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The Philosophy of Moralism

– A Brief Introduction –

All religious, political and social institutions that control the masses are hierarchies.

They are all pyramid structures of control.
In one way or another, those at the top of the pyramid are there to rule over those below.

Government; religions; the military; corporations; the banks; the media; the (in)security services; the secret societies.
They are all hierarchies. They are all control systems.
Institutions are, in practice, always systems of domination.
Each level up the pyramid promises the follower more information; more enlightenment; more wealth; or more power.

You know it is a con whenever those above keep information from those below.
All institutions propagate this and unjustly portray it as normal; acceptable; and moral.

Openness, honesty and truth are creative human behaviours.
Secrecy, dishonesty and deception are destructive behaviours.

It is never acceptable nor moral to conceal information from The People.
All information that emits from society is wholly owned by The People.

Any institution or individual
who seeks to conceal information from The People
is always an enemy of The People.

Governments conceal from The People.
Religions conceal from The People.
The military conceals from The People.
Corporations conceal from The People.
The banks conceal from The People.
The media conceals from The People.
The (in)security services conceal from The People.
Secret societies conceal from The People.

The truth about absolutely everything is systematically hidden from you
from the moment you are born until the day that you leave this existence.

Under the crooked system of what is falsely called law,
institutions are given the legal status of being human.
If defined as so, then institutions are psychopaths.
They are psychopathic structures operated by psychopathic people.
Your government; your religion; your military; your bank is
– in effect – a highly dangerous nutcase.

Moralism is neither an institution nor is it psychopathic.
It is not a hierarchy.
It is not pyramidic.
It never dominates.

Moralism does not programme your mind; it allows you to de-programme it from the system that seeks to enslave you.

It unravels your subconscious conditioning.
It propagates your conscious thought.

In a standard pyramidic hierarchy, the most important information will be concealed from everyone but those at the very top.

So, the first things you should be told about Moralism are the most important, yes?

Yes, there is no bottom level of Moralism. There are no levels of separation whatsoever.
So here we go …

Moralism is the application of the following and not simply the knowledge of it. If you are given a car, it is pretty useless until you have learned to drive it. So, I repeat that it is the progressive application of the following that will set you free – and will set society free. All the moralist information that follows this central knowledge is simply in order to facilitate the more rapid de-programming of your material brain, and to enable and accelerate the evolution of your thought. Remember, this is not a system. The system is your enemy. Moralism is your friend.

The simplicity of Moralism is its true beauty.

The two central pillars of Moralism are:

Universal Compassion
Consistency of Principle

This may not mean much to you straight away, or it may strike a perfect chord with you immediately.
That is not important.
The important thing is that your mind now has this information.

As you begin to philosophise about this, and as you read more on Moralism (or indeed – as you begin to write or speak about Moralism yourself), these two core principles will begin to take on a unique life of their own within your mind, as your consciousness begins to expand around them, and the pieces of the puzzle begin to fit into place.

You will never finish the puzzle because the puzzle is endless.

That is the wonderful thing about Moralism, and the wonderful thing about the riddle of your existence.

It is infinite.
You are immortal.
Everything is boundless.

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