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Personal Moralism regards that which you deal with in the your daily material world. Topics include Self-Empowerment, Honesty & Truthfulness, Limitation Empowerment, and High Veganism.

Some subjects that relate to Personal Moralism will also relate to Spiritual, Political or Social Moralism, so why not check out the other sections or do a search for keywords.

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COMPASSION & EMPATHY – Compassion Not Sentimentality

Compassion is in the moment – in the now. It is for selfless. The more compassion you project; the higher frequency you attract. Sentimentality lives only in the past – in what has gone. It is selfish. It fails to empower. Be compassionate, not sentimental. Sentimentality is weakness. Compassion is strength. The more you exist within the sentimentality of the past, the less time you are truly alive. Live to be compassionate, and be compassionate to feel really alive.

HIGH VEGAN – The Impossible Normality

The high vegan perceives the ‘impossible normality’ – that certain humans desire the taste of flesh more than they desire a world without killing, suffering and fear.

FRIENDSHIP – Support only virtuous people and institutions

A good mother will teach her children to choose their friends wisely. It is this simple logic that should guide you in your relationships from personal friendships and family ties to business associates and political allies.

The character of those you choose to associate with will begin to rub off on you. This is also true of those celebrities, personalities, and institutions, which you let into your life through your TV, computer, or phone. You eventually become the things that you permit to influence you.

In a world of wall-to-wall concealed influences and hidden agendas, you must consciously question all institutions and individuals if you wish to remain sane, particularly those of the establishment. Actively reject and denounce that which you sense to be projecting negativity into your life. Vocalize to others your new found power to reject the system, in order to help them empower themselves in the same way.

Be consistent in your choice of friends and your consistency will reward you with happiness and contentment. For instance, if you want a peaceful world without violence, why are you watching violent movies. If you want a world without war, why do you support the military, and allow your pension fund to invest in arms manufacturing. If you want a world without secrecy, why do you condone the existence of secret service agencies, or do business with freemasons. If you vote for left-wing politicians, why would you ever consider voting for a multi-millionaire?

Begin to take control of your friendships, and with whom and what you associate with. It’s time to break the spell of hypocrisy that is placed on you from birth. Refuse to be the weak-minded person that the system requires you to be, and instead become the empowered person who thinks for yourself.

Ghandi said, “be the change that you want to see in the world.” People often pay lip service to this, but they do not adhere to it, because to do so demands that you confront your own inconsistency. I challenge you to challenge your own thinking. In such a crazy society, it follows that most people will be conditioned to be crazy, so to become sane, you need to begin to challenge what everyone else is saying – because what they are saying is crazy. It just appears to be acceptable, because you’ve been socially engineered to believe it. The crazy normal people who say crazy normal things just haven’t woken up to that fact yet. You live in an insane society, run by psychopathic people, ruling over populace programmed to be crazy.

It’s time to start thinking straight, in order to break the mind-bending social conditioning that has created such an insane society. Be compassionate. Be consistent. Be moral. And be yourself.

HAPPINESS & DEPRESSION – Blame The System, Not Yourself

Look around you at the world. Does it make you feel depressed? Does it make you feel sad? Does it make you feel sick? Then you are NORMAL.

Always keep reminding yourself that the problem lies within the system that overwhelm you, and not within you. The problem is THE SYSTEM. The problem is NOT you.

Learn to reject the system, escape the system, and blame the system, for the sake of your own wellbeing.

Never reject yourself, escape yourself, or blame yourself for the sake of the system.

FORGIVENESS – Forgive Yourself

There can be no personal salvation or redemption without first forgiving yourself.

There can be no real peace of mind, body or soul without self-forgiveness.

SELF-EMPOWERMENT – The Truth Is Out There

You are told that the truth is out there, but in reality; the truth is within you, and it is you that creates what is out there.

HIGH VEGANISM – Feel for the Innocent Victim

As a civilized individual, I will always feel most for the innocent victim, regardless of their race, genus, or species.

HAPPINESS & DEPRESSION – You Become Your Environment

Doctors who are faced with a patient with depression should first be asking the question: What do you watch on TV? Do you watch violent or depressing movies and dramas, or read such novels or books? Do you play violent or stressful video games? These are the true causes of mental instability and depression.

