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Fifty Million Max™

The Eradication of Toxic Wealth


Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth. - #FiftyMillionMax

To my mind, the solutions to the problems we see in society are very simple. Furthermore, the powers that be (but should not be) also know that the solutions are very simple, and that is why the control system spends the majority of its energy on distracting people with disempowering entertainment, sports, consumerism, drugs, food, and other targeted sources of addiction. If enough of the people become critical thinkers rather than just the programmed fleshy drones that the majority have become, the entire criminal system of political control, social corruption and planetary theft would quickly crumble in dust.

Thankfully, the last two years of the Scamdemic has awakened a significant enough proportion of the people to a few essential truths, two of them being that the entire political system is not actually democratic at all, but is instead controlled by unelected globalist entities, and that the people cannot expect any protection, justice or real solutions from politicians, who are almost all either compromised or willing puppets of the globalists and their criminal, corporate partners.

No, from this point forward, the people themselves need to create a fresh, authentic representation of democracy. Politicians had their chance and they have utterly proved themselves to be a central part of the problem. The solutions must now come from the people.

We must use all the tools at our disposal to recreate society in our true human image, a humanity of compassion and consistency. A moral society that comes from the people’s genuine desire for a peaceful and fair world, rather than the society fashioned by orchestrated evil, violence and crime that you see around you today.

All the chaos is purposefully constructed. It doesn’t just happen. Only a fool believes in coincidence when it comes to national and global politics. The idea that a war couldn’t be prevented is a myth, one of many that you have been programmed to belief since birth. Walk down a busy street on a Saturday afternoon and you do not see wars suddenly erupt from the crowds. That is because wars take a great deal of effort to bring about. Ninety-nine percent of human beings are not the real problem. They never have been. I guarantee you this. If wars were not profitable for those who never take part in them but who finance them all, arms companies and the military would not exist in modern society.

Only the people can stop the insanity and the wrongdoing because the politicians are there to make sure it continues. Once the people decide to peacefully take over the running of their society, which they must now do, nothing will be able to stop them. You simply need to realise that you can do exactly that – to start running your own society, rather than continuing to allow a bunch of psychopathic interlopers – the parasitic elite – to control it, fleece it, and destroy it.

The great ruse of the controllers has always been in getting the people to believe that a few psychopaths and sociopaths at the top of the pyramid are the only ones who can effectively manage human society. The British establishment, in collaboration with its transnational banking partners in crime (not ‘the people’ of Britain), controlled hundreds of millions of Indians with just a few thousand civil servants, simply because they managed to convince the people of that nation that there was no other option for them. Once the Indian people began to see through the scam, the British had no choice but to give up control and flee the country. India didn’t free itself with guns. It freed itself with consciousness.

Gandhi, who led the people of India to their freedom from colonial rule, understood the power of peace, not violence, and that’s exactly why they assassinated him. That’s also why they murdered JFK, Martin Luther King Jnr., John Lennon and every other individual who threatened their control system. Those leaders began to focus the people towards only peaceful revolution, in which everyone thinks for themselves but act in harmony, rather than as a fragmented species of opposing groups, to which people have been conditioned to falsely believe they belong.

You have been programmed to look across the street to see your enemy. In truth, the only enemies you have are those who look down on you from their penthouse boardrooms, their private jets, and the Swiss mountain retreats. Once the people awaken to that reality, the manufactured idea of divisions of race, gender, religion, or nationality are seen for the propaganda they are. The idea of the cultural and biological differences of 8 billion individuals somehow being the cause of society’s ills will become quite laughable. Almost all human beings naturally get on with one another. They naturally want peace and happiness. They are naturally well-intentioned and want to be good.

It is the extremes that disrupt that natural harmony, which would otherwise guide humanity towards a prosperous, utopian future. Once we establish a new society that eliminates – or at least diminishes – those extremes, such a utopia will no longer be the pipe dream that the control system wants you to believe it to be. Indeed, with the people leading and managing their society for the very first time in recorded history, you will be able to witness such a utopia within your lifetime. You simply need to know that it is easily achievable, and then to make it happen.

Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth. - #FiftyMillionMax
Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth