intention at the same times every day, some meditating, some praying, and others simply contemplating in their own individual way, but all for the very same purpose – to bring about total peace to humankind, and to the world.


At least to begin with, the twice daily co-contemplations will take the very simplest format, with recommendations and suggestions being added as time goes by. Any relevant links to subsequent pages and websites will be placed within this section, or prominently on this page.


Above all, this project is about engaging as many people as possible in a relaxed manner. Becoming an active part of the project should make you feel individually empowered; universally connected; and spiritually, metaphysically and emotionally charged in a wholly positive way. There is no right or wrong way to take part. There is only the universal intention to create peace in the world. If that is what you bring to the co-contemplation, that is enough.

Co-contemplations for Peace take place twice daily, once at 12 midnight GMT and also at 12 noon GMT. Take part in as many as you want, as often as you want. Once a month is fine. Once a week is great. You may even find yourself taking part every day. Again, there in no better or worse, no right or wrong. When you feel like joining in, all you need to do is find at least 5 minutes in a relaxed place at the allotted time. Everything else is up to you.


As mentioned above, co-contemplation envelopes all forms of transformation through mass conscious intention. Therefore, there is no specific method that you must adopt for your consciousness to have a positive impact on the cumulative effect of the co-contemplation.

If you have trained in transcendental meditation, then you will likely adopt that method in the co-contemplation. If you adhere to a culture or religion that has educated you in the power of prayer, then you may feel most comfortable praying for peace. Go for it! The fact is that prayer works, just as transcendental meditation works. Just as positive thinking works. Just as conscious intention works. The really important thing to understand is that when multiple people unify in such conscious communication, the power of the meditation, or prayer, or intention, is multiplied exponentially. The real power is in the numbers of people involved along with the positive nature of the intention, rather than being due any particular method of contemplation employed.


Again, this is down to what makes you feel most comfortable. Unlike previous peace-creating assemblies, which utilised transcendental meditation techniques, and thereby likely remained in silence, NMO’s Co-Contemplations regard spoken prayers, mantras, announced intentions, or any other method of conscious communication to be equally as valid as silent meditation or prayer.

You can verbally pray to God, to the gods, to the angels, to your spirit helpers, to Mother Earth, to the Universe, to the All, or to whatever assists you in focusing on the only important factor in this project – the desire and intention to bring about world peace; to consciously co-create a totally non-violent society.

If you do not feel comfortable speaking in the mode of praying, chanting, or quoting mantras, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t speak if you find talking a good method to facilitate concentration. Stating things out loud is a useful way to broadcast consciousness, as it naturally focuses the mind. During the co-contemplation session, simply say what you want to see in the world, in regards to peace. The only important advice is to remain positive in everything you say, just as you should remain positive in what you think. Rather than criticising those in power, do not think about them. Think instead of the utopia that could, should, and will be created by you, and others like you, who are taking part in the co-contemplation.


The beauty of these co-contemplations is that you can take part practically anywhere. The main thing to aim for is a calm environment – the sort of environment in which you could easily daydream. Obviously, if you find yourself relaxing in a chair at home or lying in bed at the scheduled time of a co-contemplation session, the situation offers every excuse to take part.

Some people, such as myself, find walking rather than sitting still to be an easy way to enter into a contemplative state of mind. Being in nature – near trees, a river, or the sea – is ideal, but a perfect state of mind can just as easily be achieved in the middle of a city, and the repetitive background noise of traffic can be extremely calming to some. Indeed, one of the best environments I can imagine to take part in a co-contemplation is sitting on a train, listening to the wheels rolling on the tracks whilst watching the world pass by through the window.

The point is that you shouldn’t discount being involved in a session just because you are not in your usual spot. This is all about coming together with a single intention for peace, that’s all. It shouldn’t be anymore complicated in your mind than that.

Lastly, if the daily scheduled times of the co-contemplations allow you to easily be anywhere during a session, particularly if you decide that you want to take part just once a week, or even just once a month, you may choose – if religious – to find yourself in a church, temple, synagogue or mosque. You may decide to visit a place in nature that appeals to your inner ‘calm’. If you feel that being in a particular place invests you with more conscious power, then your comprehension of the difference will undoubtedly manifest it!

If you belong to some kind of group that has an interest in world peace, non-violence and creating a better world, you may decide to organise a co-‘contemplation gathering’. An easy opportunity to do this would be if you teach yoga or a similar type of class and the end of the yoga session happens to coincide with one of the two daily co-contemplation times. What better way to end a class than to join in a global mind focusing for peace! If you don’t run the class yourself, then mention it to the teacher.

Above all, enjoy the experience in the knowledge that you are taking part in a project that has never – as far as we know – ever taken place before, and that (as the studies have proven) your part in the co-contemplation is truly assisting in a very real way, the bringing about of world peace. It just doesn’t get better than that. Talk about people power!


Of course, the obvious answer is “peace”, but it is a very valid question, because counter-productive messages can be unintentionally broadcast from the conscious mind if it is not focused in the right way.

There are two main methods in regards to co-contemplation thinking.

The first technique – perhaps more complex for those who are not used to it – is to enter a state of mind – and more specifically, a state of heart – which broadcasts a message (feeling, emotion, energy) of peace, empathy, love, compassion, whilst at the same time comprehending all the other human minds and hearts that are experiencing exactly the same feeling and connection at the same moment, all around the world.

This encapsulates a broad range of specific feelings that can all be circled inside the umbrella terms of, ‘belonging’, ’embrace’, ‘contentment’. In essence, it is the state of mind that you in when you feel romantic love, hold your baby for the first time, see a baby animal doing something utterly cute, or experience a touching movie or your favourite song. It is a feeling of safety without boundaries because you are experiencing, if only for an instant, the universality and connectivity of everything.

With a small amount of practice, you will be able to enter this state of mind, to a greater or lesser degree, without the stimuli in life (as mentioned above) that naturally reveals such emotions to people.

The second technique is simply a catalyst that assists in triggering those same feelings of an embrace by the All and the universality of true compassion.

This catalyst can be images or sounds, particularly music, which focus the mind towards world peace and the positive emotions with which such peace naturally coincides.

Just before the scheduled time of a co-contemplation session, and during if you like, put on headphones and listen to a piece of music or a song that help you to relax and enter into an ’empathic’ state of mind. Only you know what will do this for you. However, here is a suggestion if you are looking for music that is proven to relax the mind and body.

The tune ‘Weightless’ by Marconi Union was produced specifically with the intention of creating the world’s most relaxing music track. A study showed that it not only came first amongst 16 other tunes known for their relaxation effects, but was also more relaxing than a professional massage, reducing stress levels by up to 65 percent! It’s not really surprising that it has received 80 million views on Youtube

Weightless by Marconi Union – 30 minute version

You can read an article about the song ‘Weightless’ here, and download the basics on the study here.

From a personal perspective, as well as a number of songs I could mention (but won’t), certain ‘binaural beats’ help me to enter a highly contemplative state of mind. They are the foundation of all religious methods of using sound to enable a meditative state of mind, such as church bells, the call to prayer, shamanic drumming and the Aboriginal didgeridoo, buddhist chanting and bells, gospel harmonising and clapping, organ music, Gregorian chants etc. To discover more about binaural beats search the topic on

Alternatively, or as well, looking at images of peaceful scenes, happy people, acts of compassion etc will help to positively focus the mind. Similarly to music, and perhaps more so, images have the capacity to fully occupy the mind, and in so doing, they can shut out all other background stimuli, at least for a few seconds. Flicking through one positive image after another, both in preparation just before a co-contemplation, and during it, assists the mind in maintaining a relevant conscious thought process. You then simply need to broadcast that thought. As you are looking through the images, think about all those around the world who are also part of the session, and then project those image thoughts to them, and to the world as a whole. Think about how wonderful humankind would be if each of the images you are looking at actually represented the every day nature of society. This technique makes for a very productive co-contemplation session.

Above all, and quite obviously when you think about it, the aim is to not think about those things which are negative, and inappropriate to the objective of world peace and global non-violence. Rather than mention them here, which is itself counter-productive, it is simplest just to state that the best way to not think about the negative is to solely focus on the positive. If you enter a co-contemplation session saying to yourself “do not think of the colour blue”, what do you think will be foremost in your mind? This is why having visual stimuli to assist you – at least until you are well practiced in focusing your mind – is possibly the best method to ensure a productive session.

Currently in the works is the creation of a Pinterest board that will present images specifically chosen to assist participants in these Co-contemplations for Peace. A prominent link will be posted near the top of the page once this is ready to view.

The important thing is not to over think it. Each session should be fun. Feeling relaxed is the underlying key factor in broadcasting consciousness that has true power. The next key factor is the amount of people broadcasting at the same time. It really is that scientifically straightforward. The mere knowledge that an unknown, but possibly massive, number of people are consciously connecting at the very same time, for the very same important purpose, is both fun and exciting.

You may be one in 8 billion at the physical level, but at the conscious level, you are one. Remember that as you enter each co-contemplation. The universe is within you, just as much as you are within the universe.


Obviously, world peace demands an absence of war. The largest series of ‘peace conferences’ to date, held between 1988 and 1990, with 8000 experts in attendance, coincided with an end of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan; the end of the 7 year war between Iran and Iraq, and the end of the Cold War!

Even if you want to put this down as just a remarkable coincidence, it’s certainly a very happy coincidence, so how about we create some more of those? ;o)

‘Peace’ means far more than that too. It leads to an absence of violence in general, including a reduction in destructive events. Previous localised peace-creation assemblies have shown a 70%+ reduction in such negative social factors as crime, traffic accidents, and even fires, in parallel with improved economic indicators, such as significant stock market rises.

So, when we talk about peace, we are certainly talking about bringing to an end war and extreme violence, but we are also talking about the transformational power of consciousness being able to positively affect things other than just the behaviour of human beings. As well as affecting other people, broadcasting positive conscious emotions affects the entire world around us.

Anyone who shares their home with a dog or cat will know just how much animals pick on the feelings of their human counterparts. Some dogs know five minutes before their human friend is going to return home. This is a blatant display of how our conscious human energy connects with the consciousness of other forms of animal life.

Plants are no less receptive, and as Dr. Masaru Emoto’s ground-breaking experiments on water showed – as detailed in his 1999 book “Messages From Water” – the structure of water molecules can be made to become either beautiful and alive, or ugly and dying, based solely on our human thoughts towards them.

Ultimately, the world that surrounds our human society is also affected – either positively or negatively – by our conscious intention, so we should expect to achieve from these daily co-contemplations for peace, not only a more peaceful and beautiful society, but also a more peaceful and beautiful planet.

New Moral Order™

Oms Not Bombs™


From the heart of our universe emits the Om frequency.
It exists above and beyond any religious belief or ideology.

Since time immemorial it has represented the sound of harmony and of being at peace with creation; with the creator energy; with God.

True spirituality does not reside within any religion, and true earthly prowess does not reside in military power and violence. Only those who preach peace and denounce violence and war can ever be called true disciples of God.

Every day, we each make the choice to be live in harmony and peace with creation or to live in conflict with it.

Let’s choose Oms, not Bombs.

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