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8. Toxic Wealth & Politics


Bill Gates and George Soros are such good examples of toxic wealth, but they are only two of many high profile members of the parasitic elite, who use their criminally and immorally acquired wealth to override democracy by controlling politics and society through economic blackmail, bribery, corruption, exploitation, and manipulation. Virtually no politician actually serves the people. The job of all blackmailed, bribed, corrupted, exploited or manipulated politicians is simply to read the script that declares that they do serve the people convincingly enough for the vast majority of voters to maintain their cognitive dissonance.

How many people are happy to say in the pub that all politicians are corrupt, and then go and vote for them anyway. This makes no sense to the critical thinker, and that is why a growing number of people are no longer taking part in the circus of ‘faux-democracy’. When the government and the media have to actually promote voting, which of course they now have to regularly do, you know that there is something seriously wrong with the political system, and the people are thankfully beginning to awaken to that stark reality.

Toxic wealth is the level at which money becomes socially toxic. When somebody has so much money that they are able to purchase politics, that is unquestionably a ‘toxic’ problem for society. This cannot happen at the international or even national level without a systematic conspiracy taking place. In this instance, the core of the conspiracy is now out in the open. It is not a secret conspiracy any longer; it is an openly documented one. From Davos to the G7, G8, and G20; from the Club of Rome to the World Economic Forum; from the CFR to the Trilateral Commission; from Bilderberg to Bohemian Grove, none of these institutions of political subversion would exist without a handful of dynastic families who collectively hoard trillions of dollars, conspiring over many decades and even centuries to control human society.

In one way or another, they have been doing it since time immemorial. In modern times, the criminal and immoral ways in which they steal and otherwise illicitly acquire such toxic wealth is largely hidden by their ownership of mainstream media, the police, the judiciary, the national security infrastructure, and of course, governments.

However, looking back through history, their relentless crimes against humanity are as clear as day. In essence, whether you go back 500 years to see how the wealth of the richest people was obtained, or look a little harder to see how those same families and members of the parasitic elite obtain their extreme wealth today, nothing has really changed. Behind the scenes, they are involved in criminal activity, whether that is blue collar crime, white collar crime, or khaki collar crime (military crimes such as orchestrated wars). In other words, their acquired wealth is illegitimately obtained, and therefore illegitimately hoarded, both historically and in the present day.

From both a moral and legal perspective, those who have been proven to be guilty of crimes against humanity, or things that are judged to be crimes under Common Law or Natural Law, should not be allowed to financially benefit from their criminal activity, and certainly not with the explicit approval and support of society. The idea that criminals should not benefit from the proceeds of their criminal activities is an economic prohibition that is broadly accepted as a standard, because it makes absolute moral sense.

So if it can be proven beyond all reasonable doubt – either currently or historically – that a significant proportion of the wealth of the parasitic elite has in some way been illegally or unjustifiably acquired, then the ongoing use of those funds to make more money is also illegitimate, regardless of how those subsequent profits were made. A good example is the mafia’s purchase of ‘legitimate’ businesses to launder their criminally acquired cash. There are already various laws in regards to confiscating the ‘proceeds of crime’ that set a legal precedent for this. Regardless, the moral argument is so sound, that democratically, the people can simply establish new laws that legally put things right.

Furthermore, RICO laws (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) have established a legal precedent for bringing to justice those who pull the strings of ‘organised crime’. So, even the corrupted system has been forced to accept the reality that those who are the most powerful in society are conspiring behind the scenes at an international level, whilst using puppets to do their dirty work. What was the mafia shown to have done as a standard operating procedure? It had the judges, the police chiefs, the politicians, the media, and the trades union bosses all bought and paid for. Look at your judges, your police chiefs, your politicians, your media journalists, and your so-called champions of the working class today, and know without a single doubt in your mind that nothing has changed. They don’t need to control every single individual who is in a position of social power. They just need to absolutely control a number of them in key positions, and then dominate, cajole, mislead or otherwise manipulate the rest to fall in line.

As a society, we simply need to agree that all toxic wealth has been – to a substantial degree, and at some point in the past – acquired through organised criminal or socially unacceptable means. We must therefore, by default, establish that all ensuing revenue from such toxic wealth is deemed to be the proceeds of those originating crimes against society and humanity. In other words, all toxic wealth has been dishonestly obtained, either tacitly or explicitly, and is therefore morally and lawfully – as with all proceeds of crime – the property of the people.

New Moral Order™

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