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Prof. Dr. Nils-Axel Mörner

Dr. Mörner blew the whistle on the IPCC when he discovered that it was severely misleading the public on Climate Change. He stated that 80% of physicists, geologists and astronomers know that the hypothesis about CO2 is WRONG, and that behind the scenes promoters of the manmade warming hypothesis have ulterior motives, namely, controlling TAXES and controlling PEOPLE.

Prof. Nils-Axel Mörner

Prof. Nils-Axel Mörner

• Former head of the Paleogeophysics and Geodynamics Department at Stockholm University.

• Former President of the International Union for Quaternary Research (INQUA) Commission on Neotectonics (1981–1989).

• Headed the INTAS (International Association for the promotion of cooperation with scientists from the New Independent States of the former Soviet Union) Project on Geomagnetism and Climate (1997–2003).

• Former Chairman of the Significant Committee of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

• Former Chairman of INQUA Commission on Sea Level Changes and Coastal Evolution.

• Led the Maldives Sea Level Project.

• Published numerous books and papers on sea-level and climate, spanning over 30 years, with one paper being cited over 400 times in 2017.

• The subjects of Dr. Mörner’s writings include: the interaction among isostasy and eustasy; the redefinition of the concept of eustasy; the oscillating regional eustatic curve of NW Europe; the changing geoid concept; the dynamic-rotational redistribution of oceanic water masses; and the interchange of angular momentum between the hydrosphere and solid Earth.



An Interview with
Prof. Nils-Axel Mörner

Speaking with Alan Jones on the Alan Jones Breakfast Show, 2GB Radio, Australia June 2019.

Alan Jones: Are sea levels rising worldwide, which the climate change apologists keep telling us is happening?

Dr. Mörner: No, certainly not. In the Northern hemisphere and especially in the European area, we can prove in tests that absolute sea level is not rising more than about 1mm per year [10cm or 3inches per century]. If we go to the Equatorial region, and now we come closer to Australia, it’s not even rising at all…

Alan Jones: Amazing.

Dr. Mörner: … and it has been stable for the last 50 to 70 years – and that is A FACT.

Alan Jones: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [IPCC] says changes in climate and sea levels are because of human emissions of carbon dioxide CO2. You’re saying it’s solar activity that is the dominant factor, and not carbon dioxide.

Dr. Mörner: Yes, for sure.

Alan Jones: You’re saying that carbon dioxide, which of course we have said many times on this programme, is the essential gas required by plants – it’s being exhaled as you and I speak now – makes up a fraction of one percent of the so-called ‘greenhouse gases’ present naturally in the atmosphere, so you’re saying, are you not, that the CO2 argument – that this causes climate change and global warming, I think your words “absolutely not”.

Dr. Mörner: Yes.

Alan Jones: You said, quote “There’s something basically sick in the ‘blame carbon dioxide’ hypothesis.”

Dr. Mörner: Yes, for sure. It was around more than 100 years ago and immediately excellent physicists demonstrated that the hypothesis didn’t work. Then later, in time for the IPCC cause, it was dug-up and used as a tool to promote this terrible idea.

Alan Jones: Right, and you were on the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change [IPCC] and you tried to warn your colleagues on the UN body that the politically backed hypothesis about CO2 driving temperature changes – those hypothesis were totally incorrect. Am I right in saying that that was the advice and they ignored you?

Dr. Mörner: Yes. I was the Chairman of the only international committee on sea-level changes, and as such a person I was elected to be the expert reviewer on the sea-level chapter, written by 38 persons. Not a single one was a sea-level specialist. 3 were from Austria – Austria doesn’t even have a coast – so it was very weird from the beginning. I was shocked by the low quality. It was like a student paper. It was just very low quality all through, but I went through it, and I showed them that it’s wrong, and wrong, and wrong, and wrong. In one case I said “Look at your own diagram, because the diagram you have here shows that what you are writing is wrong.” And what did they do? They took off the diagram and left the writing.

Alan Jones: And of course, you made the point also that they won’t discuss it.

Dr. Mörner: No, no, no [agreeing].

Alan Jones: and you have said, have you not “in science we discuss, we do not forbid or neglect. If I could just interject here Mr Mörner, you may be interested to know as my listeners would be, that I am regularly attacked here [Australia] on the ABC [Australia’s national broadcaster], and last night on the ABC, there was ‘allegedly’ a science panel, a Q&A science panel, and the headline this morning says “radio commentator slammed over Climate Change remarks.” I might add that I wasn’t even on the panel. Well, we are now talking about views on Climate Change, what about the argument, Dr. Mörner, that 97% of scientists agree?

Dr. Mörner: Oh, oh, no, no, no, no, that is so terrible that we can’t even discuss it, but I used to say in the [inaudible] “OK, if you want to keep this 97% discussion, keep it for yourselves, but I will tell you that 97% of what I am saying is correct. You may have 97% of the persons, but we don’t count persons. In our business, it is the scientific truth, and the scientific truth is on the side of the skeptical people. And when you come to the idea of [97%], this is just a lobbying trick.

Alan Jones: They get money.

Dr. Mörner: I have hundreds and hundreds and thousands of high-ranked scientists all over the world, which agree that “No, no – CO2 is not the driving mechanism.” Everything is exaggerated. Sea-level cannot rise, there is no way that sea-level can rise by 2 metres by the beginning of the next century. It is against physics.”

Alan Jones: Can I just come back to this business about carbon dioxide driving temperature changes. You have said it’s totally incorrect, and the International Panel on Climate Change [IPCC] ignored you and they won’t discuss it with you. You say that in the field of physics, have you not said, 80-90% of physicists know that this carbon dioxide hypothesis is wrong.

Dr. Mörner: Yes, I agree with that, yes.

Alan Jones: Right

Dr. Mörner: Also, the astronomers, and most of the geologists. Of course, with meteorologists, they believe in this, but that’s because of their own profession. They live on it.

Alan Jones: I just want to repeat what Dr. Mörner has [previously] said. “In the field of physics, 80-90% of physicists know the hypothesis about CO2 is wrong, amongst geologists and astronomers, 80% know the hypothesis about carbon dioxide causing global warming is wrong.” You say, or you suspect, that behind the scenes promoters of the manmade warming hypothesis have ulterior motives.

Dr. Mörner: Yes.

Alan Jones: Is one of them the fact that if you say this, governments will give you money?

Dr. Mörner: Yes, one is that, and then it is a wonderful way of controlling taxation, controlling people. I mean, here in Sweden, we have the Left; we have the Right; we have all the environmentalists, for the fist time they all go together, and there is no opposition.

Alan Jones: Dr. Mörner, you know scientists all around the world, you know of Dr. William Happer, who is a renowned physicist from Princeton University. He advised President Trump on Climate Change. He too, has denounced this warming alarmism and the demonisation of carbon dioxide. Professor Happer has said, and am I right in saying this, “There is nothing to worry about from alleged manmade global warming or human emissions of carbon dioxide.” He says “Carbon dioxide will be good for the Earth and CO2 levels are unusually and extremely low by historical standards, and more carbon dioxide would be a good thing.” Do you agree with that?

Dr. Mörner: Yes, surely, and the Earth is at least 10-20% greener now with this little extra CO2, and in one of the worst deserts, in Sudan, it suddenly has gone into a ‘step phase’, and it’s not because of rain, there is no more precipitation, but there is more carbon dioxide.

Alan Jones: Can I just go back, you say “Promoters of the manmade warming hypothesis will ultimately be exposed.” You say “It’s unscientific, that they’ve ignored facts, and that one day it will be revealed as nonsense, but then scientists will lose their trustworthiness.”

Dr. Mörner: That’s the unfortunate thing, because in a decade, or at the most two, we will be in another phase of low solar activity.

Alan Jones: You’ve said this is – this whole carbon dioxide manmade global warming stuff “This is the most dangerous and frightening part of it, how such a lobbyist group – that’s this IPCC – have been able to fool the whole world.”

Dr. Mörner: Yes.

Alan Jones: And you’ve said, quote “These organised and deceitful forces were dangerous.” And you expressed shock that the UN and governments would parade children at UN Climate summits.

Dr. Mörner: Yes.

Alan Jones: And you say “What do they know. They’re very nice, all of them, but they should be out playing, not talking at the United Nations.” And you say “It’s a little evil that children would be used as propaganda props. It’s an insult to science.”

Dr. Mörner: Yes, yes, that’s exactly how is. That’s exactly how it is. I mean, they have been able to fool and change the world. It’s too dangerous for the survival of the society that people can do that, and this is what has triggered me to go out on my own professionally, and also to speak up loudly, because we must get this CO2 disease out of science.

Alan Jones: Good on you. It’s great to talk to you. “We must get this CO2 deceit out of science”.

Dr. Mörner: Disease [correcting the word ‘deceit’].

Alan Jones: Yes. I’m grateful for your time Dr. Nils-Axel Mörner. Thank you for speaking to us at this hour of the night in Stockholm. Very, very grateful. We’ll keep in touch.