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Fifty Million Max™

The Eradication of Toxic Wealth


Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth. - #FiftyMillionMax

The parasitic elite and the middle class are natural enemies. Each constantly threatens the others existence. The longterm trick of the Parasitic Elite has been to condition the middle class into believing that its enemy is anyone or anything other than those at the very top of the economic control system. By persistently manufacturing fake threats and bogus enemies that menace middle class existence and prosperity, the Parasitic Elite are able to divert attention away from the own conspiratorial agendas.

This ‘divide and rule’ tactic has been the Parasitic Elite’s main tool of control since its days of running the Roman Empire. In the last century, this tactic has been massively expanded to focus on such natural differences as gender, sexual persuasion, and even body shape, but historically, the middle class has been spoon-fed the myth of the enemy coming from three key groups: the religious enemy; the racial enemy; and the underclass enemy.

Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth. - #FiftyMillionMax
Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth