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The Truth About Donald Trump: PART 1 Donald Trump vs. The NWO.
By Jack: “Freedom Writer of THE PEACEFUL REVOLUTION”
Originally Posted February 2017

“The parasitic elite never asked the billions of people in the human race whether they wanted the NWO New World Order – which they don’t. Instead the NWO asked the question – in secret – of whether it now requires the billions of people in the human race. It doesn’t. So beware of smiling psychopaths in suits who say they work in the interests of The People and the planet. Don’t buy their snake oil. Don’t let them near your children. Don’t invite them in to your life.” Jack




To be able to understand what is currently going on, you must first comprehend the Left/Right PARADIGM. Without this comprehension, you are politically blind.

Beyond the naive commentary and analysis that you will hear from almost all political commentators, bloggers and pundits, in respect to Donald Trump, there are certain underlying factors that you must grasp in order to comprehend the broader reality of what is actually going on.

For those who wish to become more POLITICALLY CONSCIOUS, being fully aware of the following is imperative.


For those who are truly conscious, the Left/Right Paradigm of THIRD EMPIRE POLITICS is simply a CONTROL SYSTEM, just as it was designed to be by those who planned the THIRD EMPIRE throughout the Sixteenth & Seventeenth centuries and who ultimately incorporated it in the Eighteenth century.
I will explain more about the THIRD EMPIRE a little further below and in greater detail within future posts.


Even those political commentators, bloggers, vloggers, investigative journalists and revolutionaries who on the surface appear to see through the DIVIDE & RULE apparatus of The Control System – and who actually declare that they see through the veil – continue to unwittingly fall back into their Left or Right programming, to which they have been indoctrinated since birth. This weakness is very natural and therefore excusable – but YOU must train yourself to see through it, and to escape the trap of tribal politics.

There are a few exceptions to this weakness.
I will be pointing you towards those within the limelight who are truly CONSCIOUS and who thereby understand the Control System traps better than most, and also to those who provide an important insight but whose information you will need to filter through your own increasingly enlightened understanding of politics and of society as a whole.
So do not simply ignore or dismiss those who still naively align themselves within the Left/Right PARADIGM. Most of my preferred alternative news pundits are cemented within standard Left or Right leaning ideologies. Regardless, many of them provide great truth and knowledge.
What I am saying is that your understanding will rise above and beyond that of even the most erudite and connected political insiders by simply removing the Left/Right blinkers of your PROGRAMMED MIND when listening to their commentary and opinions.

You are both the Left and the Right

It is YOU who has the capacity to lead society out of the shackles of a contrived Left/Right division. It is YOU who can free The People from their social enslavement.

Comprehending this higher political truth of Left/Right control will make you a genuine REVOLUTIONARY figure.
History will remember those who at this point in time sponsored the peaceful breakdown of the Left/Right wing Control System, and the institutions of HIERARCHY, SECRECY and SOCIAL SABOTAGE, which sponsor it.

You are currently witnessing the breakdown of the NWO and ultimately the breakdown of the entire DOMINATION HIERARCHY.
The referendum of BREXIT and the election of Donald Trump are simply first indicators of an incalculably bigger political change:


The underlying story of BREXIT and of Donald Trump, which you will not hear because it does not fit the Control System script – is that these political upheavals have little or nothing to do with the personalities or policies involved, or with anything that you are told by the MAINSTREAM MEDIA, even by the most ALTERNATIVE political voices.
These political milestones are nothing less than the first cracks in the system of RULE BY MANIPULATION, or in other words, the SHAM OF DEMOCRACY.

To get a little spiritual for a brief moment (the homeless twin of science), The People are starting to connect with each other on a global scale via THE UNIVERSAL (the universal consciousness) – they are beginning to AWAKEN.
Hopefully, you are awake enough to accept certain politically unfashionable terms. Such things as THE UNIVERSAL will become essential to your proper understanding of authentic science and the real world that has been purposefully hidden from you.

There is a great deal of confusion as people awaken from their mind-control slumber. Just like experiencing any trauma, individuals are undergoing a myriad of feelings and kickback reactions to what they are slowly beginning to realise about EVERY component of the political system.


Each layer of the onion that is peeled back focuses the people towards another DECEPTION; another PRETEXT; another SCAM.

The Control System is simply doing what it must do to survive.
It is doing what it has always done.
It is attempting to reverse this AWAKENING OF THE PEOPLE by nudging and pushing them back into a standard tribal opposition against each other.

People have been continually conditioned to rely on manufactured HEROES.
Mainstream heroes are simply those who desire to rule over you, just like the puppeteers who pull their strings.
Heroes from the mainstream will NEVER liberate you.
Those who follow their heroes are chasing disappointment,
whereas those who refuse to have heroes discover their true destiny.

Admire only those who are willing to suffer in order to empower you.
Follow only those who wish to lead you to a place where you no longer require leaders.

Never doubt your own limitless power to change the world.
You have a purpose.
See it and realise it.
Discover who you truly are.

Only through each individual’s empowerment to break free of the mind-control will the political system be fixed.
Donald Trump is a product of the people’s awakening, and not the other way around.
In order to understand anything about Trump, you must first understand the current awakening of The People from the robotic to the Conscious.
In political terms, this awakening is from the Control System’s Left/Right trap that is based on the principle of DIVIDE & RULE.


The People have been programmed to act like sheep by following the slogans of politicians and the smiles of celebrities.
All these political pretenders are frauds and puppets.

If you want to understand the truth about what is really going on in humanity’s politics, your first task must be to escape the smoke and mirrors of the tribal Left/Right illusion.

It is simply a tool of the Control System to Divide & Rule The People.

Many elements of the current Control System were initially formulated during the time that it is referred to as the Roman Empire. That regime was a key component of the FIRST EMPIRE.


The political control mechanism used on the people 2000 years ago – and earlier – remains in use today, visually represented by the Babylonian/Egyptian/Roman architecture found in political buildings and banking, and religiously represented by the Babylonian/Egyptian/Roman gods, goddesses and symbolism that adorns, furnishes and surrounds them.

The indoctrination of the people to the idea of heroes (all based on descendants of the ANNUNAKI) in movies, TV and books is simply a process of programming THE RULED to willingly consent to THE RULE of those who believe themselves to be descendants of those same Annunaki bloodlines. Those elitist and largely psychopathic families require the remainder of humanity to willingly accept the bogus political system of so-called DEMOCRACY, which conceals the true hierarchy within it. Democracy is wholly managed and controlled by those who have invented what they call a DIVINE RIGHT TO RULE. In reality, TO RULE simply means to enslave and to dominate.

Under the management of this ubiquitous political organism, the concept of Divide & Rule remains in full use today, and is the tree trunk from which the branches of hero/celebrity/leader worship hang.

By allowing yourself to be fixed within the Left and Right Paradigm, you are a simply helping to reinforce this managed division of The People, and are freely testifying to your social position as a PAWN IN THE GAME of two manufactured political tribes.

It is always those more nefarious and powerful than you who will move you around the board, without any concern for your welfare, the welfare of The People, or the welfare of the world as a whole.

Your life is in their bloody hands only because YOU sanction it.
By removing yourself from their game, you begin to remove their power from over you.

That is why the only true answer to how you should vote is to refuse to vote at all, and to always state as loudly as you can that you are doing so because of what you know about the entire system.

Both sides of the political system are UTTERLY corrupt.
The entire political system is simply a depraved scam.

is that you are living under a CONTROL SYSTEM

This system has been refined over millennia.
Its purpose is to manage what you hear, see, feel and think.
Millions are now waking up to this reality.
Always hold this truth close to your every judgement.

Almost all people are blind to the system, which in political terms makes them only see themselves as either Left wing or Right wing – to one degree or another – purely in order to DIVIDE them, and so to RULE over them.

Such social engineering is founded on the false human perception of a duality within the material realm, which is used to condition the individual to serve a political hierarchy based on that primitive view.

In other words, the ruse of DEMOCRACY was specifically designed to maintain The People’s tribal thinking, in order to maintain a sense of rivalry, and so to maintain a domination of hierarchy.
A voting slave is a hopeful slave.

The Control System will only be overcome, following the tipping point in the people’s awakening to the Left/Right wing system trap, and their subsequent rejection of it.

That evolution in The People’s thinking is beginning to occur.
The tipping point is approaching.

So put yourself ahead of the curve and discover the truth about everything.

Begin to reject the system, and lead others to reject it too.


If you are to understand the REAL TRUTH about Donald Trump – as is the same with anyone in politics – you must first understand the wider truth about the whole political system. Without this real understanding of politics in general – that it is, by default, always a cloaked Control System – you will remain a blinkered slave of that system. You will simply be a pawn in the game, no matter how politically knowledgeable you believe yourself to be, or others believe you to be.

Throughout centuries of politics, all your political and social icons have been nothing more than Pawns, Knights, Bishops, Castles, Kings and Queens in a global chess game. It is a game of black and white model figures, with both sides being played by the same hand – THE HIDDEN HAND.

In terms of this post, THE HIDDEN HAND pulls the strings of the NWO, but its fingers also span across every other element of this particular game of chess. Donald Trump’s Administration does not escape its touch, as does any other.

Your heroes, your champions, your idols have always been moved around the board by political forces that you do not see.
Only those who boldly refused to be a part of the game and who have rejected belonging to any tribe were genuine political figures.
The Control System has expunged from history almost all such authentic heroes of The People.
Those who are alive today – along with their perceptions and views – are systematically concealed from the public’s attention by the mind-control mainstream media and the institutions that all serve The System.

Almost all history books belong in the “fiction” section of the bookshop.
What you were conditioned to believe in school was quite simply a FAIRY TALE, a HORROR STORY, or a COMIC BOOK. Take your pick.
None of what you learned was real.

If you wish to see things as they truly are, then you must begin to start learning EVERYTHING again from scratch.


You must also comprehend that 99.9% of political commentators (perhaps your favorite mainstream and independent pundits) are giving you an analysis that is conceived (either consciously or unconsciously) from within their own Left/Right wing programmed bias – no matter how enlightened they may seem to be in their evaluation of the facts.
Their analysis is born straight out of that Control System narrative. It may reject the parent for a while but it soon returns to what it knows and to what comforts it.
You too will be further conditioned by such bias, and the deeper truth will evade you, if you do not guard yourself against the commentator’s inner prejudice that rests in favour of their Left or Right wing position.

Never stop questioning your own perspective and the perspective of your peers and protagonists!

Those commentators who enlighten others to the truth of the Dive & Rule scam, but who then proceed to speak and promote a Left or a Right wing political argument, are deserters of that Revolutionary teaching, and traitors to their own reasoning.

Do certainly listen to what such people have to say, but understand that the true reality always rests beyond their Left/Right analysis.

Attacking or promoting an ingrained policy of the Left or the Right, simply shows the speaker to be ignorant of The Control System’s prime objective, which is to have such commentators continue to underline a Left or Right wing narrative, opposition or stance.

So long as they speak in terms of the Left or Right – to any degree whatsoever – they actually bolster The System’s central pillar of control, rather than providing any momentum for a TRUE PEOPLE’S REVOLUTION, which in order to emerge, must first breakdown the existing tribal system of control.

Never hesitate to reach out and enlighten such political commentators to their own inconsistency, when on the one hand they understand the Divide & Rule stratagem of the Control System, but then on the other hand, remain a compliant slave of it.



The real battle you currently see being played out in the US political cesspit is not between the Left and the Right – that being the illusory age-old deception. To see the 2016 US election and the victory of Donald Trump as any kind of component of the Left/Right political trap is to allow yourself to remain as a pawn of that enslaving game.

No, to the contrary, Donald Trump is President only because of a rising global PEOPLE’S REVOLUTION, of which he is a substantial effect, but not a cause.


Think of Donald Trump as a surfer.
He has caught a REVOLUTIONARY WAVE that will change the way that surfers ride forever.
That wave has not long risen from the surface of the ocean but already Donald Trump, and before him Nigel Farage of BREXIT fame, and others, have used it to create some bold new political moves.
Almost everyone is talking about THE SURFER. A few are talking about THE WAVE, and a few are talking about THE BOARD on which he is riding.
Virtually all the eyes on the beach are focused on that surfer on that particular wave.
All the cameras – and therefore all the eyes of the world beyond the beach – are also fixed on the surfer.
Only the real surfers who sit on the dunes and who know what to look for are scanning the horizon, and so they begin to see the monumental set of waves that follow behind the first.

Only the true surfer, who sees the entire ocean as his church, and is connected both physically and spiritually to the beach, the waves and the sky, will see beyond the first wave.

Only the true Revolutionary, who sees the world as his church, and is connected both physically and spiritually to society, to the world, to all humanity, will see beyond the first political wave.

Those first surfers and those first revolutionaries will certainly be remembered for riding the first wave, but the second, third, fourth, fifth waves, and so on, will be ridden only by those who are now paddling to get beyond that wave, and not by those who are chasing to ride it as it crests.

As the first surfers are washed to the shore, others will create fresher and bolder moves on higher waves and to bigger crowds.

As the first politicians are retired to the sidelines, other radical figures will create even more liberated and sincerer social changes with a greater popularity and mandate of The People, as the populace awakens from its trance.

The cameras follow the action of the surfers and not the action of the waves or the ocean. Do not follow the cameras.
Politics is no less a spectacle than Reality TV or Spectator Sport, because it has been devised by the same HIDDEN HAND for the same purpose – to focus the spectator solely towards its own handpicked, decadent, and totally managed stars.
In surfing terms, the spectacle keeps you on the beach, while the surfers surf.
In political terms, the spectacle keeps you within your political tribe, while the rulers rule.

Only those who are able to see the true PEACEFUL REVOLUTION that is quietly emerging right now under everyone’s noses – in contrast to the bogus revolutions of the Left and the Right, which are as fake as the Establishment they propose to overthrow – will be central to the Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth waves of the revolution.
It is your time to WAKE UP; to see the political Control System for what it really is; and to break free of it.


It is only a TRUE REVOLUTION AGAINST The Control System, when it is a political and social EVOLUTION that TRANSCENDS The Control System.

This Peaceful Revolution will be unlike the fake revolutions of the past, such as Russian & Chinese Communism, Nazi and Italian Fascism, and the French and American Revolutions of the late Eighteenth century.

Throughout the fakery of history, it is no coincidence that the word REVOLUTION is used to describe the manufactured illusion of The People apparently overthrowing tyranny.
As the word indicates, it actually describes the reset button that simply REVOLVES the power back to the very same Control System each and every time.
So-called DEMOCRACY works in the same REVOLVING manner. It is all a great deception against the people.

