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The Eradication of Toxic Wealth


Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth. - #FiftyMillionMax

There will be controlled opposition formed to argue (from Socialist and Communist standpoints) that the maximum wealth of any individual should be no more than, say, one million dollars. No, the reason why it must be a sum such as $50 million is because those who have accumulated a few million must no longer be made to feel that they are somehow politically and socially separated from those who a penniless. Just like the homeless individual, their one and only real enemies are the Parasitic Elite, who each have billions and operate as a closed shop against all those who exist outside of their club!

To put the difference in perspective, a member of the Parasitic Elite who has hoarded $100 billion is worth the same amount as 100,000 people who have saved a $1 million. Why on earth would society ever want to target any of those 100,000 people for their money – whether it is hard-earned or not – when it can instead target just one member of the Parasitic Elite to redeem exactly the same wealth. The fact is that many of those 100,000 millionaires could successfully argue that they did indeed earn every cent of their wealth with hard work. That can never be said of any individual who has hoarded $100 billion!

So when using the term ‘redistribution of wealth’ we must understand that those with a few million in the bank are not the target. Instead, the term must be redefined as a reference that targets only the Parasitic Elite, working from the top down within the financial league table, and then using that money to assist society from the bottom up.

We must eradicate the extremes of both wealth and poverty, essentially creating a new society in which everyone becomes middle class, and in which everyone is very financially comfortable. This new definition of ‘redistribution of wealth’ must become a much loved and promoted phrase by all those who wish to see a genuine and speedy shift towards a civilised society.

The first step is to redistribute the very most Toxic Wealth to those who need it the most – the starving of the world, the homeless in our streets, the elderly, and the sick. The infrastructure that will be required in order to undertake this preliminary phase will create global employment and prosperity for the population as a whole on a level never before witnessed.

The people will need to form independent and fully transparent committees to decide how best to redistribute all the money. Nobody with any connections to the Parasitic Elite can be involved in this decision making process.

Ultimately, by eradicating the Toxic Wealth of billionaires, everyone in the world will achieve a millionaire lifestyle, because society will be improved to such a remarkable level of comfort for all that it will seem as though you are living as a millionaire, even if you don’t have quite that amount. Surely, the aim should be to have a life of comfort, in which you want for nothing. Under the Fifty Million Max project, that lifestyle will become available to all.

The temptation to steal or commit financially benefitting crimes will be minimised to virtually non-existent level, because the system itself, for the very first time, will provide the best opportunities to achieve financial abundance for each and every individual, with an economic safety net that guarantees protection from homelessness, starvation, malnutrition, and poverty for all of humankind. Of course, proper systems will be put in place to treat those who are showing any signs of Smaug Syndrome. Once we have rectified the problem, we must make sure that such a dangerous mental illness can never again infect society as it has done up until now.

Those who have a few million in savings and assets should know – if they are not already aware of the fact – that the biggest threats to their financial security come from the political, economic and social crimes of the Parasitic Elite, and from the chaos that they purposefully manufacture within society, inline with their ambitions to bring about a one-world authoritarian government – their New World Order.

Only those who are members of the Parasitic Elite clique can even hope to feel that their wealth will remain secure, under their Toxic Wealth system of social control. Only by advancing society to a point at which Toxic Wealth is completely eliminated, and legally prohibited, can those with a few million begin to feel truly secure about their savings, because a central part of the Parasitic Elite’s larger plan is to ultimately destroy the middle class in its entirety, once it has secured its absolute control of the human population through a ‘tyranny of technology’. Those with billions, almost without exception, regard those with a few million in the bank as no more economically or politically valid than those with just a few dollars. They are simply holding that wealth and property until the Parasitic Elite are ready to confiscate it for themselves.

This is why the individual with $20 million is actually the natural political ally of the individual with just $20. The parasitic elite have made it their propaganda mission to convince both these individuals that they are the natural enemy of each other, but just like everything else they propagandise, it is a lie. The person with $20 million would be far better off living in a well financed society, with little or no crime, and no poverty. If the person with $20 million was to get together with the person with $20 and they both supported the same positive political agenda – to shift Toxic Wealth from the top to the bottom of society, and following that, from the top to the middle – then the person with $20 would no longer be a person with just $20, and would no longer have any reason to see the lifestyle of the millionaire as something that was unattainable. To the contrary, the quality of life for each of these individuals, in all publicly available areas of society, would soon reach a parallel position.

It is this rebuilding of society – not for military purposes, or for banking or multinational purposes – but for the people of the world, that everyone can get excited about. You simply need to replace the corrupt political and social system, and in order to do that, you simply need to join together and eradicate Toxic Wealth. It really is that simple.

The only reason why you haven’t already comprehended that this was the obvious solution is because you have been relentlessly programmed to believe anything other than that simple truth. They did not give you stadium sports and Hollywood because they love you. The operate on the Roman rules of control – bread and circuses. Above all, they understand that you must not become aware that it is their financial power that is your only real enemy. They will throw every distraction at you to stop you doing the obvious thing, and that is to come together as one single political and social movement, in order to eradicate all Toxic Wealth from human society.

There is no left vs right; there is no working class vs middle class; there is no poor vs financially comfortable. There is only everyone against the billionaire set. There is only humanity against the Parasitic Elite.

Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth. - #FiftyMillionMax
Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth