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14. Vote with Your Voice
and Your Peaceful Actions

14. Vote with Your Voice
and Your Peaceful Actions

On the one hand you are told that you live in a global economy, and despite voting for a ‘national’ democratic government, all national policy is indeed geared towards globalism, and not national, regional and local concerns and issues.

Yet the system only allows you to vote every few years for a local political representative who mostly campaigns on local issues. Your influence on the democratic process is only permitted through that local politician, even if they hold none of your values, and you are only supposed to communicate on political issues via them.

Once you have made that vote at an election, you are then supposed to simply sit back and rely on one of the two corrupted parties that make up the ‘two-party control system’ to represent your interests, rather than the interests of those who facilitate each politician’s rise to political power. That is not democracy through political representation; it is political control through representation.

This is just one small part of a wall-to-wall scam designed to totally disconnect you from the political system – a system that is utterly controlled by the parasitic elite though their corrupted and compromised puppet politicians. You must learn to circumvent that crooked system, which purely exists to disenfranchise you from any genuine form of democracy.

It is high time to only vote for those who fully support the movement to eradicate toxic wealth. Directly challenge any politician who does not support the policy, by insisting that they fully explain in writing why they believe that toxic wealth (the wealth of billionaires) is good for society, and why they believe it should not be legally prohibited. We are currently transcending up towards a new awakened social paradigm. We can no longer accept politicians who support such outmoded and uncivilised ideas about illicit and antisocial wealth.

Think of any charity. Think of any cause. Think of any social issue. With a few hundred trillion at the people’s disposal, and with the rug permanently pulled from under the feet of those who consistently corrupt politicians and politics, any social issue that you can imagine can be easily fixed. The parasitic elite desperately don’t want you to know this, because it is the truth, and the truth will destroy them. You have been programmed to believe that there must be a catch, but the only catch is in believing the propaganda of the controlled State, the controlled media, and the controlled institutions, which are the gatekeepers of the parasitic elites’ criminal wealth and power. Break that brainwashing in your mind, and you will see just how easy it is to really change the world.

Simply promote and support the Fifty Million Max™ movement by wearing the t-shirt and buying the bumper sticker or any of the promotional products that help spread the message. Simply talk about it with your family at home, friends in the pub, and colleagues at work. Do not accept any programmed negativity from others. Some people’s glass is always half empty, but if you speak with an attitude that your glass is half full, this monumental social change will happen very quickly, and then everyone’s glass can be overflowing. Let’s make this happen – now.

New Moral Order™

The Fifty Million Max™ Project

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Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth. - #FiftyMillionMax

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Fifty Million Max™ is one of the three paradigm-shifting policies of the New Moral Army™.

Three Policies to Transform the World

• Fifty Million Max™
A global wealth cap of $50 million per individual.

• Abolishing National Usury
An end to private central banks charging interest on the creation of money and national borrowing.

• Total Universal Compensation
Full settlement for all historic crimes against society, because all toxic wealth leads back to criminality.

The New Moral Army™ exists for the sole purpose of promoting these three policies and seeing them fully implemented on a global scale.

Under the corrupted system in which we now find ourselves, there is no more valid social movement or worthwhile cause deserving of your support.

Please consider donating just £10 a month to join the New Moral Army™ and play an active role in the greatest political, social and economic movement in human history.

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