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Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth. - #FiftyMillionMax

From around seven hundred years ago, when a middle class of tradespeople first started to emerge as a definitive social group, the Parasitic Elite equipped their divide and rule propaganda stratagem with a mixture of religious and racial based fears, such as a fear of Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Arabs, Turks, Spanish etc. As always, wars were manufactured, and taxes raised, in order to constantly fleece the growing middle class of its accumulated savings, assets and property.

However, with the onset of the industrial revolution, a new potential threat to the control system arose, which the parasitic elite knew that they needed to neutralise. It was the urban poor, or ‘working class’. This new social class only existed because the capitalist system, which had been established by the Parasitic Elite, required cheap human labour in huge numbers, in order to facilitate its factory based production for construction and manufacturing of commodities. The Parasitic Elite knew that it was only a matter of time before a significant number of the working class financially progressed into becoming members of the middle class. A burgeoning middle class of previously downtrodden individuals would inevitably lead to moral backlash against the controllers and a breakdown of the consumer based system of oligarchical control.

In the short-term, the industrial revolution was rapidly and visibly creating both a socially powerful middle class and an increasingly organised working class of disenchanted and impoverished people. This industrially enslaved underclass were forming collectives of workers with the objective of peacefully forcing their factory employers to pay them what they deserved. As far as the Parasitic Elite industrialists were concerned, this was an unacceptable direction for society to take, as a key reason for low wages and long working hours was to financially disempower the working class and prevent them the time to organise themselves into a political force. So long as they were thinking about how to pay for their next meal or where to find a place to sleep, they would neither have the time or energy to become a voice within the social debate.

From the Parasitic Elite’s perspective, the answer to this problem of the working class joining the middle class was the standard answer to any such problem that the social controllers had faced in the past – the tactic of divide and rule. The two threats to their absolute control over society must be pitted against each other, politically and culturally. While the middle class would be persistently programmed to believe that the working class are poised to murder them in the beds as they sleep, the working class would be conditioned from birth to believe that it is the middle class who are the instigators and maintainers of their factory enslavement and lives of poverty. Both must believe that the other is their natural social enemy.

It was then – between the end of the 18th and middle of the 19th centuries – that a plan was devised by the Parasitic Elite to create the ideology of Communism. This political movement would entrap the working class into believing in and following pre-subverted political parties and social factions, which were promoted as being grassroots movements of the working class. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

French freemasonry enlisted two of its German members – Karl Marx, a man rarely photographed without giving the freemasonic sign of ‘the hidden hand’ inside his coat, and Friedrich Engels, the wealthy son of a large factory owner – to move to London and infiltrate the British working class movement.

The French Freemasons had been instrumental in orchestrating the French Revolution on behalf of the Parasitic Elite, and after murdering all of their aristocratic competition, they proceeded to murder all of the key working class members of the revolution, and even some of their own agents who knew too much about the false nature of the revolution, leaving only the most sycophantic freemason puppets to construct the new French nation. In doing so, they formed a parliament, which for the first time referred to ‘the left’ and ‘the right’ of politics. This successfully introduced the Parasitic Elite’s divide and rule two-party system of faux-democracy that still corrupts politics today, by which parties on ‘the left’ supposedly represent ‘the working class’ and parties on ‘the right’ supposedly represent ‘the middle class’. In truth, they both only serve to financially and socially benefit the Parasitic Elite, and their longterm political objectives.

Marxism veiled itself as a movement for social justice, but while the working class flocked to its cause, murderous death squads were being trained to work for the real movement that was going to replace Marxism as soon as it had become a force, which had secured the urbanised poor utterly under its political control. That authoritarian regime was Communism, and it would act as the perfect ‘divide and rule’ opposition to another authoritarian ideology, Nazism. Both of these manufactured colossi of the 20th century were ideologies of ‘Socialism’, which was the umbrella term for this new control paradigm that encompassed both the middle class and the working class under two collectivist ideologies – Communism for the working class, and Nazism (or neo-Fascism) for the middle class, both of which could be financially manipulated by the Parasitic Elite at their will.

Assassinations and violent revolutionary actions were orchestrated throughout Europe, planned and managed from within freemasonic lodges and other secret society gatherings. This served two purposes – to instil the idea of violent revolution in the minds of the poor and working class, and to instil a sense of fear in the middle class in regards to the threat of such violent uprisings.

In doing so, the Parasitic Elite drowned out those authentic representatives of the poor who were advocating for peaceful social change, whilst also pigeon-holing the populace into one of two manufactured groups, the Communist/Marxist working class and the Nazi/capitalist middle class. Both were being relentlessly conditioned to fear, and to mistrust and loathe the other, and while that division was being successfully embedded into a social reality by the parasitic elite, who controlled the newspapers, the banks, and the politicians, the Parasitic Elite themselves were once more off the political radar of concern for both the manufactured ‘left’ and the manufactured ‘right’. So long as this divide and rule stratagem held, the Parasitic Elite could continue to rob-blind – as a pick-pocketing hidden hand – the entire wealth of the industrialised nations, which of course they did.

As the globalist agenda expanded throughout the 20th century, a new working class was installed into third world nations, which would fill the factories of the new global model of consumerism. The working class of the original industrialised nations of Britain, Europe and North America, would become a new underclass of permanently unemployed or under-employed people, conditioned into living an insular life based on consumer addiction and State dependency. This transition from a working class to a non-working class is now a very clear agenda to all but the most dumbed-down of people.

The truth is that the vast majority of the working class, simply want to be – in financial terms – middle class, and the vast majority of the middle class simply want to remain – in financial terms – middle class. In order for the Parasitic Elite to retain what they consider to be their god-given right to rule over human society and the planet, they must continually prevent the working class, or underclass, from attaining a middle class status, and must also periodically strip the middle class of its property and savings. The entire economic system is set-up to do these two things.

Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth. - #FiftyMillionMax
Fifty Million Max™ - Eliminating Toxic Wealth