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How a panicked elite Google bombed the #RealMeTwo #MeTwo Movement, which threatened to break through the media’s silence on establishment pedophilia.

The real hashtag #MeTwo Movement was launched with a tweet on the morning of 25th July 2018. It’s purpose is to expose the MSM cover-up of System Pedophilia, establishment child trafficking, political, Luciferian and Masonic pedophile rings, Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), and the abduction, mind-control, rape, torture and sacrificing of children by institutions and individuals within elite circles of power and money. The #MeTwo hashtag tweet immediately received attention from unknown quarters that attempted to get it banned from Twitter, and which then subsequently instigated a massive Google bomb within 24 hours of the original tweet, using the same hashtag but with the alternative campaign of ‘so-called racism’ towards EU migrants in Germany.


Wednesday 25th July 8:27am
@NewMoralOrder Tweets “THE SYSTEM PEDOPHILIA COVER-UP – Challenge it with #MeTwo. coming soon.” Accompanying the Tweet was an image of a young crying child with a man’s hand covering her mouth, with the title “#MeTwo” and text “Exposing the media cover-up of System Pedophilia, global child-trafficking & Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). If you support #MeToo and you care about stopping the rape, torture and murder of children, then first support #MeTwo.”


Original #MeTwo Tweet, posted at 8:27am 25th July 2018, the day before the first Ali Can tweet and the Google bomb / Googlewash to cover-up exposure of System Pedophilia (child abuse within the establishment).


Original #MeTwo Tweet, showing the posting was at 8:27 in the morning of 25th July 2018.


Thursday 26th July 1:52pm
Twitter emails NewMoralOrder notification of a complaint against the @NewMoralOrder Twitter account. Twitter rejects the complaint because no violations of Twitter Rules or applicable laws could be identified, as detailed in the following transcript of the email:

We have received a complaint regarding your account, @NewMoralOrder, for the following content.

Tweet ID: 1022141389763694592
Tweet Text: THE SYSTEM PEDOPHILIA COVER-UP Challenge it with #MeTwo TO SAVE THE KIDS, PLEASE SAVE THE IMAGE & SHARE. [url] coming soon. See the latest at [url] | [url] | [url] | [url] [media]

We have investigated the reported content and could not identify any violations of the Twitter Rules ( or applicable law. Accordingly, we have not taken any action at this time.


The email was received at 1:52 PM on 26th July, but this obviously does not take into consideration the time taken for the complaint to be submitted and read, for an investigation to take place, and for a decision to be made, before any response could be given. It is reasonable to assume that the complaint was made either far earlier on the 26th July, or the day before – prior to Ali Can’s first tweet of the copied hashtag #MeTwo.


Email from Twitter to New Moral Order advising of a complaint about the #MeTwo tweet, rejected because it broke no laws or Twitter rules.


Thursday 26th July
The #MeTwo Google bomb was initiated, apparently via the German online media website The claim made in’s article #MeTwo: Germany shares stories of everyday racism is that the footballer Ali Can founded the movement and started the hashtag after Mesut Özil quit Germany’s national team, due to his claims of racist treatment from the head of the German Soccer Federation. According to, the first #MeTwo tweet from Ali Can was at 6:26AM on 26th July – almost a full 24 hours after the #MeTwo tweet by @NewMoralOrder. Supposedly, this first tweet of Ali Can’s using the hashtag #MeTwo was to record his experience of being asked where he was really from when he said he was German, claiming that to ask such a question was ‘racist’.

Did Ali Can know of the previous use of #MeTwo just the day before? Did he, or others associated to him, make the complaint about the original tweet? Or was it all just the strangest set of coincidences?

The article is about the only #MeTwo media report found for the 26th July and no media reports are found prior to that date. There is no apparent use of #MeTwo prior to the 26th July – apart from its use by @NewMoralOrder on the 25th. If any should now miraculously appear, the obvious question is why it could not be found when searching on 26th July or in the week following. Regardless, Ali can and have set the record straight by publishing an image of his first use of the hashtag, clearly showing it to be a day after the use of it by @NewMoralOrder when it was used in connection to exposing pedophilia by the establishment elite.


Ali Can’s first use of the hashtag #MeTwo as reported in shows it was posted almost 24 hours after @NewMoralOrder posted the same hashtag in relation to exposing establishment child abuse.



Media Reports – 26th July 2018


Friday 27th July
The #MeTwo Google bomb explodes throughout the mainstream media (MSM).

Media Reports 27th July


Sunday 29th July
Launch of website. Over the following week the site is attacked from IP addresses located in countries not usually top of the attack list. Generally, Russia, Ukraine etc rank at the top of the hacking attempts. These are noticeable by their absence in the attack list. The UK, the Netherlands and Germany are not so prevalent in attacks on other sites yet these are the countries from where attacks to appear to originate.

Attacks to (Top 6 IP Results for the week following launch of website):
United Kingdom 55
China 22
Netherlands 10
Germany 10
United States 7
United Kingdom 7

The top 5 IP related countries that attempted to hack the website in its first week were the UK, China, Germany, Netherlands and the US.


Monday July 30
The BBC publish an article claiming that Ali Can “launched the #MeTwo campaign on 25 July” and yet the earliest Tweets they show are from 27th and 28th July, and the initial report by shows Ali Can’s first #MeTwo tweet to have been on the 26th. Fake news? Did the BBC push the date back a day in order to match the date of the original real #MeTwo launch relating to System Pedophilia?


Now, there are three sorts of people in this world. Conspiracy Realists, Coincidence Theorists, and the majority who are waiting to be shown the difference. I am of course a Conspiracy Realist, and I hope that you are too. Conspiracy Realists understand not only that ‘the conspiracy is real’, but more importantly, they understand that if everything points to a certain conclusion, it is reasonable to accept that conclusion – albeit with an ongoing discernment and even with reservations – until proven otherwise beyond all reasonable doubt. On the other hand, coincidence theorists – once they have been given an alternative conclusion by the establishment – are happy to accept that any amount of information that points to a more logical and obvious conclusion is just mere coincidental, no matter how statistically impossible these coincidences, one on top of the other, might be. Thankfully, once shown the difference, most people awaken to the reality that the public are persistently lied to by the establishment, and that the ‘conspiracy theorists’ have actually been ‘conspiracy realists’ all along.

If you’re are a coincidence theorist, then you will believe that it’s just a coincidence that out of nowhere, the Googlewashing #MeTwo racism campaign was made viral by the establishment media within a day of its launch. You will believe it a coincidence that it has the very same hashtag as a movement that launched the day before. You will believe it a coincidence that the original #MeTwo movement was first targeted with a complaint to Twitter that failed to remove the tweet or ban the account that tweeted it. You will believe it to be a coincidence that the original #MeTwo movement’s purpose just happens to be the exposure of the endemic levels of pedophilia, child abduction, child trafficking and child murder connected to establishment circles, and that the certain eventual exposure of these crimes to the general public will do nothing less than bring down the entire establishment as you know it. You will consider it just a coincidence that the topic picked for the bogus #MeTwo counter-campaign was racism towards EU immigrants – that agenda being a century old policy of the NWO (the Kelergi plan) – with NWO connected politicians being those most exposed as pedophiles by victims of SRA and other pedophilic programs operated by institutions of the establishment. You will also think it just a coincidence that hacking attempts on the original #MeTwo movement’s website are unusually from countries such as the UK, the Netherlands, the US, and Germany – countries that have all been majorly connected to the issues regarding System Pedophilia. If you’re a coincidence theorist, this is how you will process these facts. However, if you are conspiracy realist, there is only one rational explanation. The bogus #MeTwo campaign regarding racism against EU migrants was hurriedly thrown together overnight to stop the hashtag going naturally viral and subsequently helping to expose the biggest story you’re not hearing about on MSM – how the lid is totally coming off the abhorrent can of worms that is child abuse on a truly global scale, perpetrated by members of the establishment: the rich; the famous; and the powerful, and how the mainstream media, government, and all institutions of the establishment throughout the world have been systematically covering it all up for decades.


Until independent investigative journalists look properly into Ali Can’s connections, there is no way of determining whether he was a complicit operative or simply a useful patsy who was chosen for his German residence, apparent political activism and pro-migrant viewpoint. What is certain is that all those who did have knowledge of the original #MeTwo hashtag – posted the day before Ali Can’s tweet – were aware that by conspiring with the Googlewashing operation, they were actively complicit in the apparent attempt to stop exposure of the most serious crimes against children, and were thereby protecting society’s most dangerous pedophile rings and prolific pedophiles. It really is irrelevant what ‘social justice’ cause was being promoted in its place. It think any decent person would say that the very organized torture, rape and murder of countless children places any alternative social cause firmly in the shade. Of course, the pedophiles and child murderers probably wouldn’t agree. Whatever you may think about the particular take on ‘racism’ that Ali Can opposes, I think that the vast majority of those who supported the #MeTwo hashtag in regards to those ‘claims of racism’ towards migrants, would be disgusted to realise that the whole campaign appears to have been orchestrated to stop a movement aimed at protecting children from abduction, pedophilia, torture, and murder on a truly massive scale. Once the public realises that at least some of those behind such an anti-racism and pro-migrant campaign are seemingly the bad guys (those protecting System Pedophilia and/or the pedophiles themselves), do you think that this will help those who are genuinely fighting racism or are genuine asylum seekers? Of course not. The fact is that almost all such social justice movements are ‘controlled opposition’ and only pay lip-service to the real injustices that take place. This was the point about the prior hashtag #MeToo, which was in itself a managed campaign revolving around Harvey Weinstein’s abuse of young ‘women’, in order to deflect attention from the escalating exposure of Hollywood elites’ far more serious and endemic abuse of young ‘children’. Everyone in #PedoWood knows it, but the general public remain largely oblivious because the MSM acts as a immoral buffer to the truth.


Every challenge is an opportunity, and opportunities this big are rare. Those who have attempted to cover-up the #MeToo Movement that aims to expose System Pedophilia, have instead enabled the documentation of its systematic cover-up. In turn, many dots have already been connected, and I believe that many more in this affair will be connected in time.

Truthseekers have been looking for gateway access into the MSM to blow wide-open the issue of establishment connected pedophilia. The clear documented timeline of this cover-up provides the perfect ‘Trojan Horse’ scandal with which to fully access mainstream news with this crucial topic. Those aiming to cover-up the genuine #MeTwo Movement have simply promoted the hashtag for it. Nobody supporting the bogus #MeTwo campaign of ‘racism claims’ can legitimately challenge the original #MeToo Movement exposing establishment pedophilia because it is was the first hashtag, as the timeline, the Twitter complaint, the Googlewashing Google bomb etc prove. Indeed, those who attack the use of the hashtag in regards to exposing pedophilia will simply be drawing people’s attention to the provable conspiracy and the non-legitimacy of the supposed ‘anti-racism’ campaign that appears to have been manufactured solely to protect elite pedophile networks. There are hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, who are now aware of the hashtag, and everyone of those people is potentially a convert to the exposing of the global pedophilia scandal. Once they are aware of the facts, their choice is to either accept that they have been fooled by the pedophile-protecting establishment or to support (by default) pedophilia, because they will be attacking the authentic and original #MeTwo Movement that’s aim is simply “to save as many children as possible, as soon as possible.” Who on earth could argue against such a moral and worthy cause.

What the Control System operatives have failed to recognise was that if the bogus #MeTwo campaign could cover-up the original #MeTwo #RealMeTwo movement, then the cover-up itself can lead straight back to the original, with far greater consequences and intrigue attached, and therefore exponentially more publicity with which to grow the audience. The Control System’s greatest weakness is that it lacks invention. It knows how to regimentally control and destroy, but it cannot create. Without a set of rules, it is lost. In contrast, the Peaceful Revolution that is taking place is swimming in creativity. That is why independent media is trouncing the MSM, and that is why the control system is destined to collapse from within, as the people rapidly begin to discover their own sovereignty and their capacity to prosper without the hierarchical domination of the system or by the parasitic elite.


• There is a concerted and well organized operation in place to shut-down any potentially successful movement that aims to inform the public about pedophile networks saturating the institutions of the establishment.
• The apparent large amount of money, time, effort, and urgency that went into concealing the authentic #MeTwo tweet’s existence – within just 24 hours of its appearance online, strongly suggests that what the original #MeTwo tweet stated about the establishment’s involvement in pedophilia, child trafficking and murder has been validated by their own actions to smother it.
• We have a clear and concise template of a Control System Google bomb and Googlewashing, showing the plug-and-play way in which a story is handed out for immediate un-challenged publication in dozens of mainstream online agencies of propaganda.
• For one reason or another, Twitter appears not to be automatically complicit in opposing exposure of System Pedophilia, as they did not support the complaint against the authentic, original #MeTwo tweet, confirming that it broke no laws or Twitter rules.
• The bogus #MeTwo campaign seems to be a NWO connected operation (based on the streamlined MSM news managed Google bomb), and therefore its actors and objectives are also likely to be NWO aligned.
• Those aiming to conceal the establishment’s crimes against children are – at the least – connected by association to a positive promotion of the current EU migrant crisis.
• The countries connected to the attempted hacking of the website are the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and the US. It can therefore be surmised that these countries may well be ones in which operatives who are protecting establishment pedophiles and pedophile networks are based.
• The establishment is currently at such a point of heightened panic regarding the potential (and certain) imminent mainstream exposure of the countless pedophiles and Satanists within its ranks that it is acting impulsively and hastily against any supposed threat, without due consideration of the knock-on effects of its actions.


When you compare the issue of governments; judicial authorities; the military; national security and secret service agencies; UN organizations; charities; corporations; religious institutions; Masonic lodges; law enforcement bodies; and film, music and news media institutions, all covering up and sometimes directly involved in the systematic torture, rape, murder, and even the hunting, sacrifice and cannibalism of children, with the so-called ‘racism’ issue of challenging where an E.U. migrant is ‘really’ from (which appears to be the complaint of the bogus #MeTwo Googlewashing operation), there is only one reason to keep tweeting the hashtag #MeTwo once you have been made aware of this great cover-up – and that reason is to SAVE THE KIDS!

So if you’re not already doing so, please listen to and support the brave whistleblowers, some who have faced persistent harassment and attacks for years or even decades, and also support those who are now coming forward for the first time in increasingly large numbers. Please support the wonderful independent investigative reporters, podcasters, bloggers and vloggers who are shining a light on the biggest story the general public have not heard, and please start posting #MeTwo alongside #RealMeTwo #PedoCoverUp #SaveTheKids #GoogleBomb #Googlewashing #Pedogate #PedoWood #SurvivorStories.







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