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On Friday 7th January 2022, the the UK Health Minister, Sajid Javid, walked onto the set of what he thought would be just another managed photo opportunity and scripted news segment for the pharmaceutical State’s vaccine mandate agenda.

What he didn’t know was that there were no available crisis actors available that day, and Mr Javid found himself cornered deep within ‘enemy’ territory. Who are the enemy? Five nurses and Dr Steven James, consultant anaesthetist, at one of Britain’s most prestigious medical facilities – King’s College Hospital in London, home to the world-class King’s College London School of Medicine.

We can safely assume that none of these medical staff are “anti-vaxxers”, whatever that term actually means within the new lexicon that includes such pioneers as Dr Robert Malone, the actual inventor of the mRNA vaccine, in that maligned group.

No, what the video exposes is a lack of managed scripting, which is usually so tightly handled by State operators. Instead, we are seeing ‘actual’ news, where real people get to state their case without the filter of governmental propaganda and corporate spin concealing anything that opposes the ‘approved’ narrative.

So, here’s the transcript of this potentially game-changing news segment, followed by ANALYSIS & CONCLUSIONS.

[Words in bold and/or underlined have been added for emphasis in respect to this article, and do not necessarily indicate any emphasis given in the discussion.]

[The UK Health Minister, with Sky News and at least two other news cameras and two photographers looking on, faces a group of nurses and asks them a simple question…]

Sajid Javid: What do you think of the the new rule to require vaccination of all NHS staff?

[There is a five second pause as all five nurses stare at the Health Minister, declining to answer him. Dr. Steve James, Consultant Anaesthetist at King’s College Hospital, who is standing to the side, steps in to save Mr Javid from the ensuing embarrassment of the situation, in which the five nurses’ are clearly declining to answer the question because none of them have anything positive to say.]

Dr. Steven James: I’m not happy about that, so…

Sajid Javid: You’re not happy with that?

Dr. Steven James: So, i’ve had COVID at some point.

Sajid Javid: Yeah.

Dr. Steven James: I’ve got antibodies.

Sajid Javid: Yeah.

Dr. Steven James: Um, i’ve been working on COVID [inaudible] since the beginning. I have not had a vaccination. I do not want to have a vaccination.

Um, the vaccine is reducing transmission only for eight weeks with Delta, with Omicron it’s probably less, and for that I would be dismissed if I don’t have a vaccine. It’s not… the science isn’t strong enough.

Sajid Javid: That’s your view, [turning towards the nurses] and, and your views? Do you have any view on that? [once again, the nurses stay silent.]

[Turning back towards Dr. James] I respect that, but there’s also many people with a different view.

Dr. Steven James: Yeah, there are other views, but… and there’s another colleague who is also in the same position.

Sajid Javid: Yeah, yeah, no I understand that, and obviously we had to weigh all that up for both health and social care, and there will always be a debate about it, but…

Dr. Steven James: Maybe there’s an opportunity to reconsider with Omicron and the changing picture, or at least to nuance it and allow doctors who’ve had antibody exposure, who’ve got antibodies, who haven’t had the vaccination, to not have it, because the protection i’ve got from transmission is probably equivalent to someone who’s vaccinated.

Sajid Javid: Yeah but at some point that will wane as well.

Dr. Steven James: But if you want to provide protection with the booster

Sajid Javid: Yeah.

Dr. Steven James: …you’d have to inject everybody every month. if it’s worn off by two months, yeah, if the protection’s worn off for transmission after two months, then after a month you’ve still got a bit of protection.

Sajid Javid: Yeah.

Dr. Steven James: So if you want to maintain protection, you’re going to need to boost all staff members every single month, which you’re not going to do.

Sajid Javid: Yeah, we take advice on on when, how much you may…

Dr. Steven James: …but it’s not going to achieve a practical benefit.

Sajid Javid: Yeah, well, we take the very best advice that we can.

Dr. Steven James: I understand, but…

Sajid Javid: …from the people that are vaccine experts.

[At the end of the Sky News video, an official statement by King’s College Hospital reads as follows:]

“While currently it is not a mandatory requirement for staff to get their COVID-19 vaccination or disclose vaccination status to patients, we strongly support and encourage all our staff to get their jab, in line with national guidance – and nearly 90% of our staff have already done so.”

