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New Moral Order™

Agendas & Conspiracies


Quotes by Quartz of New Moral Order™ on the topic of
Agendas & Conspiracies.

New Moral Order™

Agendas & Conspiracies


“Having a good working knowledge of the key political conspiracies is the real-world equivalent to a PhD from Oxford University within the control system.”


“If it isn’t planned, it isn’t politics.”


“Politics – it’s all about the agendas. If you don’t see the agenda, the agenda will ultimately see to you!”


“As far as the key conspiracies are concerned, it is not a question of there being no smoke without fire. It’s a question of there being no flame without fire. In other words, when you research outside the mainstream, there isn’t just a smoking gun that guides you to the truth about the world, there is a man holding the gun, a fresh corpse in front of him, and a hundred witnesses all pointing at him. Those who don’t believe in political conspiracies would look at that scene and then ask the journalist – whose ignoring the shooter and corpse, and reporting on the lack of minority groups in the assembled crowd – what’s the story here?


“If you don’t know the agendas, you don’t understand politics.”


“There is something worse than the conspiracies and agendas so far exposed, and that is the ones that are yet to be discovered.”


New Moral Order™

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