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Christine Anderson is one of the first politicians outside of Australia to speak out, in plain terms that everyone can understand, against the current totalitarian takeover of Australia, and the overt tyranny that the people of that once democratic nation are presently experiencing, and which is coming to a nation near you very soon, unless you and everyone you know immediately begins to speak against it, and to speak loudly.
Be in no doubt, the world is facing a very clear and visible war against democracy, at its most fundamental levels.
You may know it as the NWO, The Great Reset, Globalism, or some other name. It all refers to the same thing – a worldwide Police State, in which the 99% are under total surveillance and enslavement to a cabal of billionaires, multinational corporations and psychopathic family dynasties.
As has always been the case throughout history, the vast majority of the politicians and people remain asleep to the threat as it rises. Of course, some of them are knowingly collaborating with the tyranny, either because they are compromised, or because they are compliant for reasons of greed or a sociopathic lust for ever greater power.
However, as has also been the case, there is always a divinely inspired minority who sees clearly through the fog of media, corporate and State propaganda, to once again become the true heroes of humanity. We see them on our streets, in our small and independent businesses, at freedom rallies, and on social media. Over the last two years, some have already died for that cause of freedom for all.
However, we rarely see those individual heroes within politics, simply because those within it have been so utterly corrupted, and under the linear control of the party system of ‘faux-democracy’. There are, however, some notable exceptions – in the USA, in Australia of course, and particularly in the centre and the east of Europe. Christine Anderson is one of those who can hold her head very high, in the midst of her sycophantic and silenced colleagues, who grovel at the trough of the banksters and bureaucrats.
The unelected technocratic criminals at the head of the EU have controlled and engineered it since its formation, for the ultimate purpose of bringing about the New World Order – a globalist totalitarian State without nations and without democracy. The agendas and policies were once so sugar-coated. Now they are so obviously a very bitter pill, a blue pill with an injection chaser,  a mental and physical medical combo, which the State programmed majority appear so willing to be spoon-fed.
The world needs more politicians like Christine Anderson. Not just in Germany, but in every nation. Politicians who are not afraid to stand in front of the cameras and tell the people what is really going on, and to tell the people that they need to stand up, now, before it’s too late.
Have no doubt in your mind, Australia is just a testing-ground. What you see there is planned for your nation too. You simply need to turn away and go back to sleep for it to happen. When you wake up again, it will be with a boot on your neck.
The time for peaceful and powerful action is NOW!
Listen to what Christine is saying, and make sure you make everyone you know understand that the tyranny she speaks of has been purposefully concealed by mainstream media on a global scale, and that this tyranny is intended to be rolled out everywhere, for everyone.
What you are currently witnessing is a globally orchestrated crime. Australians are taking a punch for the team. You just need to realise that you are in the team too. It’s called humanity, and it’s time to get off the bench and start playing! Once we all start moving in unison, we will easily win the game!

“This message goes out to the people in Australia. My name is Christine Anderson. I’m a member of the European parliament and I’m answering your S.O.S. call. I will do whatever I can to make it known to the world that your once free and liberal democracy has been transformed into a totalitarian regime, which tramples on humans’ rights, civil liberties and the rule of law.

I’m imploring all of you around the world who still think your governments are looking out for your best interest, at no point in history have the people forcing others into compliance been the good guys. The welfare of humanity has always been the alibi of tyrants.

Do you not realise that this vaccine does not protect you from COVID? It does however protect you from governmental oppression – for now that is – but don’t think for even a second that this is not going to change tomorrow.

I’m a German and we once asked our grandparents how they could have just stood by in silence allowing a horrific totalitarian regime to come about? Anyone could have known. All they had to do was open their eyes and take a look, but the vast majority chose not to.

So, what will you tell your grandchildren? Will you tell them you didn’t know? Will you tell them you were just following orders?

You need to understand, it isn’t about breaking the fourth wave. It is all about breaking people. Australia does not need a ‘no COVID strategy’. What Australia needs is a ‘no oppression strategy’.

So I stand in support with your fight for freedom and democracy.

We need to stop our governments from transforming our free and democratic societies into totalitarian regimes.

We need to do it now.

We need to STAND UP NOW!”

Find Christine Anderson on the European Parliament Website.
Find Christine Anderson on the European Parliament NewsHub.
"This message goes out to the people in Australia. My name is Christine Anderson. I'm a member of the European parliament and I’m answering your S.O.S. call. I will do whatever i can to make it known to the world that your once free and liberal democracy has been transformed into a totalitarian regime, which tramples on humans rights, civil liberties and the rule of law." Christin Anderson MEP 06.12.21
Watch Christine Anderson’s statement to the Australian people on New Moral Order’s Rumble Channel.
Whichever nation you live in, look for politicians like Christine. I doubt you’ll find more than one or two within the current corridors of political power. So look to the people, not the politicians.
Stop voting for mainstream parties. Instead, start electing REAL people who have not entered politics through channels that are designed to corrupt them and separate them from the needs and aspirations of the people.
Comprehensive liberty for each and every peaceful individual who equally respects the same liberty of all others, and freedom of speech, movement, culture and opinion for all, are at the very core of all civilised societies. Accept nothing less than only politicians who persistently fight for those fundamental human rights.
It is time to get rid of our naive faith in the political systems that relentlessly disempower the individual, and to replace that blind faith with a genuine will for a new society, built on the knowledge that the people no longer accept the need for wars; the need for billionaires in a world where millions starve each year; and the need for corporate and State control of our peaceful lives.

New Moral Order™


• Did you know that civil rights (group rights) are always subservient to Human Rights?

• Did you know that true Human Rights are always 'Sovereign'? In other words, they can only ever relate to the individual - equally and without prejudice or favour?

• Did you know that there has been a concerted effort over the last 80 years to remove your Human Rights via the invention and promotion of such things as 'collective rights' (civil rights) and the legalised discrimination against people based on the colour of their skin, their gender, or their religious beliefs, known as 'positive discrimination' and 'affirmative action'?

If you didn't, that's because you've been socially conditioned since birth to see everything in an inverted, false way. 99%+ of politicians, academics and media commentators are no less ignorant about Human Rights and civil rights.

That's why New Moral Order™ sees its aim to educate everyone on the truth about Human Rights as being a pivotal element of its mission to bring about... well, a New Moral Order to our society, in which we are all regarded as 'sovereign individuals' (not simply collective statistical units within a marxist-globalist technocracy) with unalienable, divinely established rights.

As those who did understand what Human Rights are once put it, so long as we do not physically harm others in our pursuit of them, each and every one of us has the overriding moral and lawful rights "to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness".

New Moral Order™

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