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Dr Noack died in hospital on 26 November 2021, following 2 days of what can best be described as some kind of persistent energy weapon attack on him at his home. This attack almost immediately followed his web chat on 23 November 2021, in which he exposed the existence of graphene hydroxide ‘razors’ in the vaccines. The specifics of the energy weapon attack and its implications will be covered in a follow-up article.

Dr. Noack believed these graphene hydroxide nano-scale razor blades, aka ‘Grazors’, to be the direct cause of the severe cardiovascular adverse events being witnessed in unprecedented numbers of those who have received vaccines during the rushed COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

He specifically cited the sudden collapse of many vaccinated sports players and the subsequent deaths of a significant number of them to be, in his expert opinion, an expected result of such razor sharp molecules being injected directly into the vein of someone who has heightened blood flow.

On 18 November 2020, almost exactly one year before his whistleblower online video and apparent ‘murder’, Dr. Andreas Noack’s home was violently raided by Bayern Police. They stormed his office brandishing sub-machine guns while he was live streaming a discussion about the German Government giving itself unlimited powers without the need for parliamentary approval.


Dr. Noack's home raided by Bayern Police Brandishing Sub-Machine Guns 18 November 2020

A year later, at 10am, Tuesday, 23 November 2021, Dr. Noack published the video of his eye-opening web chat on the serious dangers of graphene hydroxide razors (‘Grazors’) being present in at least some of the vaccines, citing Pfizer.

According to a subsequent testimony by his wife, Anna, the video exposé was not received at all well by doctors of the establishment who had watched Dr. Noack’s whistleblowing talk.

The Transcript of Dr. Andreas Noack’s Online Talk About the Dangers of Graphene Hydroxide Razors [Grazors] in the Vaccines, 23 November 2021.

The following is the full transcript of the original abridged video published online of Dr. Noack’s web chat/lecture in front of a number of doctors/scientists.

[Supplementary comments are placed within square bracket and/or in italics, and particular emphasis to certain statements by Dr. Noack by NMO™ is shown in bold. Any further emphasis is highlighted by underlining in bold. All images are screenshots from the published video.]

All other (bracketed) words were part of the original source translation provided courtesy of Stefan Reich (


[Dr. Noack stands in front of a whiteboard and a video display screen as he gives his talk to the camera.]

[Dr. Noack begins his talk.]

There is a professor from the University of Almeria, Professor Dr. Pablo Campra. He studied the vaccines for the presence of graphene oxide using Micro-Raman Spectroscopy. It is the study of frequencies.

[NMO™: Dr. Noack refers here to the “DETECCIÓN DE OXIDO DE GRAFENO EN SUSPENSIÓN ACUOSA (COMIRNATYTM (RD1)” study [in Spanish but featuring microscope images] by Prof. Dr. Pablo Campra, published on 28 June 2021. This was the first major study out of a recognised laboratory to present microscopic images of a COVID-19 vaccine containing what the scientists determined was graphene oxide. Dr. Noack, with his highly specialised and world-leading knowledge of the subject, further determined that this ingredient found within the vaccine samples – by the University of Madrid, and subsequently by other independent researchers – was in fact, graphene ‘hydroxide’.]


[Back to the transcript]

There are frequency bands. Two of those bands are important. They show that it is not graphene oxide, but rather graphene hydroxide.

I would like to explain what this graphene hydroxide is.

[Dr. Noack draws the graphene hydroxide structure on the whiteboard.]

1. Dr. Noack draws the graphene hydroxide structure on the whiteboard.

It is mono-layer activated carbon. There are C6 rings. He found it in all samples. Every corner is a carbon atom. This is on a nanoscale.

I’ll cut this up a bit here. If it is 50 nm long, there are 500 rings in a row. These are hydroxy groups (OH). In graphene oxide you have double bonded oxygen, and in graphene hydroxide you have an OH group.

The electrons are delocalized (fully mobile). The piece is 50 nm long but only 0.1 nm thick. These C6 structures are extremely stable. You can make braking pads out of this. It is not biologically decomposable.

These nanoscale structures can best be described as razor blades.

[Dr. Noack points to an image of a razor blade on the video screen.]

2. Dr. Noack points to an image of a razor blade on the video screen.

These razor blades are injected into the body. Nano-scale, tiny razor blades. Only one atom layer thick. Relatively wide and high. They are razors, biologically not decomposable.

The OH (hydroxy) groups can split off a proton. When the proton is split off, they gain a negative charge spread out over the whole system. It is basically an acid. It suspends well in water because of the negative charge. So these are razor blades spread homogeneously in the liquid.

This is basically Russian roulette. You can see it very clearly in this woman.

[Dr. Noack points to an image of a woman’s injuries on the video screen.]

3. Dr. Noack points to an image of a woman's injuries on the video screen.

It cuts the blood vessels.

The blood vessels have epithel cells [epithelium] as their inner lining. The epithel is extremely smooth, like a mirror. And it is cut up by these razor blades.

That is what’s so dangerous. If you inject the vaccine into a vein, the razors will circulate in the blood and cut up the epithel.

The mean thing is that toxicological tests are done in Petri dishes. And there you will not find anything. These are the sharpest imaginable structures because they are only one atom layer thick. This is a huge molecule which is extremely sharp.

I am a specialist in activated carbon. In my doctoral thesis, I have converted graphene oxide to graphene hydroxide. I joined the world leading activated carbon manufacturer. After a year I was in charge of new activated carbon products.

We bought a small company near Newcastle, England. I was in charge of “new carbon products”, Europe-wide. I was in application scouting.

If you perform an autopsy on the victims, you will not find anything. Toxicologists do their tests in Petri dishes. They can’t imagine that there are structures that can cut up blood vessels.

There are pictures of coagulated blood coming out of the nose. People bleed to death on the inside. Especially the top athletes who are dropping dead have fast-flowing blood. The faster the blood flows, the more damage the razors will do.

As a chemist, if you inject this into the blood, you know you are a murderer. It’s a new material, toxicologists are not aware of it yet. Suddenly it makes sense that victims look like this. and that top athletes with high blood circulation, completely healthy, suddenly drop dead.

You see people collapse immediately after vaccination and have a seizure. These people had bad luck in the Russian roulette. Very likely, a vein was hit by the syringe.

[NMO™: Dr. Noack is referencing here the incorrect ‘intravenous’ application by some injectors of the vaccines, as opposed to the proper ‘intramuscular’ application. An ‘intravenous injection’ enters the vein whereas an ‘intramuscular injection’ enters the muscle. Dr. Noack sees this combination of the medical malpractice of injecting the vaccine into a vein instead of a muscle, combined with the ‘undisclosed’ experimental ingredient of graphene hydroxide, to be a probable death sentence for the recipient. He repeatedly refers to this game of chance as ‘Russian roulette’. The implications of such medical malpractice, particularly in relation to ‘undeclared’ ingredients being present in the COVID vaccines, along with the unprecedented breach of Bioethical Human Rights Laws in regards to the current application of millions of COVID-19 vaccine injections worldwide by medical ‘amateurs’ in respect to the application of vaccines, is further discussed in the ‘ANALYSIS & CONCLUSIONS’ section following this transcript.]


[Back to the transcript]

The question you have to ask politicians and doctors, the question doctors should ask Pfizer, is: Why are there these razor blades in the vaccine?

Now they want to force vaccinate children from the age of 5.

This guy is Dr. Szekeres, President of the Austrian medical board.

[Dr. Noack points to Dr. Szekeres on the video screen.]

[The video of Dr. Szekeres being interviewed on a news channel begins to play behind Dr. Noack.]

4. The video of Dr. Szekeres being interviewed on a news channel begins to play behind Dr. Noack.

Dr. Szekeres: “In Vienna, it is already possible, with an “off-label” promotion, to immunize the 5 to 11 year olds.”

[An aside from Dr. Noack]: Nice word – ‘immunize’.

News Presenter Interviewing Dr. Szekeres: “So, we will have the vaccine mandate, but it is not clear which age limits apply. Which age limit do you suggest?”

Dr. Szekeres: “I would declare a vaccine mandate for everyone eligible for vaccination and cleared by a European authority. Currently this means adolescents 12 years and up. We expect that the vaccine mandate for children of 5 years and older will be green lit by European agencies in the next few days. As you correctly say, current vaccination is “off-label.”

[Dr. Noack pauses the video and comments]: Off-label’ means the vaccination is not approved. Yet they inject it already. You can only call this a death shot at this point.

Dr. Szekeres: “After extensive consultation with a pediatrician, this is…


[Dr. Noack stops the video, and continues his talk]

A pediatrician? Do you think a pediatrician understands what graphene oxide is?

There is another interview where he [Dr. Szekeres] says he thinks it is “good” from a medical standpoint to ‘vaccinate’ the population by force.

An important concept in science is disputation. A scientific debate. The basis of medicine or pharmaceutics is chemistry. This doctor has no idea about chemistry.

Completely new substances unknown to nature are brought in (with the vaccines).

Everyone is talking about the messenger RNA, which has complex effects. The theory of mRNA is complex. But every chemist understands what this (the graphene hydroxide) does. You see the mRNA story is possibly a diversion.

I cannot imagine anyone will be able to give me as a carbon specialist a proper explanation why these carbon razor blades are in the vaccine.

This is war. They distract us with the messenger RNA.

But people cannot collapse that quickly from that, right after the injection. Something else is going on. And this effect should be studied.

[NMO™: The above is another very important insight by Dr. Noack. The experimental mRNA ingredients in a number of the vaccines is given at least some airtime by mainstream media, although clearly not enough truthful airtime for the media to clearly admit to the public that these vaccines are so obviously experimental in nature, a subject of which they still persistently attempt to deny or avoid. However, this one advertised (mRNA) ingredient of the vaccines, and its gene therapy tangents of discussion, which can so easily be expanded by the MSM through a number of scientific talking-points, allow the media to avoid any discussion about other more clandestine and potentially lethal ingredients, which cannot be so easily manipulated in media reports as the topic of gene therapy. This issue is further discussed in the ‘ANALYSIS & CONCLUSIONS’ section following this transcript.]


[Back to the transcript]

He [pointing to Dr. Szekeres on the video screen] claims to be a specialist. Apparently the Austrian doctors don’t have a smarter guy than this one. He is a doctor who doesn’t understand chemistry, or he is a criminal, or he is a mass murderer.

After the Spanish doctor’s study it is official that nanoscale graphene (hydr)oxide is in the vaccine. So it is clear that razor blades are injected.

So he [Dr. Szekeres] is probably incompetent. If you want to inject a whole population by force, you have to do your homework extremely carefully.

Because if there is something wrong in the injection, you will kill the whole population of a country.

You have to weigh the risk.
How dangerous is corona?
How dangerous is the injection?

This guy [Dr. Szekeres] wonders whether people should be tied up before being injected. And he’s the top doctor.

Are the doctors in Austria so incompetent that they don’t understand the basic chemistry medicine is based on? Then they should surrender their license!

Any doctor in Austria, who, after this information is now public, continues to inject this, is a murderer.

I am not some guy in the carbon field. I doctored in this area. I worked for the world’s biggest activated carbon manufacturer. In the area of new carbon products, I was the only expert in Europe. I’m pretty much the only European who visited other experts in Pittsburgh.

After this, I started my own activated carbon company. I resinified paper and turned it into activated carbon membranes. You could cut your hands with this charred paper. It was extremely sharp. I have a good idea of what the graphene hydroxide does.

It is Russian roulette. Do you hit the vein or not? Does it stay in the muscle? Then it is less toxic.

But if you hit a vein, and the batches contain different amounts of GHO [graphene hydroxide], then you have to know you are cutting people up from the inside.

And it is a highly intelligent poison, because a normal toxicologist who works with Petri dishes, cannot find it, because it doesn’t move. Toxicologists just don’t expect any nanoscale razors.

But I can say as a chemist that we are absolutely certain that the graphene hydroxide is in there. These are nanoscale razor blades.

Now they want to inject children with these nano-sized razors. I want Dr. Szekeres to explain what these razor blades are doing in these injections. And he needs to explain this to his boss, Mr. Schallenberg (Austrian Chancellor), too. He’s probably also a consultant for the Austrian prime minister Mr. Schallenberg.

Mr. Schallenberg, who is a lawyer, is responsible for choosing the right consultants. If he imposes this vaccine mandate on all of Austria, he has to select the right consultants. He’s a lawyer, he doesn’t know medicine. But it’s his job to select competent consultants. And he is responsible if he selects incompetent consultants.

As a chemist, I vouch for the fact that these are nanoscale razor blades. You can make braking pads from carbon structures which last forever. This material has zero biological degradability. It stays in the body forever.

[Dr. Noack points to an image of brake pads made from carbon on the screen.]

5. Dr. Noack points to an image of brake pads made from carbon on the screen.

Even if people don’t drop dead immediately, it cuts up the blood vessels little by little.

It destroys the heart. All the heart attacks. All the strokes.

As a doctor, you have to ask, where is this coming from? If you understand that razors are being injected, it is clear why all the cardiovascular diseases appear.

The heart is cut up. The brain is cut up. Blood vessels are cut up.

[NMO™: Dr. Noack concludes that there are obvious medical consequences that arise from the presence of graphene hydroxide in an injection that is administered into someones vein. The internal trauma from the razor sharp molecules will present themselves as myocarditis and other severe cardiovascular issues, as the Grazors relentlessly rip through the body. As no ‘sane’ and lawful experimenter would ever dream of such a molecule being placed in a vaccine shot, doctors and coroners are just not mentally equipped to consider that nano-razors would be the cause of what they are seeing in their patients. However, a scientist of Dr. Noack’s standing and specialist knowledge is the perfect expert to determine that the connection between graphene hydroxide in the vaccines and the unprecedented levels of death from myocarditis and severe cardiovascular injury in the vaccinated is to be expected. This issue is further discussed in the ‘ANALYSIS & CONCLUSIONS’ section following this transcript.]


[Back to the transcript]

These graphene structures (aka monolayer carbon or monolayer graphite) are so stable. Every chemist knows this. They are not degradable.

The structure is 50 nm long and 0.1 nm thick – of course it is a razor. Every chemist knows it is.

The epithel cells are extremely smooth for a good reason, but become rough when cut up like this and things stick to it.

By now every idiot can inject this. And when they hit a vein…

[The host of the online chat interjects]: “Soon pharmacists will be allowed to inject too.

[Dr. Noack continues.]
Yes. To me, this is Russian roulette.

Here’s a Petri dish. A normal toxicologist tests using a Petri dish.

This material is declared an “experimental vaccine” for a reason. They don’t know what will happen. Every vaccinated subject has to sign that they take full responsibility.

It will take 50 years until the contracts with Pfizer will be published. What is in these contracts? Why 50 years?

In Germany or Austria, there is nobody with my expertise. The leading German carbon specialist Dr. Harmut von Kienle was my mentor for one year. I wrote my thesis in this field. I started my company in this field and won a business plan competition in Wolfsburg. I won DM 175,000 (€87.500) in the competition. I received venture capital to the tune of 6 million DM (3 million Euros). I had 10 developers to develop these new carbon products. I know what I am talking about.

Any chemist in the chat is invited to refute me or give another opinion.

[The Host of the online chat interjects]: “Yes, please. That would be interesting.”

[Dr. Noack continues.]
You are all invited. Tell me I’m wrong.

[Dr. Noack points to an image of Sir Karl Popper on the screen.]

