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9. The Moral Imperative


The laws that govern society should always be moral, but sadly they are not. There is no moral imperative in regards to legislation and statutes, which are not the same as Common Law or Natural Law.

Legislation serves the needs and objectives of the State, whereas Common Law guarantees fundamental protections against physical harm for each and every individual human being – equally, and Natural Law further underlines the divine sovereignty and unalienable rights of each and every living human soul on earth.

It is so important to understand the difference between what is lawful and what is legal. What is lawful is founded in eternal moral imperatives, understood by good people since time immemorial, whereas legislation – what is legal – has absolutely no necessary requirement to be in any way moral or lawful, in respect to the standards of Human Rights, Common Law, or Natural Law.

As Martin Luther King Jnr. said in regards to legislation, “We should never forget that everything Adolf Hitler did in Germany was ‘legal’.”

If the parasitic elite control the politicians who make the laws – which they absolutely do through direct corruption of individuals, as well as diplomatic corruption via the various round table groups mentioned previously – then it follows that legislation will be written and passed, which always gives a political, financial or social advantage to the hoarders of toxic wealth – the parasitic elite.

The laws that govern economics, taxes, banking, global trade etc are so geared towards benefitting those with toxic wealth, and disadvantaging the general populace, that although they are quite obviously moral crimes, and crimes in regards to Human Rights, Common Law, and Natural Law, they are actually crimes that have been made ‘legal’ by the corrupted political system.

Under the ruse of faux-democracy, the corruption of the control system, from government; to the judiciary; to the business world; to the banking system, is maintained on the understanding that the people would simply vote against it if they didn’t agree with it. However, the two-party system is constructed in such a way that it guarantees that even when a majority of people attempt to vote against the utterly debased establishment, the juggernaut of corruption drives on with very little interruption.

The good news is that with the Internet now providing the facility for the people to almost completely circumvent State and Dark State propaganda – if they are conscious enough to do so – there is far more opportunity for the people to actually obtain full control of ‘their’ society, and to establish a totally new form of governance, which is based on the eternal principles of fundamental morality, peace, and fairness to all.

So, is it ever morally justifiable, in a society in which over 5 million children die from starvation every year (as just one clear example of extreme poverty in the 21st century), for anyone to hoard such large amounts of wealth, which could otherwise feed those children, but which could never be spent in multiple lifetimes by the hoarder? Of course, no decent, civilised individual could think that such a situation is ever justifiable. In the 21st century, it should be unthinkable that it is even allowed to continue for a single day longer.

More importantly, eliminating that toxic wealth would in turn eliminate the social structure and political framework that actually maintains that malnutrition, starvation, thirst, and desperate poverty of countless millions in one part of the world, whilst in another part of it, a tiny number of dynastic families are continuously drenched in champagne.

As a society, we are able to legislate that it is wrong to kill a single person, but not to legislate against killing 5 million children a year. This makes no sense to me, and I hope it makes no sense to you too.

With such clear crimes against humanity in mind, consider the billionaire who dares to claim that the people cannot legislate to take away their billions, simply because that toxic wealth belongs to them. Are they really any different from the plantation owner of two hundred years ago who declared that the people cannot legislate to take away their slaves, simply because they belong to them. So long as toxic wealth exists, then slavery, along with all the other crimes against humanity, will continue to exist. If you are not aware that human trafficking and slavery – ultimately funded and organised by those with toxic wealth – is actually at a higher level now than at any time in history, then you need to be educating yourself about the reality of the situation, which the mainstream media and politicians have been ordered not to discuss in any meaningful way.

It is time for you to stop listening to the parasitic elite and their puppets – who always lie through their teeth, and who always only think of their own best interests – and to instead start listening to your own social, personal, and spiritual conscience; your natural inner and higher sense of morality.

The answer is simple. The people of the world must come together to make it illegal for anyone to possess such toxic wealth. A ceiling limit on personal wealth must be globally enshrined in law at every social and political level. It won’t be easy, at least not initially, because the parasitic elite will never willingly give up their tyrannical control over humanity and society, which is secured by the toxic wealth economy. However, there is no question that the people can and must bring about this monumental change; a paradigm shift from a controlled society to a truly liberated humanity.

A thousand and one arguments will be put forward as to why the Fifty Million Max™ policy cannot be achieved, and why it should not be sought, but of course, what else would you expect the parasitic elite to do? They have an infinite amount of puppet people who will belittle the idea, but you must simply ignore every argument they raise, because every one of those arguments will be manufactured with just one purpose in mind – to keep the parasitic elite in control of your society, and in control of you.

You will hear the anti-communist and anti-socialist arguments replayed like a broken record, and you must simply remember that those two linked ideologies were constructed and funded by the parasitic elite as controlled opposition, in order to undermine exactly what Fifty Million Max™ proposes. The working class and the middle class must come together in this cause, because it financially and socially benefits absolutely everyone except the 0.001% of people who hoard illegitimate levels of wealth.

Every argument you hear against Fifty Million Max™ will be bogus. Every politician, economist or TV talking-head that you witness arguing against the policy will have been bought and paid for by the parasitic elite. It really is that simple. Just ignore the nay-sayers and relentlessly promote the concept until the objective is fully achieved and society is monumentally transformed into one to which we can all be proud to belong.

New Moral Order™

The Fifty Million Max™ Project

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Three Policies to Transform the World

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• Total Universal Compensation
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