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Tommy Robinson was recently jailed for 13 months by what was clearly – based on the arrest and speed at which he was tried – a politically motivated kangaroo court. His arrest and imprisonment was because Tommy dared to read names of ‘alleged’ abusers from the BBC (British Brainwashing Company) website, whilst walking close to a court house in which those accused were being tried. Tommy wasn’t reporting details of the trial itself, but was merely reporting on the existence of the trial.

Whether you believe that Tommy may have technically broken the law or not, it is unconscionable to think that his arrest was not pre-planned by The State. It is also less than accurate within the current paradigm to simply call such an entity ‘The State’, for it is more accurately defined as either ‘The Deep State’ or ‘The Police State’. For some time now the people have been awakening to the reality of their thinly veiled enslavement under the control system, but this event may just prove to be a truly pivotal moment in this great awakening of the populace – at least on this side of the pond.

Just like those in centuries before him that spoke truth to power, Tommy was labelled as ‘an enemy of The State’, but using instead the new translated versions of that term – racist, alt-right, conspiracy theorist etc. These terms have been manufactured or corrupted by the incorporated criminal fraternity in a desperate attempt to halt the rising tide of The Peaceful Revolution, by attempting to turn an over sentimentalized and dumbed down majority against those who are shining the light of truth on the depraved institutions of the establishment. Tommy is a prime example of that enlightened minority, and the powers that be know it full well.

The Parasitic Elite cannot stand the idea of a truly peaceful revolution, because their system has always used fear and violence to control the people. A revolution that is based on empowering the populace with information and ideas – as Tommy does relentlessly – will always eventually triumph over the Roman-based control system, which is as present today as it was in the time of Julius Caesar. Just look at the statues to Roman pagan gods in your cities, and the Roman columned banks and government buildings. Look at the Latin terminology in the laws; the medicine; and the sciences. You are living under the 3rd Roman Empire.

So what has the arrest and imprisonment of Tommy Robinson and the failed gagging order actually achieved? It is clear that those in charge of defending the control system against its inevitable dismantling by The Peaceful Revolution have no more common sense than their masonic brothers who operate the global financial racket. It is my opinion, and the opinion of many others, that in this case the judge appeared to act as though he was presiding over a court in 1718 and not 2018. It is not the judgement of guilt that has sparked so many people’s anger, but the rushed sentencing; the judgement to imprison an individual despite the risk to his life; and the attempted cover-up that has rightly brought about the overwhelming support for Tommy.

The 13-month sentence represents a legal judgment that Tommy’s actions were a “contempt of court” and threatened to prejudice the case that ‘may’ have led to its collapse, potentially to the tune of hundreds of thousands of pounds in costs. It is down to the experts and to some extent public opinion, to decide whether this judgement was legally right or wrong, based on the facts in hand. I am not a legal expert, but having seen how apparently careful Tommy was in choosing his words during his broadcast, I personally fail to see how this could in any way affect the case as it stood, but perhaps I have missed something. Regardless, it is the extreme severity of the conviction, and the subsequent failed gagging order that has started the fire storm against the police and judiciary. We have seen such attempts at gagging orders before. Many of those in positions of power are so incredibly abstracted from modern-day reality that they still actually believe that they can and should ‘manage’ information.

So it appears that Tommy Robinson was being very careful ‘not’ to prejudice the case, and he said nothing more of significance than the BBC and other large media corporations had not already stated. He was also rightly careful to state that those on trial were the ‘alleged’ perpetrators of the charges. If the judge felt that Tommy’s reporting in this particular instance was somehow close to the mark, he could surely have given him a warning specific to the case, a significant fine, and/or legally restricted his on-going physical proximity to the court for the duration of the trial. The hurried nature of the trial without access to his regular lawyer; the gagging order; the decision to imprison, and the seeming inconsequential attitude of the judge in regards to the likely threat to Tommy Robinson’s life if he was imprisoned, lead many to the conclusion that Tommy’s trial was a politically-motivated fit-up, and if it hadn’t been this month, it would have been next month, or the month after.

When there is a very real threat to a person’s life at the hands of violent criminals and that hangs in the balance against a slight possibility of the tax payer losing a few hundred thousand pounds – especially when there are other legal options available – can there really be any alternative to deferring imprisonment? Other reporters have covered certain apparent statements by the judge in regards to the threat to Tommy’s life, and also an alleged claim that the judge did not watch the whole of Tommy’s broadcast before judging and sentencing him, and I urge you to investigate all the reports before making your own decision on the rights and wrongs of the specific judgment. There are certainly a lot of questions to be answered, and thankfully there are a large number of independent media operators who are asking those questions, and so they should. All those within a modern civilized society should expect to be able to openly investigate all potential abuses of power, and be able to subsequently hold all those in positions of authority to account if they are found to be involved in such abuses.

The real questions are these. Were the particular elements of arrest, trial, and conviction due to the existence of any official or unofficial specific agenda directed towards Tommy Robinson, and was there any collusion of establishment institutions on the day of the event or at any time, aimed at singling out Tommy Robinson for punishment? Of course, if such conspiracies were to exist, those same institutions could never be relied on to get to the bottom of the crime. We have seen such issues in the investigations and enquiries of the Steven Lawrence case, the Hillsborough disaster, and many other less publicised miscarriages of justice. Who will watch the watchers, if not those like Tommy Robinson and those who are now reporting on his plight?

Yes, prejudicing a legal case – if that had actually been what had happened here – would obviously be wrong, but there are a number of important points that every judge needs to understand if they do not want to fall seriously short of public acceptance on such matters.

The ‘Streisand Effect’ dictates that in a global Internet connected world, where every individual has the potential power of a newspaper or television news channel, gagging any story simply sensationalizes it to all and sundry. A gagging order that suppresses information in one country will simply be broadcast in another, free of legal suppression, and a hundred times over because of the seeming importance given to it by the judge. Tommy Robinson is now as popular – if not more so – in the US as he is in the UK. He has also gained media friends in high places, notably Alex Jones & Infowars in the US, and Rebel Media in Canada, two independent media outlets that really value Tommy’s unswerving struggle to enlighten the people to what is being hidden from them in regards to the forced migration agenda of the NWO in the UK and throughout Europe.

Tommy’s politically motivated arrest and ‘Star Chamber’ conviction have further catapulted his fame to new heights on a truly global scale. In the new paradigm, those who share real information are the heroes of today and the legends of tomorrow, and at a moment in time when key topics of conversion in regards to Britain are the ‘Islamification of Europe in respect to the Kalergi Plan’ and the role-out of the UK ‘Police State’, Tommy’s mode of arrest and conviction in connection to this particular trial was the perfect combination to ignite the touch-paper of independent media interest and public anger.

Perhaps under orders from on high, or under advice from his peers who had a better understanding of how the modern world works, the judge quickly did a U-turn on his gagging order, allowing 100% of the world’s media to report on Tommy’s trial, rather than the 99% that had been able to report on it prior to his climb down.

Although rapidly increasing numbers of people are openly questioning the world’s judicial systems, a judge who acts within such a draconian institution as ‘The Cult of the Black Robe’ aka The British judiciary, is simply doing what he or her has been conditioned to do, often from birth. If the justice system is a sickness within society, then the judge in this case, Geoffrey Marson QC, is simply a symptom of the disease rather than the disease himself. I am quite sure that hundreds of other judges would may have given a similar extreme sentence to Tommy or to anyone else who is labelled by the authorities as a significant threat to the system, regardless of how peaceful they are. I am not here to question an individual judge’s decision, and it would be impractical and counterproductive to do so. I am here to question the level of corruption that exists endemically within the institution as a whole, and every other public institution that should act as a dutiful servant to all the people, and nothing besides.

Another important element of ‘The Tommy Robinson Star Chamber’ affair to note is how in just 24 hours from when Tommy Robinson was in the spotlight having being arrested, Geoffrey Marson’s decision to gag the trial and thereby portray it as a ‘Star Chamber’ situation, turned the spotlight on him and on the British judicial system and its policing as a whole. A large minority of related headlines focused on this being a clear example of the much discussed ‘UK Police State’ agenda. A few days on, and Tommy Robinson is being hailed by millions as a hero of the people’s fight to liberate information and for freedom of the press, and it is the judgment and the British legal system that are now squarely in the dock of public opinion.

Those within the independent media must take this opportunity to cast even more light on this arcane institution. Can it possibly be acceptable to any rational individual – in this time of great opposition to secrecy – that as many as 95% of all British judges are freemasons, having taken an oath that would place their allegiance to the Master of their lodge above their allegiance to any other authority? Many testify that the higher ranks of the UK police force, the military, and of course the political system are just as infected by the secret societies as the judicial system. It is estimated that there are over 500,000 freemasons in the UK alone! Surely it is high time that every single individual that holds public office is required by law to publicly list all their affiliations to such institutions, and to also be required to make a new oath that places their allegiance only to that public office, and to the people? Is this not the least that the people should demand from their public servants?

It is essential that those actively involved within The Peaceful Revolution analyse such pivotal events as ‘The Tommy Robinson Star Chamber’ affair, learn from them, and implement strategies that turn such challenges into opportunities for future success. In this instance, the concern and rapid support for Tommy shown by independent media outlets outside of the UK, particularly after the failed gagging order was introduced, illustrate the motivation that is generated when there is a clear abuse of power aimed at stifling or prohibiting the media from reporting on a legitimate story, particularly when such abuse is aimed at members of the truth-seeking community who have been targeted for their efforts. What has also been illustrated is that the ‘Streisand Effect’ is alive and well, and the aggressive coverage of a story by independent media in one country, which is wrongfully gagged in another, can quickly force such a legal U-turn as occurred in Tommy’s case.

With this in mind, it is time that serious conversations take place between like-minded independent media organisations throughout the globe, in order to formulate reciprocal agreements, which state that under certain circumstances each will cover stories on behalf of one another, in order to utterly circumvent such abuses of power in the future. Of course, I am not suggesting that this should be done in order to circumvent legitimate laws, but there are many wholly legal responses to the abuse of power, particularly in regards to national law and order. After all, if two countries have a different law governing the same offence, then at least one of those laws is wrong, yes? Who is to say which is wrong and which is right, if any? It is simply a question of “When in Rome …” – literally!

Another opportunity to take away from ‘The Tommy Robinson Star Chamber’ affair is the need for centralized legal representation for those who are reporting the truth and who are actively involved in moving forward The Peaceful Revolution. There are two angles to this. Firstly, those who are training in law or who are already acting lawyers should be encouraged to offer a proportion of their working time to defending those like Tommy who are being actively targeted by the legal system for political purposes. This could best be achieved by establishing specific websites to promote the initiative and also by directly approaching certain lawyers, law firms, and those studying law. Such cases can offer a benefit to lawyers who may wish to be involved in more high-profile cases, and who believe in the current efforts to disclose to the people the hidden agendas of the control system.

The second angle to this initiative is for people to set up well-managed funding campaigns that aim to establish financial war chests, which can be used to pay for the legal expenses of an approved list of lawyers. Larger sums raised could even be used to establish small law firms that hire lawyers full time, thereby massively saving costs. There are many people who have the skills and professional aptitude to establish such a fund, and I am sure that if done right, significant sums of money could be raised to combat the inevitable legal challenges that independent reporters, bloggers, truth-seekers and activists will face in the near future from the corrupted establishment. Nothing good happens overnight, but initiating such initiatives now could mean that in years to come, a significant change within the parameters of the legal system could be brought about.

I cannot finish this article without briefly talking about Tommy himself. Incredible as it seems, the majority of people that now support Tommy and regard him as an upstanding and peaceful reporter and activist for truth, particularly in the UK, probably once regarded him as violent, deluded, and a racist. Perhaps the most wonderful thing about the revolution of truth that is sweeping the world is that people who are waking up are not afraid to accept just how wrong they once were about the world; about their own beliefs; and about how they once regarded certain people. I consider the propaganda war against Tommy over the past decade to have been among the most intense and unjustified of any I have witnessed to date.

Tommy’s historic connection to the BNP and the EDL means that he once associated with football hooligans and others who were attracted to those group for the wrong reasons. So what? I’m very spiritual but not at all religious, but I think Jesus knew what he was talking about when he said, “he who hath not sinned, cast the first stone.” Consider two things. Firstly, Tommy has actively dissociated himself from certain individuals and groups over the past few years, a move that has turned those who are genuinely racist and violent directly against him. Secondly, the (in)security services and other arcane secret service and policing groups are well known to use undercover agents and agents-provocateurs to infiltrate groups like the EDL and, even animal rights and peace groups, in order to destabilize them, and to defame and bring down key individuals such as Tommy. Nothing you have ever heard about Tommy from the mainstream media – which is wholly manipulated by the control system – should be considered as ‘hard fact’. At the very least it is propaganda, and far more likely to be nothing other than salacious lies. Almost all those who have a negative opinion of Tommy have never even watched any of his webcasts other than out-of-context snippets used by the MSM to defame him. Far from verbally attacking individuals for reasons of faith, Tommy applauds Muslims who act honourably and has simply reported on incidences and examples of ‘hate speech’ that are broadcast by those who claim to be Muslim. For those who support Tommy’s investigations and work, it is this apparent sanctioning of selective ‘hate speech’ by the establishment – in contrast to Tommy’s efforts to report on the cover-up – that establishes him as a true hero of the people’s truth movement.

Just as every saint has a past, every sinner should also have a future. Tommy’s journey from BNP member to truth-seeker extraordinaire should be a lesson to everyone in how an individual can achieve such a respected status, having risen from such a challenging environment. About the most difficult thing that any individual can do in this life is to turn away from his or her peers and follow a path that requires the individual to stand alone in the crowd for any period of time. When that crowd is hostile, as Tommy’s has so often been, the achievement is even greater. The next time you doubt yourself, consider the self-doubt that must have challenged Tommy over the years, and the strength and self-belief required for him to continue on his path because he was in pursuit of the truth. Always stand strong within your own convictions, and for the time being, let’s all stand with Tommy. As all of us within this wonderful peaceful revolution know full well, eventually “the truth shall set you free”.

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