6. Dr. Noack points to an image of Sir Karl Popper on the screen.

Sir Karl Popper explained the fundamentals of science. Hypothesis – refutation. Popper said that it is better to kill theories than to kill humans. Here, they keep using a murderous theory. The whole population is supposed to be injected. Exactly like Karl Popper says, if you continue to ride this murderous theory, you have to be extremely careful.

They are the first to impose a vaccine mandate. They are killing the whole Austrian nation.

Mr. Schallenberg is responsible for this. He needs the right consultants.

We had an Austrian once who brought suffering and death over Europe.

I am appealing to you to share this video in all channels.

Mr. Schallenberg needs thousands or hundreds of thousands of letters.

He must know that this is a razor, this is a means to kill.

And if he knows this and continues, he is a mass murderer. He will walk in Hitler’s footsteps.

[Dr. Noack points to an image of Adolf Hitler on the screen.]

7. Dr. Noack points to an image of Adolf Hitler on the screen.

This has to come out now. I am ready to talk to anyone about this material.

[NMO™: Dr. Noack makes it very clear towards the end of his testimony that he is determined to use his status as one of the world’s top experts in respect to graphene hydroxide, in order to wake the world up to the immense potential danger that such an ingredient poses to anyone who receives the vaccine. If Dr. Noack was indeed murdered following the release of this testimony, it is not hard to see the reasons why those who had such huge amounts of profits resting on the continued rollout of the vaccines, along with those politicians and others who had so much to lose if Dr. Noack continued to expose the facts, as he clearly stated he would, might consider his death a small price to pay to get rid of the problem of him exposing the truth. After all, we are not talking about normal human being when we consider the kinds of people that take such a decision to assassinate people. We are talking about the kinds of people who will happily manufacture wars and global economic recessions, which kill and bring suffering to millions, simply in order to gain ever more wealth, ever more political power, and ever more control over the human populace. Dr. Noack had the scientific expertise, and also apparently the determination, to break through the current false narrative of governments, the medical establishment, and the media. Ultimately, that put him in the firing line.]


[Back to the transcript]

As a chemist, I say these are razor blades. And I notice how little doctors know about chemistry. But they are doing chemistry in the body. In small children. In pregnant women.

And now you doctors know what you are doing. And if you continue to inject, you are murderers.

Go out, type this out, give it to your doctor, give it to your politicians. And if you continue, I promise you, no court in the world will save you.

What you are doing is mass murder.

Austria has the responsibility. They started the vaccine mandate. And you, Mr. Schallenberg, need the best consultants. And if you’re not able to select the best consultants, you are incompetent and need to resign. Same with the health minister. How competent are you?

You are ready to force-inject the whole Austrian people with razor blades that are not biologically degradable.

Share the video. Write it down. Put it on a USB stick and send it to politicians and doctors.

Make it clear to them: If they continue this, they are murderers.

Taken from the original source transcript, translated from the German, Nov 25 2021, courtesy of Stefan Reich (

Dr. Andreas Noack. Rest in Peace.


Dr. Andreas Noack Video 2. Graphene Hydroxide razor blades in the Vaccine 23.11.21

You can view the series of all four videos covering this topic at the NMO™ video Channel – please subscribe.



A great deal of focus over the last 18 months has been given to how the vaccines may relate to the eugenicists’ Depopulation Agenda. Unlike those indoctrinated into the cult of scientism, and its very non-scientific notion of “settled science”, conspiracy realists tend to keep an extraordinarily open mind, and therefore do not claim that there is ever a consensus that ends the debate or any further need for investigation. However, most awakened and well-read individuals do tend to agree that if the Depopulation Agenda was not part of the vaccine rollout wish list of NWO demands, they would be seriously missing out on such an obvious application for that well-documented objective.

The Depopulation Agenda

The best money is probably on a combination of two main depopulating effects that are triggered by either listed or undisclosed ingredients within the vaccines.

Firstly, the vaccines (or selected brands or batches of them) may produce longterm sterility in the recipient, or even just certain recipients, such as a specific gender or age group.

Secondly, the vaccines cause VAIDS (Vaccine Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). This is where the data and my logic has taken me, and when I first wrote about the immunodeficiency issue, and coined the term VAIDS to capture the theory in a simple, easy-to-remember phrase back in November, a number of eminent doctors were already beginning to focus on this issue of an often gradual, but sometimes dramatic, depletion of the natural immune system following vaccination. As more data emerges, the picture is becoming far clearer, particularly in reference to the exponential increase in immunodeficiency that results with each successive vaccine shot.

However, we are still not yet at the point where we can pin down exactly what in the COVID vaccines is responsible for the high levels of immunodeficiency that we are beginning to see, although we do know that the immunodeficiency issue has been historically linked to vaccines in general, in respect to Antibody Dependency Enhancement (ADE). Basically, vaccines never appear to have a positive effect on the long term natural immune system, but often – according to the data – do have a negative effect. What the COVID-19 vaccine debacle has certainly done is to place the issue of natural immunity vs pharmaceutical medicine firmly on the table. This can only be a good thing, particularly when I know which side of the argument is bound to ultimately win.

As far as the Depopulation Agenda connection to the COVID vaccine is concerned, my personal intuition tells me that the graphene hydroxide – and potentially other undisclosed bionanotechnology in the vaccines – is triggered/modified/amplified by millimetre wave (mmWave) radiation, from 5G and other microwave technology such as SMART tech, to not only advance certain experimentation in respect to mind control and full-spectrum surveillance of society, but also to manipulate and control the biological systems of the human body, inline with certain agendas on the transhumanists’ wish list.

This control of the human physiology through graphene oxide or hydroxide could potentially also, either purposefully or inadvertently, lead to anything from the gradual production of cancer in the body, to an instant heart attack, stroke or seizure, depending on the range and level of the frequency emitting from the mmWave source. A clear sign of this latter, more dramatic effect taking place in the real world might be best illustrated by a number of individuals who have been vaccinated suddenly keeling over in the same space, at the same time, from the same medical issue, such as a heart attack.

Either of the above ways of bringing premature death to an individual would be allocated to only certain identified groups within society, likely based on ethnicity, disability, blood group, and social status. I rationalise this need for targeting any depopulation objectives of the vaccines, simply because both the Big Pharma industry and the eugenicists can both be directly traced back to nazi Germany where they merge into one consolidated ideological medical force.

If you want to really understand the pathologically obsessive need for data and the need to mess with human genetics, you must study the work and aims of the nazi medical, pharmaceutical and scientific State, which under the political, globalist control of the Rockefeller Medical Institute and the military-industrial-complex, has come to form the basis of all modern psychology, microwave radiation technology (5G, SMART tech etc), invasive surgery, addiction medicine, narcotics, mind control, social conditioning and propaganda (mass mind control), full-spectrum surveillance, weather manipulation, genetic engineering, and transhumanism. So when we look back at what the nazis were attempting to achieve, we see exactly the same agendas today, only with 70+ years of advancement in social conditioning techniques, which serve to fool the population into believing that using them as guinea pigs in a worldwide open experiment is actually all for their benefit.

The obsessive need for the sort of data collection on every individual that we see in the 21st century, and particularly throughout the scamdemic, was literally invented by the nazi regime, partnering with IBM computers who had the most advanced computer technology of that time. Indeed, in the excellent book “IBM and the Holocaust” by Edwin Black, it is explained how the Germans could not have continued to fight the war without IBM’s machines because their entire military and State structure was so intertwined with the mass of data that had been stored in those machines. On the medical side, IBM’s machines were used to store personal data on every individual who was processed through the nazi concentration camps, providing the infamous number tattoo on the wrists of survivors. This data, in turn, was then utilised in the nazi’s medical experiments of prisoners, so that each experimental subject was identifiable in regards to their race, family bloodline, social status, medical disorders etc.

I posit that if the eugenicists are indeed piggy-backing the vaccine agenda for depopulation purposes, then they would certainly divide the populace into groups – using some for experimental purposes (testing gene alterations, implanting surveillance chips etc); targeting others for depopulation (the weakest, the disabled, the elderly, certain racial groups, certain geographical areas considered to be overpopulated, nations that seen as a significant problem to globalism and a one-world authoritarian government etc); and a minority who are allocated a privileged status (certain politicians, certain military groups, certain billionaires, specific dynastic families, and blood types) would be given saline shots.

With this requirement for grouping in mind, it follows that the first vaccination phase would largely be used to document the personal data of every individual who is willing to to accept the vaccine. Once the initial vaccine shot has been administered, the personal data is then analysed, and when it comes to the second shot, individuals are allocated a vaccine from a specific batch, depending on which prescribed group of the experiment they are in. This hypothesise may explain why the immunodeficiency seems to have somewhat escalated after the first booster shot. Perhaps not, but we should keep an open mind to the idea.

There is also the possibility, within this hypothetical scenario, that athletes may be part of a ‘special’ experiment, reminiscent of the nazi’s ‘superman’ ideology, and paralleling the Dark State’s ‘super-soldier’ program and the NWO’s transhumanism agenda, in which they are given a specific vaccine batch that always contains graphene hydroxide; higher levels of graphene hydroxide; or some other ‘undisclosed’ ingredient. Thinking outside of the box, I can imagine a number of reasons why this may be the case, particularly when the magnetic and extraordinary properties of graphene are considered in tandem with frequency weapons and SMART Tech control over human beings. Again, this is just ‘blue sky’ thinking, but it may help to explain why so many sportsmen (and they are almost always men) are suffering the effects that Dr. Noack puts down to graphene hydroxide being present in the bloodstream.

The Difference Between Purposeful Depopulation & Unintended Killing

Both the Depopulation Agenda vaccine scenarios stated above – longterm sterilisation and immunodeficiency – would satisfy the eugenicists, because they both provide a certain level of hands-off deniability. Yes, they will still require fall-guys and those “mistakes were made, lessons have been learnt” politicians, to deal with the fallout a few years down the line, but just like the Dark State-terrorist false flag bomber, they can quite effectively utilise the old CIA operations motto of, “admit nothing, deny everything, make counter accusations” while they stand thousands of miles away, and potentially decades away from any personal involvement, and from the scene of the crime itself. Same old story, same old crooks.

On the other hand, what Dr. Noack stated is quite a different matter.

For starters, the issue of top athletes suddenly keeling over in the middle of a game is hardly a good advertisement for the vaccine rollout. In fact, it has probably caused more people to change their minds to not being vaccinated, or to not receive any further jabs, than any other single reason. This clearly wasn’t a planned effect by anyone who wanted the entire world to be vaccinated.

Dr. Noack, like any competent doctor, regards the intravenous injection of the vaccine to be a medical error of the person administering the shot. These critical errors are likely to be occurring far more frequently, per capita of the vaccinated, compared with prior vaccination programs, simply because there are sure to be far more under-trained and improperly-trained people administering the COVID-19 vaccine. There are also far more overworked doctors and nurses who are likely to make mistakes than there would normally be. The fact is, the entire vaccine rollout was rushed and incompetently managed, and so the level of malpractice is going to be off the scale compared to normal rates.

I believe that what we are seeing here, and what Dr. Noack clearly spelled out in no uncertain terms, is that the undisclosed experimental inclusion of a razor sharp, nanoscale, biologically non-decomposable molecule into a vaccine, is in itself a crime against humanity, even when it is properly administered by way of an intramuscular injection.

However, if such a vaccine is incorrectly administered directly into a vein, or an area with high capillary flow, then it may be considered as no less than a “kill shot”, to directly quote Dr. Noack. Regardless of whether or not this consequence of an improper application of the vaccine was ever even considered by those who approved the inclusion of graphene hydroxide in the vaccine, the fact that this was an ‘undisclosed’ ingredient, and appears to have led to the death of many thousands, if not millions of people, should be enough to legally charge anyone knowingly involved in the inclusion of any such ‘undisclosed’ ingredients with mass murder or genocide.


The Legal Requirement for Fully Informed Consent

A key role of any government is to keep those it is supposed to serve safe from criminality, particularly any criminality that directly threatens the physical security of each person.

When having something injected into you, by the State, there is a legal requirement – at the international Human Rights level; the international medical level; and generally the national legislative level too – that stipulates that the recipient of any medical procedure must be fully informed of any potential risks prior to their consent being obtained. If you are witnessing anything that contravenes this concrete standard of medical protection, then the State and its accomplices are obviously acting illegally, at least in respect to all international norms of the last 75 years. Of course, you may just be living in China, Australia, or a similar globalist controlled nation, which blatantly ignores your fundamental Human Rights as part of a systematic agenda to destroy democracy as a whole and to replace it with a totalitarian, technocratic global State.

This ‘fully informed consent’ is only able to be obtained from you if the information on potential risks involved that is made available to you by your government is complete. It is the responsibility of your government, and its legal duty, to ensure that it has been given all such data by the manufacturer, in order that it can then pass that data onto you, before you give your consent. Obviously, if your government is not being fully informed, then it cannot fully inform you.

Therefore, it is imperative that when it comes to something as potential dangerous to your personal physical security as something that is in injected into your body, that the manufacture of the injected substance does not conceal anything whatsoever from your government. If the manufacture has ‘undisclosed’ ingredients within the vaccine, then your government is not fully informed, and if your government is not fully informed, then by default, you cannot be fully informed. If you cannot be fully informed, then you cannot give your fully informed consent. Therefore, the injection cannot be legally administered under such circumstances. For obvious reasons, if it’s not legal, it may well be lethal.

If it is the case that any of the COVID-19 vaccines contain ‘undisclosed’ ingredients, then that is clearly an adequate reason – under the universal and accepted necessity for ‘fully informed consent’ – for any non-criminal government to immediately stop all vaccinations, and to fully hold legally responsible those companies and individuals who were party to the concealment of such ingredients, regardless of any indemnity contracts that have been made between government and manufacturer.

If any government has actually signed a contract with a manufacturer, which permits them to add ‘undisclosed’ ingredients into a vaccine, then that government is knowingly not able to fully inform those it is injecting. Therefore, the government officials who sanctioned such a contract are quite obviously criminally liable, as well as the manufacturer who was complicit in that crime.

The Human Rights Issue of Informed Consent Relating to ‘Undisclosed’ Ingredients

Due to the absolutely core Bioethical Human Rights Laws that repeatedly state that every individual who takes part in a scientific or medical experiment, intervention, procedure, or associated technology, must be ‘fully informed’ prior to them giving their consent, the non-disclosure of ANY ingredient within a vaccine is an automatic crime under those internationally ratified laws. If such ingredients are shown to be a lethal danger to human health, potential or otherwise, the crime is clearly even worse. When such a medical intervention is imposed on billions of people, those crimes unquestionably become crimes against humanity – an act of genocide.

I believe the following International Bioethics & Human Rights Laws, Declarations, Codes and Principles should be enough for any lawfully abiding politician, doctor or scientist to understand their full moral and legal obligations in regards to this issue of there being any potentially ‘undisclosed’ ingredients within a vaccine that is part of a global medical or scientific experiment, intervention or procedure.

You can clearly judge the legitimacy of any politician or individual in a position of authority by how they either demonstrate their full acknowledgement of such Bioethics and Human Rights as the following, or alternatively, how they trivialise them, or seek to totally ignore their existence in relation to their words, actions, and the policies they employ and support. Human Rights, and particularly Bioethics, fundamentally divide society into those who respect every individual’s sovereign and unalienable right to a peaceful existence that is free from persecution, and those who care only about themselves, their financial profits, and their lust for power over others. It is time to displace all of that latter group from any position of social or political power, and replace them with only those who fully respect the Bioethical and Human Rights of every single individual.


“The person involved [participant in the experiment]… should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.
The Nuremberg Code (1947) Article 1

“Before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject there should be made known to him… all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected; and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment.
The Nuremberg Code (1947) Article 1

“The duty and responsibility for ascertaining the quality of the consent rests upon each individual who initiates, directs, or engages in the experiment. It is a personal duty and responsibility which may not be delegated to another with impunity.”
The Nuremberg Code (1947) Article 1


“The interests and welfare of the individual should have priority over the sole interest of science or society.”
UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics & Human Rights (2005) Article 3 (2)

“Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information.”
UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics & Human Rights (2005) Article 6 (1)

“Scientific research should only be carried out with the prior, free, express and informed consent of the person concerned.”
UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics & Human Rights (2005) Article 6 (2)

“In no case should a collective community agreement or the consent of a community leader or other authority substitute for an individual’s informed consent.”
UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics & Human Rights (2005) Article 6 (3)

“Every endeavour should be made… in addressing and periodically reviewing bioethical issues.”
UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics & Human Rights (2005) Article 18 (1)

“Informed pluralistic public debate, seeking the expression of all relevant opinions, should be promoted.”
UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics & Human Rights (2005) Article 18 (3)

“Independent, multidisciplinary and pluralist ethics committees should be established… in order to: assess the relevant ethical, legal, scientific and social issues related to research projects involving human beings.”
UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics & Human Rights (2005) Article 19 (a)

“States, public and private institutions… should endeavour to ensure that any activity within the scope of this Declaration… is consistent with the principles set out in this Declaration.”
UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics & Human Rights (2005) Article 21 (1)

“States should take all appropriate measures, whether of a legislative, administrative or other character, to give effect to the principles set out in this Declaration in accordance with international human rights law… supported by action in the spheres of education, training and public information.”
UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics & Human Rights (2005) Article 22 (1)

“States should foster… and encourage the free flow and sharing of scientific and technological knowledge.”
UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics & Human Rights (2005) Article 24 (1)


“Every step must be taken in order to make sure that those who submit themselves to experimentation be fully informed.”
Principles for Those in Research & Experimentation (1954) Article 3

“The paramount factor in experimentation on human beings is the responsibility of the research worker and not the willingness of the person submitting to the experiment.”
Principles for Those in Research & Experimentation (1954) Article 3

What Other ‘Undisclosed’ Ingredients May Be Hidden in the Vaccines?

If it is confirmed that graphene oxide and/or graphene hydroxide is ‘concealed’ within at least one of the manufacturer’s vaccines, which I believe the University of Madrid, Dr. Noack, and others have proven beyond all reasonable doubt, then what else have the manufacturers hidden in them, and thereby hidden from the people who have been misled into believing they have given their ‘fully informed’ consent, as participants in this worldwide medical intervention and experiment?

Despite all the microscope analysis of strange objects and molecular structures found within the vaccines, undertaken by various independent scientists in various countries, which clearly display both identifiable ingredients (graphene oxide and/or graphene hydroxide) and unidentifiable structures and objects, no government has yet stated that it is investigating the matter. However, there has also been no statement – to my knowledge – officially denying the existence of such ‘additional’ ingredients, not listed as part of the safety data.

To totally ignore the issue is the standard response of governments, corporations and institutions when they have something to hide. We know this. By simply ignoring the matter, they can later say that they were not aware of it. Of course, the State is now monitoring and filing every single utterance of dissent, opposition or negativity towards the global vaccination agenda via its full-spectrum surveillance network, managed by their ‘national security’ infrastructure, and so we know that if they claim they weren’t aware that scientists have been posting images of strange ingredients in the vaccines online since at least the summer of 2021, then they are quite simply lying through their teeth.

The FDA and Pfizer want until 2096 to release their trial safety data. This in itself should be an alarm to anyone who is concerned about whether or not the manufacturers of the vaccines, and the official institutions that are supposed to be protecting the people from medical harm can actually be trusted, or whether they are actively hiding potential crimes from the world. On the one hand, we are relentlessly told to “follow the data”, and then on the other, we are told by the very same people that you are not allowed to follow the most important data (whether or not the vaccine is safe for humans), and that it must be hidden from public view for up to 75 years.

When you add together 2 and 2 you get 4, and when you add together the fact that graphene hydroxide – an ‘undisclosed’ and potentially deadly ingredient – has been identified as being present within the Pfizer vaccine, the exposure of which led to the immediate and strange death of the whistleblower, and that Pfizer and the FDA are doing everything they can to hide the Pfizer safety trial data for up to 3/4 of a century, the answer is quite obviously that there is a monumental conspiracy in play regarding the true nature of the ‘vaccines’.

It is time for all those in positions of governmental power, who have not yet been fully corrupted, to expose whatever potential medical crimes have taken place, in regards to ANY undisclosed ingredients within the vaccines, and to get to the bottom of exactly what harm any such ‘concealed additives’ have already done to vaccine recipients, or what potential damage they may yet do. Those who chose to continue to ignore this issue, must be regarded as being complicit to any criminality that is later exposed.

Is mRNA and Gene Therapy Some Kind of Cover for There Being More Sinister Ingredients Present in the Vaccines?

Dr. Noack makes the claim that Big Pharma’s and the media’s focus on the mRNA and gene therapy aspect of these vaccines is just a red herring, because it is a perfect way to help overlook certain ‘additions’ to the COVID-19 vaccines that would never be considered as valid ingredients in previous vaccines.

Dr. Noack seemed very sure about this, and said it in a very matter of fact way, as though he had considered it deeply and made the conclusion without reservation.

If what Dr. Noack is suggesting is the case, then we can expect those who will later attempt to defend the inclusion of ‘undisclosed’ ingredients such as graphene hydroxide to claim that they were simply part of the gene therapy element within the vaccines, followed up by the eternal “mistakes were made, lessons have been learnt” get out of jail free card that always follows the crimes of the establishment like a bad smell follows a rotting fish.

The fact is this. Whether graphene hydroxide, and any other ‘undisclosed’ ingredients, are part of the mRNA or gene therapy aspects of the vaccine, or not, is simply irrelevant in both moral and legal terms. It also doesn’t matter if DARPA, or any other nefarious agency is discovered to be the reason behind such ‘additions’ to the vaccine, later claiming some supposed ‘national security’ protection for the inclusion of such ingredients (which I predict may well occur). The bottom line is that the inclusion of ANY ‘undisclosed’ ingredient, which is not shown on the publicly available safety data – a central factor of the legally required ‘informed consent’ information – is automatically, by default, a crime against humanity.

The only real question is whether society decides from this point forward that the Human Rights of each and every individual are superseded by the objectives of State and corporate actors (which is the very reverse of what Human Rights unequivocally confirm), or whether those players – regardless of what State agency they hide behind – are brought to justice whenever they break such Bioethical and Human Rights Laws.

We are at a crossroads in that seminal decision for society’s future, and there has never been a better time for the 99% to realise who the real enemy is. Human Rights only came into existence as a direct response to nazi atrocities, and specifically medical and scientific atrocities, whereby the nazi State ignored the individual’s bodily sovereignty, in favour of the corrupt and amoral advancement of a scientific and medical ideology. Human Rights responded by declaring that the individual’s personal security always comes above the needs and desires of the State, and those of the society as a whole.

It is time that every person in society to be re-educated about that seminal principle of personal security, and the sovereign individual’s supremacy over the State and the institution. Bioethics and Human Rights Laws must now be further augmented and fortified in law, in response to these latest medical and scientific crimes against humanity.


In so many ways, a blatant breaching of International Bioethics and Human Rights Laws has taken place in the last two years, more than at any time since their founding, some 75 years ago.

In fact, it is becoming difficult to find any Bioethics and Human Rights Laws that have not been broken in some way during this COVID-19 scamdemic.

Visit the website for the best information – a website specifically established to promote Bioethics and Human Rights Laws to those who they were designed to protect – each and every individual, equally.

Many people are not aware that Bioethics and Human Rights Laws not only supersede all State legislation, but they also supersede civil rights laws, which is not at all the same thing. It is important not to get confused between the two. Civil rights actually give many rights to the State (the corporate body) as well as to certain ‘endorsed’ groups, which so often merely serve to divide people against one other. To the contrary, Human Rights serve only the individually, equally and without any discrimination or privilege given to any one individual over another. Under Human Rights Law, every individual is due to identical protections and freedoms. What could be better than that, and what other form of law is ever really required?

At the website, you will find the very best topical breakdown of the key Bioethics and Human Rights Laws, Codes and Principles, as well as discovering ways in which you can help promote this critical understanding of our Bioethical and Human Rights.

Human Rights have the capacity to bring this current attempt of an ‘anti-human’ tyrannical takeover to a sudden halt, but only once enough people awaken to the ways in which Bioethics and Human Rights Law legally protects us all. Laws are only relevant when enough of the people decide that they must be obeyed. It is high time for the people to decide that the politicians must obey those internationally ratified Bioethics and Human Rights Laws!

Vax Quacks, Improper Vaccine Injections & Bioethics

As well as the previously mentioned Bioethical Human Rights issue of informed consent, relating to ‘undisclosed’ ingredients such as graphene hydroxide, there is another aspect of Bioethics that Dr. Noack touches on, in respect to the administering of the vaccines.

In his web chat/lecture, Dr Noack says, “By now every idiot can inject this. And when they hit a vein…” The online chat host responds by saying, “Soon pharmacists will be allowed to inject too.”

The scope and speed of the medical intervention witnessed in 2021 is totally unprecedented, and so the number of people who have been trained – or under-trained – to give injections for the first time is also unprecedented. In essence, a large number of the injections given to recipients were given by ‘injection amateurs’ or ‘vax quacks’. This is obviously something that those behind the vaccine rollout do not want people to think about, but when it comes to the issue of ‘Grazors’, and the potential link between those graphene hydroxide molecules being improperly injected into a vein, and the millions of people who have died and been seriously injured by heart attacks, strokes, myocarditis, blood clotting and other severe cardiovascular issues, which are a direct result of their vaccinations, the issue of inadequately trained people being “vaccinators” is clearly a matter of very serious concern.

Bioethics and Human Rights Law, and universally accepted medical ethics, are always very specific about this requirement for professional involvement at every level, and at every juncture of scientific and medical experiments, interventions, procedures and associated technology deployment.


“The experiment should be so conducted as to avoid all unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury.”
The Nuremberg Code (1947) Article 4

“Proper preparations should be made and adequate facilities provided to protect the experimental subject against even remote possibilities of injury, disability or death.”
The Nuremberg Code (1947) Article 7

“The experiment should be conducted only by scientifically qualified persons. The highest degree of skill and care should be required through all stages of the experiment of those who conduct or engage in the experiment.”
The Nuremberg Code (1947) Article 8

“The scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment at any stage, if he has probable cause to believe… that a continuation of the experiment is likely to result in injury, disability, or death to the experimental subject.”
The Nuremberg Code (1947) Article 10


“In applying and advancing scientific knowledge, medical practice and associated technologies, direct and indirect benefits to patients, research participants and other affected individuals should be maximized and any possible harm to such individuals should be minimized.”
UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics & Human Rights (2005) Article 4

“Human vulnerability should be taken into account… and the personal integrity of such individuals respected.”
UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics & Human Rights (2005) Article 8

“Assessment and adequate management of risk related to medicine, life sciences and associated technologies should be promoted.”
UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics & Human Rights (2005) Article 20


“The paramount factor in experimentation on human beings is the responsibility of the research worker and not the willingness of the person submitting to the experiment.”
Principles for Those in Research & Experimentation (1954) Article 3

Dr. Noack called the improper injection of a vaccine that contained graphene hydroxide a “kill shot”. If his conclusions about graphene hydroxide being in the vaccines are correct, then this is not hyperbole. Those administering a vaccine that contains atom thin, razor sharp, non-biodegradable molecules directly into the bloodstream are essentially sentencing the recipient to death, particularly when the institutions in charge of that medical intervention are completely ignoring all calls to investigate the logical links between the cardiovascular nature of most of the sudden deaths from the vaccines, and the multiple scientific reports of graphene oxide/hydroxide being present in at least some of the vaccines.

There is much talk of a second Nuremberg Trials, and when you look at the hard data that is now on record, alongside the fact that much more data relating to potential criminality is currently being hidden from public view, this call for a ‘people’s international criminal court’ seems very justified.

There are already a number of high-profile figures who have been cited in various legal papers as being guilty of crimes against humanity. Some of these individuals are already being targeted as potential scapegoats or fall guys by the system, whilst others are beginning to break ranks and release highly calculated statements that they will presumably later rely on to falsely claim that they were always on the side of transparency and the right side of bioethical laws.

It is clear that from the very beginning of the charade, the scamdemical system that we have seen evolve over the last two years was being built using the same tactics of social manipulation as previously used by the banksters, which ultimately resulted in the orchestrated financial collapse in 2008.

Following that collapse, certain whistleblowers let it be known that those behind the global banking industry had been – since the 1990s – systematically and purposefully attaching all pension investments to the derivatives market, for the specific purpose of being able to then say to governments – once the next collapse had been triggered – that if they allowed the banks to fail, then everyone’s pension would be lost with them. Politicians had the choice of whether to explain to people why they had allowed the banksters to tie in practically all pension funds to the criminal activities of the global banking industry, or whether to simply sweep that issue under the carpet and give in to the banksters demands for a full public bailout, at the expense of the people by way of borrowed money from other banksters.

The same illicit tactics are currently being employed by the vaccine industry. Indemnity contracts have been signed between Big Pharma and governments, allowing billions of vaccines to be sold with practically no financial risk to the manufacturer regarding and future payouts due to vaccine injury or death. At the same time members of the general public – both ‘vaccinators’ and the vaccinated – are having to sign to the fact that they have been fully informed of the potential risks and dangers. How many have read the small print?

Did those who had pensions ever investigate their pension fund manager’s decision to move billions into derivatives? Did they even know that is was taking place? Of course not.

Likewise, how many people who have injected an experimental vaccine into the arm of someone in the last year, have read the Nuremberg Code (1947), the UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights (2005), or the potential risks and dangers related to the vaccines, as stated by the manufacturers? In order to legally administer the vaccine, they must be confident that each recipient is ‘fully informed’ of any potential risks or dangers. Therefore, if they themselves are not aware of those cited risks and dangers, they have immediately made themselves potentially culpable.

As a member of a medical intervention professional team, the vaccine injector – aka the ‘vaccinator’ – becomes individually responsible under Bioethics and Human Rights Law, alongside all others within the chain of command. As stated at the Nuremberg trials, simply “following orders” is no defence at all.

The recipient of the vaccine relies on the vaccinator’s professional understanding of any relevant laws and medical data, not the other way around. They should have signed a document that states that they understand this legal necessity for the recipient of the vaccine to be ‘fully informed’. My educated guess is that almost all vaccinators would sign to this understanding without fully realising the potential future implications of administering an injection with serious risks attached that have not been disclosed to those whom they vaccinate.

As just one example, how many vaccinators who injected someone with the Pfizer vaccine made sure they were aware that in Pfizer’s Phase I-II-III Trial Group (July 2020 – January 2021) there was a 23.5% death rate from sepsis in the double vaccinated, whereas in the general population, the death rate from sepsis is just 1.1%. Furthermore, in the same Pfizer study, nobody at all who was unvaccinated died from sepsis. That’s a death rate from sepsis in the double vaccinated that is 21 times the normal rate, within just the first 6 months after vaccination. Wouldn’t you want to know that about something that was about to be injected into you?

Let’s remind ourselves of The Nuremberg Code (1947) Article 1, which states that,
“Before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject there should be made known to him… all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected; and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment.”

The above information about sepsis – a very likely indicator of immunodeficiency problems – as well as other harmful effects of the Pfizer and other vaccines, were known at the start of the vaccine rollout, but an ever increasing list of ‘potential risks and dangers’ has been coming to light with every month that goes by.

One blatant example of this was the concealed document by Pfizer entitled “5.3.6 Cumulative Analysis of Post-authorization Adverse Event Reports” (Feb 2021), which only came to light when a judge ordered its release towards the end of November 2021, against the wishes of Pfizer who wanted the information hidden from public view until potentially 2076, now extended to 2096.

Starting on page 30, this document contains a list of literally thousands of adverse effects found to have occurred in its vaccine trial participants. This list, under the heading “Appendix 1. List of Adverse Events of Special Interest”, spans almost nine (9) entire pages!

Once again, in regards to the Bioethics, Human Rights Law, and the legal obligation for “fully informed consent”, the question needs to be asked, since this data was released for public inspection on at the end of November 2021, how many ‘professionals’ in a position of responsibility for administering the vaccine have informed recipients of these newly confirmed ‘potential risks and dangers’ regarding the Pfizer vaccine, prior to them being injected with it? Perhaps more importantly, how many people who had previously been given the Pfizer vaccine, have since been updated by their respective government, with this new data on Pfizer vaccine risks, which had previously been hidden from the public? Is there not an obvious legal required to retrospectively warn those who were supposed to have been “fully informed”, but instead had this vital information concealed from them by the manufacturer of the vaccine, and therefore also by their government, which had authorised the vaccine for use without the full information regarding health risks?

It is clear to see what is going to occur in due course. Those who have been naive enough to believe that their government has been watching out for their best interests, will suddenly come to realise that they are legally in the firing line for not fully informing their ‘patients’ of all the potential risks and dangers relating to the vaccines prior to injecting them. Their mere connection to that potential crime will place them in a position where they automatically side with the arguments of those who pulled the wool over their eyes in the first place – their government, the medical establishment, and the pharmaceutical industry – in order to protect themselves from any possible legal action and public blame, or simply to placate their sense of moral responsibility.

Just like the pensions that were purposefully tied into the illicit activities of the banksters (the derivatives market), we are now seeing the actions of doctors, nurses and pharmacists – whether well-meaning or for financial gain – being tied into the illicit activities of the ‘vaxsters’, who have already made hundreds of billions from the COVID vaccines, from associated medical products, and from numerous related technologies connected to the scamdemic.


If you are looking for an “Occam’s Razor” answer to the issues of myocarditis and the various cardiovascular issues that are killing so many of the vaccinated in sudden and dramatic ways, then ‘Grazors’ are clearly becoming the most obvious and likely cause.

If you are a doctor who is concerned about these central adverse effects of the vaccines that all relate in some way to blood vessel trauma, and you are not yet focusing on atom-thin, non-biodegradable graphene hydroxide razors – identified by numerous scientists as being present in at least some of the vaccine batches – as being the main suspect for that internal vascular damage, I believe that you need to immediately consider this to be the most logical answer, no matter how much the vaccine industry wants you to look the other way.

The fact that Dr. Noack was so immediately struck down – following his web chat expose of the lethal nature of this potential presence of graphene hydroxide in the Pfizer vaccine – by what certainly does appear to have been some kind of targeted energy attack, sustained until he was eventually rushed to hospital two days later where he died, leads to a really quite obvious conclusion. Dr. Noack, who stated very clearly at the very end of his chat that he was about to dedicate himself to informing the world about this lethal danger, was silenced by those who have a great deal to lose if Dr. Noack succeeded in that noble objective.

Another Victim of the Medical Mafia?

The circumstances of Dr. Noack’s death/murder very much parallel the murder of Dr. Bradstreet back in 2015 for the following reason. Dr. Bradstreet was about to launch a product that was set to both expose and potentially destroy the entire vaccine industry, and perhaps the entire pharmaceutical industry as we know it. If you don’t know about Dr. Bradstreet’s research, in which he not only claimed to have linked Nagalase in vaccines to the dramatic rise in autism and cancer, but also had just begun to manufacture a chemical antidote that almost totally reversed those disorders, then I suggest that you update yourself with the basics on both his research and his murder.

Dr. Bradstreet’s work had centred on how Nagalase – a known additive or adjuvant in vaccines – was a major cause of autism and cancer, and how treating a patient with ‘Gc (Vitamin binding protein) macrophage activating factor’, or ‘GcMAF’, lowered the serum Nagalase activity enough to reverse both their autism and cancer.

GcMAF naturally occurs in the body, and stimulates the macrophage element of the immune system, thereby destroying cancer cells. Nagalase actively reduces GcMAF, so if Nagalase was actually being introduced into the body through a medical procedure, such as vaccinations, Dr. Bradstreet concluded that those vaccines were the direct cause of the immunodeficiency that led to autism, cancer and a long list of other disorders, including chronic fatigue and Parkinson’s.

Through Nagalase blood testing, it was found that vaccinated children had an abnormally high level of Nagalase. It was thereby concluded that Nagalase was being introduced into the body through vaccinations.

According to the Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine [FAIM] [], in the case of autism, Dr. James Bradstreet treated 1,100 patients with GcMAF with an 85% response rate. Research also revealed that in cancer cases that are stage I and II, the success rate approached 90% inside 6 months. These results are remarkable, and looked set to become a death blow to not only autism, cancer, dementia and other major disorders, but also a death blow to Big Pharma, which would have seen its profits decline as dramatically as the death rate in the human population once Dr. Bradstreet’s new GcMAF products hit the general market.

Dr. Bradstreet was found dead of a gunshot wound to the chest in the Rocky Broad River in Chimney Rock, North Carolina on June 19, 2015, just three days after the FDA raided one of his offices in Georgia, in search of all documents related to his work with GcMAF. British and associated medical control authorities made a parallel sweep of Dr. Bradstreet’s European business concerns, and his GcMAF products were relegated to the annuls of ‘alternative’ medical history, just like so many other dramatic ‘cures’ from the past that dared to take on the pharmaceutical control system, and its mammoth profits that wholly rely on the populace remaining sick and highly deficient in natural immunity.

The usual controlled mainstream media hit-job followed, with headline words such as ‘quack’ being liberally used in connection with the Dr. Bradstreet story. His death was labelled a suicide, as you might expect in a cover-up, but has since been overwhelmingly established beyond all reasonable doubt to be murder. At the same time as Dr. Bradstreet’s murder, dozens of natural health doctors on the East Coast of the US suddenly started disappearing without trace or were found dead under mysterious circumstances. One link between all the deaths that was cited at that time, was that these doctors all new Dr. Bradstreet. Coincidence? I don’t believe in them, but perhaps you do.

For those who want to look deeper into the research on GcMAF, search “Dr. Bradstreet” on a good search engine such as DuckDuckGo; look into the work of Dr. Yamamoto in connection to GcMAF; check out Dr. Bradstreet’s ground-breaking study of 2012, “Initial Observations of Elevated Alpha-N-Acetylgalactosaminidase Activity Associated with Autism and Observed Reductions from GC Protein—Macrophage Activating Factor Injections” []; and check out the website [].

If Dr. Noack’s death was indeed murder, and the current evidence certainly indicates that conclusion to be the most rational one, then this is history repeating itself. I have recently heard it suggested that without the vaccine industry, it would soon be the end of the road for Big Pharma. That is where the real profits are to be found, because the vaccine industry has managed to secure exemption from liability for adverse events, and to pass those costs onto the State, which in other words means the tax paying public.

Of course, we cannot know who was actually responsible for Dr. Noacks’ murder, simply because there are just too many individuals, corporations, and institutions, including at the political level, who have so much to lose if Dr. Noack had managed to complete his mission to warn the world of the ‘Grazors’ threat, but we can be reasonably confident that it was murder, and that it was because ‘someone’ does not want a public and open debate to begin on this obvious link between the potential inclusion of graphene hydroxide in the vaccines and the unprecedented level of injuries and deaths related to vascular trauma that we are seeing in the recently vaccinated.


‘Undisclosed’ Ingredients

The good news is that whoever it was that decided to murder Dr. Noack, utterly failed in their attempt to silence his testimony. In fact, they inadvertently did exactly the opposite. Their criminal knee-jerk reaction to his declaration that he was about to expose his conclusions to the world, immediately resulted in his wife, Anna, giving two testimonies in quick succession, which were uploaded to and other independent video websites, and widely shared. The original web chat was given subtitles in English, and thereby a transcript (which is presented in this article, above) became available. The story is out there, and it’s not going to go away. In fact, it’s only going to get bigger, far bigger!

My analysis of Grazors (Graphene Hydroxide Razors) along with my analysis of VAIDS (Vaccine Immunodeficiency Syndrome) has led me to what I think is a very obvious conclusion. What exactly is in these concoctions that people are being told they need to have inside their bodies, and why are there not laws that demand 100% transparency and exposure of every single ingredient, within every single vaccine?

Human Rights Law has always placed Bioethics at its core, from the Nuremberg Code (1947) – the first ever International Human Rights Law – to its 21st Century version, the UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights (2005). Without Bioethics, the human individual’s physical sovereignty is not secure.

Article 3 of the UN Declaration on Human Rights (1948) makes this very clear in no uncertain terms:

“Everyone has the right to life, liberty and the security of person.”

For a comprehensive summary of the main Bioethics and Human Rights Laws on the topic of Individual Sovereignty, see’s webpage ‘Sovereignty of the Individual‘.

For any government not to immediately investigate, in a fully transparent manner, the ingredients of all COVID-19 vaccines – following such a testimony by Dr. Noack, alongside the University of Madrid’s study with images of graphene oxide/hydroxide found in the vaccine – is a clear admission that such a government does not value the security, safety and protection of those it is supposed to serve – the people.

It is time for all doctors and scientists who still believe in Bioethics and Human Rights, and the principle of “first, do no harm”, to demand of every politicians, that we know exactly what is in the vaccines. Indeed, we need independent laboratories, which are controlled and overseen by the people – not the State, Big Pharma, or Bill Gates – which are tasked with investigating the contents of ALL vaccines, and passing that information, in its entirety, on to the general public.


It is my understanding that the issue of immunodeficiency is central to almost every medical problems that currently exists in society. Is it any wonder that the Depopulation Agenda keeps being cited, when almost everything produced by multinational corporations for human consumption or intake appears to result in a depletion of the natural immune system? What better way to kill-off the weakest first? Eugenicists would simply determine that to be natural selection; Social Darwinism; or survival of the fittest. Can any doctor worth their salt really say that a disease is the problem, when immunodeficiency exists in the patient? I say not.

If someone has immunodeficiency, which is the direct result of something they are consuming – be it tap water, food, drinks, topical applications, household chemicals and artificial fragrances, pharmaceuticals etc – then how can the disease be cited as the issue? Surely, the cause of the immunodeficiency is the actual problem. If a person has AIDS, then the ultimate cause of death may be sepsis, but the sepsis was only a result of the individual first contracting AIDS. Prevent the AIDS and the sepsis ceases to exist. Prevention is always better than cure, right?

If AIDS had never existed, millions of people who died from AIDS, many with sepsis, would not have died. However, sepsis would still exist, even if AIDS did not. AIDS – the cause – is the problem, not sepsis, which a symptom of AIDS.

In the same way, if the vaccine is causing immunodeficiency, increasingly with each booster, which the data is showing is the case, then VAIDS (Vaccine Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) is the actual problem, not the sepsis (23.5% death rate found in the Pfizer trials in those vaccinated) or any other disease, including of course any COVID-19 variants. If a doctor is not citing any reduction of immunity in those who have been multiply jabbed, then they will be giving an inaccurate diagnosis of any subsequent illness, because the illness is a symptom of the immunodeficiency, which in turn is a symptom of the vaccine.

Just like the VAIDS issue, if graphene hydroxide is present in the vaccines, which it undoubtedly is according to a number of scientific studies, and if Dr. Noack’s testimony – as one of the world’s leading experts on the composition of graphene hydroxide and its effects on the body – is taken at face value, then it is ‘Grazors’ that are the problem and not myocarditis, blood clotting, heart attacks and strokes per se, because if Grazors are the direct cause of those cardiovascular injuries and deaths, then it is that cause that needs to be tackled.

Like the AIDS analogy, prevent the graphene hydroxide being present and almost all the cardiovascular vaccine deaths would simply cease to exist. To stop the chance of Grazors being present in the bloodstream, simply halt the vaccine agenda – immediately. We can logically assume this cause and effect logic, but we cannot know for sure, because there is a cover-up. No official body is looking into this. That in itself is a crime against humanity.

All the good doctors and good scientists that remain – and who exactly they are is now becoming very obvious to the awakened minority – must begin to speak together, in unison, about these two main issues, both of which appear to be central to the main vaccine deaths and injuries, and both of which have the capacity to completely blow the lid off the scamdemic.

These two issues are:
1. Immunodeficiency caused by the vaccines, aka VAIDS (Vaccine Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome).

2. The presence of ‘undisclosed’ ingredients within the vaccines, and in particular, the need for a special and fully transparent investigation into any presence of graphene hydroxide, and its potential links to all the cardiovascular injuries and deaths.

If all the wonderful doctors, scientists, independent journalists, and politicians, who have become the medical and ethical champions of this generation, through their adherence to the Hypocratic Oath, and their heroic stance against the misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, discrimination and censorship by Big Pharma, media, globalism, and the State during the last two years, were all to focus on these two core issues stated above, I believe that we would soon see the total collapse of this great deception, and more importantly, the saving of millions, and potentially, billions of human lives.

A special thought goes out to Dr. Andreas Noack’s brave wife, Anna, and his family and friends. Dr . Noack was truly a heroic individual, and an inspiration to us all.

“Stand for Freedom, Speak for Others, Think for Yourself.”

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• Did you know that civil rights (group rights) are always subservient to Human Rights?

• Did you know that true Human Rights are always 'Sovereign'? In other words, they can only ever relate to the individual - equally and without prejudice or favour?

• Did you know that there has been a concerted effort over the last 80 years to remove your Human Rights via the invention and promotion of such things as 'collective rights' (civil rights) and the legalised discrimination against people based on the colour of their skin, their gender, or their religious beliefs, known as 'positive discrimination' and 'affirmative action'?

If you didn't, that's because you've been socially conditioned since birth to see everything in an inverted, false way. 99%+ of politicians, academics and media commentators are no less ignorant about Human Rights and civil rights.

That's why New Moral Order™ sees its aim to educate everyone on the truth about Human Rights as being a pivotal element of its mission to bring about... well, a New Moral Order to our society, in which we are all regarded as 'sovereign individuals' (not simply collective statistical units within a marxist-globalist technocracy) with unalienable, divinely established rights.

As those who did understand what Human Rights are once put it, so long as we do not physically harm others in our pursuit of them, each and every one of us has the overriding moral and lawful rights "to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness".

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