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A List of their Objectives

Taken from the highly recommended book:
“Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300”
by Dr. John Coleman


…You’re hopefully way beyond that point at which you thought the Illuminati, and indeed the New World Order (NWO), were fictional. Of course, they are no more fictional than the Freemasons; the CIA; or the Federal Reserve, but are far more influential to every single aspect of your life.

But are you yet at that critical point at which you wake up to the stark reality that every major social trend is manufactured for ulterior motives; that every main religious, political, and social institution is ultimately controlled by the Illuminati and its collaborating secret society forces; and that all key politicians, socially-focused celebrities, and heads of those religious, political and social institutions are nothing more than puppets of their parasitic masters and controllers.

Whenever you hear such terms as ‘PROGRESSIVE’, ‘SOCIAL JUSTICE’, ‘SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT’, ‘CULTURAL APPROPRIATION’, ‘HATE SPEECH’, ‘SAFE SPACE’, ‘RACIALLY MOTIVATED’, ‘GENDER IDENTITY’, ‘MULTICULTURALISM’, ‘……… HARRASSMENT’, ETC, ETC, ETC, you can be absolutely sure that you are listening to a manufactured agenda of the NWO, designed to falsely lead the dumbed-down proportion of the populace towards a veiled agenda of sugar-pilled enslavement and self-prescribed genocide. If you don’t want to be that slave and you don’t want to be that corpse, you need to wake up to the reality that the society you are experiencing is a stage – with you in the audience, and all the famous people are simply unwitting or paid up actors on that stage.



World events do not occur by accident. They are made to happen, whether it is to do with national issues or commerce; and most of them are staged and managed by those who hold the purse strings.

Denis Healey

Former UK Secretary of State for Defence, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, and perhaps most importantly, a Bilderberg Founder and Steering Committee Member for 30 years.

As you read the following list of Illuminati tactics, by which to bring about a New World Order, notice how many reflect the current society you live in, the progressive agendas you’re spoon-fed, and the social problems you face. Click through on the many links [in red italics] to research further.

How the Illuminati and their cohorts plan to bring about their New World Order system:

  1. The creation of a One World Government with one single church and one single currency under their control.
    [JACK SAYS… Think Globalism; Pope Francis’ inclusion of all religions; the Euro, the Amero; electronic banking; and theGlobal Currency Reset‘.]
  2. The total destruction of every national identity and all national pride, because only then will people accept a super-national world government.
    [JACK SAYS… ThinkMulticulturalism; orchestrated mass migration; demonisation of patriotism; anti-Americanism; George Soros Open Society Foundation and open borders movement; corporate and banking anti-Brexit fear-mongering; MSM, CIA, FBI and MI5 anti-Trump lies and propaganda.]
  3. The destruction of every religion, especially Christian denominations. The only exception: a “religion” of their creation.
    [JACK SAYS… Think Luciferian religion of the UN, the modern Vatican, and the elites; promotion of Satanism, Satanic symbolism, and Satanic music and imagery to kids and teens; the creation of ‘Chrislam’; promotion of the ‘New Age’ religion; the blatant anti-Christian propaganda in the media and on social media; banning Christmas songs and attacks on Christmas by government and ‘progressive’ groups.]
  4. The establishment of thought-control techniques with the goal of creating human robots who respond to external impulses and direction.
    [JACK SAYS… Think Tavistock Institute; Frankfurt School; school system brainwashing and ‘Common Core’ as exposed by Charlotte Iserbyt; CIA mind control; Predictive Programming; neuro-engineering and nanobots; NLP government training courses; fluoride, aspartame, MSG, pesticides, GMO etc to manipulate and deplete brain function; Video game obsession of kids and adults and the copycat mass shootings and stabbings (most video games feature killing with guns and knives) and vehicle use for mass murders (Grand theft Auto); drug promotion to increase addiction and mental breakdown; military indoctrination techniques; microwave technology; TV, monitor, and fluorescent light flicker rates.]  
  5. The end of industrialisation with the exception of the computer and service sectors. A “post-industrial zero growth society” is the goal. The other industry branches will be transferred to more cost-effective third world countries.
    [JACK SAYS… Anyone with their eyes even just half open, and who has lived in the US, the UK, or Europe over the last few decades, can see that the multinational corporations (under the management of their NWO controllers) and political institutions such as the EU and the UN (under the same control) have systematically overseen this destruction of national industry and the transfer of such industry to the Far East. The term ‘zero growth society’ used by John Coleman above has now been given its double-headed neo-liberal title of ‘sustainable growth’ and ‘zero carbon’, both manufactured to crush Western national industry and to ultimately result in the deaths of huge sectors of the populace.]
  6. To encourage or even to legalise drug usage and to make “art” out of pornography, which will first be generally accepted and finally be seen as totally normal.
    [JACK SAYS… Astounding to many people, but of no surprise to those who understand the true nature of media as a social engineering tool for the NWO controlled establishment, the mainstream media has never opposed the gradual degeneration of its content from being entertainment for all the family to current prime time weekend shows displaying fully naked men and women. At the same time, pornography has transformed in little over 50 years from softcore pornography in magazines available only in private shops to hardcore porn and even snuff movies being available to anyone including children online. This agenda is useful to the NWO because it helps to breakdown society on a general level, and also breaks down the family in respect to the depopulation agenda.]
  7. To undertake the depopulation of larger cities following the example of Pol Pot’s bloodbaths in Cambodia.
    [JACK SAYS… You are currently seeing the final rivets being hammered into the genocide machine of ‘microwave technology’. Rather than the old-fashioned and rather overt means of depopulation favoured by those such as Pol Pot, the more sophisticated NWO of the 21st century favours the hidden long-term biological destruction caused by microwaves to be far more civilised – and more difficult to expose to the general public, who are relentlessly reminded by the media of the CIA constructed phrase ‘conspiracy theory’ in connection to any of these subtle radiation weapons, such as mobile (cell)phones; SMART meters (aka murder meters); 5G; blue light; flicker rates; WiFi; airport body scanners; chemotherapy etc etc.]
  8. The suppression of all scientific development except that which serves the purposes of the Illuminati.
    [JACK SAYS… Humanity has lived through a century of suppressed discoveries from numerous cures for cancer and disease, to free energy, to water fuelled cars, to anti-gravity craft, and countless other inventions that would have benefited human society and the world. Some of the reason for this suppression is to assist the depopulation agenda and some is simply for the purpose of maintaining control and domination over the general populace. Imagine if everyone had a free unlimited energy source in a box at home, or a car that runs on tap water, or a simple device that destroyed cancer and healed the sick. In such a world, the people would be liberated from the oppression of multinational corporate power; each person free to create, to explore and to prosper outside the system of grid control and psychopathic domination. Think… Nikola Tesla’s 1899 free-energy Wardenclyffe Tower and JP Morgan; Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Accumulator and his Cloudbuster; General Motors EV1; suppression of fuel-efficient cars; Rick Simpson cannabis oil; Stan Meyer’s water-fuelled buggy; the Royal Raymond Rife cancer cure machine; cold fusion anti-gravity; over-unity generatorsHemp; back-engineered UFO technology; Liggett Group’s 1970s XA Project for safer cigarettesViktor Schauberger’s implosion energy and many more…]
  9. To bring about the premature death of 3 billion people by the year 2050—either through “regional warfare” in developed countries, or through starvation and sickness in under-developed nations. The Committee of 300 (under the direction of the Illuminati) commissioned Cyrus Vance (US Secretary of State under Carter) to write a paper on how such a population reduction could be managed. The paper was called Global2000Report and was accepted and approved of by President Carter and Edwin Muskie, the then-Secretary of State, for and in the name of the US government. One of the conditions of the Global2000Report states that the US population must be reduced by 100 million people by the year 2050.
    [JACK SAYS… This Depopulation Agenda that Dr. John Coleman discusses, transformed into: the UN’s ‘Agenda 21’; the ‘Sustainable Development’ agenda; ‘Climate Change action’ policies; and most recently the UN’s ‘Agenda 30’ policy document. The Illuminati’s (NWO’s) initial stated aim to reduce the human population by 3 billion is now regarded as a very conservative figure. The NWO’s Georgia Guidestones state a target maximum surviving human population of 500 million, and Depopulation enthusiasts such as Bill Gates (son of William H Gates, Director of Planned Parenthood, an institution that emerged out of the American Eugenics Society) and Ted Turner (founder of CNN) clearly state an objective to eradicate 95% of the populace, a target number that the UN’s Agenda 21 aimed to bring about by 2030.]
  10. To weaken the people’s morale and to further demoralize the working class through large-scale unemployment and, therefore, to push them into drug or alcohol addiction. The youth should be encouraged to rebel against the status quo, which also leads to the weakening/dissolution of the family, through drugs and aggressive music.
    [JACK SAYS… Well, in today’s world, you really can’t get away from what Dr. John Coleman states here. If you haven’t realised already, the ‘working class’ and its political representatives are totally under the control of the multinational corporations, which in turn are under the control of the NWO. The only genuine stance of any ‘Left-wing’ advocate is to oppose employment by multinational companies and to socially promote and politically establish policies that move employment from ‘big business’ to smaller independent, family and locally run businesses, and to encourage self-employment. By supporting ‘Left-wing parties and the unions, you are simply fuelling the life and expansion of multinational control over the workforce, and over people’s lives. We are now reaching a point at which the NWO controllers are pulling the plug on the majority of employment, because the NWO machine simply does not require the blood and sweat of the people anymore, nor that type of control over the populace. Computers and AI are planned to enforce control in the near future. Political institutions such as the European Union, and banking institutions such as the IMF have always had core objectives to destabilise normal social behaviour and trends. Keeping people in a state of continual stress provides a number of outcomes that are favourable to the NWO system. Firstly, it makes them sick and that supports the depopulation agenda, and secondly, stress keeps a person’s mind occupied and does not allow them to see that they are being led like a sheep to the slaughter. As far as alcohol and drug abuse is concerned, it should be crystal clear to you that recreational drugs that are beneficial or largely harmless are made illegal and demonised, whereas very dangerous drugs for health, such as alcohol and tobacco, and highly-addictive big-pharma anti-depressants and painkillers are legal and promoted. It has long been known that the CIA and its cohort secret service agencies run the gangs and operations of the illegal global drugs trade, and the nazi pharmaceutical companies that spilled out of Germany after World War 2 (with the help of Martin Bormann and his Bilderberg Group) now totally control the legal drugs trade. Both organisations ultimately answer to the NWO. The young are, as Stalin called them, mostly ‘useful idiots’, not because they are naturally idiots, but because social conditioning in recent times has become so extreme. Modern education is specifically designed to indoctrinate the kids with the lies and immorality of the NWO, and media and crooked politicians simply re-enforce the corrupt message. Home-schooling and positive education from new online projects and businesses is the answer. Make it happen.]
  11. To stop people from determining their own fate by forcing them to weather one crisis after another and to learn to leave such crises to be dealt with by the government. The people will soon feel so overwhelmed by their “own fates” and many difficult decisions that they will become apathetic. There is already an authority for crisis management; it’s called FEMA, or the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
    [JACK SAYS… This obviously follows on from the last point, with unemployment and the resulting financial woes providing adequate crises for most, but at the public level, there are also many ‘false flag’ operations of the ‘Dark State’ such as unnecessary focus by the controlled media on violent crimes, tragedies and extreme weather disasters, purely in order to cause ‘protracted PTSD’ and of course, the enduring manufactured terrorism that is perhaps most clearly illustrated by the proven and damning ‘Operation Gladio’ in which NATO; the CIA; the Vatican; freemasons; UK and European secret services; and mafia groups collaborated in order to bomb and kill civilians throughout Europe over a period of almost 30 years (from late 60s to mid 80s), simply in order to socially condition the populace to accept the expansion of cold war military and covert budgets, and clandestine operations, which were desired by the psychopathic controllers of the Illuminati and the Military-Industrial-Complex (MIC). Media’s overt coverage of all such tragedies, whether natural or manufactured, and the controlled entertainment industry’s perpetual glorification of such violence and suffering, is always blamed on the innocent public, and always with the objective of increasing the puppet government’s control over the populace.]
  12. To introduce new cults and support existing ones.
  13. To support Christian fundamentalism, which will then, through identification with “God’s Chosen People”, support the goals of the Zionist Israeli state with, among other things, great sums of money.
  14. To push for the spread of religious sects like the Muslim Brotherhood or the Sikhs and to carry out thought-control experiments similar to the ones Jim Jones carried out in his camp in Jonestown (Guayana) before the c. 900 followers of his People’s Temple were killed or committed suicide on command (November 1978).
  15. To circulate ideas with respect to religious freedom around the world in order to undermine all existing religions, especially Christianity. This process has already begun with the so-called “Theology of Liberation”.
  16. To provoke a collapse of the world economy and thus create total political chaos.
  17. To take over control of all domestic and international policies of the USA.
  18. To ensure that supra-national institutions (e.g. the UNO (United Nations Organization), the IMF (International Monetary Fund), the BIS (Bank for International Settlements), the ICJ (International Court of Justice), etc.) receive the greatest support, while, at the same time, local and national institutions become decreasingly able to act by systematically destroying them or by bringing them under the controlling umbrella of the UNO.
  19. To infiltrate and take over all governments in order to insidiously dissipate and destroy the sovereignty of each nation from the inside.
  20. To create international terrorism and to negotiate with terrorists whenever terrorist activities have occurred.
  21. To take control of the education system in the USA with the goal of completely destroying it.