Environmental factors create all dis-ease. Prevent the environmental factors from connecting with you, and the dis-ease ceases to exist. Prevention always eliminates two things – the dis-ease, and any need for a cure. Simply prevent your environment from making you ill, and you will never ever need to cure anything ever again.

The same is true of mind as it is of body. All your thoughts and feelings are simply a reflection or a refraction of the environment in which you place yourself, or in which you have been placed. Remove yourself from negative environments and your negative thoughts and feelings will subside and eventually disappear.

Look to the environment that you connect with and break those connections that broadcast violence, fear, anxiety, and depression. Stop watching the news. Stop playing video games. Stop hanging around violent or negative people. Remove all depressing and violent things from your life.

If your environment smells of something, you will begin to smell of it. You become your environment. Just as it is no surprise that people who are born in the Middle East are mostly Muslim and people who are born in the Mid-West of America are Christian, it is also no surprise that people who watch depressing people on TV, themselves become depressed, and people who commit mass murders are obsessed with violent video games, violent hobbies and sports, and violent movies and video clips. It is not rocket science – in fact it is so obvious – but the corporate controlled media avoid the truth on behalf of their sponsors.

If you wish to be free of unnatural and persistent depression, anxiety and negative thought processes, the first and most important thing to mend is the environment that you choose to connect with. Analyse what see, what you hear, and what you experience in your day. Take stock of your environment to discover why you are the person you are, and why it is you feel what you feel.

In general the artificial world creates low vibrational energy just as the natural world creates higher vibrational energy. It is this high frequency energy that will energize your mind, body and soul. Get out in nature and then tell me that I’m wrong. The answers to those difficult questions will come soon enough if you just begin with the simplest actions. Take a long walk in nature. Then take another. The greatest guru you are ever likely to find is a walk in the woods.

SELF-EMPOWERMENT – Think Without Separation

The devil is in the detail, and God is in the whole. Think holistically about everything: politics, health, society, and spirituality. Think without separation – create the divine within yourself and in all that you connect with and that connects with you.


The true guru is not a teacher. If you assume that you are teaching, then you must also assume that the listener is learning. You cannot know that and so you cannot know that you are teaching. The true guru is simply showing. The true guru shows without ego. The true guru teaches without being the master.

SELF-EMPOWERMENT – The Rules of a Good Life

Live to serve all, and bow to no one.

SELF-EMPOWERMENT – Finding The Truth

When you seek truth on the outside, you must first confront the lies that hide within.

SELF-EMPOWERMENT – The Improvement of The Self

Be good: but if you can’t be good, just be better than you were yesterday.

HAPPINESS & DEPRESSION – Connection or Loneliness

[This could just as easily reside under SPIRITUAL MORALISM, but I think it belongs in the PERSONAL MORALISM section, if only to illustrate the necessity of a non-institutional spiritual connection to personal development, for there are many who have not yet grasped this absolute truth.]

You only feel alone because the system is designed to make you feel alone. The truth is that you are never alone. Western Religion and Scientism have colluded to separate you from your natural connection to spirit and to your metaphysical home of homes. Those who regain that natural connection – outside of the control systems of religion and scientism – also regain a balance of mind that guards against abnormal forms of depression.

This is not about believing in a personified deity – an all-powerful guy with a beard that sits in a place called heaven. Such false concepts of God are there to deceive the general populace and always have been. There is ONLY The Universal (The All; God; Source) and everything else. Each is within the other. You are constantly held within The Universal and The Universal is constantly held within you. The connection is unbreakable, but perceiving the connection is a matter of sovereign choice. The system presents you with two choices: connect via the authority of a man or institution, or do not connect at all. Over time, through great social deception, the people have been stripped of their sovereign and natural power to connect with their spiritual counterparts.

You are depressed because something is wrong within the environment that surrounds you. You are not to blame, but you are responsible for your own sovereign choices within that environment, no matter how challenging it may prove to be. Yes, the system attempts to deceive you into making the wrong choices, but once you are aware of that deception, it then becomes your responsibility to reject the system and to construct a new environment for yourself and for others.

A conscious connection to your metaphysical self and your spiritual helpers will not remove all negative thoughts or the challenges of a life. They are part and parcel of a third dimensional existence. However, the connection will get you to see those negative thoughts as signals to change what you are doing, and to see those challenges as opportunities for such change and advancement. They are part of the fun and adventure of a material life.

A key element of The Peaceful Revolution is the message to the people that real change will only come about through empowering each individual member of society to rise above their negative conditioning. An essential component of personal empowerment and growth comes in understanding that consciousness is what creates the physical – not the other way around. Essentially, it must be understood that consciousness creates all, and the more pure the consciousness, the closer it is to The Universal; to The All. In effect, The Universal is pure, unadulterated conscious thought.

Depression is simply the natural human reaction to a lack of connection to purer consciousness and an over-reliance on the base material constructions of the control system. The more violent, cruel, jealous, vengeful, bitter, fearful etc that you are; the further away you get from pure consciousness – from the divine. The more a person is connected to spirit/consciousness, the less the control systems and players within the material can control that person. The institutions of the control system long ago hijacked spirituality, in order to enact the greatest ‘divide and rule’ stratagem in social history – to separate the individual from The Universal, and to thereby enable the potential for total control via the people’s orchestrated addictions to its material apparatus.

You will find that being closer to nature – a walk in the woods or on a beach – will relieve depression. This may be explained in more material ways, such as a respite from the noise of the city, or the calming nature of sounds of the countryside, but in effect, this is just another way of stating that the frequency/energy that is being filtered by the human fleshsuit (your body) within a more natural environment, is redressing the negative affects of the artificial frequency/energy of the manmade environment. Once it is understood that all physical matter is in fact waves of frequency giving the illusion of matter, and that what are considered to be the spiritual realms are simply other non-visible forms of such frequencies – just as microwaves (WiFi etc) are unseen frequencies that affect the health and wellbeing of people and other organisms – it should become clearer to you that talking about separation from The Universal is simply a more profound and collective way of talking about a separation from nature.

Depression is not an illness. Just like physical dis-ease, it is totally preventable by analysing the ‘toxicity’ and ‘deficiency’ of your human fleshsuit, which includes your Earth harnessed mind as well as your body. Are there elements of your environment that are toxifying your mind? Is your mind deficient in something? If you do not feel a direct connection to The Universal because a religious institution instructs you as to what to believe and think, or if have no connection to the spiritual because the system has misled you into believing that the material universe is all that there is – then the answer is yes on both counts.

To find your happiness, you first need to find the real you. If you are separated from your spiritual self, or if you have an imposed doctrine that lies in between your physical self and your metaphysical self, then you will continue to struggle with loneliness and depression – to a greater or lesser extent. The material realm may offer you something that provides a brief dopamine rush to your system, but just like the heroin addict, the joy is short-lived and severe depression is never far behind. The physical can only provide true and persistent happiness when it is built upon a metaphysical foundation within the self. The laughing Buddha is an exaggerated ideal of this understanding.

So just like the journey of a thousand miles that must always begin with just a single step, begin by understanding that consciousness creates everything within existence, and that your consciousness – your mind – is bound to feel a sense of loneliness if it is disconnected from the consciousness/mind that created you. If you wish to call the Universal consciousness ‘God’ then go ahead, but do not confuse The Universal with the gods described by religious institutions. Just like the teachings of all government institutions – they have an agenda, and they are not designed to assist your personal growth; they are designed to control it. So, only ever directly connect to The Universal via your own inner spirituality, and never via an institution that relies on a hierarchy of people; on texts; and on any adherence to rituals or traditions. All such things are unnecessary, irrelevant, and so often harmful to personal development. Instead, get closer to nature and disconnect from the most negative material influences that you are allowing to affect your body, mind and spirit, and always remember … you are never alone.


You are all teachers.

You begin by showing yourself, then you show others, then you show the Universe.

The teaching begins when you are ready. So be ready.

SELF-EMPOWERMENT – You’re in The Way

It’s time to get out of your own way. You are the friction in the wheel of your own progression. You are the main obstacle in your life. Blaming others for the circumstances in which you find yourself is simply your way of ignoring the real enemy; the true guilty party – you.

Forgive yourself in order to trust yourself. Trust yourself in order to love yourself. Love yourself in order to be yourself.

Only by truly being the real you on the outside can the real you inside be enabled to fulfil its destiny. Trust in you. Love you. Be you. Keep telling yourself to get out of the way, and start living the life you were intended to live.