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The Eradication of Toxic Wealth

12. You Can Have It All!

Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth. - #FiftyMillionMax

Let’s do some quick numbers. If there are 5000 billionaires in the world, and each of them only had $1 billion each, that would amount to $5 trillion for redistribution. Of course, most billionaires have many billions, and a few (most notably Rothschild) have many trillions. The wealth of these ‘super parasites’ remains totally secret.

An example of this concealment of wealth is Forbes magazine, which never mentions the Rothschild dynasty in their world’s richest lists. Some mainstream economic publications estimate Rothschild to be worth between 2 and 5 trillion dollars, whilst some independent analysts put the figure at around 250 trillion dollars. Back in 1900, when things were a little less manipulated by controlled media and publishing, it was estimated that Lord Rothschild controlled half of the world’s entire wealth. So when you consider that his wealth came from central banking, and in economic terms, the century that followed, the 20th century, could be described as the century of the central bank, an estimate in the hundreds of trillions seems far more reasonable than just a little more than someone like Elon Musk, right?

So, if the maximum amount of personal wealth was set at $50 million [Fifty Million Max], we can expect to have at least somewhere in the range of a few hundred trillion dollars for redistribution, without having to target more than a few thousand individuals who hoard Toxic Wealth.

Even if we start be returning £250 trillion to the people, that is over $30,000 for every single man, woman and child on the planet (based on 8 billion people). That’s a good windfall for a middle class individual in New York but for someone dying of starvation in Africa it may as well be a few million. The point is that with that kind of money being hoarded as toxic wealth, you can really start to imagine the beautiful society that we could be living in once we all decide to democratically set a ceiling limit of 50 million.

The bottomline is that if the majority of people in the world decide that this is a moral and fair thing to do, then democratically, it can and must be done. For anyone to pity someone who is left with $50 million, when the entire society is being fixed through the process, and many millions of lives will saved every year, is quite simply laughable.

Of course, certain reasonable allowances will need to be made in regards to things such as first home properties, which may often well exceed $50 million, but it doesn’t really matter if a few people end up with assets of $250 million under a new system that has a $50 million limit. The important thing is to make sure that nobody has billions stashed away. Society needs that ill-gotten wealth returned, in order to end the social crime of poverty and for the good of the social framework as a whole. Once the Parasitic Elite’s Toxic Wealth has been restored to society, their ability to corrupt our democracy will also be curtailed.

Do you want to end world hunger? Or poverty? Or disease caused by inadequate sanitation and malnutrition? Do you want to provide clean water to everyone in Africa? These are so simple to rectify. The great con is in making you think that they are difficult to resolve. They are not. That is a blatant lie. With the financial power taken away from those who create the wars, destroy the environment, and enslave the people with debt and taxes, all these problems will be very easily solved, and you yourself will be able to take an active role in solving them.

By building a new society that is no longer run by the Parasitic Elite, people will be able to work at what they love to do, rather than what they need to do to survive. You are worked so hard, and distracted so often with worries about economic collapse, terrorism, war, or some other invention by the control system, because they do not want you to have time to think. If you just do this one thing, and make ‘Fifty Million Max’ your political priority, you will soon have all the time in the world to think, and to live!

Human society is the birthright of every individual, not the plaything of a few mentally sick people, who relentlessly hoard wealth like a demented squirrel who continues to gather nuts when he already has enough to feed every creature in the entire forest a thousand times over. It is time to take back what is yours – peacefully, lawfully, and democratically.

Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth. - #FiftyMillionMax
Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth