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Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth. - #FiftyMillionMax

The hoarding of Toxic Wealth is the only form of acute pathological addiction that you will never see discussed by the mainstream institutions of medicine, media and charity. This is in spite of the fact that it causes many thousands of times more suffering than all the other addictions combined. That is because this mental illness actually provides the facility to own and control those institutions. Those institutions simply aren’t allowed to discuss this most serious mental disorder.

I have coined the term ‘Smaug Syndrome’ to describe this mental illness that inflicts the Parasitic Elite. In fact, the Parasitic Elite would not exist without this mental disease being present in each of its members, and probably passed down through the genes of the Parasitic Elite’s dynastic bloodlines.

Definition of ‘Smaug Syndrome’

Smaug is a character from J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’. He is a dragon (reptilian creature) that has relentlessly hoarded gold and jewels inside a mountain lair that already contained the mined riches of the dwarves. He expelled the dwarves from their home and by doing so stole their wealth. He then simply sat and slept on his ill-gotten gains, his only task being to kill anyone who threatened his extreme and supreme wealth status.

In Tolkien’s mind, Smaug represented the Parasitic Elite who control central banking and the corporate world of multinational monopolies.

The term ‘Smaug Syndrome’ perfectly describes the ‘rich sick’ dynasties that infest human society as a parasitic force of organised crime against humanity.

It is viscous disorder. Unlike alcoholism, which affects – through violence and chaos – the family and friends of the addict, or heroin addiction, which expands to affect – through theft and criminal behaviour – the neighbourhood of the addict, Smaug Syndrome affects the wider society as a whole, and in modern times, the entirety of humankind on a global scale.

Wars, poverty, disease, social violence, crime, ‘Addiction Capitalism’ – which includes: loan debt, the drug industry (both illegal and pharmaceutical), gambling from casinos to lotteries, fast food, sugar, retail consumerism, video games, TV, spectator sports and many more ways of fleecing people through addiction – are all by-products of Smaug Syndrome.

Anyone who has a billion dollars in the bank and thinks that it’s not enough, very clearly has a mental illness. That fact is in no way debatable amongst rational people.

Other dangerous antisocial mental disorders, such as psychopathy, sociopathy and narcissism, may also run hand-in-hand with Smaug Syndrome, but whereas someone with psychopathy is not automatically identifiable by sight, those who are inflicted by an unquenchable need to hoard Toxic Wealth are highly visible to everyone. This makes the disorder, and all its terrible social side-effects, very easy to resolve.

These people do not deserve accolades and praise for hoarding billions of dollars. They desperately need mental health care, and society desperately needs them to get that care too. We are living in a society that is akin to a mental asylum in which the psychopathic killers in the secure ward have been put in charge of the entire institution. That must be remedied, and it must be remedied as soon as possible. Fifty Million Max is the quickest and best way to achieve that goal.

Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth. - #FiftyMillionMax
Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth