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7. The True Enemy


This overriding central problem is the sorcery of money, and the true enemy of humanity are those who so completely control it and hoard it – the parasitic elite.

Unless you have been living in a cave, you surely know that the political system is utterly corrupt to its core. You know that the same is also true of the international banking system, the stock market, global trade and multinational corporations, the military-industrial-complex, the national security state, the media, the judicial system, law enforcement agencies, State education and institutions of academia, and last but not least, the pharmaceutical medical industry.

Everyone knows it, but most people have been socially conditioned to such a dumbed down state of cognitive dissonance (pathologically ignoring what they absolutely know to be true) that they are content to allow these mostly criminal and always immoral institutions, to continue to rule over their lives; fleece them for every penny or cent that they earn; and then pass those ill-gotten gains onto just a tiny number of dynastic families. Those bloodline families of the parasitic elite live within their own segregated society of privilege, which is set above and beyond the rules that everyone else are told that they must blindly obey.

A barrister once told me, “there is no such thing as law; there is only money.” What he meant by that was that the legal system – just like the tax system, the banking system, and the business system – is constructed in such a way as to give increasing advantage to those who have the most money. A good example of this is the arch corporate criminal Bill Gates. When his company Microsoft – at the end of the last century – was fined what was at that time the largest amount in corporate history for its illegal activities, it transpired that one of Gates’ tactics was to throw millions at law firms, in order to stop smaller competitors – which Microsoft had previously shafted – ever getting their day in court. Some cases would have taken decades to work through the legal paperwork, and by then his accusers and competitors would be broke, or dead, or both.

In this century, Gates has adopted another ‘toxic wealth’ tactic to control his multinational vaccine industry, which seamlessly arose out of the ashes of his criminal monopoly convictions. He has funnelled hundreds of millions of dollars to media companies, medical laboratories, and universities, in order to control the public narrative on vaccines, and place a stranglehold on all information regarding the negative health effects of vaccines, which would be a death blow to his business if ever the general public were to discover the true dangers of being being injected with so many concoctions of chemicals, toxins, heavy metals and other poisons. When you do discover the concealed data about the real harm of vaccines – and there is certainly an unending supply of it – you will obviously not have heard it from any of those institutions that Gates has previously ‘bought and paid for’. This includes practically every main news source from the New York Times to the BBC, and every institution that governments have based their vaccine policies on throughout the scamdemic, from Imperial College, London to the WHO to the most shady and sinister NGOs currently advising governments on vaccines, such as The Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI), which is privately funded by hundreds of billionaires and millionaires, with no apparent connection to ‘helping’ the human populace, but more than a few blatant connections to AI research, transhumanism, the globalist takeover of democracy, and perhaps most seriously, a deep connection of some of its core funders and founders to the genocidal ideologies of eugenics and the depopulation agenda.

Another example of the way in which toxic wealth is habitually used to subvert democracy and oligarchically control society from behind the scenes is starkly provided by the billionaire George Soros. Again, like Gates, his success and wealth come directly from the power of money itself, and from the conspiratorial partnerships that exist between members of the parasitic elite.

Although Soros makes his money through the shady world of financial trading, he has somehow managed to establish himself – at least within the minds of those who profit from his handouts – as a patron of the underclass. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, and just like the Rothschild family and their bankster allies being behind the creation of communism, Soros is simply another gatekeeper for the parasitic elite. By funding literally hundreds of ‘social justice’ organisations, projects and movements, from Black Lives Matter to Amnesty International – mostly via his Open Society Foundations group – Soros is able to channel the conversation in respect to all such social issues, in exactly the direction that best suits the needs of the parasitic elite. This direction is generally to turn one constructed social group against another (the divide and rule stratagem), whilst steering people away from any peaceful and collaborative solutions that may potentially threaten the parasitic elite’s stranglehold on the political, financial and social systems.

Soros is simply advancing the same control over society that institutions such as the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Company of New York have established over the last century. By controlling the narrative on what they determine to be ‘social justice’, the parasitic elite are able to stop any authentic social justice ever actually taking place.

As Soros’s Open Society Foundations group implies from its name, and further illustrates through many of its funding recipients, a key objective of Soros and his billionaire and trillionaire associates is to advance the parasitic elite’s ultimate aim for a global authoritarian State that exists under their absolute control. This is the reason why Soros peddled so much ‘charitable’ money to groups that opposed Brexit, and why he is known as “the man who broke the Bank of England”.

Back in 1992, Soros was the main conspirator in causing Britain to withdraw from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM). In brief, Soros used his toxic wealth to buy so many Deutsche Marks from selling British Pounds that it actually caused the British government to raise its inflation rate and subsequently to withdraw from the ERM. Britain then immediately fell into an economic recession. This is a prime and damning example of the very real danger of toxic wealth to a country’s national security.

Two things should be very clear to you when looking at the financial attack on Britain by Soros back in 1992. Firstly, just one man who possesses toxic wealth can force a government with the banking power of Britain, which in 1992 was considerable, to change its national and international economic policies. Secondly, such an attack on the British banking system was also, by default, an attack on the British people. How much devastation to individual lives did that rise in interest rates and the subsequent recession actually have? Indeed, how many people’s lives were ruined by the actions of Soros? How many people committed suicide because they lost their businesses or their savings? In essence, Soros took their money, and he could only do so because he possessed toxic wealth. He has never been held accountable for what he did, and his still free to use his toxic wealth to detrimentally affect the lives of many millions of people through his manipulation of financial markets, using a global financial system that was designed and installed by the parasitic elite, in order to fleece the human population of its earnings and savings by constantly rigging every financial market to its advantage and providing the facility to bring about recessions and depressions almost at the touch of a button.

It is so important to understand that inflation and economic collapses are manufactured, not natural occurrences. So long as you continue to permit those who control all the toxic wealth, to print or manufacture the money you earn, spend and save – and then actually charge you interest for doing so – you will remain the victim of orchestrated inflation, recessions, and interest payments. By adopting the Fifty Million Max™ policy, this entire criminal operation collapses overnight, because the international crime syndicate – known as central banking – is only able to continue existing, due to the persistent use of toxic wealth to control the political and financial systems on a global scale, which continually turn a blind eye to these monumental and repetitive crimes against the people. It is time for the people, not the parasitic elite or the corrupted State, to control the money tree. This pathway to economic freedom must begin with eliminating the toxic wealth that enables the criminality; it begins with Fifty Million Max™.

New Moral Order™

The Fifty Million Max™ Project

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