Within the present revolution, while those who are pawns of the Left are being manipulated to regard Donald Trump as the Devil incarnate, and those who are pawns of the Right are being encouraged to see him as a George Washington style savior of The People, those on both sides are being encouraged to see him as a product of the Right, which the Left must oppose.

The modern Control System of the THIRD EMPIRE (science) often recycles and updates the control methods of the FIRST EMPIRE (military) & SECOND EMPIRE (religion) for the very same objective of The People’s domination and control.

Currently in the US, The Control System is feeding on the genetic memory of the populace with regards to its religious indoctrination that has taken place over millennia. It is portraying Donald Trump as being either a Devil or a Messiah, but allowing nothing in between. As always, the objective is to rigidly divide The People into their allocated political control-tribes of the Left and the Right.
This is classic SOCIAL ENGINEERING mind-control.

While an increasing minority are refusing to be swept along by the tribal rhetoric, and are instead rejecting both sides, the majority of people are clearly responding like total MUPPETS and USEFUL IDIOTS to these triggers of mass manipulation.

For the regime to remain in control, its one essential task is always the same:

“You are being played like a fiddle, and it’s not a tune you’ll want to hum in the shower.” Jack

Understand this greatest political truth above all:
So long as The Control System is able to return the debate to the Left/Right paradigm,
and no meaningful social change will arise.
THE HIDDEN HAND will simply “BUILD” a new paradigm.
Welcome to the NEW Control System; same as the OLD one.

The contrived notion of liberty (not true freedom) by those on the so-called Right will never be attained, and the contrived idea of equality (not true evenhandedness) by those on the so-called Left will also never be attained.

In reality, EQUALITY and LIBERTY are two peas within the same pod, but their meanings are constantly twisted and pitched against each other by The Control System.
All humans who aren’t insatiably obsessed with domination want the same things, for themselves and for others – that being FREEDOM and FAIRNESS.
There is no Left and Right outside of the contrived Control System. Wake up to this reality and it will set you free.

Those who are obsessed with domination have always controlled the political Left and the Right. Those individuals (psychopaths, extreme sociopaths) want freedom only for themselves and they reject the very concept of fairness.
They are con artists without compassion and will always pretend to be on the side of their victims. They lie as well as any Hollywood actor. They are often chosen for their showmanship or their ability to convincingly lie more than for any other skill.
These are the individuals who run governments; political movements; corporations; banking; the military; religions etc.
They created social hierarchy so that they could forever control it.

It is first important to understand that not every psychopath is dangerous to society. If a psychopath is raised with the right morals and personal rules in place, he may appear distant, cold, or uncompassionate, but he will not seek to harm others, and will actually avoid doing so.
However, The Control System actually seeks to place immorally programmed psychopaths and sociopaths in positions of social power, and if this is not possible, then to place them in positions next to those in power: watching over them; influencing them; or spying on them. Their amoral triggers make them easier to manipulate, particularly within such a depraved system of hierarchical domination, such as the one within which humanity is currently imprisoned. Of course those who work for THE HIDDEN HAND wholly direct their mind-control operatives literally just like puppets.

Donald Trump may indeed be a narcissist but that particular antisocial trait might just be the one thing that has allowed his survival amongst the wall-to-wall political sociopaths, in order to make it all the way to be President.
In contrast to Donald Trump’s narcissism, many of those he opposes are clearly full-blown psychopaths, bought and paid for by the NWO, which is itself a global institution of psychopaths that has so very clearly aimed all its political and media guns at Donald Trump.
The NWO (and its co-conspirators) have been responsible for all the wars of the last 100 years; and for putting in place almost all the psychopathic governments and dictatorships over that same period.

If you take the time to scrutinize those who politically surround Donald Trump, and then scrutinize the rest of the US political spectrum, one thing is very clear.
Within the Donald Trump camp, there is an average mix of antisocial and even mild sociopathic personalities in amongst the general throng of fairly normal characters.
However, within the remainder of the Republican old guard; within the Clinton camp; within the remainder of the Democratic camp; and within global politics as a whole, there is an extra-ordinary level of truly psychopathic and extreme sociopathic personalities.
The Trump bandwagon appears, in comparison, almost boringly well balanced psychologically. That is not to say that there aren’t a number of well-placed psychopaths surrounding Trump, and many sociopaths in respect to violent military values, but the general normality in the Trump camp of those whose political records and actions are known to the public, when compared to the average Washington lackey, should be noticeable to anyone who isn’t too blinded by political bias.

So whereas psychopaths are tyrannical by nature and constantly see themselves at the very top of a universal hierarchy, normal people want at least reasonable freedom and fairness for all.
The Peaceful Revolution seeks exactly the opposite to tyranny.
Only by comprehending that you currently live under a soft version of a psychopathic tyranny, will you ever escape it.

Enabling a soft social tyranny is not rocket science.
Control of information is always the primary goal.
Your required affiliation to a tribe within the lower levels of the pyramid hierarchy comes a close second.

If you wish to gain true freedom of your mind and your body, you must first look beyond the promoted, mainstream narrative, and secondly, you must separate yourself from all tribal thinking and clannish attachments.

In political terms, this obviously refers to mainstream news (where only propaganda exists) and also the Left/Right Paradigm (solely designed to enslave people as political muppets).


Stop being a pawn of The Control System

You may wonder why a blog post that is entitled THE TRUTH ABOUT DONALD TRUMP has so far hardly mentioned the man himself. The answer may be obvious to some, but most will have a pre-conceived idea of what the talking points should be.

The Control System will always aim to focus your thoughts away from the most secret and important knowledge.



To fully understand Donald Trump and the 2016 US Election, you must first have at least a very basic knowledge: of the Left/Right paradigm; of the NWO; of Dark Government (Deep State); of Secret Societies; of CIA and related mind-control; and of the broader social engineering of the Twentieth century, undertaken by ALL ruling authorities and institutions, with little or no consideration for the health, welfare, or prosperity of the human population, either as a whole, or as individuals.

If you regard any term that I mention as being CONSPIRITORIAL in nature, you would be absolutely correct.
However, if you regard conspiracy within politics to be anything other than fundamental to its very purpose, then you fall firmly within the bracket of BRAINWASHED.

The most successful CONSPIRACY has been to utterly convince the conditioned populace that there is no such thing as CONSPIRACY.



The majority fully accepts that people – everywhere and every day – conspire in secret with each other: in sexual relationships; within families; within schools; within offices and workplaces; within every single walk of life, BUT that very same majority of people, somehow, so inconsistently and irrationally, manages to also believe that within national and international politics – which happens to be saturated with people who place money and power above all else – conspiracy does not occur.
This mental illness might be simply mistaken for supreme ignorance, but it is of course plain and simple SOCIAL CONDITIONING.

Subconscious programming or mind-control; public relations; propaganda; State education; social engineering, are all products of a century long conspiracy of THE HIDDEN HAND to manage the human populace via a control of its psychology – both collectively and also in regards to particular individuals.

I will present a more in-depth truth about mind-control in later posts. For now, it should be understood without reservation that today’s political machine is almost completely under the thumb of THE HIDDEN HAND, thanks to its depraved experimentation and criminal implementation of personal and mass mind-control techniques since the early part of the Twentieth century.

Without at least a basic knowledge of THE HIDDEN HAND – which pulls all the political, religious and social levers behind the curtain of human society – YOU HAVE NO VALID VOICE IN ANY POLITICAL DEBATE. Without such understanding, your words are empty and your opinion is unwitting.


If you do not fully accept that all politics
is managed via CONSPIRACY from the top down
in any political debate.

If you want to know where all political knowledge truly begins, I cannot be clearer than that.

The Truth About Donald Trump PART 2: THE HIDDEN HAND delves further into this concealed political world in respect to the Trump Presidency and the current political landscape.

You will notice that the mainstream narrative will always tend to emphasize Trump the personality, in order to focus your attention away from the real stories and deeper politics that could threaten to destabilize The Control System narrative.

The Control System understands that the more personal the social mind-control, then the more powerful is its effect. Put simply, if a person can be conditioned to automatically feel hatred towards Donald Trump the man, then they are also automatically – by default – being programmed to hate everything he does, and unlikely to ever rationally perceive what is really going on beyond the manufactured façade of the stage show of celebrity politics.

The system needs you to have the simplest understanding
– a childlike perspective of the situation.



The Control System programs you with reality TV Programmes (there is no coincidence in the use of the word PROGRAM or PROGRAMME) such as talent shows; fly-on-the-wall series’ of messed-up and easy to despise celebrities; and of course, the even more childish concept of Spectator Sport.
ALL THIS so-called ENTERTAINMENT exists ONLY to condition you to think in an immature, primitive and robotic way, and to desire and accept as normal, a COMPETITION and RIVALRY between those you regard as HEROES and those you regard as IDIOTS or ANTI-HEROES.
Your mind then accepts and fully expects exactly the same reality within the political stage show that rules over your life.
The Control System mantra states: think tribally; think childishly; think violently, but whatever you do, DO NOT think for yourself.

The Control System cares nothing about your entertainment or your happiness. It only cares about your political and social management.


You MUST have leaders to prosper.
You MUST accept hierarchy to exist.
You MUST be competitive to be human.

You are conditioned into falsely believing these things are natural and THAT’S JUST THE WAY IT IS.
Once you comprehend the techniques of social engineering, you immediately see that the majority of any human populace can be trained to act one way or another, no differently from dogs, chimpanzees or dolphins.
Morally speaking, just as those non-human animals should not be enslaved or programmed, nor should the human animal. Those who pull the strings of society do not care for the life or wellbeing of any animal – human or nonhuman – whether it is enslaved in farms, circuses or nations. To them all living things are there only to be dominated and used for their own pleasure and purposes.
Once you understand this undeniable reality, the very existence of social hierarchy takes on a whole new and most negative perspective, just as it naturally should do.

In truth, you are a beautiful combination of programmable organic computer and conscious universality. The purpose of Twentieth and Twenty-First century social engineering is to dim the light of consciousness within the human species, and at the same time to annex and fully appropriate the carbon-based computer side of the human organism, ultimately amalgamating it with its non-organic silicon-based computer variant.

The overriding objective of social conditioning is to program as many human computers as possible with instructions to disempower the individual, so that she or he will feel the need for a leader, in order to be saved or to prosper. These commands to the subconscious are always based on primitive, archetypal fears and desires.

You are incessantly indoctrinated with the notion of HERO WORSHIP from the earliest age. This forms your thinking into one of two ways about yourself, depending on the leaning of your personality towards either being OUTGOING or being RESERVED.
If you are reserved, then you will be corralled into the more submissive, shy role of FOLLOWER; of SPECTATOR; of SHEEPLE.
If you are outgoing, then you will be sponsored into the more assertive, egotistical role of BOSS; of SPORTS MAN or WOMAN; of CELEBRITY.

Either way, you have been sidelined into the constructed normalcy of mindless entertainment and away from the real marrow of society and its accompanying power and influence.
Those within the OUTGOING minority are really no better off than those within the RESERVED majority.
None of The People have any real control.
Corporate & financial BOSSES can be jailed and ruined; SPORTS STARS can be banned and disgraced; and CELEBRITIES of music and screen can be drug addicted, murdercided, framed for any number of drug or sex related crimes, and are first in line to become the victims and slaves of MK-ULTRA & PROJECT MONARCH style mind-control projects.

First they counter revolutions with armies and violence.
Then they counter revolutions with drugs and money.
Now they counter revolutions with performance and spectacle.

This is the BREAD & CIRCUSES of the Roman Control System brought up to date as SOAP, SPORTS, SEX & SHOPPING. Of course, SOCIAL MEDIA can now be added to this list.
The politics is constructed into always being just about the characters and personalities, as though you are watching a scripted soap opera. That’s because you are.
Any more than that may allow you to think for yourself.

To The Control System, thinking for yourself is the greatest crime.



JACK’S TRUTH ABOUT EVERYTHING posts will always present you with the REAL knowledge.
This inner knowledge will bring to you a true understanding about the specific topic or subject of the post; about the WORLD in which you live; about the LIFE that you experience; and about the REALITY in which you exist.

Understanding the truth about Donald Trump, in a way that will elevate your political mind above 99.99% of others, must take this format, and cannot be separated from a universal understanding of the entire political spectrum. The Control System requires that the spotlight and the bigger picture be always disconnected from each other within people’s minds. They must not be detached.
Understanding everything is not a difficult thing to do, when you have the tools to do it.
I will provide you with those tools.



The knowledge that The System wants to hide from you.
This is THE bite-size information that you NEED to know.
Explore YouTube and The Net to expand your understanding.

  • The NWO is seriously under threat from an AUTHENTIC & PEACEFUL REVOLUTION.
  • This revolution is: OF The People; BY The People; FOR The People.
  • The most practical name for the greatest current opposition/enemy to this true People’s Revolution is the NWO (New World Order).
  • Other threats do exist. The NWO is just one amalgamation of Elitist factions aligned in pursuit of global control and dominance over The People.
    However, the NWO is the CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER that many commentators who promoted the Trump campaign stated that it was, and that it would be, if it had not been stalled (electorally defeated) at that election.
  • In short, the NWO refers to a global hierarchy of control by an elitist class over the rest of the human population.
  • The NWO represents a broad spectrum of elitist factions of the DRAGON bloodline families; their cohorts; their religious institutions; their political parties & groups; their corporations; their banks; their media; their military-industrial-complex assets; their secret service connections; and the secret societies that connect them behind the scenes. All of these are either significantly infiltrated or completely under the control of the NWO global octopus.
  • The NWO (in terms of its complete global fascist amalgamation of power) was meant to culminate in the year 2000 and has been planned for by generations of individuals and institutions in secret over many centuries.
  • GLOBALISM is the modern political term assigned to this NWO agenda, endorsed and sponsored by specific power factions, and which sought to establish a one-world GOVERNMENT; a one-world CURRENCY; a one-world ARMY; and a one-world RELIGION, all under a single Orwellian-style authority – a hybrid of NEO-FASCISM and NEO-SOCIALISM.
  • The sole purpose of groups such as the ILLUMINATI and the political ROUND TABLE groups of the Twentieth century (including the CFR; Trilateral Commission; Bilderberg; Club of Rome etc) was to bring about this NEW WORLD ORDER.
  • The modern New World Order concept is largely based on the ideas of FRANCIS BACON et al, and the establishment of a NEW ATLANTIS, reminiscent of a lost so-called GOLDEN AGE.
  • The NWO is predominantly a political force, existing in conjunction with the broader model of THE THIRD EMPIRE, also aimed at bringing about a New World Order.
  • In recent history this NWO Control System hierarchy has been connected to eugenics, apartheid, Nazi Socialism, Communism, Zionism, Neo-Fascism, Neo-Socialism, Neo-Conservatism, Neo-feudalism, Corporatism, Consumerism, the global drugs trade, Synarchy, Hollywood Satanism, Islamic extremism, Christian Fundamentalism, and other such political and religious movements of domination over the individual and over society.
  • Violent so-called REVOLUTIONARY groups that are ignored by the Establishment; condoned by the Mainstream Media; and promoted by celebrities – such as BLACK LIVES MATTER as just one example of many – are no different from the FAKE REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENTS of the past. In one way or another way – through finance (Soros, Rockefeller, CIA etc) or propaganda and promotion (MSNBC, CNN, BBC, Facebook, Google etc) – individuals and institutions of the NWO back each and every one of these bogus rebellions against the system.
    At the protestor level, they are generally comprised of socially programmed young followers and sycophants, which Stalin had once referred to as USEFUL IDIOTS. Those used in the orchestrated demonstrations/riots against Donald Trump, both before and after the election are exactly the sorts of people who Stalin was describing.
    The agendas of these bogus revolutionary groups all embrace the PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION method of mass mind-control.
  • Co-opted or stage-managed revolutions have been and still are one of the corner stones of the NWO’s step-by-step procession towards a soft global tyranny.

PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION – sometimes referred to as the Hegelian Dialectic (though not quite the same) – is a key tool of the NWO. It is a form of social mind-control that uses The People’s reaction to a manufactured problem/incident to garner public support for an agenda, which they may not otherwise back or desire, and may even have strongly opposed prior to the manipulation of their worldview, generally done through intensive media programming and false flags (research David Icke – who first coined the term PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION – for further information).

FALSE FLAGS (most often terrorist or military incidents) have been extensively used by the NWO (and others) for around 100 years, in order to influence PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION processes.

MUSLIM IMIGRATION and ISLAMIC TERRORISM are simply elements of a complex set of NWO PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION strategies.
These particular subjects are too in-depth to go into within this post, and I will present to you the REAL TRUTH ABOUT TERRORISM and also THE MUSLIM DIASPORA at a later date.
However, it is important to say that anyone who blindly protests in favour of carte blanche open-border immigration in response to the current Middle East population displacement, without first investigating the long-term hidden agendas of the NWO is simply a PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION MUPPET. Such individuals might be embarrassed at the deep level of political manipulation to which they have succumbed on this issue. At least a basic concept of PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION; OPERATION GLADIO & GLADIO B; THE KALERGI PLAN; CHRISLAM; NWO CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS BLUEPRINTS and other such political realities is absolutely required in order to have any truly valid perception of the genuine issues involved in the Muslim Diaspora.
The only authentic and truly compassionate solution to the refugee problem is to shift ALL public and political pressure away from the immigration issue and to focus it solely against the past and continuing international crimes of NATO and the military-industrial-complex, for systematically terrorizing and murdering the populations of the Middle East and North Africa, in expectation of driving them into Europe, hand in hand with destroying those nations’ sovereignty and social stability on behalf of the NWO agenda for global control.

  • ALL mainstream news and entertainment is pure propaganda on behalf of the NWO, and is under the core management of their lackeys. This systematic NWO control of media began in around 1915 with the control of US newspapers, and progressed through the control of cinema via Hollywood, then TV, and finally through to having total control of the corporate Internet & social media.
  • Only independent news and commentary (generally Internet only) may be reasonably trusted.
  • The vast majority of those who work on behalf of the NWO have no idea who or what they are actually working for. You wouldn’t blame a cashier at Barclays for the international crimes of the banksters would you? As an example, how many people who work for HSBC are aware that the bank was found guilty by US courts of knowingly transferring and laundering billions of dollars in international drug trade proceeds? The answer is virtually none.
    Whenever you hear MISTAKES WERE MADE AND LESSONS HAVE BEEN LEARNT, you can almost guarantee that those mistakes were fully orchestrated and the only lessons learnt are how to better cover-up the tracks of those responsible in the future.
    In the charity and government sectors, most people are ignorantly involved via classic PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION chicanery. Just like the general public, they really believe that terrorism and wars; recessions; cancer, autism and viruses, etc, are all uncontrollable events; or the general fault of the populace; or are simply the mistakes of a few isolated error prone politicians, bankers, or business managers.
    They are what I call COINCIDENCE THEORISTS.
    To the contrary,
    EVERYTHING is orchestrated.
    EVERYTHING is a stage show.
    EVERYTHING is phony.
    Because most of those who are unknowing lackeys within The Control System’s pyramid hierarchy – involved in facilitating the global violence, the oppression, and the general misery – do not see the higher hidden agenda, they often die under the illusion that they were involved in a wholly moral and meaningful cause, which had been devised for the good of all, or at least for the greater good.
    If the people were aware of the ruse, and the great crimes that were knowingly and methodically committed by those they look up to and trust, then the PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION method for soft tyrannical rule would not be a reality, which of course it most certainly is.
  • The Control System absolutely relies on EMPATHIC PEOPLE being hoodwinked.
    It relies on GOOD PEOPLE DOING BAD THINGS, which they have had morally justified to them.

    That is why those who consider themselves to be Left Wing thinkers – because they aim to be compassionate, are those who the NWO finds easiest to deceive with social manipulation procedures such as PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION.
  • Of the two manufactured political sides, the Left is currently more brainwashed into unquestioningly serving the NWO than the Right. This is simply because people who primarily follow a personal doctrine of social compassion have been programmed to regard themselves as being of the Left.
    The NWO operation that has been politically dominant for over half a century has focused on SOCIAL ENGINEERING in order to control the populace. Victims of such social mind-control tend to be those who are more socially aware and active – that being the Left, at least in political terms.
    The future awakening of the so-called Left to the great ruse of PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION is the key to the next level of The Peaceful Revolution.
    Once those who have been hoodwinked fully awaken to their great error in wholeheartedly trusting the mind-control media; their corrupted governments; their subjective scientific institutions; their bogus charities; the military warmongers etc, and instead realise that those responsible for all the world’s atrocities are actually those same people and institutions that they believed to be opposing them, then and only then, will the wars, and the sickness, and the misery end.
    Your power to comprehend and see through the PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION apparatus is possibly your greatest asset in gaining a free and enlightened mind, and in turn, gaining the true liberation of humankind from the psychopathic forces that reign over it without compassion or integrity.
  • So, in mind of this current problem that the political Left has been so utterly manipulated by PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION, you will currently obtain far more accurate information, debate and opinion from Right wing alternative news media sources rather than from Left wing alternative news and media. However, such Right wing (aka ALT-Right) media is certainly not entirely liberated from political bias and blinkers, and its adherents generally tends towards a more militaristic and less empathic worldview, though not always.SOFT TYRANNY v HARD TYRANNY:
    Prior to the NWO focusing towards a SOFT TYRANNY solution to gaining global control over the human populace, it was the Right wing populace who were the target of mass mind-control. This led to a number of HARD TYRANNY solutions, those being the Communist and Fascist regimes of the early Twentieth century. It was only the NWO’s failure to establish a fascist military dictatorship in Europe and the US prior to and during the Second World War – and the subsequent widespread aversion to any form of military governance in those areas of the world, that a change of policy was implemented by the NWO, and the focus was shifted comprehensively towards mind-controlling the political Left, with experiments to manipulate the populace through a SENTIMENTALLY-DRIVEN addiction to social welfare and through programming the guilt psychology of the more empathic and compassionate sector of the populace, through PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION techniques.So, as far as accurate daily news is concerned, you will currently find most within the Right leaning alternative media. Having said that, there are a small handful of very switched on commentators who associate themselves with a more traditionally compassionate worldview, and I will also be pointing you in their direction.
    It is VITAL to hear opinions from the Left and the Right, because you must learn from both BUT become attached to neither.
    This general monopoly of real news by the so-called Alt-Right will change in due course as the wider revolution emerges.
  • Indeed, that wider revolution must evolve, and those within the NWO desperately fear this awakening of the Left, far more than any awakening of the Right.
    This is because according to their own terminology, they are themselves of the Right, and have always found it relatively easy to direct the group mentality of less empathic people.
    The challenge to the psychopathic elite has always been to have the empathic majority willingly accept the rule of the un-empathic minority. The Right associate themselves more with social solutions based on THE MASCULINE, such as material dominance, physical supremacy, violence, meritocratic authority, hierarchical power, vengeance, punishment and military might.
    It should be obvious to anyone who has an understanding of the Left – from its inception in the French Revolution through to its complete takeover by the NWO in the last half of the Twentieth century – that it has always been defined by its adherence towards a more compassionate worldview, but that it has always been politically coopted by those whose worldview is akin to the far Right – that is to say, psychopathic characters who appear devoid of all empathy and compassion. Of course, this is no coincidence. Both the Left and the Right have always been utterly managed by the psychopathic elite. The entire Control System of politics has always been utterly controlled by them.
    The defeat of global tyranny as you know it, will ultimately only come about following the political Left awakening to the same point that the political Right has already awakened, and when the two sides finally stop looking across at each other as being the problem, but instead come together as one – and LOOK UP to the true and constant enemy of ALL The People.
  • In social engineering terms, those wearing MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN baseball caps are absolutely no different from those wearing BLACK LIVES MATTER t-shirts. They diametrically oppose each other in a very visual and apparent way, which is exactly what they are required to do by The Control System in order to sustain the Left/Right paradigm in the minds of the tribally controlled public.
  • Lastly, I must re-iterate that the NWO entity that I am focusing on in this post – in regards to those factions that oppose Donald Trump – is not the only threat to the people. Far from it. There are other factions that simply have a different interpretation of a New World Order, but which do not pose the same immediate menace to human civilization and its survival and prosperity.
    The NWO is simply the most clear and present danger to the wellbeing of humanity. Its’ defeat will provide the best opportunity for The People to progress to the next stage of THE PEACEFUL REVOLUTION.
    Indeed, Donald Trump is not on the side of The Peaceful Revolution. He is simply paving the way for the next phase, although he doesn’t know it.
    That is not to say that Donald Trump is not attempting to bring about a revolution. He is. He wants a revolution against the NWO but it is not a revolution that aims to overturn the domination of The People by the elite. He simply follows a different doctrine from the ruling NWO factions, as far as the relationship between the elite and The People is concerned and in regards to what the hierarchical New World Order should look like. I will discuss this more in THE TRUTH ABOUT DONALD TRUMP: PART 2.
    Indeed, Donald Trump firmly believes in HIERARCHY; in MONARCHY; in BLOODLINES that RULE over the general public.
    If you follow a traditional Right Wing philosophy of MONARCHIC RULE, then you may believe in the need for such dictatorship to be benevolent, or you may believe in the divine right of kings to do what they like. Either way, you believe in DOMINATION HIERARCHY.
    Donald Trump – and those hidden factions that sponsor him – know that they must dispel the immediate threat posed by the NWO, but following that threat having been removed, Donald Trump and his cohorts, peers and tutors will have their own plans and their own vision of a NEW WORLD ORDER that will not coincide with the fully liberated and egalitarian one that human society must ultimately formulate to fulfill its destiny.
    The rival factions that sponsor Donald Trump must instead be persuaded by The People to stand aside at the crucial point, and be replaced by the next phase in THE PEACEFUL REVOLUTION. Nothing can stop it. Nothing will.
  • In other words, do not be mistaken in thinking that the fight between Donald Trump and the NWO is a transparent battle between black and white; between good and evil. It is simply a battle between one hidden power and another, but with one side being so hazardous that it urgently needed to be stopped in its tracks.
    Ultimately, The People will have to FREE THEMSELVES from all POWER; all HIERARCHY; all sides of THE GAME.
  1. The 2016 Election
    Donald Trump – the Revolutionary Candidate
  • To cut a long story short, the 2016 US Election was between those who were (knowingly or not) part of the unfolding PEACEFUL REVOLUTION – including certain elitist factions who sided with The People more than opposing factions of the NWO, and on the other side, the most nefarious political factions related to THE HIDDEN HAND – in other words, the NWO – and their co-conspirators, collaborators, and the programmed masses they had successfully conditioned.
  • THE PEACEFUL REVOLUTION refers to the positive transformation of the core society, which neither relies on nor condones any violent means in order to displace the corrupted, malign and oppressive Control System in favour of a transparent, moral and balanced alternative. It instead relies on the universal transfer of INFORMATION to awaken the programmed masses, including the disclosure of all concealed information that shows wrongdoing, and the exposure of those psychopathic elites who seek to dominate and harm the human race through covert means. It is simply a nonviolent REVOLUTION of the AWAKENED MINORITY against the TYRANNY of the NWO.
    Therefore, supporters of Donald Trump had – and have – no requirement to share a single vision of what a perfect world should look like.
    The NWO is the archenemy of The People. It is currently attempting to counter the obvious reality that those voters who made the difference in Donald Trump’s election victory were, in fact, either non-political or who would normally have considered themselves to be Left leaning. Indeed, some hadn’t voted for any side for 20 or 30 years, or had never voted at all due to the clear corruption of the entire political system. Such AWAKENED PEOPLE voted for Donald Trump because he was opposing SOFT FASCISM (the Rockefeller-Clintons; the NWO plan for global domination; Hollywood Satanism; the anti-democratic two-party system; multi-national corporate control of nations; military-industrial-complex empire building; and the list goes on).
    The NWO are attempting to counter this REALITY by promoting THE LIE that Donald Trump supporters are all Right wing Republicans, and that they are RACISTS and FASCISTS themselves. Of course, this is total PROPAGANDA. There is a time limit to this stunt (as was the case with BREXIT) as the support for Donald Trump increases (in contradiction to the false mainstream narrative) due to his rational anti-NWO policies and the people’s increasing understanding that his actions against such a treasonous and immoral agenda are valid and urgently required.
    Only the truly brainwashed and a sociopathic minority who are led to believe that they may benefit from another NWO violent uprising of USEFUL IDIOTS (like the Communist revolutions of the Twentieth century) will remain beholden to the NWO propaganda and will stand against Trump’s immediate political objectives, which are simply to readdress the long-term veiled plans of the NWO – to form a global authority of SOFT FASCISM under the command of certain factions of the elite.
  • The sole tipping factor of the 2016 US Election was in respect to millions of people who specifically voted for Donald Trump when he reasonably exhibited that he opposed that NWO agenda of soft tyranny and the gradual fascistic appropriation of all political authorities.
    Perhaps more importantly to many voters who had lost faith in the SHAM OF DEMOCRACY, he was a candidate who was himself very noticeably opposed by BOTH PARTIES of the corrupt two-party system with the GOP refusing to give him a dime, and in effect making him the independent candidate. He was relentlessly attacked by all the usual suspects who were either known to be servants of the NWO, or were simply brainwashed sycophants of the soap, sports, sex and shopping that the NWO had relentlessly manufactured for the human herd.
    It was clear as day to those who were at all knowledgeable of the reality of DARK GOVERNMENT (The Deep State), GLOBALISM, and the NWO, that Donald Trump had become the revolutionary person within US politics, who millions of people in the US, and hundreds of millions more people throughout the world had been waiting to appear for years, if not decades.
  • Those political pundits and so-called experts who do not mention the fact that Donald Trump was THE REVOLUTIONARY CANDIDATE against the NWO, and indeed, is THE REVOLUTIONARY PRESIDENT, are either so naïve and ignorant of the reality of global politics that no sane person should want their political insight anyway, or they are knowing stooges of the NWO cabal.
    Either way, all such individuals and the institutions they are involved in, are the ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE and of The People’s freedom form tyranny.
    It is only a lack of knowledge in regards to the realities of Globalism and associated autocratic rule (all of which is fully available online to anyone who decides they want to TAKE THE RED PILL), which allows people to be so brainwashed that they see those who seek only to liberate them as their sworn enemy.
    It is sad to see so many individuals who truly believe in EQUALITY and FREEDOM who are actually siding with the very system – the NWO – that for decades has been implementing a global regime of soft fascism, which aims to utterly dominate and oppress them forever.
    Most people are still blind to the fact that there is a Peaceful Revolution against The Control System under way, because it is so well concealed from the attention of the general populace by the blinkers of Mainstream Media, Entertainment, and Social Media.
    However, when confronted with the REDPILL or BLUEPILL choice, people really don’t have the excuse anymore that there is no information available to them. They just need to REMOVE THE BLINKERS. You could drown in the weight of data that documents THE TRUTH about what is really going on. WIKILEAKS alone spells out the reality of the corruption and wickedness at the highest levels of every social institution, again and again and again.
    Indeed, THE TRUTH IS HIDDEN IN PLAIN SITE. You simply need to stop taking the medication and to TAKE THE REDPILL If you don’t know what’s going on, then turn off your TV and start checking out YouTube with the relevant keywords in order to gain knowledge quickly.
    Of course, check out all future JACK’S TRUTH ABOUT EVERYTHING posts and podcasts if you want to jump to the front of the class.THE LEFT – THE NEW CONSERVATIVES
    50 years ago and earlier, the so-called Right was the natural home of the ESTABLISHMENT. The term CONSERVATIVE applied to only members of the Right, which represented Monarchy, the Church, the State, the Military, and other institutions that protected the Establishment from radical movements. True revolutionaries who wanted a better world without manufactured wars and global poverty, and who stood up against the crooked industrialists, bankers, and politicians were ALL associated with the Left.
    The manufactured Left was revolutionary and the manufactured Right was Conservative. This can be traced back to the modern political origin of Left and Right in the French Parliament of the late Eighteenth century when those who sat on the Left of the room were for a revolution and those who sat on the Right of the room supported the king.
    Since those times, the Illuminati and subsequently the NWO has undertaken a relentless undermining of any revolution by The People against the Establishment, by persistently delineating this Left/Right divide in regards to a splitting of the general populace, knowing full well that the original French distinction between Left and Right would mean that about 99% of any given populace would vote for the Left in any so-called democratic system.
    As democracy was created in order to further the control over The People, it meant that the political delineation had to be equally split – or in other words, Democracy had to be molded to fit the Divide & Rule stratagem.
    The basic idea was for those members of the populace who were programmed to fear the violent rise of the down-trodden masses, to associate themselves with the RIGHT, whilst at the same time to infiltrate those movements formed by the WORKING CLASS (defined as the LEFT) and to lead them violently against the Establishment and against those who were more prosperous, thus providing the required fear to the newly invented MIDDLE CLASS.
    This manufactured battle between the MIDDLE CLASS and the WORKING CLASS is still being played out today. It is thoroughly controlled in order to keep each side of the TWO-PARTY SYSTEM CON GAME at around 50% so that the result can either be fully predictable or alternatively fixed by THE HIDDEN HAND.
    Those who acquired more wealth or feared any upheaval naturally associated more with the Right, whilst those who were poor and needed things to change naturally associated more with the Left.
    So by the Twentieth century, the term CONSERVATIVE was only associated with those who were against the revolutionary concepts of the poor and the compassionate and egalitarian intelligentsia. Of course, by that time, the so-called Left had been completely coopted by the political Think Tanks and ideologies of the NWO, such as THE FABIAN SOCIETY and STATE COMMUNISM.
    Following the Second World War, the liberation of teenagers threatened this well-ordered political demarcation. Young people suddenly had time to think rather than having to work to survive, and so the blinkers were coming off.
    The NWO devised a new plan that aimed to pull the rug from under the feet of the young peaceful revolutionaries – whose weaponry wasn’t guns but was information and non-compliance.
    The CIA and other clandestine forces were utilized to habituate the young to drugs, creating the International Drugs Trade.
    Then, media and entertainment were used to mind-control the populace on a mass scale so that they would lose interest in real politics and become closed-minded and frivolous in their thinking.
    Finally, the Establishment as a whole would move to the Left, through the formation of Soft Fascism and Neo-Communism. By the 1990s, political parties such as New Labour in the UK, and politicians like the Clintons were the final chapter in this Establishment takeover of the Left. Instead of fighting the system, students and teenagers were politically supporting crooks like Tony Blair and Bill Clinton.
    In essence, the FAKE LEFT had become the NEW FAKE LEFT, fully inside the corridors of Western power.
    Of course, this was the plan all along. The Left/Right Paradigm was originally established simply in order to Divide & Rule the masses so that they would willingly provide the labour over the next two centuries to enslave themselves.
    This New World Order of Soft Fascism and more esoteric occurrences was supposed to culminate in the year 2000, but what should have happened didn’t happen, and so the overt psychopaths who had been waiting in the wings took over the steering of the NWO. They placed their foot firmly on the gas by instigating 9/11 and then the war on the Middle East (aka the war on terror).
    The indoctrination of the young through spectator sport, film, TV, music, social media etc had worked so well that the Establishment’s propaganda of fake equality and compassion had completely programmed the majority of people into falsely believing that the system – which had killed 100s of millions of people through war and violence since the 1940s – should not be opposed, and that those who did oppose it were enemies of society. Everything from this point forward became increasingly back to front.
    Just as in George Orwell’s book (the NWO blueprint) 1984, the regime would blatantly broadcast only lies and propaganda from the Ministry of Truth; only starvation and economic failure from the Ministry of Plenty; only a police state from the Ministry of Love; and only total war from the Ministry of Peace. This is the social illusion that The People are currently subjected to under the soft fascism and social engineering of the NWO.
    So by the time we reach the 2016 Election, practically all the good radicals who were opposing those Orwellian agendas of the NWO, were themselves being opposed by young people who associated themselves with the Left. These USEFUL IDIOTS were effectively defending the corrupted Establishment by defending Hillary Clinton, because by doing so they were so obviously (though not to the brainwashed) defending those who financially backed and supported her, including Goldman Sachs, Wall Street and the Rothschild economy; the global media corporations; the CIA; the Dark Government; Saudi Arabia and the Arab Emirates; the CFR; the Trilateral Commission; the Rockefellers; the Military –Industrial-Complex; multi-national corporations, etc etc, and of course the NWO as a whole.
    The so-called Left was no longer the home of radical and revolutionary movements against THE MAN because THE MAN was now defining himself, herself or itself as OF THE LEFT.
    It was Donald Trump and his supporters on the so-called RIGHT who were shouting about all the conspiracies against The People.
    The Left didn’t want the revolution against the Establishment. Instead they wanted to have the vaccines; ignore the chemtrails; accept the wars; lose their freedom of speech; live to work; and trust government. They had accepted the system. They didn’t want upheaval.
    The Left had become the NEW CONSERVATIVES.
    The Right had become the NEW REVOLUTIONARIES.
    They had become the people who were fighting for THE PEOPLE – and Donald Trump had become their revolutionary figurehead.
  • The 2016 Election advanced The Peaceful Revolution against the NWO by shifting a truly monumental number of people to a position where they had NO TRUST in mainstream NWO-run State and corporate media channels, but instead had realised that Internet based INDEPENDENT MEDIA channels and journalists were THE ONLY TRUSTED SOURCE FOR REAL NEWS and for the truth about what was really going on in the world.
    The NWO are countering this unstoppable trend by attempting to steal the term FAKE NEWS, which had originally been created to describe only mainstream media. At some point in the near future, NWO controlled governments will attempt to legislate against independent media in an attempt to outlaw REAL NEWS. Of course, Alternative Media will be labeled as simply any media source that is OFF-MESSAGE from NWO STATE PROPAGANDA – or in other words, anyone who is telling the truth about things they don’t want The People to know. This attempt at fascistic censorship will heavily backfire on those who attempt to implement it, as more and more people wake up to the insane levels of PROPAGANDA and DECEPTION peddled by FAKE NEWS media operations such as the BBC, CNN, MSNBC, and many more.
  • Remember, the NWO will always divert your attention away from the most important information and truth.
    In terms of the 2016 US election, that truth they wanted to hide was that The Control System had lost due to the influence of A TRUE REVOLUTION by The People, which for the first time in history (following BREXIT) was an authentic, globally visible and successful rebellion by The People against the system.
    It is a revolution that has access to the SYSTEM’S SECRETS (Wikileaks and whistleblowers) along with the facility to communicate those tyrannical, sociopathic truths to a worldwide audience (via the Internet & social media), without them being hidden or editorially controlled by the NWO controlled media, as they had been doing for over half a century. Indeed, as a good example of such an obvious cover-up by the system, investigators are still only scratching the surface of the SYSTEM PEDOPHILIA that is absolutely endemic within high politics, elitist circles, secret societies, and religious institutions.
  • The main diversion was the ridiculous idea that Russia had hacked the US Election.
    Russian media had certainly influenced the voters by helping to disclose crime of the NWO [more power to the WHISLEBLOWER, to WIKILEAKS, and to REAL NEWS].
    Unlike the BBC, MSNBC, CNN etc, Independent Commentators of RT NEWS have repeatedly declared that channel to be THE LEAST EDITORIALLY CONTROLLED State TV News channel in the world. You can have nothing but positive things to say about such propaganda-free influence on the voters, so long as you believe that voters still deserve to know THE TRUTH when that truth may alter their voting.
    Those such as the CIA, MI6, MOSSAD (who have been relentlessly affecting elections results across the globe since their creation, or alternatively assassinating those who were democratically elected.
    Such levels of crime are unique to those NWO linked outfits, but in a political world based on secrecy, all nations that have the capacity to infiltrate the State computers of other nations will do so. Be assured that however Russia may have successfully HACKED anyone recently, nothing they did affecting the outcome of the 2016 US election. Only the hacking of voting machines by the NWO illegitimately affected it by not showing a total LANDSLIDE. It is estimated that at least half a dozen States went to Hillary Clinton only due to vote fixing.
    Everything that could be said to be relevant to the election results – which have been the result of actual HACKING – is the subject of WIKILEAKS disclosures.
    So the only question you need to ask yourself is: Do you agree with Wikileaks disclosing the crimes of those who wield the power in society? If you believe that those who reach the higher levels of the hierarchy are above the law, and that it is right to keep their crimes concealed from The People, then you should join the CIA or some other so-called SECRET SERVICE (services that DO NOT serve The People). However, if you believe that society has an obligation to disclose such crimes to The People, then Wikileaks is clearly a public service.
    So, other than telling you that the INVENTION OF HACKING was simply a very unimaginative diversion tactic created by corrupt NWO elements of the CIA and others, and that Russia is currently the main National opposition to the NWO globalist agenda (so they are an expected target of NWO lackeys), it is not worth wasting more typing time on. I will present you with the real truth about Putin and Russia at a later date.
  • The last thing to understand about the 2016 US Election is that it signified the beginning of the end of the corrupt TWO-PARTY SYSTEM in the US, which in turn will bring about the end of that centuries old CON GAME throughout the world. The election was, in effect, the last major throws of THE DEMOCRACY DECEPTION. This will not happen overnight, but this is the time to begin declaring your ideas for entirely new forms of social collaboration (too big a topic for this post).
  • The Control System continually needs to keep all debate within the Left/Right paradigm that it administers. The main political conversation of The People must now be to debate the social frameworks that will replace the DOMINATION HIERARCHY.
    Once The People stop participating in or discussing the current system, but instead talk only of ALTERNATIVE POLITICAL STRUCTURES to replace it, then it is only a matter of time before The Control System finally collapses – in an orderly and PEACEFUL manner – and a new empathic structure replaces the existing sociopathic domination of humanity.
  1. Donald Trump Himself
  • Donald Trump is a TRANSITION PRESIDENT. His victory over Hillary Clinton is only the first major step towards a complete evolution in politics, of which he is just a small part. He thereby needs to have one foot in the old sewer and his other in the new stream. Without this very first stepping-stone towards the CLEANER STREAM, politics would be stuck in the CORRUPTED SWAMP forever. The swamp will not be drained under Trump, but it may well recede if he isn’t drowned or poisoned by it too early on.
    So step back and see the whole political map from SWAMP to STREAM. Nothing happens overnight. Two steps forward and one step back, as they say.
    Some may see Donald Trump’s success as him simply following a standard US Right WING philosophy of twisted ideas of LIBERTY, NATIONALISM, and MANIFEST DESTINY, but those people are simply caught in the Left/Right paradigm trap, and do not see the bigger picture regarding the global threat of the NWO, and of the more substantial intrigues within world politics as a whole. To those who do see the NWO threat, all the political rhetoric is simply sub-text. LEARN TO SEE THROUGH THE PROPAGANDA.
    Those at the top know what is really going on, but The People do not. Therefore, there is always a bizarre conversion from THE REALITY to THE PUBLIC ILLUSION. There are far more significant things happening in the world right now, but they lie behind the heavy curtain of social power, far beyond the visible façade of politics, which the populace is force-fed by the media spoon.
  • Donald Trump is largely driven by his ego.
  • He was conditioned to focus that ego towards accumulating wealth.
  • Donald Trump certainly has EXCESSIVE WEALTH ADDICTION.
  • Donald Trump’s wealth is socially very negative on many levels.
    In some ways, it is a standard addiction, but also perhaps part of a more complex insecurity that affects a growing amount of people who rely too much on the security of material things, rather than the security offered by a more balanced mind, which understands the supreme wellbeing offered by securing oneself against the uncertainty of the material world by attaining an authentic connection to the spiritual.
  • In regards to Excessive Wealth Addiction, we are approaching a time that will see The People prohibit all such disproportionate hoarding of capital.
    After all, forbidding the existence of absurd wealth in society would obviously anger a few thousand billionaires who have such an addiction, but it would please everyone else, including the vast majority of millionaires who could not only keep their wealth but also have a far more opportune, prosperous and contented world in which to spend it. WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE! Much more on that wonderful evolutionary social transformation in future posts.
    Continually chasing more wealth is also a personal weakness, though I’m quite sure Donald Trump and other habituated billionaires wouldn’t agree with anything that exposed their wealth as a personal weakness. The same response would be expected from drug addicts, gambling addicts, food addicts, shopping addicts, sex addicts, gaming addicts, or any other kind of addict. All are incredibly defensive about their own particular addiction; their own personal weakness.
    However, only WEALTH ADDICTION has had such a monumentally devastating effect on humanity over thousands of years. It should therefore be the 1 addiction under debate. However, it is noticeable by it’s the total lack of airtime it is given. Of course, the addicts own the media.
    But do not criticize the individual; simply criticize the circumstance and situation. No human being is without personal weaknesses. Perhaps you or I would have such an addiction having been given a different upbringing. THERE BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD GO I, as the Catholics say.
    I can morally (consistently) oppose Donald Trump’s situation in retaining such gross wealth, because I oppose the situation of each and every person who has such wealth or may seek it, including myself.
    I personally live by a Declaration to restrict my own wealth to a modest level – for life (JACK’S RULE).
    However, I also see the practical impossibility of anyone swimming within the current US political sewer of billionaires, and who didn’t have Donald Trump’s wealth, or his ego, to have been able – at this moment in time and under the given circumstances – to have been able to succeed in winning the 2016 US election against the NWO.
  • Donald Trump was the perfect storm of measured NARCISSISM; managed EXCESS WEALTH; corporate business CONNECTIONS; and reasonable KNOWLEDGE of the hidden world, nothing less of which was required to stop those NWO factions aligned to the Clintons, and at a point in history where their political agenda was about to possibly pass a point of no return.
  • As an individual, I oppose Donald Trump’s worldview in many ways but I fully supported his opposition to the NOW throughout the 2016 US Presidential Election.
    His personal position on such anti-NWO matters was welcome but less important than the exposure his continued candidacy and ultimate victory gave to those who work to expose the conspiracies of the psychopathic elite.
    It is the perceptible awakening in 2016 of great numbers of THE SIGNIFICANT MINORITY to those matters of conspiracy beyond the political stage show, which is the true victory of the Trump win.
    When you consider the vast amounts of people who were awakened in 2016, which were specifically due to the involvement of Donald Trump in the election, if he were indeed an intentional plant of the NWO, then it shows them to be far more idiotic than the people could ever have hoped for. Whatever happens from this point forward, Donald Trump’s time in the spotlight has advanced the cause of THE AWAKENING more within a single year than in the previous decade.
  • So I say again, at this moment in time, you cannot hope for a perfect political candidate who dovetails perfectly with you own personal beliefs. The current battle is far more universal in nature. The political mold does not require shaping; it requires breaking. Donald Trump was that mold-breaker.
  • AS AN EGALITARIAN, I oppose Donald Trump on the subject of EXCESSIVE WEALTH, because it is neither beneficial to him nor to society; but I WILL SUPPORT HIM in every dollar he spends to dismantle the NWO.
  • AS A VEGAN, I oppose Donald Trump on the subject of his MEAT EATING, because it is barbaric to permit an animal to suffer and die in order to simply provide him with a brief taste sensation; but I WILL SUPPORT HIM in every bite he takes out of the NWO.
  • As a POLITICAL PACIFIST, I oppose Donald Trump on the subject of torture, or on his (apparent) strong backing of the military, or Israel, because torture is only ever performed by psychopaths and extreme sociopaths, and there is no place for a political policy that includes an option of war or ethnic cleansing in the Twenty-First century or in any truly civilized society; but I WILL SUPPORT HIM in every political battle he wages against the NWO.
  • So your worldview may not be in line with Donald Trump’s worldview, but you will notice that most people who blindly oppose him also blindly support politicians who are in no way honest about their own worldview, or their agenda. Although Donald Trump may be hiding certain things, he is virtually transparent compared to 99% of other politicians.
    Seemingly, many people would rather align themselves with the WOLVES IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING who are the NWO politicians, rather than with the BLACK SHEEP that is Donald Trump.
  • In politics, there are three types of individual. Those who are driven by a lust for money; those who are driven by a lust for power; and those who are driven by a lust for admiration.
    Every single individual throughout the history of politics, who has genuinely put The People first, has been driven in their political rise by a lust for admiration, and not by a lust for money or power.
    Sadly, almost all those who have never experienced great power or money prior to entering politics, are corrupted by one of these, or by both.
    They are corrupted most intentionally; by those who hold the reins of power and the purse strings.
    The reality is that it was neither a lust for money nor a lust for power that drove Donald Trump’s political success.
    Donald Trump’s political success was primarily driven by a lust for ADMIRATION, for PRAISE, for HONOR and for GLORY.
    Donald Trump seeks the admiration of millions who understand the threat of Globalism and of the NWO, or who are speedily growing to fully understand that threat.
    Of course, it is also the admiration of family, friends and associates who not only realise that same threat, but who are embarked on the same political or social journey to end it. What they imagine at the end of that battle may be different from you – indeed it almost certainly is – but that doesn’t stop them at this stage being on the same side as The People against a common enemy – the NWO.
  • Will Donald Trump be pleased to see statues of him erected in years to come? OF COURSE.
    Will he want the history books to declare him to be one of the greatest Presidents? OF COURSE.
    Will he aim to see future generations of his family create a political dynasty, like every wealthy President before him? OF COURSE.
    Why would you expect anything different within the current political and social landscape?
    BUT UNDERSTAND THIS – Trump’s love of the people’s admiration gives The People huge power over him – just as it should be. It is a power that those who manipulate politicians with money may only struggle to attain through their mainstream media lackeys. That is why it is so important that independent media continues to influence Trump, because Independent Media serves the people, whereas mainstream media serves the NOW, and ultimately THE HIDDEN HAND. US politics (and the the world as a whole) is currently gripped in a battle between mainstream media and the independent media. It is really the only battle that matters in politics because whoever wins that will win the political war.
  • Most people are very inconsistent/hypocritical in their perception of others. They will admire one person for their ego and despise another, citing self-confidence in one instance and self-obsession in another. Ego is not inherently bad, just as money or an axe isn’t. It is how money, an axe, or the ego is directed in its application that matters.
    There are those who are aware of the dangers that the agenda of the NWO poses to humankind and to the world, and there are those who are not.
    For those who were truly aware of the threat, supporting Donald Trump was like picking up the axe to break down the door, in order to escape the burning building. The axe was required. Keep your ladder until you get through the door or the window. To push the analogy a little further, most people smell some smoke and proceed to hide in the corner of the room under a blanket and wait for the fire brigade to rescue them. Such people tend to burn in the fire. Much of the world currently has its head under a blanket.
  • There are many who are awake to the imminent global threat but who would wish for a less egotistical alternative to Donald Trump. To you, I say this.
    To change the views of millions, and the policies of a society, and to stand against a force like the NWO, great self-confidence and tenacity is required.
    Just as I will not condemn Martin Luther King for his self-confidence on the bully pulpit, nor will I condemn Donald Trump for his.
    The SELF-CONFIDENCE of a saint would be called the SELF-OBSESSION of a sinner, though it is the same thing. It is simply directed to a different purpose.
    Don’t allow your perspective to become your hypocrisy.
    It is the NWO that is the imminent threat to humanity’s security, prosperity, and welfare.
    IT IS NOT Donald Trump.
    Donald Trump has his faults, and he will certainly be maneuvered to help advance the agendas of those who seek absolute rule over humanity – as is always the case with every politician throughout history – but he is not the enemy. The political enemy is THE HIDDEN HAND and the ignorance of The People to the deceptions imposed on them by Hero Worship and the Left/Right trap of so-called democracy.
  • Those who would prefer that The People’s Revolution was represented by someone other then Donald Trump, need to understand that your preferred choice of a woman or man didn’t politically succeed because they are not suited to this stage of The Revolution.
    Many of Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters and popular ALT-Right political commentators repeatedly state that Donald Trump is not perfect, and that there is always the chance that he may still prove to be a fraud. But those on the so-called Right and those on the so-called Left who were truly awake, were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, and to back what was their second or third choice candidate because he was more likely to succeed than their first choice candidate.
    Being able to step beyond the Left/Right Paradigm was essential to understanding the much larger global politics and hidden conspiracies that were central to the 2016 US Election, just as they were to understanding BREXIT.
  • Much of the general public has been well scammed by figures such as Hillary Clinton who were central characters in factions loyal to the NWO.
    These individuals are no different in their pretenses and political dishonesty than those such as LENIN, STALIN, or MAO TSE TUNG. They play to the compassionate Left but they serve only their Secret Society agendas and their SATURNIC doctrine, and in truth, are all political fascists of one brand or another (explained more in future posts).
  • The meek shall inherit the Earth, but the meek need to stop relying on PSYCHOPATHS WHO CALL AT THE DOOR WITH A SMILE.
    Think of it this way. There is a gang of bullies in the playground and they are the cause of all the world’s systemic pain, suffering and misery.
    It will initially take a big boy that likes fighting and loves the admiration of the other kids to get right in the faces of the bullies, before you’ll have a playground that is safe to play in again.
    So, it’s time to stop with the mushy tears and support the boy in long pants. He won’t push you unless you get in the way of him sorting out the bullies. He wants a fight and its good news for you that he is out to get the bullies who are the cause of all your fears and woes.

You just might not have realised it yet, but Donald Trump’s enemies are your enemies too.


  1. Donald Trump – The Issues
  • It is important to understand that every facet of modern politics is in some way significantly influenced or managed by the NWO or its associated factions, and that every component of social control is in some way influenced or managed by THE HIDDEN HAND and the Octopus of Secret Society power that overarches all political institutions, and which operates within, above, behind, and beyond every other entity of societal power.
    Therefore, it would be almost too perfect, if not impossible, not to see Donald Trump – as a Presidential candidate or simply as a billionaire – appear to be aligned with at least some components of the NWO portfolio of social and political institutions.
    Donald Trump is a human being, and therefore just like any other person, he has his weak points, which the NWO and THE HIDDEN HAND will seek to exploit in order to control him. No matter how authentic Donald Trump is, it is those points of weakness within his makeup that you need to focus on if you are to understand the real political story that is about to unfold. Remember, all politics is driven by THE HIDDEN HAND, and implemented through the weaknesses or willing partnership of the puppets that are placed in all the key positions of power. THE HIDDEN HAND simply needs to find out where to attach the strings to Donald Trump. That is the real story.
    It is down to the awakened populace to keep identifying the weak points and to keep cutting the strings. Expecting a politician to have no such ties – no weak areas that attract malign influences – is to be politically and socially naïve. Producing maximum exposure of such negative attachments to the Trump administration and to show them for the manipulative entities that they are is the job of the enlightened minority and the independent media that supports them.
    Trump is currently the best prospect to help advance the The People’s cause. Any replacement to him will set to oppose that cause.
  • THE HIDDEN HAND thinks and acts like a psychopath. Therefore, what Trump may see as a personal strength – will be manipulated in attempts to corner him on the political board, by using his traits to lead him to a position that hides a concealed agenda.
    Basically, such machinations would take the form of a PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION technique, taking an individual’s strength or a passionate concern and turning it into a political weakness.
    As US President, Donald Trump will, by default, find himself close to various evildoers. That cannot be avoided. It is important not to base your judgements of Donald Trump on those who surround him. It would be like judging a man to be a fish because he is swimming in the ocean.
    If something is grey, just because an elephant is also grey does not make that thing an elephant. In reality, nothing is black or white. Everything is one shade of grey or another. Clearly, not everything is an elephant.
    The Control System aims to pigeonhole your opinions of others into only BLACK and WHITE judgements.
    The Control System needs you to think like a child.
    A mature mind sees a more flexible version of events and circumstance.
    Train your thoughts to be less rigid so you do not become just another USEFUL IDIOT of the system’s mind-control machine.
    So the fact that Donald Trump may appear to align himself with any specific group that is clearly associated with the NWO agenda is not an issue by default, but it certainly should always be a concern.
    All that is required of The People’s watchers is a general awareness of such connections, and for the spotlight to be continually aimed on such potential weak points within Donald Trump’s Presidency. Fully disclosing or exposing the Dark Government and the strings that pull its political puppets, must now be the priority for all genuine political commentators – and indeed for all genuine politicians.
    After all, the web of NWO factions allows the spider to reach its prey by any number of pathways.
    Although the NWO is by far the largest and most powerful tangible entity within The Control System, it is still itself just a puppet of THE HIDDEN HAND, and that Hidden Hand is a puppet of a more Hidden Hand that in turn controls it, and so on.
    Can this system be overcome – YES – but the trick is in knowing that as you begin to see 3 moves ahead in the game, THE HIDDEN HAND begins to play 6 moves ahead.
    I will cover that side of the story in PART 2 of THE TRUTH ABOUT DONALD TRUMP. PART 1 deals with matters on the political surface that are themselves designed to confuse the populace, as they are just a sideshow distraction to hide the truth. However, they are far more observable and conspicuous than some of the matters covered in PART 2 of THE TRUTH ABOUT DONALD TRUMP.
    The important thing to understand is that Donald Trump is being played by THE HIDDEN HAND regardless of his political or revolutionary authenticity.
    You must know that every action that Donald Trump makes (just like every action that any politician makes) is somewhere within Scenario B; Scenario C; Scenario D etc of an endless set of possible chess moves considered by those behind those who are behind those who are visible in the political arena.
    Ultimately, it is only The People’s awakening to exactly how The Control System operates and how it silently manipulates the human populace, which will break it. The actions of a single politician, a political party, or a political group are certainly initial steps that may lead to a meaningful change, but a discernable transformation will not occur without a dramatic shift in the political consciousness of the significant minority [more in PART 2].
  • A more observable insight is to know that Donald Trump is playing a game that could very easily see him assassinated. His best defence against this is to be aware of it – and to take steps to counter it – but to not unreasonably fear such a possibility. It appears that he is acting exactly in that way, which must be seen as a positive.
    Two major factions that have historically been associated with US political assassinations and have also been pivotal to the advancement of the NWO are: the CIA and THE ZIONISTS.
    There are other factions – both politically visible and hidden – which are certainly threats in this regard, but understanding these two particular factions, and how Donald Trump relates to them, covers a great deal of knowledge in respect to the general types of threat posed towards any politician who rocks the boat, and to how Donald Trump uses game play to secure allies with those that he feels more comfortable and to diffuse threats from those he does not.
  • As far as the CIA is concerned, Donald Trump clearly opposes the NWO-corrupted elements of the agency. Although he subsequently stated that the CIA had no bigger supporter than him, this was of course pure politics. Donald Trump is fully aware that the CIA is rotten to the core.

You should be under no illusion that the CIA is responsible for the most despicable and sinister crimes against individuals and against humanity throughout its evil history. Nothing has changed so you can be sure that anything you read about the past offenses of the Agency are just as relevant today, and will be relevant so long as the Agency remains in operation.
Just like NASA and the MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL-COMPLEX as a whole, Nazi factions of the NWO wholly infiltrated US Military Intelligence and the Secret Services after the Second World War, following the transfer from Europe to America of thousands of Nazi scientists and operatives, by The Vatican; Freemasonry groups; and under the now de-classified OPERATION PAPERCLIP and what are known as THE RATLINES.
Since those dark days, the highest levels of the CIA have been occupied by the very most INSANE psychopathic and sociopathic characters (some becoming political household names), who were further morally degenerated – generation after generation – by the Agency’s own SPECIAL ACCESS PROGRAMS [SAPs] of TRAUMA-BASED MIND-CONTROL such as MK-ULTRA and PROJECT MONARCH.
Even a basic investigation of CIA MIND CONTROL, MK-ULTRA & PROJECT MONARCH will change your worldview irrevocably to a total REDPILL perspective.
Think of the CIA as a conduit through which more sinister NWO factions have been able to safely act out their most perverse and wicked experimental projects; hidden from all public scrutiny under the guise of NATIONAL SECURITY, or by establishing Special Access Programs with no congressional oversight whatsoever.
Literally thousands of undisclosed projects over many decades have blackmailed, bribed, drugged, kidnapped, tortured, mutilated, genetically altered, brainwashed and murdered countless numbers of men, women and children from the US and across the world. Add to this the world’s drug trade that they control, and the 100s of millions of people that have been massacred in revolutions and wars that were arranged, coordinated or sponsored by the CIA over the last 70 years, and it is not difficult to see why so many good people see their demise as the No1 priority and why great numbers of moral activists fear them more than any other group.
In other words, the CIA is a monstrous PIPELINE FOR HUMAN SEWERAGE to permeate throughout society.
As well as historically being the main exponent of International assassinations, it has been well documented in countless books, films, articles and testimonies that the CIA is also by far the biggest recipient of BLACK MARKET FINANCE through its global drug trade, which is inherently linked to its illegal trade in small arms and weaponry. So next time you see any discussion about drug addiction, remember that the CIA is the main conduit and exponent for all the world’s cocaine and heroin trade.
Human trafficking may also be placed at its door.
As its name indicates, it is an AGENCY – an agency for international crime.

