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International City of Peace

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Jerusalem International City of Peace


Let nobody tell you that this cannot be done. In many ways it is the only city in the world that already has the basis for such a universal ownership – or rather universal non-ownership. Throughout the centuries, Jerusalem has been under the control of all the major Western religious institutions of power – otherwise known as the Abrahamic faiths.

However, the wisest of those who have ruled Jerusalem – whatever their religion – have always accepted it to be a city for all faiths. Only the most dissolute and corrupted occupiers have attempted to seize the city for their own religion or tribe, and to expel those of other religions and ideologies.

The Contest of Ownership Proves No Ownership

Recently, Jerusalem once again became the focus of arguments about its ownership. I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that the Muslim and Zionist claims are the only one’s on the table. The reality is that such continually highly contested claims and counterclaims by both these parties, merely go to illustrate that Jerusalem legitimately belongs to no single nation, creed, ideology, tribe or religion. The mere fact that all parties are attempting to gain political weight, in order to secure such a claim, simply proves that they haven’t yet done so.

Furthermore, the period of time since the 1948 Nakba – the forced expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians from the homes into refugee exile, and the subsequent takeover of land in both Jerusalem and the wider Palestine/Israel landmass – is just a drop in the ocean in respect to the long history of Jerusalem being considered as a city that is a melting pot of spiritual, economic and social diversity, and one that cannot be owned.

Indeed, this understanding that Jerusalem was a ‘city for all’ had such an impact on the Palestinian people, that they adopted such a culture of non-ownership of the land throughout the whole of Palestine. Many critics of the Zionist cleansing of Palestinian villages in 1948 cite their contrasting strict culture of recorded land ownership to have been illegitimately used to claim much of the land of Palestine.

In many ways, this land grab of Palestine may be likened to the European claims on the land of the Native American Indians in centuries before, using the same excuse that if the indigenous people were stupid enough (or too civilized) not to document their individual ownership of land, then it was a free-for-all. Another similarity was the way religion was used as an excuse. Today, the Zionists use the supremacist idea that Jews are somehow ‘God’s chosen people’, whereas the American land-grab utilised the slogan ‘manifest destiny’ to empower the invaders with the notion that God had rubber-stamped their forced acquisition of the land.

Jerusalem has been the focus of war and violence for centuries. It's now time to make it the focus for world peace.

Jerusalem – a truly international city that has been repeatedly occupied but never owned.

Jerusalem has always been a truly international city that has been repeatedly occupied but never owned.

Jerusalem – the focus of war and violence for centuries. It’s time to make it a focus for peace.

The Solution to the Middle East Conflict

There is no question that for one reason or another (both obvious and hidden) the Middle East conflict will not end through the actions of politicians. Many are instrumental in its continuation, not least those who are under orders from their Masonic masters or who are bought and paid for by the Military Industrial Complex. The only solutions will come from the people of the world.

The solution here is two-fold in its scope. Firstly, securing Jerusalem as a truly global International City of Peace will focus the people’s desire for peace towards that city and therefore towards that region. Simply using the word PEACE, continuously in association with the name JERUSALEM, will begin to change the energy around all discussions in respect to the city, which will in turn change the narrative.

Secondly, the fact that a City of Peace will have been manifested – along with it being such a historically and spiritually significant place – will act as a springboard for a new global peace movement of the people; by the people; and for the people.

Once the human populace begin to wake up to the reality that the political system is irretrievably corrupted, and that the only solutions going forward revolve around the people dealing with social issues without the involvement of politicians, there will be no stopping such a positive movement for real change.

Jerusalem International City of Peace

Steps to Success

1. Begin Talking About the Idea

It is firstly important to get the concept out into the open. Talk about the idea of Jerusalem becoming an International City of Peace, not owned by any nation, religion or ideology. or by anyone, but instead being totally free of ownership forever more – to stand as a symbol of universal peace between all peoples.

2. Raise the Idea with Involved Parties

There are many organisations and individuals that are actively involved in, or affected by, the problems in the Middle East, or specifically those within Palestine/Israel and Jerusalem. If you have a direct contact in such an organisation, then talk to them about the idea.

Alternatively, air your support for the idea in writing, or on their social media sites. Remember, although the Zionists are an easy target for those looking for the fly in the ointment, there are many players in the game, and there are just as many good and bad people attached to every side of the argument. The important thing is to expect a great deal of opposition, dissent and condescension from most of those who have a stake in the game, but there are also many more who genuinely want peace, and who are waiting for someone or something to break the stalemate.

It is easy to believe in something that has already been popularised, but it is far more important to be able to step outside the box and to help create the new paradigm that will change the world. That is what we are talking about here.

Step 2 is about starting to present the concept to movers and shakers, once you have solidified it within your own mind.

3. Start Your Own Organisation, Campaign or Action Plan

Nothing of this magnitude has ever been accomplished without hundreds or even thousands of individual campaigners, political activists and groups supporting and promoting it consistently for a good period of time. It takes people with both sustained commitment and an uncompromising belief in the concept to work – both independently and in collaboration – in order for any idea on this scale to come to fruition, but I can see every reason for this particular concept to do just that.

What it will take is for others who have the same passion for change and the same desire for a peaceful world as I do, to help take the concept forward. There is no question that any movement to create Jerusalem as humanity’s first International City of Peace will in itself produce some new social heroes and new personalities within the political world. If you see what I see in the concept, then perhaps you are one of those individuals. After all, major careers have been forged on far less significant ideas.

4. The People Don’t Need or Want the Corrupted Politicians Anymore

Lastly, you have to get passed the idea that change only happens when politicians decide that it does. Of course, that is what politicians want you to believe, and what they need you to socially underwrite – or rather those who pull their strings do, but it is not at all true. The power is in ideas that manifest within the general populace. Once an idea has gained enough momentum within the minds of the people, no amount of political braking will stop it moving forward.

The establishment is wholly against the idea of peace in the Middle East and peace within human society. However, their are billions of people who disagree with the psychopathic political leadership, and the time is fast approaching when a significant minority of those billions realise that the politicians actually lead nothing at all, other than a corrupted system of greed and violence, which the people no longer want or require.

It is just such fresh and novel ideas as this one, which break the mould of the degenerate establishment, and ultimately lead to a total takeover of social governance by the people – the way it should always have been.

Just make sure that you’re ahead of the curve, and not one of those who dutifully believe that nothing can ever change because of human nature. Remember, the people are never to blame. They are used as the excuse for society’s problems by the real problem – the psychopathic, parasitic elite – who behind closed doors are known to call the people ‘cattle’ and ‘the dead’ because they do not care at all about the people; they only ever care about their own prosperity and power.