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New Moral Order™

Organised Psychopathy


Quotes by Quartz of New Moral Order™ on the topic of
Organised Psychopathy.

New Moral Order™

Organised Psychopathy


“In order to judge a system, ideology, or institution, you simply need to judge those it attracts to its highest ranks.

“The political establishment, judiciary, religious institutions, police, military, media, central banks and transnational corporations of your society are each dominated and controlled by freemasons, psychopaths, sociopaths, thieves, murderers, rapists, and pedophiles.

“It is never you who is at fault for any of society’s problems. It is the institutions that rule over you, and those who manage them from the shadows. They are always and forever fully responsible.

“Stop blaming the man or woman on the other side of the street or across the tracks. Look up to the cameras that spy on you, look beyond the screen that brainwashes you, and look behind the stage that hosts the show they call politics.

“They wear suits, not hoodies. They rob you from private jets, not scooters; they control you with debt, not punches; and they harm and kill you with products, not guns. Know thy enemy!”


“If you take care of the sociopaths, society will take care of itself.”


“The mind tends towards either creativity or control. Developing one naturally diminishes the other. A society that is governed by those who are creative will always prosper, whereas a society that is governed through control will always stagnate and destroy itself from within.”


“Psychopaths rule the world. You wouldn’t let a psychopath roam free in your home so why do you let psychopathic politicians and globalists control your society? You wouldn’t give your wallet to a psychopath so why do you allow psychopathic central banksters to control your economy? You wouldn’t let a psychopath watch over your kids so why do you permit psychopathic social engineers to decide what is taught and not taught in schools, in universities and online? Organised Psychopathy is the real conspiracy. It’s time for a psycho-free world, because if you don’t wake up soon, they’ll put to you to sleep forever.”


“Psychopathy is the poison ivy on the tree of life.”


“Freedom from tyranny may only be permanently attained through the eradication of that which gives rise to tyranny – a conspiracy of psychopaths, aka Organised Psychopathy. So long as the parasitic class remain as a hidden hand behind politics, religion, business and banking, tyranny will always be lurking in the shadows of society.”


New Moral Order™

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