Dr. Steven James has been Consultant Anaesthetist at King’s College Hospital since 2013. He is also the lead for cardiopulmonary exercise testing at King’s College Hospital, and is a Fellow of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine, and Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists. You can read read his full bio on the King’s College Hospital website

You can watch the video on New Moral Order’s channel at

One Good Doctor and 5 Awake Nurses Prescribe the Red Pill to the UK's Minister for Health - view video on


What the People Really Think

The first thing to comprehend is that Sajid Javid, the UK Health Minister, doesn’t give a damn what Dr. Steven James, the nurses, or any other staff member of King’s College Hospital actually think. His purpose in being at the hospital was simply to have an ‘echo chamber’ discussion with people who were fully compliant with the State’s agendas. We can safely speculate that someone in government really messed up when it came to organising this particular staged event.

When Mr. Javid says to Dr. James at the very end of the discussion, “Well, we take the very best advice that we can… from the people that are vaccine experts”, what he is actually stating is that he doesn’t consider Dr. James’s medical or personal opinions to be at all relevant to the decisions that the government makes in regards to mandating vaccines.

In this instance, Mr. Javid wants you to believe that decisions on vaccine mandates can only be made by the government’s ‘approved’ “vaccine experts”. It is worth remembering that these experts specifically do not include those such as Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine, simply because he opposes the vaccine mandate and the establishment’s general narrative regarding the COVID-19 vaccines. Apparently, he is therefore no longer an expert. So, even if Dr. James happened to be the leading doctor in the world on vaccines, Mr. Javid would still be looking to his ‘approved’ “vaccine experts” and ignoring Dr. James. This is clearly not about following the science. This is about following an agenda.

In another instance, Mr. Javid wants you to believe that government decisions cover much broader social concerns. He states that, “obviously we had to weigh all that up for both health and social care, and there will always be a debate about it…”

Does a government “vaccine expert” have a more valid opinion about general “health and social care” than Dr. James, or any other individual for that matter? Of course not, and even if you trust the government’s own “vaccine experts”, the decisions made on mandatory vaccination put at risk the lives and welfare of a much, much larger group of people than COVID-19 has ever been shown to do.

Therefore, to allow decisions that effect every area of society in monumentally altering ways, and which demonstrably destroy the lives of literally millions of people in each nation, to only be made by “vaccine experts”, is no less ridiculous then allowing military “experts” or energy “experts” to make those same monumental social decisions. The fact is that Mr Javid hides behind the “decisions of vaccine experts” just as a military general who has an agenda for war hides behind “national security”. It is time that the people stopped believing in such bogus deceptions, and began to listen to REAL people, who clearly have no agenda other than to help others, and to tell the truth about what they see, hear and experience, without speaking through the filter of the State’s propaganda machine.

So, the opinions of those involved in this staged news and photo opportunity are only relevant to the government when they tow the establishment’s agenda line for a vaccine mandate. However, the opinions of Dr. James, and the opinions of millions of other people across the nation, which are apparently irrelevant to Mr. Javid and the government, are certainly not irrelevant to anyone else who watches the video.

The five nurses do not respond to Mr. Javid asking them, “What do you think of the the new rule to require vaccination of all NHS staff?” According to the King’s College Hospital statement at the end of the video, over 10% of their staff remain unvaccinated [12,218 staff work at this trust]. So, how would you feel about a policy that means that more than one in ten of your friends and colleagues, including pillars of the hospital’s medical structure, such as Dr. James, will be sacked in three months time? The nurses are simply too polite to tell Mr. Javid what they really think about the vaccine mandate.

For the last few weeks, the British media has been running scare stories every day about a collapsing NHS because of staff shortages, and yet no mainstream media broadcaster that I have seen has even once mentioned the role played by the planned sacking of 10%+ of NHS staff in their daily headline news shows. Not the BBC, not Sky News, not even GBNews, which is supposed to be a counter balance to those mouthpieces of the British establishment. They all appear to be ‘instructed’ not to mention the forced redundancies in their reports on the “NHS crisis”, and yet NHS England employs 1.2 million people, and if over 10% of them remain unvaccinated – even at this stage in the game, when they have known that they are facing unemployment for many weeks – then that is a total of over 120,000 people in the NHS who remain unvaccinated.

Many of these NHS staff, who were once applauded every Thursday night by ‘the nation’ at the behest of the government, but have now fallen out of favour with their State employers – simply due to their International Human Right to decline participation in a medical intervention – are likely to be taking as much time off work as they can in the knowledge that they must make plans in advance of losing their jobs in April. In plain and simple terms, the mainstream news is blatantly deceiving everyone about the nature of NHS staff shortages. It is nothing less than a systematic media cover-up, on behalf of the Big Pharma controlled State.

Although many people in the UK have seen through the propaganda since the beginning of the scamdemic, many still believe that the agenda to inject every single person on the planet, has something to do with a virus called COVID-19. I implore anyone that still believes that blatant lie, to look at just how the media has to control the narrative in regards to their sinister vaccine mandate agenda. ‘Kingsgate’ is just one example of how people can see through the ‘Truman Show’ mirage of government and controlled media propaganda. What the media portrays, in no way at all represents public opinion. In fact, the evidence clearly shows it broadcasts exactly the opposite of reality.

Take a look at the following screenshot of the ‘Kingsgate’ video on the Youtube platform. The screenshot was taken on 8th January 2022.

One Good Doctor and 5 Awake Nurses Prescribe the Red Pill to the UK's Minister for Health Youtube Screenshot showing 100% of 10,000 people approved of the Dr. Stephen James and the nurses.

At the bottom of the image you can see that that video was posted on the 7th January, and has received over 200,000 views within 24 hours. More importantly, on the right of the screen, you can see that the video has received  just under 10,000 ‘thumbs up’ approvals, but ZERO ‘thumbs down’ disapprovals.

I always check these ratings to get an idea of how the general public feel about a video. Can these numbers be trusted? Well, I have certainly witnessed and recorded evidence of Youtube ‘wiping’ approvals and disapprovals, but only ever inline with supporting the establishment narrative, and never against it.

One extreme example of such a ‘fix’ was when Youtube repeatedly wiped hundreds of thousands of ‘thumbs down’ disapprovals on Joe Biden’s inauguration video, and on a number of subsequent official Whitehouse videos, whilst leaving be the approvals, which were tiny in comparison. That particular situation with the Presidential inauguration video became so ridiculous that the video was actually removed and re-published at least twice, in order to reset the massive disapproval numbers back to zero.

Dig a little deeper by scrolling down to a Youtube video page to the comments, and weigh up the number of positive to negative ones, in order to confirm the ratings at the top. Any anomalies will immediately become apparent.

In the Kings College Hospital video, the comments ALL reflect a total support and admiration for Dr. James and the nurses, and a condemnation for Mr. Javid and the UK government’s position on vaccine mandates, as indicated by the 100% ‘thumbs up’ approvals shown in the above screenshot.

Some of the comments are as follows [I am not picking these out, they are the first ten in order, copied as written, but highlighted just for emphasis]:

“So refreshing to hear a calm discussion on this topic.” KAXAR

“Well done Doc and nurses this was a moment well worth it’s time in gold and undisputed the most important 45 seconds so far in 2022” Nick Guan

Javid was trying to intimidate those nurses into giving a positive spin for his illogical policy, yet their silence spoke volumes.” 96s

About to be dismissed from my NHS job of 5 years because of this mandate. I’m not even in contact with patients and they’ve paid me a full salary working from home for 2 years!! Makes no sense whatsoever and is so against our basic human rights. So glad this Dr spoke out!! More to come….And maybe even yet another Government U-turn – how else will they respond to the mass exodus??” Aaliyah A

The silence of those nurses was absolutely deafening.” Gilbert Walker

“Congratulations  to that doctor. He was nervous but he stood hid ground. He can be very proud of himself, but I fear his words are falling on deaf ears” Paul Mc Carron

“I do respect that he shared his opinion.” LC

And this is called living life. He knows he can lose his job, but still gonna speak up the truth. Dr. Brave 👏🏼” Ashryl De Souza

