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I first coined the term ‘parasitic elite’ back in the early years of the millennium. I used it to describe both a historically powerful political and priestly class within society, which lurks in the shadows with evil intent, and also to define that economic cabal of miscreants that have emerged over the last 300 years in line with the age of capitalism.

Then, a few years later, I was listening to an episode of the Alex Jones Show and heard the words ‘parasitic elite’ emerge from within one of Alex’s monologues. He had used it in the correct context. I was pleased.


‘El’ on Earth

However, I have since noticed that some suggest that the word ‘elite’ should not be used, even in conjunction with the word ‘parasitic’, to describe such a malign and criminal group. The notion here is that the word ‘elite’ is somehow a complimentary term. I feel it is necessary to clear up some misconceptions, and in doing so, to also hopefully open up some new thinking in those who are truly conscious.

As always within language, as within every other aspects of the current lifetimes we are experiencing, we are constantly plagued by the occult and the pagan inspired, fed to us by those whose souls are less advanced; consciousness less expanded; and humanity less civilised.

Within this pagan lexicon, words that start with the letter ‘el’ originally refer to those who come from the heavens, aka. ‘aliens’. This word ‘alien’ is often misconstrued by people, because it may refer to extraterrestrials but also to foreigners (illegal aliens). So, to which do words that begin with the letter ‘el’ refer? Well, equally both.

When the ‘parasitic elite’ consider their own place within human society, they see themselves as both extraterrestrial foreigners to this world, and as mental foreigners to human emotion, and thereby outsiders to civilised human thought and social norms.

All mainstream religions, and particularly the so-called Abrahamic ones, are merely covers for this hidden occultic and astro-theological belief system, which worship all that which is devoid of empathy; that which is artificial or against nature; that which is anti-human.

It should be noted that those who follow only the teachings of Jesus as a philosophical and moral teaching, and ignore the subsequent ‘organised’ corruption of those teachings by the Roman and Jewish constructed Bible, may still be considered as ‘Christian’ but are not a tool of ‘organised’ religion.


All Mainstream Religions Are Pagan

‘Organised’ Christianity, Judaism and Islam would have you believe that words beginning with the letters ‘el’ relate to ‘God’, but in reality, they actually relate to foreigners (aliens) of humanity who came into this worldly realm – whether from other 3rd-dimensional worlds or other dimensions – as parasitic interlopers who crave to be served as if they were equal to God, which is of course, is not possible.

This astro-theological and alien core of western religion can so easily be demonstrated and proven to even the most programmed individual, and I will do so in future posts. Remember, you don’t lose your spirituality by properly awakening to the fakery of organised religion – you actually gain it by doing so. Only those who are re-conditioned by luciferian atheism are made less conscious in rejecting their religious upbringing.

This false religious conditioning is why humanity has a history of ‘god kings’ who even today believe that they are ordained by God, and a history of religious cults (religions) that believe they are somehow ‘God’s chosen people’. They may well be ordained or chosen by those aliens from history who desired to be God and to have human serve them as such, but that is as far as it goes.

People are conditioned to believe that those who think of themselves as being more worthy than anyone else, and born to rule over others, are an aspect of the human condition, but nothing could be further from the truth. That is quite simply disinformation for the purpose of shielding the culprits. The reality is that that these individuals and bloodlines who believe themselves to be gods incarnate, are actually energetically different from ‘true’ humanity. They are an invasive parasite within humankind. In psychological terms, they are psychopaths. In financial and political terms, they are the parasitic elite. What they are most certainly not, is divine. They are the exact opposite of divine because they lack the soul that enlivens the human being.

I will fully explain the reality of the divine in future posts, but for now, let us just comprehend that when almost all religions refer to ‘God’, they actually mean ‘gods’, or in other words ‘aliens’, sometimes physical and sometimes metaphysical.

The bottom line is that on one side there are those who consider themselves to be ‘religious’, ‘atheist’, ‘satanic’, or ‘new age’, who are essentially spoon-fed by cult and occult forces, and then on the other side there are those who are authentically ‘spiritual’, who have a natural connection to divine source. Again, I will explain what this actually means to you, and your current existence, in future posts.


The Parasitic Elite

The term ‘parasitic elite’ – under its correct definition – thereby refers to those who are foreigners to humanity (earthly interlopers), who are here to feed off humankind and human society, without giving anything back to it. What better way could there be to describe those who do not create or work like others, but who use the power of money to make more money; who believe that they are gods; and who believe that they are born to have humanity serve them.

I do not need to name them in this post. You know who they are. Excessive wealth is their main weapon. They insanely desire total control of human society’s land, wealth, trade, assets, and people. They serve only themselves and the negative and inappropriate forces that possess their physicality and their environments.

They lack the consciousness of humans.
They lack the empathy of humans.
They lack the soul of humans.
They are interlopers.
They are foreigners.
They are aliens.
They are the ‘parasitic elite’.


The Moral Elite

Just as there is a parasitic elite, there is also a Moral Elite. The Moral Elite are also interlopers; foreigners; aliens, but as the term suggests, they are here for moral purposes, as reality’s counteraction to the problems that the parasitic elite present to humankind. The fact that you are reading this (there is really no such thing as ‘random’) means that need to consider your own origins outside of this particular lifetime experience.

The Moral Elite are becoming far more recognisable at this current time, although many are still not aware that they are indeed divine interlopers. Most are here in this dense existence for the very first time. I will cover this far more in future posts, but if you have constantly felt throughout your life that you are a stranger in a strange world, and that human customs and traditions are so often pointless and uninspiring, and human inconsistencies and deceptions are beneath you, then perhaps it is time for you to search the wisdom within your soul; to discover who you truly are; and why you are really here. Your true purpose defines you. Everything else is simply the window-dressing on your life.


Holistic Reality

Lastly, whatever your interest, whether political, spiritual, social or personal, I urge you to look at each of these only in context with the others. We are entering a brand new chapter of human society (once we overcome this current snag), in which the compartmentalisation of society’s elements by the parasitic elite, for purpose of control, will be null and void.

Gone will be the fraudulent science of materialism, and the criminal anti-health regimes of ‘rockefeller medicine’ and the nazi pharmaceutical industry. Gone will be the amoral banksters and billionaires. Gone will be the faux-democracy that ignores the sovereign Human Rights of the individual, but instead promotes the divisive and antagonistic privilege of so-called ‘civil rights’. Gone will be the fake fables of theology and the luciferian ideology of atheism and religious ritual.

In the hearts, minds and souls of the awakened human being, all these antisocial and antihuman methods of control and separation are now being replaced with a universal, holistic perception of all things, because all things are connected. It really is that simple, and you know it.

So stop believing, and start being.

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