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New Moral Order™

1. Introduction


Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth. - #FiftyMillionMax

A New Improved Society

A global wealth cap of $50 million per individual. The most important social change in human history.

Imagine a society in which everyone lived like a millionaire. That is the society that Fifty Million Max™ will create.

The implementation of the Fifty Million Max™ policy will bring about:

  • The elimination of world poverty, hunger, and suffering.
  • The eradication of social and political corruption.
  • No more “bankers’ wars” and orchestrated chaos.
  • An end to the hidden crimes of the parasitic class.
  • Trillions made available to build a society of luxury for all.
  • A fairer, true democracy under the control of the people.

Fifty Million Max™ is the #1 policy of New Moral Order™ and the #1 policy promoted by the New Moral Army™ – the greatest political, social and economic movement in human history.

This policy, once adopted and peacefully, lawfully and democratically implemented by the people, has the power to change society for the better, more easily and rapidly, than any other social or political policy or movement that exists or is ever likely to exist.

The concept is so simple, but because of the extreme brainwashing that has been imposed upon the populace over the last century, it is a concept that is noticeable only by its complete absence from the political, social and economic narrative.

When you first consider it – due to the degree that you are likely to have been social conditioned throughout your life – you may well find yourself not believing that such a major social solution could be this simple. However, as you think about it more and more, I guarantee that you will come to realise that there are no valid arguments against it, and more to the point, you will wonder why this policy has never been previously implemented or even discussed openly in the public space?

The answer to that last question is simple. Those psychopaths and sociopaths who pull the strings in society can only continue to do so if they can continue to convince the people that toxic wealth is not a moral or legal issue, and should therefore continue to exist.

Fifty Million Max™ clearly states and promotes an absolute social reality – that toxic wealth utterly corrupts the political system and the society as a whole, and impoverishes, harms, and murders the people. It kills humanity and destroys society from on high.

Toxic wealth must be wholly eradicated, and the simplest way to do it is to establish a maximum wealth cap of $50 Million per person. It really is that simple.

In a nutshell, the Fifty Million Max™ project provides a peaceful, lawful and democratic solution to every single social problem that you might currently or ever envisage. The more you think about the policy, the more you will begin to understand just how this simple economic change will rapidly usher in a truly utopian society.

Fifty Million Max™ will end the despicable corruption of our society by the parasitic class, who have relentlessly stolen the wealth of nations and persistently robbed the people’s earnings and savings. They have hoarded many trillions of dollars, while millions of people still starve to death every single year, and suffer in the most extreme states of poverty and deprivation.

Implementing a Fifty Million Max™ wealth cap will also provide an economic boom as never before witnessed in human history, as well as allowing everyone on the planet to live in a ‘millionaire lifestyle society’ – and that, of course, includes you!

By focusing the people’s minds towards this one simple global solution, humanity can use genuine ‘people power’ to bring about the legal changes required via the superlative law of democracy. If the people democratically decide on the implementation of such a wealth cap, then it must and shall be done, and nobody, no matter how much toxic wealth they have at their disposal, will be able to stand in the way of the people’s decision!


To my mind, the solutions to the problems we see in society are very simple. Furthermore, the powers that be (but should not be) also know that the solutions are very simple, and that is why the control system spends the majority of its energy on distracting people with disempowering entertainment, sports, consumerism, drugs, food, and other targeted sources of addiction.

If enough of the people become critical thinkers rather than just programmed fleshy drones that blindly obey the social engineers, the entire criminal system of political corruption, social control and planetary theft would quickly crumble into dust.

Thankfully, the two years of the scamdemic awakened a significant enough proportion of the people to two essential truths: firstly, that the entire political system is not actually democratic at all, but is instead controlled by unelected globalist entities, and secondly, that the people cannot expect any protection, justice or genuine solutions from politicians, who are almost all either utterly compromised by clandestine and globalist institutions, or have been hand-picked to be so incompetent that they are no better than puppets on the hands of their political masters.

No, the fake charade of democracy is not democracy at all. From this point forward, the people themselves need to create a completely new and authentic representation of democracy, which does not involve in any way, those who have utterly corrupted the current bogus system. Today’s politicians had their chance and they have utterly proved themselves to be a central part of the problem, nothing more. The solutions must now come from the people. A political system by the people; of the people; for the people. Nothing less must be accepted or tolerated.

We must use all the tools at our disposal – so long as they are peaceful, lawful and democratic – to recreate society in our true human image, a humanity of compassion and consistency. A moral society that comes from the people’s genuine desire for a peaceful and fair world, rather than the society fashioned by orchestrated evil, violence and crime, which you see everywhere around you today.