“Respect to this guy. Love how taken aback they were by his views. Simply expecting drodian compliance to be jabbed constantly 🤪 ”from the people that are vaccine experts” I.e. people with a huge financial interest in keeping this gravy train moving along” KO L

This doctor is an absolute legend. Having the courage to speak up on camera…he really put Javid in his place. This is what we need, someone with proper medical knowledge in that position respectfully letting Javid know ( as a torie mp banker with absolutely no medical background) that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about!” JMONKEY2

The above is REAL news. These comments are a true ‘VOX POPS’ of the people, not the usual charade, in which the media interviews 100 people in the street and proceeds to only broadcast the four comments that align with the State’s agenda and narrative, or which say nothing at all of note and are only included to give the facade of a balanced view. The above comments are the true opinions of the general public.

Remember, this video was posted on Sky News UK’s official Youtube channel, and it clearly shows that in the first 24 hours of viewing by over 200,000 people, that 100% of 10,000 of those viewers agreed with Dr. James, and even more impressively, not one single viewer who decided to express an opinion, disapproved of what Dr. James stated. What more proof do you need of how the people of Britain, and the world, really think, and how the mainstream media’s portrayal of public opinion is so obviously just propaganda and a million miles away from reality? It’s not simply fake news, it’s fraudulent news.

So, when you next see a report on the news claiming that the general public approve of mandates, remember the evidence shown here, and that the approval figure is, in truth, likely to be close to zero percent. Only the State, and its Big Pharma and globalist puppet masters want vaccine mandates, which are set to destroy not only the NHS, but every other national institution and independent business that isn’t already under globalist and bankster control.

Sajid Javid, somewhat surprised, turns to Dr. Stephen James as he states that he isn’t happy about the government’s requirement to jab all NHS staff. 

Sajid Javid, somewhat surprised, turns to Dr. Stephen James as he states that he isn't happy about the government's requirement to jab all NHS staff.

“To discover who is most likely to be telling the truth, simply find out who is most censored.” – Quartz

A Quick Aside About NHS Redundancies

One of the Youtube commentators, Aaliyah A, made a very important point in regards to NHS redundancies, stating that, “they’ve paid me a full salary working from home for 2 years!! Makes no sense whatsoever.”

I believe that this is an issue that the public has not considered, because they have purposefully not been told.

What I understand Aaliyah to be saying here is that ‘certain’ members of staff within the NHS will be retained on full pay but removed from their hospital work. This policy would obviously not apply to nurses and general staff who would simply become unemployed form April. The policy would apply to administrative staff, but also potentially to certain senior medical staff.

I have no evidence of this, other than Aaliyah’s comment, but it would make sense for a Hospital Trust to attempt to work around any vaccine mandate, in order to retain its most valuable members of staff. Potentially, if this is allowed, a doctor could be paid full salary to stay at home, while the government continued to express their concern over NHS staff shortages. As Aaliyah rightly states, it “makes no sense whatsoever.”

Thinking outside the box, as I like to do, this policy would suit the State, because it doesn’t want doctors who don’t want to be vaccinated joining the growing movement to form a ‘people’s national health service’. Many of those who are being kicked out of the NHS for refusing to be injected with an experimental ‘vaccine’, are getting together to discuss ways of creating various health service options and facilities for the people, which are not beholden to Big Pharma and corrupted political influences. By retaining the most qualified (and costly) medical staff on full pay, they perhaps hope to stop the upper echelons of the British medial community joining the ranks of a new, improved and independent National Health Service. Just a thought that is worth considering.

Regardless, the taxpayer looks likely to be paying (perhaps for at least a couple of years) for top-level NHS staff who are not allowed to actually attend the people who are paying for their employment. We won’t know exactly how big this governmentally assisted collapse of hospitals scandal actually is until the people get full transparency on every contract, but maybe it’s exactly the time to make that information publicly available. Let the people be the judge. After all, isn’t it their NHS?

The Uncompromising & Sinister Agenda to Inject Everyone, Every Month

Dr James makes the astute medical observation that, “if you want to provide protection with the booster… you’d have to inject everybody every month. if it’s worn off by two months, yeah?, if the protection’s worn off for transmission after two months, then after a month you’ve still got a bit of protection. So if you want to maintain protection, you’re going to need to boost all staff members every single month, which you’re not going to do.”

