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New Moral Order™

The Depopulation Agenda


Quotes by Quartz of New Moral Order™ on the topic of
The Depopulation Agenda.

New Moral Order™

The Depopulation Agenda


“When globalists say that there are too many people in the world, what they actually mean is that there are too many people for them to control; too many non-psychopathic human beings in comparison to their number.”


“Many good people casually say that there are too many human beings on the planet, without any evidence or real understanding of the issue. They have been indoctrinated with the invention of overpopulation, and repeat it like a parrot echoes the words it has been taught to repeat.

“Human overpopulation of our planet is not only so provably false, but it goes hand in hand with the orchestrated depopulation of the human species, or to use a more honest term, speciescide.

“If you support the notion of overpopulation, you are blindly promoting the eugenics agenda that lies behind the planned mass murder of billions of people, and it’s important to note that you are in that number.”


“Slowly slowly killy monkey.”


“You had a use. They needed you to work their industries, which formed the technologies that built their robots, but now that they have their robots, you have become surplus to requirements. You are no longer a useful unit of energy to them. You are now simply a competing liability to their planned dominion over the world. They don’t want you competing. They don’t want you breeding. They want you dead.”


“It is accepted mainstream historical fact that US Army, under instruction from the US Government, put smallpox in the blankets of Native American Indians, although of course, the action was kept secret from citizens of the US at the time.

“So why do people find it so difficult to accept that the psychopaths who control the UN or other globalist forces of the 20th and 21st centuries – which have actively encouraged discussions on extreme and rapid human depopulation by as much as 95% – would not be covertly utilising bio, medical and chemical warfare on the people of the world, via the deployment of vaccinations, pharmaceuticals, airborne sprays, food industry products, and municipal water, with the same cold, pragmatic efficiency as that of the US authorities of the 19th century.

“You should be in no doubt that today’s tools of biowarfare would be offered with exactly the same smiles and claims of altruistic assistance and compassion for humanity as were those killer blankets of yesteryear.”


New Moral Order™

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