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New Moral Order™


3. Divide & Rule


The parasitic elite and the middle class are natural enemies. Each constantly threatens the others existence.

The longterm trick of the parasitic elite has been to condition the middle class into believing that its enemy is anyone or anything other than those at the very top of the economic control system. By persistently manufacturing fake threats and bogus enemies, designed to menace middle class existence and prosperity, the parasitic elite are able to divert attention away from their own conspiratorial agendas.

Every time you experience a recession that rakes in years of accumulated savings; high interest rates that reduce the value of those savings; a war that takes your taxes and hands them over to the transnational arms industry; or a private bank (falsely masquerading as a national bank) that prints your money and charges you interest for doing so, understand that all these things and more are the long practiced methods of middle class reduction and control, by just one small group of individuals within society – the parasitic elite.

They control the banking system; they control the stock market and the currency markets; they control multinational trade; they control global commodities; they control the energy power grid and the fuels that feed it; they control the military-industrial-complex; they control the public schools and the universities; the control the ‘Rockefeller medicine’ pharmaceutical industry and the institutions of ‘scientism’; they control the multinational food supply and its national distribution; and most importantly, they control the mainstream media, and the political system.

In order to maintain this control over the tangible and purchasable elements of society, the parasitic elite must maintain their absolute monopoly over ‘money’, and that means personally retaining extreme amounts of financial wealth – ‘toxic wealth’. This requires that the people’s minds are focused away from the reality that extreme wealth in the hands of just a few people has always been the direct cause of all their social problems. Instead, the people’s minds are constantly focused towards a manufactured enemy, either real or imagined – but always manufactured. Of course, once you get rid of all toxic wealth, you get rid of the illicit power to manufacture the very real threats to you, your family and your country, as well as the imagined ones.

This ‘divide and rule’ tactic has been the parasitic elite’s main tool of control since its days of running the Roman Empire. In the last century, this tactic of turning one constructed tribal group against another, in order to dismantle social cohesion and natural human solidarity, and replace it with the rule of the State or other corporate entity, has been massively expanded to focus on personal differences in sexual persuasion and even body shape, but historically, the middle class (the merchant class, artisans, traders, freemen etc) has been spoon-fed the myth that the enemy comes from one of three key groups: the religious enemy; the foreign (national) enemy; and the working class (underclass, poverty stricken) enemy.

New Moral Order™

The Fifty Million Max™ Project

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Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth. - #FiftyMillionMax

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Fifty Million Max™ is one of the three paradigm-shifting policies of the New Moral Army™.

Three Policies to Transform the World

• Fifty Million Max™
A global wealth cap of $50 million per individual.

• Abolishing National Usury
An end to private central banks charging interest on the creation of money and national borrowing.

• Total Universal Compensation
Full settlement for all historic crimes against society, because all toxic wealth leads back to criminality.

The New Moral Army™ exists for the sole purpose of promoting these three policies and seeing them fully implemented on a global scale.

Under the corrupted system in which we now find ourselves, there is no more valid social movement or worthwhile cause deserving of your support.

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