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New Moral Order™

Peace vs. Violence


Quotes by Quartz of New Moral Order™ on the topic of
Peace vs. Violence.

New Moral Order™

Peace vs. Violence


“In the 21st century, there is no war or military conflict that cannot be immediately stopped through economic and corporate means. The reality is that central banks and transnational corporations fund and capitalise on war for profit and expansion. As soon as the people close down the central banking system and the multinational hegemony, war and military conflict will cease to exist.”


“The only rule of war should be the total rule of peace.”


“The only real differences between violent crime and war is a bigger gang with bigger bosses and bigger weapons.”


“There is no such thing as a moral war. There is only sanctioned murder on a grand scale.”


“If you wear a uniform, carry a flag, and kill people in large enough numbers, you will get away with murder. They call it war.”


“Bad ideas produce armies. Good ideas dispose of them.”


“If in the case of any military conflict, all billionaires and bank executives were immediately sent to the frontline, we would never see another war again.”


“No politician can justifiably talk of war because no politician has genuinely talked of peace.”


“I see nothing in this world that a continued support of the military will solve, but everything that a rejection of it might.”


“Beating someone up is barbaric. Beating someone up for fame or money is uncivilised. However, paying to watch someone beat someone up for fame or money is promoted and applauded by society as a spectator sport.”

Quartz on Boxing, MMA etc.

“There is only one true war crime and that is the waging of war itself.”


“There will never be peace through the promotion of violence and there will never be an end to war through military aggression. The smallest acts of peace must always be glorified and the smallest acts of violence must always be condemned.”


New Moral Order™

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