He adds, in response to Mr. Javid’s attempt to defend the general booster plan, that, “it’s not going to achieve a practical benefit.”

In other words, ‘the data’ is now clearly showing, particularly with each successive variant, that boosters are required more and more frequently. Dr. James quite rightly asserts that if a booster is to offer any practical benefit – given that the most recent data shows that the vaccine only protects against the Delta variant for 8 weeks, and the Omicron variant probably less – it would have to be injected into everyone concerned every month.

What Dr. James does not have an opportunity to add is that this time period of vaccine effectiveness appears to be reducing with each jab and with each variant. So when Dr. James says that people have to be injected every month, in order for there to be any practical advantage to vaccination against COVID, he is talking about the current point in that decline in the vaccine’s effectiveness. In a year’s time, if the decline follows its current trajectory, the vaccine may be required daily, and of course, the good doctor has no opportunity to mention the adverse event risks that are attached to getting jabbed, and the exponential risk attached to having multiple boosters.

It should be clear to anyone who has their eyes even slightly open, that the State ONLY follows the data, when the data agrees with its propaganda message, and ONLY listens to the science and the scientists when they align with the establishment’s agendas.

It really doesn’t matter what scientific evidence comes to light, we know that the pharmaceutical State will continue to push the same narrative for unending injections, for life.

For those who are not yet aware of VAIDS (Vaccine Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome), I urge you to look into the now obvious effect that successive booster jabs appear to be having on the natural immune system. If the most current official data is anything to go on, then it seems that each successive jab further depletes your immune system capability. It is not a question of waiting to see. The data already available should be enough for any lawful and legitimate government to halt the vaccine rollout immediately, because the trend is worrying enough.

Our natural immune systems are the most precious biological element we possess. We must urgently seek to install a brand new global health system that understands and respects that unequivocal, scientific truth, and which always sets policy in light of that fact, and a new system of ‘genuine’ democracy that wholly supports that better and true way of understanding human health.

The cameras focus in on an increasingly uncomfortable Minister for Health as Dr. James explains the science that the Delta and Omicron variants would require staff to be vaccinated every month to achieve any practical benefit.

The cameras focus in on an increasingly uncomfortable Minister for Health as Dr. James explains the science that the Delta and Omicron variants would require staff to be vaccinated every month to achieve any practical benefit.

The Kind of Doctors & Medical Staff that Society Needs

When I began this article I had no idea who Dr. Stephen James was, but then I received a message from a very good friend who knows him well.

This kind of synchronicity comes as no surprise to me, as I experience them all the time. Some will see it as simply coincidence, but I am not a ‘coincidence theorist’, and my understanding of life, the universe and everything, leads me to far more logical and metaphysical conclusions. Such synchronicities generally let me know that I am on the right path in what I am doing. They are great sign posts.

From what I am told, Dr. James is one of those ‘best’ of doctors who gives up a good deal of his spare time to assist in providing free medical care in poor countries. I am told that he also donates a good part of his salary to such causes. I do not want to provide any further specific information because I have not personally communicated with Dr. James. However, my information source is sound.

The point is that Dr. James is one of the good guys. Society needs doctors like him, just as it needs nurses, health care managers, and supporting scientists, who work in health care for the benefit of others, rather than simply to line their own pockets. Let’s face it. The last two years have shown just how many of the so-called doctors and scientists, who clearly care more about their careers and the political status than about the Hippocratic oath, actually control the global medical industry.

Big Pharma – which has been controlled from behind the scenes for the last hundred years by The Rockefeller Medical Institute and other such ‘foundations’, which are simply fronts for the private agendas of oligarchic billionaires – has absolutely no interest in people’s health. Indeed, no corporation seeking profit has anything within its Articles of Association that deal with the morality that is required to form and maintain a civilised and caring society. They only care about profit.

These one-trick pony corporations attract the very worst of humanity – psychopaths – to their highest ranks, in order to gain the greatest financial profits, in the fastest time, with the least effort and expense. That is the nature of the multinational corporation, and the nature of Big Pharma. Despite every multi billion dollar fine and payout to its victims, pharmaceutical companies continue to peddle drugs that they know kill and harm far more than they cure, because the ideology of eugenics has never been erased from within that industry, ever since it openly and proudly controlled it back in the 1930s, through its medical headquarters in nazi Germany. If you are not aware of this concrete connection between nazi Pharma and today’s Big Pharma industry, then please do just a little research because that is all it takes.

