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Fifty Million Max™

The Eradication of Toxic Wealth


Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth. - #FiftyMillionMax

No matter what solution you believe needs to be implemented, I guarantee that Fifty Million Max takes care of it, or at least makes your solution suddenly achievable. If a central element of any social problem is an individual or group of individuals who have billions – and let’s face it, when you dig deep enough, it always is – then that issue will be solved with the Fifty Million Max rule.

The Federal Reserve and privately created fiat currency; central banking and debt slavery; the rigged currency markets and stock exchange; corporate monopoly of retail, the destruction of independent small businesses, and the multinational takeover of society; oligarchical control of politics; Big Pharma experiments on humankind; nanotech and nanobiotechnology; Big Oil manipulation of energy; deforestation; plastics and other forms of big business pollution; hidden and suppressed technologies; geo-engineering and weather manipulation; the military-industrial-complex, false flags and endless orchestrated wars; the national security establishment and full-spectrum surveillance of people’s private affairs; transhumanism and AI replacement of humanity; the 3-letter agency run global drugs trade and related gang warfare; freemasonry and secret society corruption of society; the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg and other round table groups; the depopulation agenda; microwave radiation weaponry, 5G, SMART tech and other millimetre wave pollution and danger to human health and planetary life; colonial/imperial racism; the continuation of nazi ideology and the concealed escape of its key members following WW2 to South America, Antarctica, the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe; total exposure the Dark State and all its secrets; child and human trafficking by the establishment; Satanic Ritual Abuse SRA; gang-stalking, mind control abuses, time travel and other paranormal experiments by the Dark State; the Luciferian agenda and occult manipulation of politics; the concealed information on UFOs, ETs, EDs, free energy suppression, and back-engineered technology; the truth about secret space programs, NASA occult secrets, and the moon landings; the murder of JFK, Martin Luther King Jnr. etc; underground civilisations, hollow earth and DUMBs; the concealed data on ancient aliens, hidden artefacts of ancient civilisations by establishment institutions, and the real origins of humankind; and literally any other issue that you may think relevant to humankind’s urgent need for a completely fresh, universally equitable, and totally transparent society, will all become revealed and remedied once the Fifty Million Max policy has been fully implemented. Everything, absolutely everything of significance, will be solved by this policy. We simply have to make it happen.

If you feel victimised by the system in any way; if you feel that you deserve some kind of vengeance or retribution against those at the top, then it is time to change those negative emotions into a positive peaceful approach that will solve all the underlying issues, not only for you, but for all your descendants too, and all future generations of humankind.

It’s time to turn any socially conditioned and misplaced blame you place on other people who really no different from you, towards the one and only real enemy – the Parasitic Elite – and adopt one key policy that will solve each and every social problem that they – and only they – have manufactured.

It is time to wake up to the fact that the system is rigged against you by those who hold the purse strings. Their puppets would no longer be their puppets if they could no longer afford to bribe them, or to pay for their blackmailing and corruption. By removing all toxic wealth from the system, their slush fund of corruption immediately disappears, and you are left with a society in which you are able to make the changes that you know are necessary.

Why do you think that it is the Parasitic Elite who fund all social justice movements. Whether it’s BLM or Communism, when you look behind the scenes you always find the same old banksters and global financiers who belong to the same old private clubs and who go to the same old secret political meetings. Such groups and ideologies are specifically set up to create division and to subvert and divert those who may otherwise create genuine, positive change. That was the reason for the CIA’s manufacturing of the hippie movement. Most of the music groups you recognise from that time were managed by the CIA and contained members who were CIA assets. The entire hippie culture movement was constructed from scratch, mainly to undermine opposition to the Vietnam war by the young middle class. Those university students were looking as though they might just begin to threaten the entire military-industrial-complex through their peaceful political actions, and so the CIA created the hippie movement to subvert their efforts, by first replacing them with their hippies, and then undermining their message and their followers with the drugs they introduced. The introduction of their new drugs into society – through CIA assets such as Timothy ‘turn on, tune in, drop out’ Leary – also gave the CIA increased revenue for their black projects, and countless guinea pigs for their mind control and ‘Manchurian Candidate’ experiments.

Once you come to fully understand that all such history – such as the hippie movement, pop culture, and all the music revolutions from the 50s to the present day – is all manufactured and managed by institutions of deception, for purposes of social control and the engineering of the human populace, you can recognise the mistake in being led through life by such orchestrated trends.

It is one thing to look back through history and realise the number of blatant crimes against humanity that a few individuals and families have perpetrated, but quite another to comprehend their hidden crimes, particularly over the last century, which have been systematically concealed beneath and behind the supposed natural evolution of human society.

Yes, all wars are bankers wars, and it is time that every historic death and injury is financially paid for by the Parasitic Elite, who directly profited from every one of those orchestrated genocides concealed as ‘war’, but they must also pay for their more hidden crimes against humanity, cloaked by such bogus terms as ‘national security’ and ‘conspiracy theory’. They certainly do not have enough money, because the appropriate payout to humanity would certainly amount to thousands of trillions of dollars, but morally, lawfully and peacefully taking what they do have as compensation for their crimes, is at least a start. The criminals of history are not dead. They are still very much alive and in control, and they must now fully compensate the people of the world for their past and present evil crimes and wicked transgression against humanity.

Changing the world for the better is never successfully done through political parties, social justice groups or charitable agencies, because such institutions are so easily infiltrated and corrupted. The Parasitic Elite have been doing it for centuries, and it is something they are obviously very accomplished at doing.

No, society really only ever advances for the better through ideas. An idea free-flows through society like a positive virus. The Parasitic Elite will, of course, try to discredit it, and they will ultimately do what they always do, which is to attempt to constrain it within the boundaries of an institution or movement that they control, but if the idea is easy to understand, and if people simply keep to the issue and ignore the counter-propaganda, then it cannot be stopped.

Think about what you really know is bad in society, and bad for society, then find out who or what is actually the root cause of that problem, then consider how a society with a Fifty Million Max limit on wealth may affect the issue. I hope you see the same obvious truth that I see – the problem will ultimately disappear once all Toxic Wealth has been eliminated from society.

Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth. - #FiftyMillionMax
Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth