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5. Communism vs. Capitalism

5. Communism vs. Capitalism

The great power of the ‘divide and rule’ stratagem is in its ability to harness human inclinations towards tradition and normalcy of thought. When a person is brought up to believe in conservative values and ideologies, they will also naturally adopt a mistrust of those who are brought up to believe in socialist values and ideologies, and vice versa. This suggests that these ideologies are naturally and diametrically opposed to each other in some fundamental ways.

On the surface, conservatism and socialism, just like capitalism (unbridled economic meritocracy) and marxism (State controlled collectivism), have always been promoted as polar opposites, at least ideologically and financially speaking. Yet, if that were the case, there would be no socialists – and particularly those who followed a communistic ideology – who are billionaires, millionaires, or even have savings in the hundreds of thousands. Of course, we know that these lines do not exist. If pathological greed and extreme wealth are signals of capitalism and the political right, then it is clear that everyone from Stalin to Obama are, in fact, ideologically and financially, capitalist oligarchs.

If you want to hold with the manufactured idea of a genuine political right and left, then that is your choice, but I would suggest that the above is an accurate portrayal of the reality, and not the staged deception, because the parasitic elite – the banksters, the industrialists, the oligarchs – have always controlled both sides of the political aisle via their bought-and-paid-for puppet politicians; their commercial lobby groups; their freemasonic connections; and their stranglehold on the mainstream media.

Regardless of the fact that socialism – as a political ideology – appears to supports equality, it is clear that those at the top of the financial pyramid who have actually bank-rolled ‘progressive’ politics since its beginnings are actually on the very far right of the political spectrum. Who would deny that parasitic elite trillionaires and billionaires such as Rothschild, Rockefeller, Soros, Gates, Bezos, Bloomberg et al are ideological capitalists – and therefore should be anti-socialist – and yet this is not the case at all. All these dynastic oligarchs along with many other parasitic elite families, financially, and socially support political ideologies and parties that are supposed to be striving for equality, and in the case of communism, seeking a far more violent end for those who promote capitalist values. To mention just one absurdity, how can it be that the founding father of communism, Vladimir Lenin, entered Russia in a train that originated in Switzerland – the global homeland of the parasitic elite dynasties – travelling through Germany where Lenin met with international bankers, finally ending the journey in Russia with a train full of gold? Without the international banking cabal’s full support, ultimately controlled by the Rothschild dynasty, and operated by financial henchmen such as Max Warburg in Germany, communism would never have seen the light of day. Yet the same people also financed nazism. None of this makes sense until you understand that the political ideologies you have been socially conditioned to believe in, or oppose, and the political parties that you have been programmed to vote for without even questioning their authenticity, are all staged to appear genuine, but in reality they are all controlled behind the scenery by the same financial dynasties – the parasitic elite, simply in order to maintain the divide and rule stratagem of control over the populace; over you.

Furthermore, their political stooges who are welcomed with open arms whenever they attend meetings with the dynastic families and oligarchs of the parasitic elite in Switzerland and in five star locations around the world, are clearly all more than comfortable with that undemocratic version of politics called ‘globalism’. They must, of course, pretend to be left wing – and that is why socialism and communism are intrinsically fake to the core – but they are actually all just servants of oligarchical and aristocratic rule; servants of the parasitic rule.

When you step back and look at communism and socialism with fresh eyes, in consideration of the above, you will hopefully see that the last century has proven these two connected ideologies to not be in any way authentic, but instead to be just ‘caricatures’ of egalitarian movements, designed to give a completely bogus perception that they are aiming to eradicate poverty and to construct a fair and equitable society. In reality, what socialism has provided to human society is a sugared pill of poison. Look around you and you see that there are always those who are young enough or simply naive enough to be easily addicted to the political sugar without getting any hint of the bitter poison that lie beneath.

This tragedy is being performed on the political stage for the benefit of a socially conditioned and overly-trusting electorate. From the perspective of the manufactured left and right that envelopes modern politics, all the performers on the stage are actually far right ideologues; and many are descendants of the German nazi hierarchy and their political collaborators. For well over a century, these ‘bad’ actors have been engaged by the parasitic elite for the sole purpose of manipulating the working class and the poverty stricken of the world if they are acting as champions of the left, or manipulating the aspiring middle class if they are performing as champions of the right.

The enlightened and conscious person viewing politics has two choices. You can either continue to involve yourself with politics from the traditional perspective of there being a right and left, whilst knowing full-well that both sides are totally controlled by the same parasitic elite – who are, within that traditional right-left paradigm, so obviously all members of the far-right. You can take this approach, and attempt to alter the theatrical show from within its fakery.

Alternatively, you can turn your back completely on that political puppet show and instead reconstruct politics afresh within your mind, with a perspective that no longer accepts any mention of this left-right paradigm, other than in historical terms, and when engaging with those who do not yet have the capacity to see beyond the deception.

I personally take the position of shifting from one to the other, but that is because so much of my time is dedicated to thinking deeply about these things. For instance, I was able to passively regard the Trump vs Clinton and Trump vs Biden elections from a right-left paradigm, whilst also writing and talking about those elections without relating to the political left or right at all. I will not vote for any mainstream party or candidate myself, or take part in any election whatsoever under the current system of faux-democracy, but I will happily argue for a particular candidate with someone who I know is still too brainwashed by that system to make the conscious leap to cease voting for mainstream candidates at all. The conscious individual learns to slip from the politically pragmatic perspective to the philosophical, and back again, in much the same way as a divinely connected individual shifts from the material to the spiritual, and back again.

Either way, what is clear in politics is that those who believe that they belong to ‘the left’ or ‘the right’ are being herded like cattle under the ‘divide and rule’ stratagem of control. None of the mainstream parties will solve your social concerns, because that is not what they are there to do. None of them serve the people. They only ever serve their parasitic elite masters.

Society is built inline with a pyramidal hierarchy. People are happy to accept that the society operates in every which way from the top down, but when it comes to ‘democratic’ politics, those same people completely throw that consistent worldview out of the window, and somehow vote in the belief that the politicians serve the people lower down in the pyramid, rather than their puppet masters higher up. This kind of mass stupidity is absolutely required, in order to keep a few thousand psychopaths in control of eight billion human beings.

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