Dr. James is a fairly rare example of the kind of medical practitioner that society would have been filled with if the Rockefeller family (whose 19th century dynastic founder was actually a real life door-to-door snake-oil salesman – like father, like son) had not managed to establish the pharmaceutically controlled deviant alternative to medical care, of which society has become the sickened victims of today. The Rockefeller Medical Institute model is built on consumerism, and was born out of the ideology of eugenics. Today’s pharmaceutical industry relies on three key factors for continued profit: the sales method of addiction; a sick population; and the acquiescence of the State and the tax payers money it controls. Once you’re aware of this Big Pharma triad of control, the last two years of health policy, and indeed the last 100 years, start to make total sense from a corporate profit point of view.

As a society, we need to take the opportunity that we now have, with more people being awake to the reality of government and corporate deceptions and criminality than ever before, to take full power away from the crooks and place it firmly in the hands of the people. This must be done peacefully, morally and lawfully.

A new global health service that promotes those within its ranks based not only on their medical knowledge but also on their humanity. Society needs the most caring people in charge of our health systems, nothing less, and nothing other than that. Mr. Javid is the UK Minister for Health, and yet his career was in global banking, and he is a career politician. International bankers are neither known for their medical knowledge or their universal compassion. What on earth gives him any credibility in an open conversation with Dr. Stephen James. The answer is nothing. Mr. Javid has only been in the job a few months and next week he may be the Minister for Transport or Defence (aka Mass Murder), and that is why he was so clearly not able to handle even the most basic medical debate put to him by the good doctor. He didn’t answer Dr. James because he doesn’t understand the subject enough to argue the government’s position. He looked lost in the debate, because just like the governments that takes their orders from the globalists, he is swinging in the wind on his puppet strings. His comments made no more sense than the government’s policies over the last two years – no sense unless of course, the agenda is actually something other than what they are claiming it is.

Each week that goes by, more and more information is verifying what we have suspected since the very beginning of the global vaccine agenda. Firstly, the vaccine – and particularly the boosters – are creating VAIDS (Vaccine Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome), and secondly, there are ‘undisclosed’ ingredients in the vaccines, one or more of which may be directly responsible for the severe cardiovascular trauma events that are effecting so many of the vaccinated. These ‘concealed’ ingredients wholly contravene the “fully informed” legal requirement that should protect every individual that choses to participate in any medical or scientific experiment, intervention, procedure, or associated technology, as enshrined in a number of internationally ratified Bioethics and Human Rights Laws.

We urgently need to replace the Big Pharma industry with a focus on natural health, maintaining a robust natural immune system; positive frequency technology (whilst banning harmful frequencies); a society free of State fear-mongering and orchestrated fear-inducing events; and above all, a society in which those who are tasked with directing and influencing health policy are not psychopaths and sociopaths. These issues are never discussed because they would naturally end the people’s addiction to, and reliance on, pharmaceuticals, and those who profit for those billions of people’s addictions and reliance do not want their gravy train to crash and burn.

I de-registered from my GP because I no longer trust the National Health Service. It is run by those who are there to orchestrate its collapse, and its managed destruction requires its management by fools, and its infiltration by those with malign intentions. If you want to save the NHS, what you really need to be doing is forming a completely new kind of health service along with a new political system.

If those such as Dr. Stephen James and the nurses who refused to capitulate with the State’s propaganda were running the show, I may consider re-registering again. The fact is that I don’t consume processed or fast food, I avoid chemicals found in branded household products, I avoid anything that produces harmful frequencies, and I consume the necessary vitamins and minerals that my body requires on a daily basis, and so, de facto, I remain healthy. Therefore, I am likely to only ever require a doctor for a trauma incident. In other words, I follow the real science, and therefore do not require a GP.

However, I may re-register just to offer my support, if those such as Dr. James were governing the nations’ health policy. In the meantime, I will be looking to offer my support to those doctors and nurses who are already starting to establish an alternative national health service in the wake of their forced redundancy by the pharmaceutical State.

It must also be noted that there are so many nurses who deserve exactly the same praise as Dr. James, and that they are in an even worse position right now, because they have neither the potential saved income, or the status in the medical hierarchy, to so easily manage the threat of a forced redundancy. For every Dr. James there are probably a dozen nurses in the same or worse position in respect to vaccine mandates.

If you support a decent society, human rights, and freedom from social and political corruption, then you need to support all unvaccinated NHS staff right now, in every way you can – because you will be next! This year it is about vaccine mandates. If they manage to secure those, the control bar will simply be set higher. Wake up! This has never been about a so-called ‘pandemic’.

VACCINE MANDATES – Did you know that you need to agree to them first, for them to be legally valid?

The Legal Definition of a Mandate & Mandatory: "Under Roman and Civil Law, a written command given in principal to an agent, specifically, a commission or contract by which one person (the mandator) requests someone (the mandatory) to perform some service gratuitously [voluntarily, willingly, without charge], the commission becoming effective when the mandatory agrees." Black's Law Dictionary, 11th Edition WHEN THEY TELL YOU IT'S MANDATORY, THAT LEGALLY MEANS IT'S YOUR CHOICE!

INFO IMAGE – right click and ‘Save Image’ to download.

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A Final Word On Vaccine Mandates

Black’s Law Dictionary, 11th Edition defines ‘A Mandate’ in the following way, ”Under Roman and Civil Law, a written command given in principal to an agent, specifically, a commission or contract by which one person (the mandator) requests someone (the mandatory) to perform some service gratuitously [voluntarily, willingly, without charge], the commission becoming effective when the mandatory agrees.”

A mandate is a contractual agreement and only ‘legally’ becomes valid once the subject of the mandate agrees.

If any NHS trust or any employer sacks someone because of a mandate that the ‘mandatory’ does not agree to, then by default, the mandate is not effective; it does not exist, and so the employer has forcefully made the employee redundant, based on a piece of legislation that is not legally binding, or legally enforceable.

This is a game of bluff that you are seeing being played out in every globalist corrupted State across the world. They know what the legal definition of a mandate is, but they are not telling the people that it is reliant on each individual’s consent. This bluff exactly parallels their bluff in regards to the legal requirement for “fully informed consent” bluff for every recipient of the vaccine.

International law clearly protects the individual in the case of a medical intervention, by demanding that the individual is fully informed of any and all potential risks associated with the injection, PRIOR to them being jabbed. This law has been blatantly broken by all those involved, and the evidence is there to prove it. I will fully cover this in a future article.

The important point here is that the State is acting on a basis of ‘buyer beware’ in every one of its policies. In other words, if you can’t be bothered to look at the information that is available somewhere online, then we can’t be expected to show you everything. This is disingenuous at best, because we know that thousands of doctors, scientists, and independent journalists and investigators, have been systematically censored from providing the public with valid information and officially sourced data on the severe risks attached to this rushed vaccine rollout. Pfizer, as just one prominent example within the vaccine industry, have been proven in court to have concealed safety data from the public, and potentially from governments that were legally obligated to provide “fully informed consent” of ALL potential risks to each and every person they vaccinated.

As far as the vaccine mandate bluff is concerned, those responsible do not care about the fact that when this eventually goes through the courts, those who were wrongfully sacked when they did not consent to the mandate will receive large compensation payments, because a central part of the current ‘Great Reset’ agenda on the road to a one-world government is to collapse each nation’s economy along with its institutions and social framework. This in turn, is designed to lead to the planned entrance of the IMF onto the stage, at which point the political puppets of globalism within each nation will hand over the reins of political control to globalist institutions, in return for computer-generated fiat loans, created out of thin air by the banksters.

The sacking of tens of thousands of doctors, nurses and staff who remain unvaccinated in April, will simply assist the planned collapse of the NHS and the UK economy, because not only will the staff shortages lead to greater expense in the hiring of temporary staff, and the retaining salaries of those who are paid to sit at home, but will also eventually lead to payouts of many billions in compensation and back wages, for those who sue the NHS for wrongful dismissal. The outcome is guaranteed, and those who have specifically used the term ‘mandate’ are fully aware of its legal definition, and the fact that any employer that sacks a person on the grounds of refusing a vaccine mandate will pay in court for their lack of legal knowledge further down the line. The tactic is purposeful and perfectly aligns with the globalists’ agenda to collapse all nation States, in order to form a global, technocratic one-world totalitarian government.