  • So Donald Trump quite rightly regards the CIA as a threat rather than an asset, and given the choice he would happily see it eradicated tomorrow, just as the Kennedy brothers stated that they wanted to, and everyone knows what happened to JFK and his brother Bobby.
    It may be that Donald Trump’s condoning of torture illustrates a more sociopathic (less empathic) character than Jack Kennedy, and JFK’s speeches certainly displayed a far more empathically moral perspective of the world than Trump’s speeches, although both are clearly urging for political power to be relinquished to The People from the illegitimate powers-that-be.
    Trump’s verbal flattering of the CIA is likely due to him having learned from JFK’s mistake in so openly opposing the very existence of the CIA whilst holding the office of President, and it may even be that his condoning of torture (although clearly not in direct opposition to his worldview) may have been a statement of GAME PLAY, designed to appeal to specific or general psychopathic elements within the CIA, in order to suggest to them that he might just be psychopathic enough to fully come on side at a later date.
    Even if Donald Trump was actually AGAINST torture, this is exactly the sort of game play that he would employ. By doing so, he might manage to place doubts in the minds of those who believed he was not incorruptible, thereby removing certain calls for his imminent assassination. Moreover, if that were indeed the game that Trump was playing, he would have first had in place a way of politically negating his apparent personal acceptance of CIA torture in order not to make it policy, which of course he did by deferring to General Mattis who was against it.
    However Trump REALLY feels about torture, this move has the hallmarks of Trump game play all over it, and was in some way sending a message to those psychopathic elements of the CIA, who fear that Trump will side with millions of his core supporters, who just like JFK, want to SPLINTER THE CIA INTO A THOUSAND PIECES AND SCATTER IT TO THE WINDS.
    It is clear that JFK was intent on destroying the CIA at that earlier stage of its existence, because he had become aware of its MOST DISTURBING and ILLEGAL OPERATIONS against The People, devoid of any Presidential or Congressional oversight, some of which came to light in the 1970s and onwards, due to the CIAs bungled attempts to destroy all the evidence of some of its MIND-CONTROL PROJECTS following Congressional Hearings and subsequent Freedom of Information requests. He had also become aware of the extra-terrestrial and UFO technology cover-up, which led to a number of connected assassinations by the Dark Government, including that of the CIA MK-Ultra WHITEHOUSE MODEL, Marilyn Monroe.
    JFK had rejected his families Secret Society connections in favour of overseeing an administration that operated on the primary basis of serving The People, and judging by his speeches was clearly beginning to see his purpose in life as being to release the nation and the world from the increasing grip of THE HIDDEN HAND.
    Over half a century on, it is also clear that Trump’s opposition to the CIA is due to the significant infiltration of the Agency by the NWO, and the substantial geo-political, military, and financial power that is now intrinsically built into the CIA, making it a PRESENT and PERSISTENT danger to any new power structure that might want to be created – whether of The People or of other factions related to THE HIDDEN HAND.
    Regardless of whether or not Donald Trump truly represents The People in the way that he might initially appear to, his plans for a new political paradigm will always be under grave threat whilst the CIA continues to exist. AND HE KNOWS IT.
  • It must also be mentioned that there are those within the CIA who genuinely want to see the Agency reformed (an impossible task).
    Donald Trump quite logically sees that having the CIA believing that he may be on their side (at least for the time being) probably keeps him safer from assassination than any other single political move. He may falsely believe that over time he might be able to convert power to those who can steer the Agency to a more honorable position.
    Those who believe in the necessity of secrecy in securing the USA from harm, rather than seeing it as the central threat to the security of all people, would like to retain the CIA in a more patriotic form. However, history shows that such a leopard will never change its spots. From a US security perspective, the CIA will always be a rogue outfit under the control of various factions of THE HIDDEN HAND.
    However, having a working relationship with the CIA (no matter how tentative) gives Donald Trump a great deal of military grade assistance and backup on a global scale, which he would not have otherwise had, at a time when he politically needs allies rather than foes.
    The NWO elements of the CIA believe that they can get Donald Trump on side in due course (by corrupting him through persuasion or perhaps by more sinister mind-control methods). Along with assassination, this is certainly a danger to any President (both foreign or domestic) who does not tow the line, and from Donald Trump’s perspective, the outcome will depend on whether he is able to speedily replace the higher ranks of the agency with those who have declared their opposition to the NWO’s progressive takeover of the CIA and the US – but who did not previously have the power to counter it. These anti-NWO insiders are sometimes called WHITE HATS, and they are currently playing a serious game of cat and mouse against the BLACK HATS in every other covert government agency and in every significant institution of social power across the globe.
    In other words, the infrastructure that connects THE HIDDEN HAND to the social fabric is tearing apart.
    There are members of very powerful Secret Society factions that oppose the political NWO but are not necessarily aligned with The People. However, Donald Trump would happily see these individuals replace those within the CIA who doggedly remain loyal to NWO factions (see PART 2).
    So the CIA has been, and always will be, a potential threat to the security of governments across the globe and to the personal security of The People.
    The good news is that Donald Trump has said as much as he could possibly say to publicly indicate his opposition to the Agency whilst still being able to remain alive in order to say anything more.
    The challenge to Donald Trump will come from The People as they begin to demand more specific actions in regards to disclosure and public awareness of what were once dismissed as CONSPIRACY THEORIES – a term actually created by the CIA specifically for the task of conditioning the public to disregard the truth – in regards to their secret projects – which was gradually beginning to come out. The CONSPIRACY THEORY conditioning term was a classic CIA mass MIND-WAR technique.
    So whenever you hear the term CONSPIRACY THEORY, the understanding of its origins and its declassified CIA-directed usage by corporate media since the 1960s should make you realise that The Control System is simply playing with you in order to maintain your ignorance.
    Basically, if the mainstream media call it a Conspiracy Theory, it’s your CIA heads-up clue to know that it’s definitely something you should look into rather than ignore.
    As The People progressively awaken to the increasing information regarding the conspiracies that have been perpetrated against them and their fellow kin, and the obvious deduction that just as many if not more conspiracies are still currently perpetrated against them by the CIA and associated Secret Societies linked to government and the Military-Industrial-Complex, there will be absolutely no suitable way to defend such despicable institutions against The People’s ensuing curiosity and inevitable wrath.
    The CIA is destined for the dustbin of history in due course.
  • Which brings us to THE ZIONISTS. There is nothing to indicate that Donald Trump is actively involved with GLOBAL ZIONISM. Indeed, he has politically distanced himself from many of those associated with FIFTH COLUMN ZIONISM within the US political system and Wall Street, perhaps more than any President before him since perhaps the 1960s.
    Furthermore, elements of the Zionist faction were clearly instrumental in the 9/11 false flag operation, as was indicated by the mass arrest of MOSSAD and other Zionist operatives by the FBI immediately after the incident, and the level of material evidence that sparked that FBI action. Just as telling was the order given from the Zionist administration of George Bush for the FBI to release all those they had detained and to put them on a plane back to Israel.
    People forget that Donald Trump was the very first household name to go on TV and to state doubts about the official story emitting from the Whitehouse and the Pentagon about the collapse of the twin towers. It would not have made any sense for Donald Trump to have taken this stance (or to be an outspoken supporter of the 9/11 truth movement in the years since) if he were indeed a Global Zionist insider or high level operative of the NWO.
    Having said all that, the risks to the Trump administration from Zionism remain extreme. Zionism is the most powerful elitist (against The People) faction in US politics and the US economy.
    If the US political and financial framework were a wooden building, then Zionism would be a nest of termites that utterly infested its walls. The termites are both destroying the building and are also holding it up with their mass. In order to release the occupiers of the building from the termite problem, the whole building must be rebuilt from the bottom up. This analogy is in no way an exaggeration of the reality.
    The real proof in regards to Donald Trump’s true attitude towards Global Zionism (rather than Israel-centric Zionism) will come in how he deals in the long-term with the Zionist interests within The Federal Reserve, Wall Street, The Media, Hollywood, and the big consumer Multi-National Corporations. If he were significantly under the control of Global Zionism, he would never seriously threaten those most prized assets and the wealth and power of key Zionist personalities who dominate such institutions, though his core supporters are pressing him to do exactly that.
    In order to reform the US economy and separate it from NWO control, he must diminish the Zionist influence throughout the higher echelons of its key institutions. The same is true of the US political framework. Prospective US politicians are invited to Washington and asked to sign a pledge to place the interests of Israel above US interests. If they do not, then a Zionist candidate opposes their standing (a similar less overt procedure exists in the UK). This is clearly not patriotic and might be defined as treasonous by some. Donald Trump’s claims to be traditionally and authentically patriotic are in direct conflict with such Zionist prejudice at the decision-making levels of government and in regards to the representatives of The People.
    Keep a close eye on who exactly benefits and who loses out within these core financial, corporate and governmental institutions, which are all NWO-friendly and which are in no way operating for the benefit of The People.
    Although they are very much connected, Israel-Centric Zionism is only one element of Global Zionism.
    It must also be noted that those Zionists that Donald Trump has distanced himself from had fully attached themselves to the NWO bandwagon of the previous US administration and their policies. For this reason, it was really impossible for him to do anything else other than to dismiss them or reject them, in order to secure his own political influence. As Donald Trump would say, ITS JUST BUSINESS. So with the sheer number of influential figures in Washington who declare that they support Israel-Centric Zionism, little can be gleaned from Donald Trump hiring or firing any so-called Zionist.
    Most significantly though, Donald Trump has verbally given his total support to Israel, which is of course the geo-political headquarters of Zionism.
    Family links, such as his daughter Ivanka having converted to Judaism after marrying into a powerful Jewish American family, and his Jewish business links, are not really relevant, because JEWISH IS NOT ZIONIST, and such business and family links to the most financially successful Jewish people within New York are almost certain to be Pro-Israel, and could therefore easily explain Donald Trump’s unquestioning support of the Israel-Centric Zionist Agenda. It simply isn’t unusual in Donald Trump’s circles, and should almost be expected of him.
    The fact that Donald Trump was a businessman involved in Casinos and real estate means that if he weren’t connected to the US Zionist Elite in some way, he would be living in an alternate version of America. After all, he is probably equally connected to the US Catholic Elite, the US Christian Elite, and the US Mormon Elite too.
  • In order to make rational judgements about any potential Jewish Elite or Zionist influence on the global stage, it is essential to understand the very basics – and these really are the most basic elements for now.
    There is JUDAISM and then there is ZIONISM. Indeed, the core Orthodox Jewish community of New York and elsewhere often declare ZIONISM to be THE enemy of JUDAISM. Just a few years ago, 30,000 orthodox Jews brought central New York to a stand still with their protest against Israel and Zionism, and every year, Jews in every major city around the world ceremonially burn the Zionist Flag of Israel (see YouTube).
    There are SEPHARDIC JEWS and then there are ASHKENAZI JEWS. Ashkenazi Jews make up about 85% of the global Jewish community. Whereas Sephardic Jews are generally believed to have originated from the so-called TRIBES OF ISRAEL, ASHKENAZI Jews did not, having actually originated from the KINGDOM OF KHAZARIA (modern day Ukraine through to Kazakhstan), and converting en masse to Judaism in the Seventh century, thereby having no significant DNA link to the Tribes of Israel. Bizarrely, it is the ASHKENAZIM (of Eastern European heritage) who make up the political faction of ZIONISM – which originated in the 1890s with funding from LORD ROTHSCHILD, also an Ashkenazi. This is bizarre simply because the theological claim (and political one) that the descendants of the Tribes of Israel are YAHWEH’S chosen people and that the land of PALESTINE therefore belongs to them, could only ever logically apply (if logical is the right word) to SEPHARDIC Jews and NOT to an ASHKENAZI Jews.
    Of course, for those who know the reality, Zionism is purely a modern nationalist movement, co-opting both religious arguments and the wider Jewish population in order to advance its political and geo-political objectives, both in regards to its aim for domination of the Middle East and also its domination globally.
    Similarly, Judaism is a religious institution comparable to Catholicism, and is not a race. It could be argued that Ashkenazi Jews are a Ukrainian based race, and separately, that Sephardic Jews are a Arab (Semitic) based race, but that would obviously make a mockery of any Ashkenazi Jew citing anti-Semitism (as Semitic means Arabic), or claiming any racial ties to the land of Palestine (which is over 1200 miles from the Ukraine, as the crow flies). In geographical terms, it is no less bizarre than if Scottish-Americans created an institution called Romanism and suddenly made a claim to Italy.
  • There are many American Jews in commerce who call themselves Zionists simply in order to fit in and gain a business advantage (being part of the club). If the wind of prosperity were to change, they would abandon the ideology in an instant. Prior to the Second World War, 99% of European Jews opposed the Zionist movement and their goal to colonize Palestine with only Zionists. Without huge financial support and continual promotion, Zionism was not, and still wouldn’t be, an appealing movement to the general Jewish community. Many fair-weather Zionists support Israel, simply because they were raised to think that way, or they are ignorant of the real agendas behind its creation and maintenance, or simple because they are somehow profiting from it, and don’t really care one way or the other about broader issues. These individuals may be traditionalists; they may be sociopaths; or they may simply be ignorant of the facts, but they are not, by default, part of any global conspiracy, despite the fact that Global Zionism certainly is.
  • The danger of Donald Trump’s potential close ties with any Zionist circles is in the influence that those few individuals who mix within those circles (and who are true NWO Global Zionists) will have on his geo-political worldview, particularly in terms of the MIDDLE EAST.
    There are many in the higher more psychopathic elements of the Zionist Hierarchy (connected by the larger global MASONIC networks, and Secret Societies that link all NWO groups) who seek a CATACLYSMIC WAR between Israel and the surrounding Muslim nations. They are supported in the US by many EVANGELICAL JUDAIC-CHRISTIAN churches that only serve their Secret Society masters. To their minds such things are prophecy. These highly dangerous fundamentalists also wish to rebuild the TEMPLE OF SOLOMON in JERUSALEM, which demands the destruction of the AL-AQSA Mosque on the Temple Mount.
    There are also factions within the hierarchies of Freemasonry, the NWO, and Zionism who are desperate to get full geo-political control over Islamic areas of the Middle East map (Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Lebanon & others) for three key reasons:
  • Firstly, access to the unimaginably large deposits of minerals (valued at literally TRILLIONS of dollars back in the 1940s). This was the main reason for the big push to secure Israel for The Jewish State, and for them finally gaining full financial backing from Lord Rothschild and others for that particular choice over other options such as UGANDA and PATAGONIA – something you will never hear discussed in mainstream media debates regarding Israel.
  • Secondly, strategic geo-political control of THE CENTRE OF THE WORLD for reasons of gaining a future monopoly of trade & fuel, and for maximum global military governance.
  • Thirdly, unfettered access to very ancient sites and potential artifacts within them, related to the pre-historical civilizations (proven civilizations denied or ignored by the mainstream institutions that deceive the public about true history), which they regard as holding the keys to certain lost ancient wisdom – linked to: their ANNUNAKI gods/ETs; GENETIC MANIPULATION and Quantum Sciences; Dimensional, Space, and Time Travel; Futurist Weaponry, forms of new and FREE ENERGY, and more. This may seem bizarre to some, but I do not mention something if it is not important. The world as was taught to you by the Control System is a fake world. You must do the research before you are able to dismiss anything. To do otherwise makes you the fool.
  • It is also essential to understand that those who control both sides of the Arab and Jewish political spectrum in the Middle East (and throughout the world) are all high-level MASONIC members. Their religious and national affiliations are simply an act, and have been for at least the last century. Their only true affiliation is towards the Masters of their lodges and their Masonic doctrine.
    Behind the scenes, most of those who appear to be visceral political enemies are actually MASONIC BROTHERS.
    As the originator of the Masonic notion of America being the New Atlantis, FRANCIS BACON (aka Shakespeare), wrote: ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE, AND ALL THE MEN AND WOMEN MERELY PLAYERS.
  • So the last thing to say in regards to the potential dangers of any Zionist influence in the Trump Presidency is that Zionism is certainly a distinct faction fighting for supremacy within the NWO hierarchy. Its main powers are in its connections to banking, media, and Israel.
    The Zionist factions can be and certainly will be utilized to continue to forward the NWO agenda by those pulling the strings, if other options are off the table.
    Those who head-up Zionism would love to get the opportunity to lead the field in the battle to gain complete global supremacy, but it is the so-called Left of NEO-SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM that still firmly hold the NWO batten & banner.
    If those close to Donald Trump who understand the multi-faceted nature of the NWO threat, are able to properly influence him in respect to the potential dangers of Zionism and the NWO factions on the Right, as much as they have to the threat of those factions on the Left, then all is good.
    However, the engrained partisan nature of US politicians makes this not seem likely.
    Trump’s great weakness, which the NWO will now attempt to exploit, is his faintness towards Israel and thereby towards Israel-Centric Zionism. He is not doomed as yet, but watch Israel for the next big moves from the NWO hierarchy. Look beyond the main news stories to see in advance their preparations for that area of the world.
    In many ways, geo-political issues regarding Russia and China may simply be distractions. The real geo-political power plays will remain within and around the Middle East.
    Do not be distracted by what the Left hand is doing so as to not notice the true intentions of the illusionist that are being played out by the Right hand.
    I mean this both in terms of the magician metaphor but also in terms of the so-called political Left and Right.
  • As a President of the United States, it remains unthinkable for Donald Trump to not unequivocally support the military. On a tactical level, it is obvious that the President has surrounded himself with old-skool military men as both a symbolic and real message to those within the NWO who threaten his life.
    The NWO has never trusted the US military, just as it has never trusted US uniformed law enforcement. The attempted military coup by the NWO in the early 1930s in order to take control of the US Federal Government was thwarted by Major General Smedley Butler of the US Marines, who blew the whistle on the Wall Street banksters and industrialists, including the Morgan and DuPont empires, who aimed to replace F.D. Roosevelt with a fascist military dictatorship, similar to that seen in Mussolini’s Italy or Hitler’s Germany. The NWO have never forgotten the unbending patriotic nature and guile of Smedley Butler who pretended to side with the NWO fascists before shopping them to the administration and Congress. Since that day, a main tactic of the NWO has been to replace uniformed men with unpatriotic civilians in all levels of the military, and to establish an alternative DEEP STATE military, run by NWO lackeys, operating within secret facilities; within departments of the CIA, NSA, DEA, FBI etc; and within SPECIAL ACCESS PROGRAMS (SAPs) under the control of private corporations that obviously do not have any Congressional or standard government oversight.
    Donald Trump’s real challenge is to manage to do what every previous President since JFK has been too scared to even hint at, and that is to take on the MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL-COMPLEX (the Dark Government aka. Deep State), which controls not only the technology that could set humanity free, but also the weaponry that could destroy it.
    Succeeding in this task would not only kill the NWO stone dead, but would initiate a NEW DAWN OF CIVILIZATION, the like of which has never been seen before (more in future posts).
    The very nature of the MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL-COMPLEX (MIC) would require Donald Trump to use the only force available in the US that could have a chance of taking it on – the WHITE HAT MILITARY aligned with WHITE HAT elements of the SECRET SERVICE. Only an amalgamation of these sections of the extended military, under a single banner and working in sync with a truly revolutionary State Department, could have a chance of rooting out the MIC.
    However, despite 70 years of the VERY Deep State purposefully embedding itself into a position that guards it against any such invasion by authentic government or by The People, it certainly is possible to destroy it.
    The important thing is for those more activist members of the general public who are currently being conditioned to attack Donald Trump, to be woken up to the treasure of knowledge and technology that has been systematically hidden from the People for more than half a century.
    The People need to become aware of the monumentally positive change that a full exposure of such hidden information and technology will make to each and every individual and to society as a whole.
    With The People’s backing, Dark Government and the MIC can be smashed.
    So, in order to defeat the most malign military elements of society – the MIC – Donald Trump must bring together as strong a group of anti-MIC military officers as he is able to. History shows that the highest officers in the military with the full and official backing of the President have previously all been simply stonewalled by the MIC, and told that they weren’t privy to any such info or access, so it won’t be easy. But something worthwhile being difficult should never stop a good person trying.
  • The flip side of any President’s attachment to the military is that the visible side of the MIC can and will take advantage of it, simply in order to increase its profits in traditional armament sales through military expansion, and then through the use – and thus the expenditure – of them in orchestrated war.
    Trump, like most, seems to rightly fear any possibility of a nuclear war scenario, but there is nothing to suggest that he will not fully back isolated military action, if politically manipulated by the right set of events. This in itself is a financial lifeline to the MIC. So long as it is able to expand its global manufacturing and sales of arms, its power and political influence will be maintained or increased.
    If Trump attacks the Deep State whilst at the same time strengthening the arms industry’s hold on the government’s purse strings, he will lose the battle.
    All the heads of the hydra need to be attacked simultaneously if the monster is to fall.
    He will not only lose the trust of many of his most awakened supporters – who are anti-imperialist if not anti-military – but he will also be greatly emboldening the NWO, who are fully intertwined within the arms industry’s global trade.
  • WALL STREET (the banksters & Rothschild economy)
  • The dangers of THE BANKSTERS and the ROTHSCHILD ECONOMY are ever present to Donald Trump. The NWO institutions on Wall Street have clearly shown their total opposition to him, as you would expect them to do if Trump was authentic in regards to his anti-NWO position.
    Indeed, the head of the Wall Street hydra, and the NWO’s main training ground for their economic lackeys and the Rothschild corporate fountainhead – Goldman Sachs – not only refused to give a dime to Donald Trump’s electoral campaign, but also actually informed its employees that anyone from the firm who did give a dime to him would be sacked. Hillary Clinton was, by default, the Wall Street and Goldman Sachs candidate, because she was the NWO candidate. She was suitably bankster rolled by Goldman Sachs and others in return for being their willing governmental stooge.
    Goldman Sachs and the other Rothschild-NWO investment BANKSTER institutions that run Wall Street will continually attempt to bring Donald Trump on-side through leaning on his financial contacts, and from placing as many of their lackeys inside the administration to directly affect policy and to undermine any attempts to reform the corrupted government and the bankster controlled economy.
    It is difficult to see a way in which Donald Trump would be able to keep all the balls of government in the air during the initial phases of governance, WITHOUT continuing to use some Goldman Sachs insiders.
    Over the decades the NWO has maneuvered Goldman Sachs into becoming a pseudo-governmental institution to all G20 nations, in order to ensure that all the puppet governments properly administer Rothschild banking policy.
    A total separation of the firm from all links to government is long overdue, and The People must force this to take place as soon as possible, in order to liberate society from ROTHSCHILD INTERNATIONAL USURY.
    This could be done by totally prohibiting any ex-employee of Goldman Sachs from holding a position in government; the Federal Reserve; the Bank of England; or any other central bank or civil service position.
    This is just one example of the sort of steps that need to be taken by The People, and their authentic political representatives, in order to break the corrupt ties between THE HIDDEN HAND of the puppeteers and their psychopathic puppets. These puppets manage all the world’s so-called DEMOCRACIES, which in turn surreptitiously rule over human society in a truly non-democratic way. ALL the puppets strings must be cut!
    Of course, Goldman Sachs will aim to pull the economic plug on the Trump administration through arranging further recessions and a stock market failure, and as always, at a time that makes them the most money from the losses of the general public. They will likely succeed in doing this at one point or another.
    It must be realised that to experience such an orchestrated recession during a genuine process of permanent reform against the Rothschild puppets, should not only be expected but should be welcomed in consideration of the overriding objective to remove the banksters’ illicit control over The People.
    The People must come to understand that orchestrated recessions will continue to ruin people’s lives whilst at the same time making fortunes for the Banksters who fix the system, until such time as the whole criminal operation is taken out.
    Since 1914, and at various times in the previous century or two, the Banksters have ruled over The People’s lives by controlling every element of their finances. They simply rob The People in broad daylight through debt creation and State sanctioned usury.
    Eradicating these major systems of global finance, which are purposefully aimed against The People, along with the criminal banking institutions that facilitate them, is a fundamental task in the journey towards a truly liberated and civilized society.
    Only a President who is NOT trusted by Goldman Sachs, can ever be trusted by The People. Donald Trump may be such a President.
    However, Donald Trump’s worldview in regards to financial hierarchy, does not offer a great deal of encouragement to those who wish to see a complete overhaul of the financial system. The financial elitist circles in which he and his family feel most comfortable suggest that Donald Trump is not at all likely to be the shining light of hope that The People need, when it comes to the most radical financial reform. An appropriate restructuring of Wall Street is likely to remain on the back burner until a less wealth-addicted individual takes hold of the reins of reform.

So there are chinks in Donald Trump’s political armour on which to keep a close eye. Through these potential weak spots, the NWO and THE HIDDEN HAND will attempt to gain influence and control over his political decisions whilst reducing any influence The People might have over his motivations and actions. These weak areas are:

  • His life-long associations with the financial elite; his overall acceptance of the existing monetary structure (the FED etc); and his general leaning towards a financial elitist worldview.
  • His connections to individuals who define themselves as Zionist, and his keen support of Israel.
  • His enthusiastic acceptance of a requirement for a strong military and no apparent opposition to the military-industrial-complex that rules over it.

These three observable components of the social hierarchy will all be utilized by the NWO, Dark Government and The Secret Societies to infiltrate the Trump administration and to set-up political traps, aimed to corner Donald Trump into areas of the board and force him to make certain moves that are favored by THE HIDDEN HAND. He will either believe those moves are his decisions – but in fact he was manipulated to make them – or he will not want to make those moves but will feel that he has no choice but to make them – because he was lead into positions that seemed to offer no political alternative.

See THE TRUTH ABOUT DONALD TRUMP: PART 2 for an insight into other dangers that are more in respect to the influences of THE HIDDEN HAND.


  1. Donald Trump vs. the NWO
  • Some people have suggested that Donald Trump is deep cover for the NWO. This is not the case. At least not in terms of the NWO (those particular factions of a New World Order doctrine) that I have been presenting to you in this post.
    In Twentieth and Twenty-First political and social terms, the NWO relates to a specific vision of GLOBAL GOVERNANCE that can be traced back through to the beginning of the Twentieth century.
    In turn, that largely political movement – reliant on Round Table groups and Dark Government (Deep State) conspiracies – was largely founded on the Secret Society doctrine of the Illuminati at the end of the Eighteenth century. The Illuminati was initiated by Jesuit trained Masons such as Weishaupt & Mazzini, and injected with Babylonian Satanistic & Luciferian elements throughout the late Nineteenth & early Twentieth centuries, by those such as Stanislas de Guaita, Albert Pike and Aleister Crowley.
    The NWO has its players; its institutions; its ideology. Have no doubt in your mind that the NWO is HIGHLY EVIL in nature. PEDOPHILIA, EUGENICS, SATANISM & GENOCIDE are all central to its being.
    So when you consider the alternative, you need no other reason to side with a character like Donald Trump – at least not at this crucial point in history.
    He has visibly illustrated in very real terms his aim to dismantle key elements within the NWO’s political agenda. Whether he succeeds in doing so largely depends on the public’s understanding or ignorance of this core reality, and thereby whether or not they support him in his opposition to that menace.
  • Donald Trump has indicated his concerns over VACCINES, having met with Dr Andy Wakefield (VAXXED Documentary) and been linked to conversations with Robert F Kennedy Jr. regarding a Commission on vaccine safety.
    There have been so many cover-ups of VACCINE LINKS TO AUTISM and other human health issues (not least the CDC’s proven 2004 cover-up as documented in VAXXED) and the MURDERCIDE (now proven beyond doubt with forensics to have been murder disguised as suicide) of DR JEFF BRADSTREET (who also discovered cancer cure).
    The wall-to-wall media propaganda against Donald Trump on this matter simply escalates the concerns of the millions of people who are now fully aware of such links, and who understand the reality that the performance of denial, denial, denial by the system media – in order to hide the established facts – no longer works on the rapidly awakening minority.
    What more is the NWO media being told to hide in regards to VACCINE DANGERS and BIG PHARMA CRIMES?
  • Donald Trump stated that he has an open mind on Climate Change. This is a rationally scientific stance to take on any subject, but is so essential in respect to one that has been so utterly warped for the sole benefit of the NWO agenda, and to create vast sums of money for the creators and exponents of the Climate Change anti-debate steamroller.
    In contrast to Donald Trump (who has an open mind to the arguments and wants to review ALL the data), those who have closed minds have stopped thinking for themselves, and have simply adopted the PARTY LINE, no different to the politics of a Fascist or Communist State. Of course, the NWO, which invented the Climate Change agenda, is exactly that – a FASCUNIST regime (a gruesome hybrid of Communism and Fascism).
    If you are not aware of the bigger picture and the NWO agenda linked to such issues as Climate Change, then YOU REALLY DO HAVE NO VALID VOICE in the Climate Change argument. The hidden agenda and manipulation of the populace is central to the cause itself.
    I will present you with the real truth in respect to so-called CLIMATE CHANGE in subsequent posts.
    Sadly, there are such good people who are fully on board the Climate Change steamroller, but those who control the agenda at the very top are the very same people who have illustrated that they DO NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT or about the welfare and lives of human beings or of any other species of animal. Only muppets wouldn’t smell a rat in that sewer. SO PLEASE DON’T BE A MUPPET.
    Although I will explain the real truth about the issue in later posts, to those who genuinely care about the plant I say this:
    Be consistent in what you say and what you think.
    Be universally compassionate.
    As always, the promoted mainstream issue – in this case Climate Change – is simply NWO propaganda that utilizes the PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION method of conditioning the populace. The programming is designed to constrain your positive social activism and divert it away from focusing on the real enemies of the planet.
    Focus not on Climate Change, or on any solution presented to you by the Establishment, because they will be the bogus solutions.
    Instead focus on the genuine issues that have clearly been de-promoted since the false ones were propagandized.
    Be a compassionate environmentalist; not a Climate Change muppet.
    FOCUS ON the pollution of crops, plants, people and all species of animals by pesticides made by military corporations like MONSANTO.
    Focus on the pollution of the world’s natural water supplies.
    FOCUS ON geo-engineering (chemtrails).
    FOCUS ON nuclear testing and power over the last 70 years.
    FOCUS ON the polluting of natural habitats by the oil industry and the multi-nationals.
    FOCUS ON ending consumerism and capitalism as a whole.
    FOCUS ON the Rothschild banks that fund all the pollution.
    FOCUS ON the marketing and business of war and violence.
    FOCUS ON the technology hidden from the The People over the last century.
    FOCUS ON the speciescide of non-humans and the disgusting attitude of corporations and the powers-that-be to the plight and use of all nonhuman animals.
    FOCUS ON and ACT AGAINST all these things before you even mention the term CLIMATE CHANGE to anyone ever again.
    If you want to make a real difference, take this on board.
    Remember, every column inch dedicated to bogus Climate Change is a column inch taken away from pollution issues.
    Focus on the REAL ISSUES that are now shrouded by the blanket of Climate Change.
    Ignore the red rag that they are waving in front of you.
    The causes are obvious once you open your eyes to reality and lift the veil of propaganda from in front of your eyes.
    Problems related to the environment have nothing to do with The People.
    The People are controlled and misinformed.
    These problems are only the fault of multi-national corporations and media; corrupted authorities and the Dark Government; Round Table groups; the Bloodline Families; and the Secret Societies.
    The People simply need to force those psychopathic criminals who control society to stop the pollution. I say again, the psychopaths at the top of the hierarchy always place the onus on The People (the human species) because they know that it diverts attention away from the real culprits.
    The People are not to blame.
    Those who manipulate The People and profit from the pollution are to blame.
    Tax only them; jail only them; demonize only them.
  • The fact that Donald Trump refuses to eat so much of the PROPAGANDA slop from within the NWO trough, places him firmly within the CONSPIRACY THEORY bandwagon. Of course, this is A POSITIVE, and only those institutions bought and paid for in order to keep the silence say otherwise.
    As those who are awake to the social brainwashing know, and as I have already mentioned, the term CONSPIRACY THEORY is a declassified CIA DISINFO tool that was specifically designed to stop The People accepting the truth they were hearing, which was beginning to be disclosed to the public in the 1950s and 1960s by concerned WHISTLEBLOWER heroes.
    So in essence, the label of CONSPIRACY THEORY has generally always applied NOT TO LIES but instead to ESTABLISHMENT COVER-UPS.
    Those who take the time to investigate all such issues have always had this categorically confirmed to them. There are very few theories anymore. Almost all have now been proven beyond doubt to be crimes of one or another faction of the power elite, and subsequently covered-up by the establishment.
    9% OF THE TIME:
    The BLINKERED MASSES are still being led up the garden path, but there is a rapidly increasing minority who are wise to the whole universal con game.
    Therefore, Donald’s Trump’s questioning of the establishment line, or his outright comprehension that such official positions are bogus, simply shows him to be a far more awakened and an astute individual (and/or less corrupt) than every other politician who appears to simply accept all those things that the perceptive minority knows to be nothing other than deception, propaganda & lies.
    These days, if your worldview aligns with the mainstream, that is NOT A POSITIVE.
  • Those who understand the true scale of THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE PEOPLE have a whole host of issues that they would like to have investigated at government level. These include: vaccine safety; climate change greenwash; system pedophilia; the depopulation agenda; eugenics and genetic modification; pharmaceuticals & pesticides; geo-engineering; military and pharmaceutical (guinea pig) testing on the general populace; CIA mind-control; Special Access Programs: extra-terrestrial contact; free energy; the military-industrial-complex and the orchestrated business of war; the international drugs & small arms trade; social engineering; corporate takeover of government; systemic fixing of the economic system; payment of currency interest to private banks; Round Table group control of governments; and not forgetting connections of political, legal and religious institutions to Secret Societies, Luciferianism & Satanism.
    Of course, there is no indication that Donald Trump will initiate any official investigations into the vast majority of these issues, but the awakened electorate certainly sees him as their best hope to date, as well as being a stepping stone towards more transparent and legitimate government, which will instigate such investigations to take place in the near future.
  • The single action of stopping the TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP [TTP] in its tracks is something that nobody secretly working for the NWO would ever have done.
    This one single political move by Donald Trump should never be underestimated!
    The TTP would have effectively put multinational corporations above the power of national governments, and set the stage for a global FASCIST-CORPORATE takeover.
    Anybody who associates themselves with the so-called Left should have been shouting from the rooftops of their support for Donald Trump on the day that he signed the order to scrap the TTP.
    Ask yourself why they weren’t if you have any doubts about the level of social mind-control currently being applied to the populace by the NWO.

BREXIT knocked the TTP to the ground
and the election of Donald Trump killed it.
Humanity literally began to breathe again that day.


In being able to actually attain the position of PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Donald Trump can be forgiven for fostering many connections he may have towards: the money elite; Zionism; the Military; and even the CIA.

After all, under normal electoral circumstances, that is to say, without the overriding issue of the looming threat of the NWO in this last election, Donald Trump might – to a greater or lesser extent – have supported such institutions just the same. This would very much fall in line with the standard worldview of someone with Donald Trump’s wealthy conservative upbringing and corporate background.

No rational thinking political commentator is suggesting that Donald Trump would be anything other than a Right wing candidate in any election within any country in the world.
However, a Right wing candidate was very much required in the 2016 US election because politics is sadly still a Left/Right game.

The ideal candidate was always going to be a renegade Republican, firstly because the opposition was always going to be the NWO’s candidate Hillary Clinton, and no Independent candidate was ever going to stand a chance in the two-party system con game. A Republican candidate was also required to even have a chance of overcoming the NWO’s global infiltration of politics, which had successfully coopted or sequestered all significantly powerful institutions of the Left, including most importantly its media.

Sadly, at this stage in The Peaceful Revolution, advancements inside the political corridors of power are only going to be made within the corrupt two-party system, because that is all there is. As illustrated in BREXIT and the 2016 US Election, the growing strength of feeling against the powers-that-be is allowing even the electoral scam of so-called democracy to be overcome by the sheer weight of opposition peacefully rising against the Establishment.

As I have stated, the Left/Right paradigm exists ONLY to manipulate and control the human populace, by generating primitive TRIBAL THINKING in the people. This coerced rivalry supplants a more natural HOLISTIC and collaborative thought process, normally projected by The People in the absence of negative programming, which produces a more civilized and peaceful society.

It is the persistent manipulation of The People’s minds from behind the political curtain – by securing overwhelming control of all governmental and social processes – which ensures that concepts such as DEMOCRACY are nothing other than the STOCKHOLM SYNDROME OF POLITICS.

The word GOVERNMENTAL most obviously means TO GOVERN THE MINDS OF The People.

That which INVISIBLY controls the GOVERNMENT,


There is a component of The Hierarchy – which anyone who has a truly superior understanding of politics, history, or of human society in general – will fully agree has absolutely no place in politics, nor indeed, any place in a just or civilized society.

There will be many who read the following words and vigorously nod their heads in agreement as they do, for they know the incontrovertible truth that:

The root of all evil is not money; or even the love of money.

So after everything I have said up until this point – all of which is essential knowledge for those who wish to rise above the bogus intellectual rhetoric and the propaganda of the mind-control media – there is an all-encompassing truth.

After a lifetime; a century; or millennia of political investigation, you will always return to the same single question in order to determine whether or not a politician is truly on the side of The People, and whether or not they really can be trusted.

In respect to Donald Trump, but no different from anyone else, that question must be:


Or in other words:






FREEDOM is the single aim of all political struggles.
Once you understand this, you will understand all politics.

So the first political question to ask yourself and others is:
Are you fighting for just YOUR FREEDOM;
Are you fighting for THE FREEDOM OF YOUR TRIBE (your religion, your nation);
Or are you fighting for THE FREEDOM OF ALL?

Moralism simply states that
Universal Compassion and Consistency of Principle
are the base elements that together form Morality.

If you are Universally Compassionate,
and if you are Consistent in all your Principles,
That is to say, if you are truly a MORALIST,
then you will always and only fight for THE FREEDOM OF ALL.


Every human being is a PHILOSOPHER, not a robot.
So THINK before you commit to the plans of others.
Become the person that YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS knows you to be, and not simply the person that others wish you to be.


Every post in this series will help you to cut through another strand of THE TIES THAT BIND YOU TO THE YOKE OF DOMINATION.

The revolution is within you. Begin to FREE YOURSELF.


In Lak’ech Ala K’in (I am you, you are me)

New Moral Order™


Banksters and billionaire globalists see you as peasants and treat you like fools. Until you stop thinking like peasants and acting like fools, you will continue to serve only their ambitions and only their prosperity.

Bling culture, pornography, gambling, social media, RoSO Medicine, fashion, and ultra-processed and fast food, are all just elements of Addiction Consumerism. Globalist multinationals are the dealers. You are the addict.

The current system that glorifies violence and celebrates weapons of war will never bring you peace. How many movies featuring guns and violence do you and your family watch in a week? Is your willing compliance not the problem?

Psychopaths rule the world. You wouldn't let a psychopath roam free in your home so why do you let psychopathic politicians and globalists control your society? You wouldn't give your wallet to a psychopath so why do you allow psychopathic central banksters to control your economy? You wouldn't let a psychopath watch over your kids so why do you permit psychopathic social engineers to decide what is taught and not taught in schools, in universities and online? Organised Psychopathy is the real conspiracy. It's time for a psycho-free world, because if you don't wake up soon, they'll put to you to sleep forever.

The war on Christianity is, in reality, an attempt to eradicate only the original and true messages of Jesus - The Way, which taught peace, humility, compassion, self-respect, self-control and social harmony. Most so-called 'Christians' don't follow the teachings of Jesus, but instead follow abstracted, corrupted cults that profit from his name. If you are a Christian, do you actually follow the teachings of Jesus, or do you simply serve an institution of control, and pay homage to rituals, idols, and dogma?

New Moral Order™ understands that in order for your mind to be free, its ideas and principles must be radically and persistently questioned and challenged, just as in order for our society to be free, its ideologies and policies must also be radically and persistently questioned and challenged.

New Moral Order™ not only frees your mind from the brainwashing that you have been subjected to since birth, but also frees society by presenting and promoting only those political, social and economic policies that are guaranteed to monumentally improve society. Your choice is simple: argue against them, support and promote them, or get out of the way. It's time for the adults in the room to take charge.

Are you conscious enough?

New Moral Order™
Always Peaceful • Always Lawful • Always Democratic

New Moral Order™

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