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13. A Democratic Society
Cannot Steal
What It Already Owns


The myth of Robin Hood holds such traction in the human psyche, because the society in which the fictional character lived, was one in which there was essentially no middle class of which to speak. The rich who were “robbed to give to the poor” were the parasitic elite of that time, but the term of phrase that you will so often hear in Robin Hood movies is not “robbery” but “relieving the rich of their gold”. That is because the story fully accepts that the members of the parasitic elite stole all their wealth from the people, and it is thereby simply being repatriated to those who are the real victims of robbery.

When you consider that the money that Robin Hood’s merry men ‘took back’ from the 12th century parasitic elite was essentially all taxes, whether paid to the crown or to the church, it should be at least slightly controversial that absolutely nobody stands up for the State in the Robin Hood vs the establishment story.

Today’s taxes mostly go to paying interest on loans given by private banks owned by the parasitic elite, who are also allowed to create the money on behalf of the people, and then actually charge the people further interest for that privilege. Taxes also go directly to expanding the military-industrial-complex and funding war after war after war. Lastly, they go to subsidising and purchasing from only the biggest pharmaceutical, energy and commodity multinationals, which are also owned by the parasitic elite.

When you stand back and look afresh at he taxing policy of King John and the Catholic church, and compared it to the taxing policy of today’s corporate and corrupted State, is there really any difference? When you watch a scene from a Robin Hood movie, in which the armed thugs of the Crown brutally impose their vengeance on a village that hasn’t paid it’s taxes in full, is there really any difference between that scene and an online video of the IRS breaking down the door of family home in the middle of the night, armed to the teeth with guns, simply because someone has not paid their federal taxes in full?

The reason why the idea of Robin Hood has been so loved by the people throughout the centuries is because the story never really changes. There are psychopaths who through their murderous and manipulative actions, rise to the top of the slippery pole, and having done so, fleece the people of all their hard earned wealth, severely punishing all those who resist their tyranny. Whether King John in the 12th century or Lord Rothschild in the 20th century, the main storyline is the same. It always is the same. It always has been the same.

Robin Hood didn’t target those who were simply ‘comfortable’, like the tavern owner or the miller. He targeted only the ill-gotten gains of those with toxic wealth. That is why people naturally warm to him so much. He was righting a social wrong that is as relevant today in a world of billionaires and banksters as it was in the time of barons and bishops.

That money that Robin Hood returned to the people and to society, was the toxic wealth that was being used by the parasitic elite – the Norman nobles – to fund their pyramidal system of control, which directly caused the peasants to suffer and starve. Is anything really any different 800 years on?

People are not given the opportunity, nor the motivation, to vote to save the five million children who starve to death every year, or to make homelessness and poverty a thing of the past, and so the politicians can say that they have no mandate to solve those overriding issues. Their banking and corporate puppet masters care even less than they do.

The poor of the first world may no longer be starving to death in a noticeable way, but that is only because your taxes and stolen wealth are instead being used to create wars, consumer slavery, and extreme urban deprivation in far-off countries, rather than on the doorstep of those who are funding it with their earnings and savings – the first world taxpayer.

Globalism has made sure that the tyranny continues, but you have been conditioned to see the murder, torture, enslavement, or starvation of a person in Africa, South America, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, or Asia, as far less important than the murder, torture, enslavement, or starvation of an individual who lives in Europe, the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. You have been programmed to see such distant crimes as just another news segment. Perhaps it makes you sad, but only until the next sports, movie, or consumer programming distraction comes along.

The trick of controlled democracy is to get you to look at the world through a pin-hole, and to focus only on one or two specific problems that you are personally facing today. If you step back and look at the bigger picture, you will come to realise that such problems are systematically constructed to stop you focusing on the real issues, which if corrected would immediately solve all the rest, including any social issues that are facing, right now. It doesn’t matter what social issue that may be, I guarantee that the Fifty Million Max™ policy will solve it. The more you begin to really think about it, the more you will come to this conclusion yourself.

“He who controls the gold, makes the rules.” If you truly want a democratic, fair and free society, you must stop being mesmerised by the actors and the circus that the makers of the rules construct to distract and manipulate you, and instead focus only on removing the toxic wealth that allows the parasitic elite to own and control your democracy; your society; your life.

That fact is that the feudal system still exists, but in today’s world it is on a global scale, and so the moral principles that relate to the Robin Hood story actually apply now more than they ever have done. The only difference between what Robin Hood did and what Fifty Million Max™ offers, is that in today’s world of democratic ideals, if 51% of people decide that something is to be done, it can no longer be portrayed as just a bunch of outlaws taking the law into their own hands. Instead, it is simply the democratic process removing the tyrannical power of the true outlaws in society – the parasitic elite.

If democracy is on our side – if the majority can be shown to support a policy that caps individual wealth at Fifty Million Max™ – then who can legitimately stand in the way of that democratic process. Certainly nobody with any moral standards or respect for general legality. Only corrupted crooks and other wholly amoral people could ever openly oppose such an civilised advancement of human society.

New Moral Order™

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