Those who are facing ‘vaccine mandate redundancy’ need to be aware of two things. Yes, you will ultimately win in court, but if you do not help to bring to justice the entire criminal system of globalism in the meantime, the compensation you will be awarded will mean little in a society in which – as Klaus Schwab, the head of the WEF, states – “you will own nothing, and be happy.”

Dr. Stephen James and the five nurses that prescribed Sajid Javid with the ‘Red Pill’ deserve the ‘King’s Stars’ Commendation Award.

To nominate them go to: of click on the image below.

King's College Hospital Stars nomination form screenshot - Dr. Stephen James and the five nurses deserve this award!

Here’s the nomination I posted today:

Dr. Stephen James and the five nurses who were filmed and pictured by Sky News etc on Friday 7th January 2022, made an outstanding contribution towards breaking through the government propaganda and spin that so blatantly breaches International Bioethics and Human Rights Laws, and national legislation, which demands the “fully informed consent” of everyone prior to their participation in any medical or scientific intervention, procedure, experiment or associated technology, as clearly stated in the UNESCO Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights 2005 and other Human Rights Laws and Codes. Dr. James gave the public important information about the vaccine, which the government and media have been purposefully concealing.

Dr. James challenged Mr. Javid with the fact that he was likely to be as protected from COVID through natural immunity than someone who was vaccinated. He was polite enough to understate this medical fact. The most authoritative study to date, “The Israeli Study”, which involved 700,000 people, found those who had natural immunity through infection were 27 times less likely to get a second COVID infection than those who were vaccinated: []

With over 10% of King’s College Hospital and the rest of the NHS remaining unvaccinated, it was also so important that someone raised the issue of vaccine mandates, which can only come into force – under the official legal definition – once the mandatory consents. They are also a severe form of coercion, which is illegal under International Human Rights Law, in respect to any medical procedure or intervention. None of the mainstream media are pointing out that NHS staff shortages are so obviously impacted by over 10% of staff about to be sacked and needing to take as much time off work as possible in order to make plans. They mention any other reason for staff shortages, but purposefully ignore this most obvious one.

Dr. James also stated the impracticality of the waning effectiveness of the vaccine, and that people would need to be boosted monthly to offer any practical benefit. This highlighted the immunodeficiency associated with vaccine boosters, along with ADE, OGS, and other immune system issues, that many independent top doctors around the world are now beginning to see as an existential threat to humanity.

The five nurses refused to answer Mr. Javid – an ex international banker who knows nothing about medicine – because he dared to ask them what they thought about an internationally illegal policy (under Bioethics and Human Rights Laws) imposed by him and others in his government, which meant that over 10% of the nurses’ friends and colleagues would no longer by working with them in 3 months time. Their silence spoke volumes to the world.

If you wish to see the level of praise from the public shown to these six inspiring individuals, simply read the thousands of comments below the Sky News video of the discussion, which all have wonderful things to say about them. When I last checked, there were 10,000 ‘thumbs up’ approvals on that video, and not a single ‘thumbs down’ disapproval! Who can argue with that evidence. The people have spoken. That is how much the public love these guys, and I can only agree with their sentiments. They totally blew the lid off the deception that the British people are somehow behind the idea of a vaccine mandate, which the media would like people to falsely believe. From the evidence on that Sky News Youtube video, 100% of the public are firmly supporting the views of Dr. Stephen James and the five nurses. In other words, they were speaking – and refusing to speak – on behalf of the entire nation, and the world!

If King’s College Hospital doesn’t give these guys an award for how the acted that day, it will say more about the management of the hospital than it does about the good doctors and his wonderful colleagues.

Well done to King’s College Hospital staff!!!

“Stand for Freedom, Speak for Others, Think for Yourself.”

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If you didn't, that's because you've been socially conditioned since birth to see everything in an inverted, false way. 99%+ of politicians, academics and media commentators are no less ignorant about Human Rights and civil rights.

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