All the chaos you see on the news is purposefully constructed. It doesn’t just happen. Only a fool believes in coincidence when it comes to national and global politics. The idea that a war couldn’t be prevented is a myth, one of many that you have been programmed to believe since birth. Walk down a busy street on a Saturday afternoon and you do not see fights suddenly erupt from the crowds. That is because human conflict takes a great deal of effort to bring about. Ninety-five percent of human beings are not the real problem. They never have been. I guarantee you this. If wars were not profitable for those who never take part in them but who finance them all, arms companies and the military would not exist in modern society.

Only the people can stop the insanity and the wrongdoing because the politicians are the gatekeepers of conflict and chaos; they are there to make sure it continues unabated. Once the people decide to peacefully take over the running of their society, which they must now do, nothing will be able to stop them. You simply need to realise that you can do exactly that – to start running your own society, rather than continuing to allow a bunch of psychopathic interlopers; the parasitic elite – to control it, fleece it, and destroy it.

The great ruse of the controllers has always been in getting the people to believe that a few psychopaths and sociopaths at the top of the pyramid are the only ones who can effectively manage human society. The British establishment, in collaboration with its transnational banking partners in crime (it was never ‘the people’ of Britain), controlled hundreds of millions of people in India with just a few thousand puppet civil servants. They managed to convince the people of that nation that there was no other option for them but to accept the rule of their foreign masters, just as they are today attempting to convince the people of every nation that they must accept the medical interventions, tyrannical rules and economic policies of globalism: of its transnational corporations; its NGOs; its technocrats; and its billionaires. A century ago, once the people of India began to see through the scam of collectivist control, the globalists of that day, masquerading as ‘The British Empire’, had no choice but to give up control and flee the country. India didn’t free itself with guns. It freed itself with consciousness.

Gandhi, who led the people of India to their freedom from colonial rule, understood the power of peace, not violence, and that’s exactly why they assassinated him. That’s also why they murdered JFK, Martin Luther King Jnr., John Lennon and every other individual who has threatened their anti-human control system. Those leaders began to focus the people towards only peaceful revolution, in which everyone thinks for themselves, but acts in harmony with every other individual, rather than as a fragmented species of opposing tribal groups, to which people have been conditioned to falsely believe they belong. That is collectivism, and it is central to parasitic control.

You have been programmed to look across the street to see your enemy. In truth, the only enemies you have are those who look down on you from their penthouse boardrooms, their private jets, and the Swiss mountain retreats. Once the people awaken to the reality of the parasitic elite, the orchestrated social conflicts that they invent – between races, genders, religions, and nations – are seen for what they truly are: manufactured conflicts to manufacture chaos. Such a society in ruin, is then so easily reconstructed to become an empire of globalist tyranny by those who pull the purse strings.

The idea of the cultural and biological differences of 8 billion individuals somehow being the cause of society’s ills is quite laughable to those who see through the veil of social engineering and manipulated wars, political conflicts and social chaos, relentlessly orchestrated against humanity by the parasitic elite. Almost all human beings naturally get on with one another. They naturally want peace and happiness. They are naturally well-intentioned and want to be good. The existence of real evil in the world can be attributed to just a few powerful people and their institutions of control, and once they have been economically brought-to-heel by the people, goodness is guaranteed to not only prevail in the world, but to naturally rule over it!

It is the extremes that disrupt that natural harmony, which would otherwise guide humanity towards a prosperous, utopian future. We need to eliminate those extremes, nothing more, and seek balance in society.

Once we establish a new society that eliminates, or at least radically diminishes those extremes, such a utopia will no longer be the pipe dream that the control system wants you to believe it to be. Indeed, with the people leading and managing their society for the very first time in recorded history, you will be able to witness such a utopia within your lifetime. You simply need to know that it is easily achievable, and then to make it happen.

New Moral Order™

The Fifty Million Max™ Project

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Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth. - #FiftyMillionMax

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Fifty Million Max™ is one of the three paradigm-shifting policies of the New Moral Army™.

Three Policies to Transform the World

• Fifty Million Max™
A global wealth cap of $50 million per individual.

• Abolishing National Usury
An end to private central banks charging interest on the creation of money and national borrowing.

• Total Universal Compensation
Full settlement for all historic crimes against society, because all toxic wealth leads back to criminality.

The New Moral Army™ exists for the sole purpose of promoting these three policies and seeing them fully implemented on a global scale.

Under the corrupted system in which we now find ourselves, there is no more valid social movement or worthwhile cause deserving of your support.

Please consider donating just £10 a month to join the New Moral Army™ and play an active role in the greatest political, social and economic movement in human history.

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